Man's Body Shop

By lemapp

Recently I did something stupid and backed my car into a metal pole. Nothing major, but I dented my car. I asked around with my friends if they knew any decent body shops. One friend told me about a place in warehouse district. The rent was cheaper there for businesses that need space.

One Saturday I got lost wandering through the mazes of warehouse before I found the address. The shop was not clearly marked; there was only a small sign next the door. I parked my car out front and went in.

There was a short hallway that ran along the front wall of the warehouse. The hall then made a sharp right to a small lobby area. As I turned a corner I saw a huge muscular man behind the counter. He appeared to be getting dressed quickly. The lobby was cluttered with muscle magazines and photos of bodybuilders on the wall.

The man behind the counter welcomed me to the shop and told me he was Fred. I told him that a friend had recommended that this place. I was then told that the fee was $50 for first time customers. I thought it was odd to be charged up-front for an estimate, but something told me that I could trust this guy. I pulled out my credit card and charged the fee.

Fred then handed me a pair of white nylon running shorts. They looked very small and thought that they were a bit shear. Fred pointed to a short dressing screen across the lobby and told me to change into them. I couldn?t guess why I needed to change into such a revealing pair of shorts just to get an estimate. I went behind the screen and undressed. While I was slipping on the shorts I had convinced myself that I needed the shorts because it must be hot in the garage and Fred did not want me to sweat in my own clothes.

I exited from behind the dressing screen in the shorts. I felt so naked, especially next to Fred and his huge muscles. Fred pulled off his shirt as his exited from behind the counter. He too was wearing a similar pair of white nylon shorts. Fred opened one of the doors leading out of the lobby and asked that I follow him.

The room I entered took up most of the warehouse. I could make out about 8 or 10 large glass display cases much like in a nature museum. What was unusual was that they were empty. Fred mentioned me over in front of one of the display cases.

As I approached, Fred slipped a plastic card into a slot near the base of the display case. As if by magic, a naked man appeared inside the display case. Fred noticed my amazement and explained that it was the latest generation of holograms. It seems that computers are now used to produce more realistic images. I had to agree that it appear to be real to me.

Fred then asked if I could change my body, what kind of body style would I want. I stared at Fred because I did not understand his question. He then said, did I want to be a bodybuilder or a pro athlete or so other shape or kind of body. I told Fred that I had always wanted to be a bodybuilder but I always lacked the follow through after making great gains. I then added that I would not want to change over night but instead I want to take my time and gain over a year or more. Fred told me that elapsed time was an option. I did not know what he meant, but I nodded knowingly.

I looked back to the display case and say that the naked man had changed. He was now a huge professional bodybuilder like you see in the magazine. At his feet was a sign that read ?Week 52?. I was curious why Fred was walking me through his displays, but I guessed that he was very proud of them.

Fred removed the plastic card from the display and pointed me to another display case. I noticed that there were arrows mapped in the floor that also pointed to the same display case. As I approached I also saw that a number 2 was stenciled near the base.

Fred inserted the card into this display and like before a naked man appeared. Fred then asked if I would select a style of body hair. He offered me several styles of hairy, smooth and different shaved patterns like smooth chest only. I like the style that was completely smooth except for the pubes. I thought that it would look best for a bodybuilder.

Fred then removed the plastic card and pointed to a third display case. We repeated the same pattern at some 24 different display cases as we wandered the path through the warehouse. Fred keep removing and reinserting cards at each display cases while he asked me questions about the kind of body I would enjoy. Fred even asked me what kind of dick and balls would I like.

After the 24 cases we entered into a small office that had a window looking out into the warehouse. Fred told me that I most likely felt sweaty after being in the hot warehouse. I had not noticed it before but now I really wanted a shower. Fred without speaking pointed to the office?s bathroom door.

I entered the bathroom and noticed how it looked a small version of a typical locker room. There was a single bench, several lockers, sink urinal and what I wanted, a shower. I stripped off my shorts and entered the shower feeling of the sweat washing a away. I then heard Fred enter the locker room. He walked over to the shower and I could make out through the frosted glass that he inserted a plastic card into a slot near the shower. I felt a rush of energy pulse through my body several times. It was like numbness at first, but then I felt so powerful.

Fred asked if I wanted a towel. He then tossed one of the top of the shower. I dried off, wrapped the towel around me and exited the shower. I discovered that the white shorts were no longer on the bench where I had left them earlier. I entered the office to find Fred or at least the shorts. I caught Fred placing my shorts into a clear plastic zipper bag.

Fred looked up and saw me. He placed the bag on the desk and handed the clothes I had worn when I arrived. I changed in the locker room. I began to think that it had been over an hour and we had yet to talk about my car. I was mad that I had paid for an estimate and had wasted my time looking at naked men.

I re-entered the office demanding that Fred look at my car now and provide me with the estimate I had paid for. This seemed to have stunned Fred because he sat there with his mouth open. Soon I got tired of waiting and asked that he either get up and looked at my car now or give me a refund. This seemed to motivate Fred.

Fred then began to explain that Fred was not a car repair place but instead he had invented a new technology that could re-engineer someone?s body into whatever they desired. The $50 was simply a loss-leader to get people in the store to try the process. The hope was to get customers to tell their friends and return. Fred had no idea that I did no know what was happening to me. He told me that he could not stop the process that would now grow my body into a huge muscular bodybuilder in the next 52 weeks. Fred then told me that my $50 would be refunded. He gave my boxes and boxes of free stuff telling me that I would need a new wardrobe soon. It seems that Fred was planning to make money off of people by selling them clothes after they had changed.

The office had an exit that lead back to the front door where my car was. As I pushed my boxes out the door, Fred told me that there was a club or more of an online support group of the customer so far. Since I was now part of that group I guess that I should check them out. Fred handed me a large envelope that contained the group?s contact information.

More Beans and Franks

When I got home I was still mad at Fred. I threw the boxes he gave me into the garage and the large envelope next to the computer. I wanted to do everything to forget what had happened. But I soon found that I could not escape what I was to become.

Over the next couple of nights I had the most vibe dreams about working on and becoming a huge bodybuilder. I felt as if I was working out in my sleep. After each workout session I would do a pose down in front of the mirror. I remember how the posing trunks looked like they were stuffed with too many pairs of socks. I awoke each morning feeling energetic and not tired like I had pushed myself too hard.

After a few days, I could no longer ignore what was happening to my dick and balls. When I was at the Body Shop, I had selected a monstrous set of dick and balls that were uncut. Now my own dick and balls were expanding and I had large amount of lose skin on my dick. I was now struggling trying to figure out how to correctly stuff all of this equipment into my pants. I did not know where to turn until I had remembered the support group that Fred had mentioned.

I found the large envelope buried in the mail next to my computer. I tore in trying to found any information inside. What I found inside was disappointing. It was mainly advertisements for more services provide by the Body Shop include clothes for the hard to fit body. There was a single sheet with names, phone numbers and email address. Next to each name was a specialty area. I found that Paul was the guy to call about large dicks and also uncut dicks. I grabbed the phone and called Paul.

I was able to reach Paul and explain that I was a Body Shop customer who was experiencing some difficulties. Paul suggested that we get together early Saturday morning at his house. He would then go through demonstration of techniques that he and others have discovered. It was now Thursday night so I only had one more day to struggle.

I had the same work out dreams Friday night. I awoke on Saturday but had not allowed myself much time to get ready. So without showering I grabbed some shorts and a shirt and raced to the car. I arrived at Paul exactly at the correct time.

Paul met me at the door as I approached. Just like Fred he was a huge bodybuilder. Paul was only wearing a pair of white shorts that looked familiar to the ones I had worn at the Body Shop. Paul motioned me to the back patio where some iced teas were sitting in several glasses.

Paul and I made small talk as we got to know each other. Then Paul asked that we should begin to explore the solutions to living with big dicks. He stood up and slipped out of his shorts. There dangling from his waist was a thick hose that was easily 10 inches long. The head was covered with a large amount of thickly veined skin and balls that were the size of small apples. Paul asked that I take my clothes off too.

After I stripped out of my clothes, Paul had us walk around the patio. Paul showed me how to step slightly out of sync so that my dick would not keep banging into my thighs. It took some time to get used to walking this new way, but before I could get the hang of it my dick had grown to full length. Paul had noticed my excitement and told me that we could not go on unless either he or I did something about it. I just stood there staring at Paul. I guess that this was all the encouragement that Paul needed. Paul dropped to his knees and pulled my dick into his mouth. I seem to be a struggle for him but it felt incredible. I felt my dick head slip down his throat. My toes curled when Paul tightened his throat around my cock. I?m sure it was only minutes but it seemed so much longer I could not hold back anymore and pumped my cum into Paul?s stomach.

I stood there dazed for some time until Paul stood up. Paul said that he was sorry as he pointed to my left foot. It seems that Paul popped too. I said that it was okay with me.

The rest of the next hour was strictly business with Paul. I learned how to properly tuck my cock under my balls when wearing something tight like a bodybuilder?s posing suit. Paul gave me a list of tailors in the area that could make special pants to accommodate the extra size in my crotch. Finally Paul told me that there was something that I needed to learn about an uncut cock.

Paul took my expanding cock into his hand and placed the cock head next to his. Slowly Paul pulled back our foreskin to expose our cock heads. Then quickly and with skill Paul slipped his foreskin over both cocks and then pulled my skin over his. We were now connected at the dick in a skin tube.

Paul firmly held our dicks and sled the skin back and forth. Soon the skin was stretch as his cock head and my passed each other further up our dicks. The sensation was amazing. I never knew how sensitive my cock head could be. I sense an increase of wetness as we both began to drip pre-cum. I dicks were slipping easily. I felt hot cum splash on my head and return the volley. I was able to get off at least 12 good shoots. The skin tube had swollen with our cum. Paul released his grip and very slowly our dicks left each other?s retreat. Large amount of cum now dripped from our dicks.

Paul handed me a towel as he toweled off his dripping hose. Then out of blue I asked Paul if he had a gym where I could work out. I did not know where I had gotten that idea. Paul told me that he didn?t have a gym but I might do better to get a hold of another Body Shop customer as a training partner.

Paul went inside and returned a few moments later with several sheets of paper. He then asked me where I lived. Paul then checked his listed and told me that Brian lived near me and was looking for a training partner. Paul picked up his cordless phone from the patio table and called Brain. As the phone was ringing, Paul handed it to me.

I heard a man?s voice at the other end. I introduced myself and explain that through Paul I had found out he was also looking for a training partner. Brain then told me that he was looking and that we should meet. Since Brain was going out in a few minutes, we agreed to meet at Brain?s house that afternoon.

I thanked Paul for helping me but I should leave soon. Paul then asked if I had time for an early lunch, he offered to buy. I agreed as Paul told me that I should change my clothes. Paul walked me to his bedroom where he selected a white wife beater and some loose nylon pants. He then reached into a drawer and pulled out a spandex thong with a huge pouch. Paul told me he had them especially made. We both got dressed without saying a word.

Can Willy come out and play

Paul drove us to a greasy spoon of a restaurant. I was about to say that I did not want to go in, but I remembered that it was free. As we entered I noticed that other than the waitresses the place was filled with men. Nearly every guy there was muscular and had thick beer bellies. Most had beards or several days of beard growth. It felt like a truck drivers place. Paul mentioned me to a table near the back.

After we ordered our lunches, Paul told me that he saw someone that he knew. As Paul walked away, I decided to head for the rest room. As I had hoped there was no one inside. I walked up to a urinal and fished out my long hose. I guessed that I was too focused on my mission to free myself to hear someone enter. I jumped as I heard the door being locked. Now I stood with my thick cock out of my pants as a man approaches behind me. I stood there in shock.

As the man stood to my side he told me that Paul had sent him. It seems that this guy would pay me if I would allow him to spend a few moments with my dick. I was relieved to know that he did not want to hurt me, but I was still scared to know what he wanted to do to my dick. My second fear was lifted when the man said that I only needed to slap his face with dick while masturbated. We only had a short time before someone might discover the bathroom was locked. I agreed to slap this man with my thick hose.

The man dropped his pants and fell to his knees. I pulled my pants down to about mid thigh and jacked my cock. Soon I was at full attention when the man buried his nose in my nut sack. This was a strange experience but I decided that I should try to play along for this guy. I began to thump my dick against his forehead. The man pulled his face away and began to slap my dick against both sides of his head. Soon I heard loud moans and grunts. This guy was really enjoying himself. Soon the man froze and I heard something quietly splash on the floor behind me. I looked down to be that the guy?s hands and cock were dripping cum. I guess that he had stored up for a while and really needed to get off.

I pulled my cock back into my pants and thong. The man slowly began to recover. There was banging at the door as the man handed me $100. I tried not to show it but I was shocked to get so much money. I stuck the money in my pocket as he opened the door. Some burly looked dude staggered in and stumbled into one of the stalls. When I turned around, the man was gone.

When I got to the table both Paul and our lunches were sitting there. I sat down as a grin spread across Paul?s face. I told him that I did not like being set-up. Paul apologized but told me that I had a great body and I should take advantage of it. We ate our lunches in silence. I thought about what Paul had said about making money but I could not see myself doing that. Paul paid the check and drove us back to his house. Paul told me that I could keep what I was wearing so I jumped in my car and drove away.

Meeting Brian

In the late afternoon I drove up to Brian?s house. I found that the front door was completely hiding from the street by several walls around a small courtyard. I knock several times before the door opened. I was shocked to see a naked man answering the door. He was not hugely muscular like the other men I had met through the Body Shop, but he also was not out of shape either. He had a nice strong build like the guys on the covers of Men?s Fitness. The cock and balls were above average but not too much.

I guess that I had stared too long at Brian. He was snapping his fingers as if to wake me from a nap. Brain suggested that I get inside and take my clothes off. As I entered Brain explained that he liked his house to his own private nudist colony and all visitors were expected to comply. I piled my clothes next to door and then followed Brain through the house to a courtyard in the middle of the house. There were a few chairs and an in-ground hot tub. As Brian hit a few controls on the wall he explain that he had not heard me knocking over the jets.

The jets began to foam up the water as Brain stepped in. I slowly followed Brian and sat next to him. The water was much hotter than I expected but I did slowly adjusted. Soon I felt relaxed and closed my eyes. My cock began to stiff below the surface. I was concerned that Brain might see it but I told myself that he couldn?t because of all of the foam. I was drifting off to sleep when a firm hand grabbed my rod. It seems that I was poking about the water and Brain wanted to play with it.

I told Brian that I was new to having such a large dick and everything was a new experience. A huge grin passed over Brian?s face. He told me that there was something that he wanted to do with it if I would let him. We both exited the hot tub and toweled off. I saw that Brian?s dick was at full mast at some 9 inches. But I knew that I had at least 3 inches on him.

Paul grabbed my dick and pulled on it like a leash, dragging me to his bedroom. Paul jumped on his bed and pulled his knees next to his ears. He then asked that I pound his ass with snake. Paul pulled out an extra large condom that he had saved for this type of an occasion. I popped the seal and slide the latex down my shaft. I was amazed that rubbers were made large enough for my size dick. I fund the lube on the nightstand and squeezed some into my hand.

I knew that would need to open Brain up if I expected to fuck him. I smoothed the lube on Brian?s hole and began to massage the tight muscles. I slowly got one finger through the opening, then in rapid progression two and three fingers. I knew that Brian was ready for something bigger. I slipped my fingers out and position my cock.

Brain at first fought my cock but then he relaxed and slowly slipped in. The hole was very tight as it grabbed my cock. I slowly rocked back and forth with each forward thrust progressing a little bit farther. It took several minutes to progress where I brushed my balls against Brian?s ass. I could see of Brian?s face that he was enjoying what I was doing. I slowly plunged in and out going faster with each stroke. I was getting very excited. I knew that I was going to cum soon. I gasped for one last breath and held it as I shot load after load into Brian?s ass. I knew that the condom was likely to burst if I didn?t pull out soon. As I tried to slip out, Brian locked his arms around in a bear hug.

Brian held me for several minutes as I felt my cock slowly deflate. I felt what was my own cum running down my balls. It was not until I pulled away from Brian that I realized that Brian had cum as well. It was both of our own cum running over my cock and balls. I fished the condom from Brian?s ass as I rolled over on the bed next to him.

Night Shift

After a short nap Brian woke me up. I asked him if we could talk about him becoming my workout partner. Brain led me out of his bedroom to another large room along the back of the house. Here were all kinds of machines to work each muscle group. It seemed to be better equipped than most small gyms. But what I thought was odd was everything looked unused.

I asked Brian as I sat on a back press machine how he was able to keep this equipment so perfectly new. I saw on Brian?s face that I seemed to have uncovered a secret but I was not sure what it was. After a few moments Brian explained that the gym was a prop to explain how he was able to build up his body. It seems that Brian?s day job was a personal trainer. It seems that when I called him earlier Brian was between appointments. But Brian explained that he never told clients in the evening. I began to wonder why the evenings were so important to Brian.

Brian saw how I was curious about his evenings. He asked if I had brought the white shorts I had gotten from the Body Shop. They were out in my car. I had thought that Paul would have explained if they had any significant. Now it seems that Brian was going to explain what was so special about the white nylon shorts. Brian asked that I go out to my car and get them.

Brian met me as I returned with the white shorts still in their plastic bag. After I undressed again, Brian led me back to his bedroom and then through the bathroom to another room on the other side. It seemed to be more like a dressing room with a few mirrors, closets and numerous drawers. Brian suggested that I slip on the shorts now.

As I pulled the shorts to my waist I felt my body begin to explain. I walked to one of the mirrors and saw my body inflate like a balloon. I was scared at first but I realized that I wasn?t in pain. Almost as quickly as it started, it stopped. Staring at me in the mirror was a huge bodybuilder much like the one I had selected at the Body Shop. I know realized that the shorts were the trigger that converted my body.

Brian explained to me that the change caused by the shorts was temporary. It usually only lasted about 4 hours after removing the shorts. The slowly over an hour I would return back to what I was behind wearing the shorts. If I could wear the shorts forever I could always be the bodybuilder with the enormous cock.

Brian then surprised my by pulling several full realistic full head masks from one of the drawers. He spread them out on the table. They were all very handsome men with different hair color and ages. Brian explained to me that he had the mask created by the Body Shop. It was one of many extra services they offered. Brian had the masks created so that he could lead the lives of several different men. He was living hid dream of being a male gigolo.

Brain slipped on one of the mask and moments it settled tightly. He was now a gorgeous looking man; his face was amazing. Brian tossed me a mask of a young blond dude. I told him that the top would not match the bottom as I pointed to my white shorts. Brian told me that it would not matter and I could remove the shorts now. After slipping on the mask I removed the white shorts. Again looking in the mirror was starling because a different man faced back at me. I was now hyper-masculine with enormous muscles, monstrous cock and balls and handsome young blonde face.

Brian walked over and grabbed my cock. He was amazed that I was now even larger than I had been before. I could easily top out at 15 inches when fully erect. I heard him said that it wouldn?t do for tonight. Brain walked over to a different drawer and pulled out a realistic dildo. He slapped it into my hand and told me to wear it. I examined the dildo and said that it was hollow and about the size of a slightly larger than average dick. I hope that it would stretch as I stuck my cock inside. I thought it would be a struggle but it seemed to suck me inside. I could not understand how it functioned but I now have a more average sized dick.

Brain told me that he had several appointments tonight and wanted me to join him. There were several clients, some were women and some were men. If I joined him, he would split half the money with me, about a thousand for me. I?m not sure why but I said yes. I guess because I was now living someone else?s life I could do things that I hadn?t done myself. •

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