Man of My Dreams

By musclejaa

There he was. The man of my my fantasies. He was wearing one of those skin tight t-shirts that leaves little to the imagination. The definintion and size of his chest was unbelievable and such a turn on. I could feel my cock getting hard just looking at this wonderful site.

I had always jerked off to fantasies of muscled men. All kinds of muscle...toned models, amateur and professional bodybuilders, physiques of the 60's, professional wrestlers, Tom of Finland overblown muscle and muscle-morphs. If only I could see one in person, live and up close. And now here he is. Right in front of me...showing ME his body...his muscles.

He's 6'1" tall and 254 lbs. Not a trace of fat. There are those heavy pecs barely concealed by the tight as skin t-shirt. The kind of pecs it takes two hands to hold...two hands to massage. With a big nipple that hangs towards ripped abdominals casue of the size of the muscle they are attached to.

Bulging out of the t-shirts just barely there sleeves are a pair of arms that almost defy description. The biceps fill the space betweeen his shoulders and the inside of the elbow. And just relaxed by his side, the muscle touches his pecs even with his shoulders and lats keeping his arms unnaturally spread. And those triceps! From the front you can see they are massive. The front of the horseshoe is phenomenal I want to see more and as if reading my mind, he brings those massive arms up in a double bicep pose....I'm in heaven for sure!

There they are...the two biggest biceps I have ever seen in person. My cock continues its inevitable rise. The triceps hang down like to huge snakes and the biceps are full and round and veined. They must measure at least 24 inches.

My muscle god stands there with a beautiful grin and those huge guns flexed just for me. I let my gaze wonder down past his ripped abs to his legs. He's wearing these impossibly tight black jeans that are bursting with this quads. You can actually make out the different muscles of his upper quads through the denim fabric.

Just then he reaches down and starts to peal off his jeans. With a bit of effort he succeeds. I am treated to the glorious site of his quads being let free and they seem to blow up even bigger and I can't begin to describe the vascularity. You can see the blood flowing through his gargantuan muscles. And as he bends over to pull off the last of the pant leg his glutes and hamstrings are flexed right before my lustful eyes. It's a miracle my cock hasn't shot a load...this is almost too much. He isn't wearing anything under the jeans and as if an anatomy chart is on display, his quads and hamstrings force the eye to his groin and glutes. Those legs are easily 36 inches and much bigger round than his waist.

As soon as his jeans are off, off comes the t-shirt. My breath is taken away by the sight of this muscle man. Muscles on top of muscles. Ripped. Full. Hard. My fantasy. As he lifts his arms over his head his abdominals and pecs are flexed producing an awesome sight.

And his looks 9 inches semi-hard hanging over a huge set of balls. His package is thrust forward by the size of his legs or they would have been crushed.

He now begins the most incredible muscle posing display I have ever seen. One beautiful pose flowing into another. There's the double biceps again only this time he's completely naked and every muscle is flexed beyond belief. He turns his head to one side and his chin touches his hard, flexed bicep! He mind blowing pose flowing smoothly into the next. Hands behind head...hands open over spread...hands on hips...quad relaxed then flexed hard... All the classic bodybuilding competetion poses that I have seen in pictures and videos are now displayed right in front of me. When he turns to show me his back...with those incredible glutes, I am lost in my lust.

I can't help but reach for my cock and balls and as I do, so does he. This is incredible. He's getting off on my getting off on him. There's that beautiful grin, too. With one hand on his cock he raises the other in a little demonstration of his size. As he flexes his right arm my cock continues to get harder and I stroke faster and so does he. Then he flexes those incredible quads. First one then the other then both. I'm getting close.

He reaches back and feels his glutes. With each caress he flexes. I'm losing my mind with lust. He leans back and flexes his diamond-shaped calves and his hamstrings stiffen. I can't believe my eyes. This muscle man is incredible. As his hand rubs his washboard abdominals, my cum starts to churn. I catch a glimpse of his eyes and he is in extasy, too. His body is turing him on and my worshipping is like fuel for his lust...feeding my lust as I gaze into the mirror at my muscled body. The body I have always dreamed of, fantasied about, is MINE. The years of working out, eating, supplementing, all have come together and I am my own fantasy!

I shoot an enormous load that hits the ceiling, the mirror, my chest, my hair. I am cumming and cumming as my head is dizzy with lust.

One last double biceps...cum dripping from my chest and hand and cock.... •

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