Man Like You, A


By Clarence591

Jon left the house with his father to get to the work site. Karl worked along side his crews whenever possible even though he could have stayed at the office. He enjoyed the physical labor; it gave him a chance to use his powerful physique. Today was the first at a new job, and it was going to take most of the summer to complete. The first phase involved the demolition of a large patio and pool at a mountainside home. The location prevented the use of heavy machinery so most of the work would need to be done by hand. The crew consisted of Karl, Jon and 5 other men. Each man grabbed a sledge hammer and started pounding the concrete. No other man could keep up the speed and force of Karl’s work. Karl did notice Jon’s progress, surprised by the amount of power his son had in his thin body. He watched Jon’s small muscles move under his smooth skin. It took the men the entire morning to break up only a small portion of the patio. The rest of the day was spent removing the rubble using wheel barrels. Each man was covered in sweat from the hard work. Only Karl kept his shirt on throughout the long day.

As Karl’s crew left, he checked the work site to make sure everything was okay for the night. Jon was waiting for him inside the truck exhausted. Karl opened the driver’s side door and finally removed is sweat soaked shirt. Jon was always shocked by his father’s physique. He still had the chiseled body of a professional athlete. Each muscle pumped from the hard day’s work. He wiped the sweat from his chest and armpits with his shirt before putting on a fresh one he kept behind the seat. He climbed into and started the truck, “How you feeling? Was it too much for your first day?”

“No, I’m fine except for my blisters” Jon answered.

“You did very well today. You did as much work, if not more, as any other man on my crew. You showed them you didn’t expect to be treated special just because you’re the boss’s son. I’m proud of you, Johan” Karl said while squeezing Jon’s thigh.

“I couldn’t keep up with you. I’ve never seen a man work so hard. You were like a machine out there. I never realized just how strong you are.” Jon said seeing Karl for the first time as a man instead of just his father.

“Well, I’ve been doing this a lot longer than you. And I’m a little bit bigger too” Karl said flexing his huge right bicep, stretching the sleeve of his 3XL t-shirt to its limit, with a slight laugh in his voice.

“Why didn’t you take off your shirt earlier, Dad? Everyone else did.” Jon asked.

“My experience is that other men are uncomfortable around me when I remove my shirt. They usually put their shirts back on because they don’t want to be compared to me. I would rather have my crew comfortable and focused on their work, than me be a little cooler and the center of attention. It’s one of burdens of being a Swenson man. I know one day I will have to tell you more about those burdens, just like I did with your brother, Bjorn.” Karl told Jon as he kept his eye on the road.

Jon really didn’t understand what his father meant by burdens. Jon was too tired and hungry to ask for any more details. He just wanted to eat, shower and go to bed.

Frida had diner waiting for her men when they arrived home. She often cooked traditional Norwegian dishes which were high in protein; usually fish. Karl and Bjorn always had huge appetites, while Jon worried about gaining too much weight for his sport activities. Jon was used to going to bed hungry, depriving his body of needed calories for muscle growth. But that had changed; his parents were now insisting he eat more, saying he was much too thin. Jon gave in; after all he was no longer on any teams and he was very thin. He ate twice as much as he did in the past. He actually felt full for the first time in years. His father smiled at him and slapped him on the shoulder, “Now, you have an appetite of a Swenson man”.

This routine went on for four weeks. His social life was nonexistent. He did little more than go to work and stay home. Jon did notice that things were changing at work. One day they had to move fifty pound bags of top soil and sand from a truck to the backyard. Karl put one bag on each shoulder easily carrying the one hundred pounds of dead weight. The other crew members shared the load with two men carrying just one bag. Jon was teamed with Jose, the oldest member on the crew. Jose got tired quickly and needed a break. Jon tried going it alone and threw a bag over his shoulder. It wasn’t as difficult as he had thought it would be. From that day on the other men looked to him as their leader whenever Karl wasn’t around. Karl was spending less time at the site; his company was starting another job that needed his attention. Karl named Jose the supervisor in his absence; but everyone looked to Jon for direction. Even the clients spoke to Jon like he was the boss.

Jon no longer had to pick-up lunch for everyone either; usually the job of the rookie on the crew. Jon was relieved about that. He always felt uncomfortable going to the deli to get the food. The place was always packed with people, but whenever he walked in the flamboyant clerk would immediately ask him what he needed, ignoring all the other customers who had waited much longer. No one ever said anything. Once a guy was about to complain to the clerk, but he looked at Jon and stopped in mid sentence. Jon thought that everyone felt sorry for him because of the way he looked.

After another 3 weeks the job was coming to an end. On the last day Jon worked most of the morning mulching the plant beds. As the day became warmer, he realized he was the only one still wearing a shirt. He took his tight t-shirt off and enjoyed the feeling of the sun. His skin was smooth and deeply tanned. His golden curls had natural highlights from weeks of sun exposure. Jon had gained over 60 pounds during the last 7 weeks, all of it muscle. The hard physical labor and increased calories set free the magnificent Swenson genes to fulfill their destiny. His body exploded with growth. His once featureless body was now sculpted with hard muscle. His ribs covered by defined oblique muscles sandwiching a set of washboard abs. A pair of thick pecs jutted out from his body. His shoulders were broad and powerful; his arms strong and masculine with veins running the entire length to his colossal hands. He now had a lean muscular physique that would make any man envious. But Jon didn’t see himself that way. He thought he was still a gawky teenager. Jon did notice the clients and neighbors were spending a lot more time around the site. He didn’t know why they found watching him work so exciting. The client’s wife, who had been peeking at him for weeks from her kitchen window, walked over to Jon and offered him some bottled water. Jon stood up and gladly accepted the drink. Her eyes followed the giant man’s beautiful face as he towered over her. He chugged the whole container. Some of the water escaped his mouth and ran down his hard chest. He went to give the bottle back to the woman when he noticed she was staring at his sweaty torso. Jon thought she was thinking how scrawny he looked.

“Thank you, Mrs.Goldman” Jon said trying to get her attention.

“Oh, you’re welcome” she answered looking up at Jon, “If you’re still thirsty, I have another cold bottle in the house. I would love for you to come in so we can get to know each other better.” Her eyes left Jon’s face to his body stopping this time at the always present bulge at his crotch.

“Now, I’m fine. We’ve got a lot of work to do to complete the job today. Thank you anyway” Jon replied, certain she was staring because his body was so strangely proportioned.

“Well it’s a standing offer, you’re welcome anytime, day or night” she commented as she went back into the house. Jon looked at the other crew members to see if they had witnessed the strange conversation. They all seem to be working, but Jon noticed all the men had put their shirts back on even though it was the middle of a very warm day.


Now that his summer job was over, Jon wanted to spend the last two weeks of his vacation relaxing. He dreaded returning to school since he was no longer in the popular crowd. Today he was going to the beach to relax and forget his problems. He loved the beach and had missed the ocean during the past two months. Jon had a difficult time finding a bathing suit to wear. All his formerly baggie surfer-style swim trunks were now tight on his body. Their lack of support made it look as if Jon had stuffed the front of his suit with a banana and 2 lemons. Jon thought about what his father had said about his underwear. If it was true, then maybe something tighter would look better. He knew none of his old Speedo suits would fit him now. But maybe his brother had something he could wear. Jon found a couple of swim briefs in his brother’s dresser. Most were too big in the waist to fit Jon, but he found an old black pair that his brother wore when he was about 14. Jon slid them on. He adjusted his cock like his father showed him. It did look better than the board shorts and the dark color made his package look smaller. Jon put on one of his brothers oversized t-shirts and a pair of his cargo shorts over the swim suit and left for the beach.

When Jon arrived he was relieved to see it wasn’t very crowded. Most of the people were over by the life guard station to the left of the entrance. Jon headed to the right avoiding the crowd. Jon found a deserted section of beach and laid out his towel. He sat on the towel for about 15 minutes making sure no one was paying any attention to him. He quickly took off his shirt and looked around again to see if anyone was watching. After a few more minutes, he slipped off his sandals and unbuttoned his cargo shorts. He slowly unzipped the fly and hesitantly wiggled himself out of the shorts while staying seated. Satisfied that no one was watching him he finally laid back onto the towel enjoying the warm sun and the sound of the surf.

After a few moments he heard some girls giggling. He opened his eyes and saw a group of girls walking along the beach. They starred and pointed at him while whispering to each other. He decided to turn over to let his back get some color. His cock was crushed by his body weight. He pushed himself up onto his knees and punched the sand to make a hole, giving his package some additional room. He laid there feeling more comfortable, he had almost falling asleep when suddenly a voice interrupted his rest.

“Would you like me to rub some lotion on your back?” asked a feminine voice.

Jon opened his eyes to see a beautiful brunette kneeling by his side. He also saw three girls lying on towels behind the brunette.

“No thank you” answered Jon a little uncomfortable with the girl’s question.

“Are you sure? It would be my pleasure” the girl said while her eyes left Jon’s face to look at his high rounded ass encased in the tight brief.

“Yes, thank you again” Jon said and turned his head in the other direction as he tried to relax again. As he did so he saw that there were another 4 girls sunbathing on his left staring at him.

Feeling even more uncomfortable being surrounded by the staring girls, he decided to get something to drink. He pushed himself up and stood on his towel. All the girls giggled again. Jon saw them staring at his swimsuit. He quickly walked away heading to the stand. There was a short line waiting to be served. Jon couldn’t help notice everyone was looking at him as they passed, each person’s eyes scanning up and down his body. Jon felt more and more embarrassed. He was next to being served, when he overheard the person in front of him tell the clerk he had forgotten his wallet on the beach. The clerk rudely told him “no money, no drink”. As the short, bald man walked away, the clerk asked Jon what he wanted with a large smile on her face. Jon realized he was in such a hurry to leave the girls; he left his wallet on the beach too. “I’m sorry I don’t have my wallet either” Jon said feeling stupid.

“Oh, that’s okay. You can come back and pay me later. What do you want?” the clerk said still smiling.

“Thank you. I’ll take a small root beer float with vanilla ice cream, please” Jon was surprised by the clerk’s change in policy.

The clerk returned in a few moments with Jon’s order. “Here you go. I made it a large. A man like you needs to keep up his strength. And you don’t have to pay me for it. It’s on the house”, the young woman behind the counter told Jon. She caressed his thick forearm when he took the beverage. “And by the way, I finish my shift at 4 o’clock”.

“Thanks again”, Jon walked away from the counter not knowing what to do next. Should he pay for the drink anyway and why did would she tell him when her shift was over?

Jon walked to the edge of the small stand’s patio sipping his drink looking out towards the water. He was working up the courage to go back to the beach. Suddenly a muscular man holding the hand of a little boy came up to Jon. He wore a brief similar to Jon’s but was bright yellow in color.

“Hi, I’m vacationing here for the next two weeks and was wondering if you could recommend a gym in the area.” the man asked while flexing his body to try to look bigger next to Jon.

“I’m sorry I can’t help you. I don’t go to any gym” Jon said surprised by the strange question.

“You don’t? Wow”, the man hesitated as he scanned Jon’s body, “I thought a man like you worked out all the time. Sorry to have bothered you”.

“Look daddy, his pee-pee is a lot bigger than yours” the little boy said pointing at Jon’s package. The man’s face went pale; he led his son away quickly.

Jon was mortified by the boy’s comment. He dropped his unfinished drink into the trash and ran to get his things from the beach. It definitely was a mistake coming to the beach he thought. There were even more girls surrounding Jon’s towel and a few guys too. They all sat up and smiled as Jon approached. He ignored them and quickly gathered his belongings when he heard another woman’s voice.

“Excuse me sir. Can I talk to you?” the voice asked as Jon felt a tap on his shoulder.

“Thanks but I don’t need any lotion on my back. I’m leaving” Jon said without looking up.

“Oh no, I was wondering if you could help me with an urgent matter?” the woman replied.

Jon looked at the woman and saw she was the lifeguard. “What kind of help do you need from me?” Jon asked slightly puzzled.

“There’s this group of rowdy teenagers causing havoc on the beach and I was wondering if you could help me scare them off.” The lifeguard pointed toward her stand. Jon saw a group of five boys aged about 15 running around and tormenting the others on the beach. “My partner had to leave due to an emergency. In fact, the whole department is working on the situation and it will take some time before I can get any backup. But the boys are getting out of hand and something needs to be done right away. I’ve dealt with these boys before and they don’t listen to me. They only respect a strong male authority figure.” The pretty blond lifeguard told Jon her situation with great humility.

“Why ask me for help? There are a lot of other people on the beach, much closer to your station.” Jon asked while getting to his feet.

“Well I need someone to pose as a lifeguard and you look the part” the girl answered.

“Just because I have a tan, doesn’t make me a lifeguard” Jon said confused by her comments.

“I’m not talking about your tan. Look, I need someone to wear this suit” the woman gave Jon a small bright red bikini brief with a white cross at the crotch and the word lifeguard spelled out across the seat. “Since you are already wearing a brief I thought you wouldn’t mind wearing it”

“I don’t think so. Find yourself another volunteer. I’ve got to be getting home anyway” Jon said giving the suit back to the lifeguard.

“I expected more from a man like you” the lifeguard dropped the suit and an extra whistle in the sand and walked away.

“What are you talking about? You don’t even know me” Jon said loudly. He watched the lifeguard walk towards the rowdy teens. She tried to get the gang under control. They surrounded her and started to torment her. They pushed her down to the ground and took the floatation device she wore over her shoulder. No one around Jon came to her aid, instead they looked to him to do something. Jon picked up the bikini dreading what he had to do. Realizing there was no where to change, he lay down on the beach and covered himself with his towel. He pulled off his briefs and pulled on the bikini. The bikini had much less material than his brief. He adjusted his large cock and balls stretching the pouch to its breaking point. He stood up and all the girls gasped at the site. The bikini’s thin straps rode low on his narrow hips, exposing his deep inguinal crease along the hip bones. The material just covered his manhood, its size and weight pulling the fabric down. A few pubic hairs cold be seen over the lowered waist band. The white cross on the front was distorted by the huge amount of flesh confined behind it. The narrow seat exposed most of his rounded ass cheeks. The word lifeguard was stretched tight over his muscular ass. Several girls jumped up to brush the sand off of Jon’s back, spending most of the time feeling up is ass as he bent down to pick up the whistle. Jon ignored them and put the whistle around his neck. He took a deep breath and headed towards the real lifeguard. Most of the boys stopped and stared at Jon as he approached. The two that had their backs to him continued to throw the floatation device over the female lifeguards head playing a game of keep away. Suddenly a large hand grabbed the device in midair. The two teenagers turned to look at Jon. “Damn” both boys and the lifeguard said in unison upon seeing Jon. Everyone’s eyes drawn to the prominent bulge contained within the tiny swim suit. Jon dropped the float and grabbed the two shocked boys by their arms. The other boys ran away as fast as they could off the beach.

“I think you boys should apologize to my partner for your behavior” Jon said while squeezing the boys’ thin upper arms as he lifted them slightly off the ground. Jon’s entire body bulged with power as he forced the two boys off their feet.

“Yes, all right. We’re sorry, very sorry for what we did”, said one boy in awe of Jon’s strength.

“And?” said Jon lifting them higher.

“We will never do it again, we promise” said the other boy almost in tears.

“Good, now pick up the float and give it back to my partner. Then I want you boys to leave the beach and I don’t ever want to see you here again” Jon ordered as he gently put the boys back down and released his vice like grip. The boys did as he said and ran as fast as they could off the beach, taking the same path as their friends. The entire beach applauded Jon’s actions.

“Thank you. That was incredible” the lifeguard felt flush as she followed Jon back to his towel. As he walked she was turned on even more watching the movement of his perfect ass in the outrageously small bikini. Jon ignored her and returned to the spot he changed before and covered himself with his towel. He removed the bikini and pulled on his baggy cargo shorts. He got up and put on his t-shirt.

“Maybe I can take you out to dinner or buy you a drink to show my appreciation” the lifeguard asked. “I really would like to thank you for what you did.”

“I just want to go home and forget this day ever happened” said Jon giving the bikini and whistle back to her.

“You should keep this, my partner never looked the way you did in it” she said with a slight laugh.

“Ha-ha, the whole thing was a big joke for you wasn’t it? Well I’m glad I could provide you and the entire beach with a little entertainment this afternoon” Jon grabbed his swimsuit, sandals and towel before storming off the beach.

The girls just looked at each other confused and saddened by Jon’s sudden departure.


Jon was walking the short distance to his home from the beach regretting not putting on his swimsuit. In the baggy cargo shorts his cock thrashed about as he walked. He started to get hard from the stimulation. He held the towel in front of him as he headed towards a bus stop bench to sit while his cock deflated. He looked around him and noticed two young girls trying to change a flat tire across the street. The two were holding onto each other while bouncing up and down on the tire iron trying to loosen the lug nuts. Jon turned away not wanting to get involved. He was sure someone else would help the two pretty girls.

“Excuse me sir” Jon heard a high pitched voice approach him. Why was everybody calling him sir all of a sudden? “Could you help me and my friend? We have a flat and can’t remove the bolt thingies. I think they may be rusted on or something. We called our boyfriends, but we don’t know when they’re going to get here. We really would appreciate your help”, the young woman pleaded.

Jon just sighed, “Sure, I’ll be glad to help”. Jon looked at the girl as he stood up. She was wearing a t-shirt from a local university. The girl’s mouth dropped open as her gaze went from Jon’s beautiful face down his long body. Even though he was soft again, his massive cock and balls pushed out the lightweight fabric of his shorts.

“Changing the tire shouldn’t be any problem for a man like you” she said.

Jon introduced himself to the girls and removed the all lug nuts with little effort. He pulled the jack out of the trunk and raised the car the proper height. He grabbed the old tire with one hand while removing the spare out of the trunk with the other. The girls were mesmerized by the thick veins that ran over Jon’s hands and muscular forearms.

“So do you go to school around here, Jon?” asked one of the girls, doing her best attempt at flirting.

“Yes, I’m about to start my senior year”, he said trying to be polite. He just wanted to get this over with as soon as possible so he could get home.

“I thought you were either a junior or senior” the other girl commented.

Jon quickly put on the spare and lowered the car. After tightening the lug nuts he started to put everything away in the trunk. Just then the girls’ boyfriends showed up. Seeing Jon, the young men kissed their girlfriends and put their arms around them. An attempt to show Jon the girls belonged to them.

“Are you okay?” one of the boys asked the girls.

“Yes, we’re fine thanks to Jon here. I’ve never seen a man change a tire so fast, he’s really good with his hands” the girl replied making her boyfriend more insecure.

“Thanks Jon but we can handle it from here” the other man replied.

“You’re welcome, but there’s nothing else to do” Jon said slamming the trunk closed.

“Fine, then just leave” the same man said while his friend stood behind him, both looking up at Jon.

“Don’t be rude. It was very nice of Jon to help us” said one of the girls.

“It was nice all right. He just wanted to get laid. Probably thought a man like him could get both of you in the sack. Hoping for a little three-some action this afternoon, Jon?” the boyfriend continued.

“I’m out of here” Jon said mindlessly wiping his hands with the front of his shirt exposing his eight-pack abs and drawing more attention to the bulge in his pants. The other men thought Jon was showing off and trying to make them look weak and pathetic in front of the girls. They stood in front of Jon shaking nervously but trying to look tough.

“We don’t appreciate you trying to take advantage of our girls like that Jon” the taller of the two men said while the other moved behind Jon and grabbed his arms at the elbows. The taller man slammed his fist into Jon’s gut. Jon felt a sharp sting but the guy that hit him looked to be in more pain. Jon bent his arms crushing the fingers of the other man between his steel hard biceps and forearms. Both men were in pain holding onto their battered hands. Jon grabbed each man’s wrist and forced their arms behind their backs. He pressed their weaker bodies up against the car, easily holding the two men in place.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with you two. I was just trying to help your girlfriends. They approached me asking for help”, Jon said with a lot of anger; the entire day’s events finally bringing him to the breaking point. He squeezed the men’s arms tighter as they struggled. The men screamed out in pain.

At that moment a police car pulled up. Jon let go of the men as the two police officers got out of the squad car. “What’s going on here?” one cop asked.

“Nothing, just a misunderstanding officer” Jon said nervously. He had never had an encounter with the police before and was scared.

“He assaulted us after we tried to protect our girlfriends from his sexual advances” the taller boyfriend said.

“That’s not true” one of the girls said.

“Why don’t we get both sides of the story? You four stay here and talk to my partner. Big guy, you’re with me.” Jon followed the cop to a nearby alley. He told Jon to spread his legs and put his arms up against the wall. The cop ran his hands up and down each muscular leg; he then rammed one hand up between Jon’s legs and firmly squeezed Jon’s package. Jon thought this was strange, but he was never frisked by a cop before, maybe this was the way it was done. The officer removed Jon’s wallet from his back packet while caressing Jon’s other ass cheek. The cop put Jon’s wallet in his shirt pocket and continued to run his hands along Jon’s powerful arms and back. He then reached under Jon’s t-shirt and felt up his chest. He ran his hands over Jon’s hardened abdominals. The cop than forced his right hand under the loose waist band of Jon’s shorts and grabbed his cock. Jon felt something rubbing against his ass and heard soft moans from behind as he was being fondled. Jon knew this wasn’t right, but was too shocked and afraid to say anything.

The cop told Jon to turn around. Jon could see the outline of the cop’s boner through his uniform. The cop asked him some questions and told Jon to stay there. The two policemen had a brief discussion and the other one walked over to Jon and told him to turn around and put his hands against the wall. The second cop frisked Jon in the same manner as the first, but spent more time fondling Jon’s cock and balls. The second cop told the humiliated Jon to join the others by the girl’s car. The man in blue sniffed his hand savoring Jon’s musky scent.

“This whole thing does sound like a misunderstanding”, the first cop said winking at Jon.

“We still want to press charges. Look at the bruises on our hands and arms from this guy”, the men held their damaged limbs in the policeman’s face.

“They hit me first” Jon said, “I was just defending myself. It was two against one”.

“I’m sure a man like you can handle yourself against these two. Let’s see where they hit you,” the cop said looking at Jon’s license, “Johan is it?”

Jon raised his shirt and rubbed the point of contact. There wasn’t a mark on him.

“I don’t see anything except muscle” the cop commented to Jon.

“Well he didn’t hit me very hard I guess” Jon said somewhat surprised.

“I hit him with everything I had, damn it” the boyfriend said defending his masculinity.

“That’s something I wouldn’t brag about, son” the cop looked at Jon’s license again then looked at Jon, “You’re only 17? That makes you a minor.”

“What?” the other four commented.

“But you told me you were a senior” the one girl said.

“I am. I’m starting my senior year of high school next week” Jon answered surprised by everything reaction to his age.

“Do you still want to press charges?” the cop asked the other men.

“No, I guess not” both men said, humiliated by having been overpowered by a child.

“Why don’t the four of you get in your cars and go back to campus” the cop told the co-eds. “You are coming with us, Jon. We’re taking you home to speak with your parents”. The other cop joined them in the squad car once his hard-on subsided.


Jon’s father wasn’t home when he arrived with the police escort. The policemen explained what happened to his mother. His mother sent him to his room until his father came home. Karl entered Jon’s room still wearing his work clothes.

“Your mother tells me you got into a fight today, Johan” Karl said while sitting on Jon’s bed.

“It wasn’t my fault, I was helping some girls fix a flat tire and their boyfriends thought I was trying to get into their pants. I actually didn’t hit anyone; I just restrained them from hitting me again. I didn’t realize they would bruise so easily. I hardly touched them. That’s all that happened, I swear.” Jon said afraid of his father’s reaction.

“I believe you, son. Unfortunately, this kind of thing is going to happen to you often. Over the past 2 months you have added a lot of muscle mass to your frame. It may not be obvious to you, but it is to everyone around you. With all that muscle comes great strength.” Karl changed position on the bed moving closer to his son. “You remember when I told you I would talk to you about the burdens of being a Swenson man”. Jon nodded as his father continued, “I told you before that looking like you do gives you certain advantages over other men; but those advantages come at a price. People will treat you special. You’ll have more opportunities because people are naturally attracted to you. Even more so than your brother since you have your mother’s beauty in addition to my size.” Karl ran the back of his hand over Jon’s cheek. “People will assume a lot of things about you. They expect you to excel at everything and always take the lead. If you show any sign of anger or conceit, they will turn on you. Other men look at you as a threat, because you are everything they are not. It’s okay to recognize your superiority over other men. You know it and everyone else knows it, so there is no reason to proof it. The only thing worse than a sore loser, is an arrogant winner. Most men use about a third of their strength going through their daily lives, men like us can only use about a tenth of our strength. It’s a burden to constantly hold back on everything you do, I know. But we must handle everything and everyone very carefully. Does what I said make sense to you?”

“Yes, I have noticed that people are treating me differently. But I’m not like you or Bjorn. You are strong handsome men. I may be tall and well endowed, but not strong or handsome.” Karl laughed at his son’s naivety. “You aren’t a good judge because you’re my father. Of course you think I’m handsome.” Jon told his father with all sincerity.

“Really”, Karl replied, “If you don’t believe me. Let’s see what your brother thinks when he arrives tomorrow. He hasn’t seen you in almost six months. I don’t think you’re used to getting compliments from him.” Karl ran his fingers through Jon’s curly hair and smiled. “Come on, it’s time for dinner.” Jon thought about what his father said for the rest of the night.


The next day, Jon was excited that his brother was coming home to visit before the start of the new school year. He always looked up to his big brother, literally and figuratively. Jon wanted to be like him. He was a real man’s man, so big, strong and athletic. But Bjorn wasn’t coming home until later in the afternoon. Jon was going crazy hanging around the house waiting for Bjorn to arrive. He decided to go to a matinee movie to kill some time. He was going to cover up his body to avoid any more embarrassing incidents from occurring. He pulled on a pair of jeans. The just bought the 33x38 loose fit jeans a few weeks ago. They were so tight in the thighs, ass, and crotch they looked painted on. He thought they must have shrunk in the wash; it was strange that the waist band was the only thing that didn’t shrink. He put on a long sleeve, buttoned down shirt. He wanted to wear the shirt because the longer bottom would cover his crotch. He put the shirt on and it too felt tight. He pulled the shirt closed tiring to button it around his chest. As he pulled it closed he heard a loud tearing sound. The shirt had ripped down the center of his back. He turned his back toward the mirror to see the tear. He raised his right arm behind his head to feel the tear and heard another rip. His bicep had burst through the right sleeve. He reached for his right arm with his left and tore out the left shoulder seam. “What a piece of shit, and I just bought this shirt a month ago and its already falling apart.” Jon said out loud. He removed the torn shirt from his body and threw it into the garbage. He went into his brother’s room and found a similar shirt in his closet. He put the 2XL shirt on. It had an athletic cut and fit his body perfectly. Jon thought it was strange that his brother’s shirt wasn’t loose on him. Then he figured his brother must have left it behind because it was too small.

Jon arrived at the movie theatre and bought his ticket. He later realized he was given the Wednesday matinee discount even though it was Thursday. An honest mistake by the ticket seller he thought. He went to the concession stand and ordered the large popcorn and soda combo. He was given the extra large combo but charged for the small combo. When Jon pointed out the mistake to the man behind the counter, he was told not to worry about it. The man appeared nervous. He dropped Jon’s change onto the counter because his hands were shaking so badly. Jon thanked the man and headed for the balcony. The man behind the counter leaned forward to watch Jon walk away as did all the other people in line. Jon chose the balcony because he hoped no one would be up there during the matinee and he was right. He took the center seat in the first row. The movie started and Jon settled in.

A few moments later two young ladies entered the balcony. They were in line behind Jon at the concession stand. The two ladies entered the front row; one passed by Jon and sat in the seat next to him. The other sat in seat on his other side. Jon thought it was strange that the girls would choose to seat next to him with the whole balcony empty. The girl on his right put her hand on Jon’s bicep and squeezed. The girl on his left did the same to his other arm, “Won’t you flex for me?” Jon ignored them and continued to watch the movie. The girl on the right moved her hand to his chest undoing the second and third button of his shirt to gain access to his smooth warm skin. The other girl dropped her hand to Jon’s crotch. Jon grabbed her wrist and said “No”.

“Stop, you’re hurting me”, the girl cried.

Jon panicked remembering what happened yesterday and what is father had told him. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. Please don’t tell the cops”. Jon got up and walked to another section of the balcony. A few moments later the two girls followed him sitting in the same close position as before.

“I forgive you, but you better not try to stop me again or I’ll tell the police how you hurt me”, the girl whispered in Jon’s ear as a joke.

Jon took her comments as a real threat. He didn’t want to get into trouble again so soon. The two girls grabbed Jon’s shirt and pulled it open tearing the buttons off. They started groping Jon’s thick chest and cut abs. The girl on the left pulled Jon’s head toward hers and kissed him deeply. The girl on the right squeezed Jon’s package through his jeans. She undid the button on his pants and tried pulling down the zipper. The jeans were so tight it was difficult to move the zipper. The girl on the left stopped French kissing Jon to help her friend with the zipper. As both girls yanked at this fly, Jon said “Please don’t do this. I just want to be left alone to watch the movie”. This time the girls ignored Jon’s request. They were finally able to get the zipper down and Jon’s underwear burst from the confines of his tight pants. Both girls put their hands down Jon’s underwear grabbing at his thick meat; Jon inhaled quickly as the girls’ long nails scraped his sensitive balls. Jon felt helpless against the girls’ assault. The girls were now in a sexual frenzy. They tugged on Jon’s cock pulling its entire length out of his briefs. The girl on the left started to stroke Jon’s cock. The girl on the right starting kissing Jon’s muscular chest and moved up his thick neck finally reaching his soft mouth, she playfully bit his lower lip before kissing him. Jon’s cock was starting to react from the attention it was getting; as it grew the girl stroked faster. Soon both girls’ hands were on Jon’s huge rod. They kept commenting on its huge size and thickness. Precum started to leak from the tip. One girl wrapped her mouth around Jon’s cock. The other one reached into Jon’s briefs and painfully pulled on his balls to get them out of his underwear. She then got down on her knees in front of Jon and licked his inflating balls. Jon tried but couldn’t hold back his load any longer. He never had a blow job before. His old girlfriend refused to perform oral sex on him. His cock exploded into the hungry girl’s mouth. Jon hadn’t had sex in over 4 months and he came over and over again. As he tried to catch his breathe, the two girls kissed and thanked him before leaving. Jon pulled his underwear and jeans back over his cock and balls. He couldn’t zip his jeans due to his semi-hard state. He ran to the bathroom with his hands covering his crotch. He stuffed his package back into his jeans and forced the zipper up. He couldn’t button his shirt since the buttons were torn off, so he wrapped his shirt around him and tucked it into his pants to hold it closed. Another man entered the restroom as Jon was bent over the sink splashing water on his face. The man looked at Jon’s firm ass in the tight jeans. The man approached Jon from behind noticing the way his back widened from a small waist to powerfully broad shoulders.

“Are you okay? You look a little stressed” the short, middle aged man asked Jon.

“Yes, I’m fine.” Jon answered drying his face with paper towels.

The man’s eyes were drawn to the huge bulge at Jon’s crotch. “Are you sure? I know a great way for you to relieve some tension” the man put his hand on Jon’s ass and gave it a firm squeeze. Jon pushed the man aside and headed toward the door. “I’m willing to pay you” the man yelled to Jon as he left. Jon ran straight to his car.


Jon took a shower as soon as he got home. He wanted to wash the dried saliva and cum from his body. Jon picked up his pants off the bathroom floor and thought maybe the jeans were tight because he was eating too much. He stood on the bathroom scale, “Shit, I’m 268. That’s six more pounds this week. That means I’ve gained over 90 pounds in 10 months.” Jon looked in the mirror, still not seeing the exquisite man he had become. Jon rubbed his sculpted torso. He pinched his stomach to see if he had any fat there. He only managed to pull a paper thin layer of skin from his tightly packed waist. He ran his hands over his thick chest which protruded over his brick like abs. He flexed his right arm and felt his 20” vein covered peak with his left hand. “Maybe Dad was right. Maybe I did get a little stronger over the summer?” Jon thought to himself.

Jon went to his room and pulled on a pair of gym shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. He heard a car pull up in the driveway. He looked out his window and saw his brother’s car. He ran down the stairs as he brother walked through the door.

“Bo, you’re finally here” Jon said as he jumped into his brother’s arms and wrapped his legs around Bjorn’s hips. Jon had greeted his big brother that way for years. Bjorn had no problem handling the weight of his little brother before, but this time Jon’s greeting sent his body slamming into the wall.

“Damn”, Bjorn said, “It’s good to see you too”. Jon hugged his brother. Bjorn didn’t seem to be as broad as Jon remembered. Jon let go and stood on his own. Jon looked surprised as his eyes were now at the same level as Bjorn’s. All his life he had to look up to see his brother’s handsome face.

“Look at you” Bjorn said scanning his brother’s physique, “I guess I can’t call you runt anymore”. Bjorn reached out and squeezed Jon’s upper right arm and then lifted the front of his t-shirt to see Jon’s impressive abs. “Dad told me you’ve been going through a growth spurt, but shit, this is amazing. We finally look like we’re related.” Both men laughed. Bjorn continued to scan Jon’s body and face in silence trying to take-in all the incredible changes. Jon stared at Bjorn thinking to himself how much smaller his brother looked.

“Bjorn, welcome home” Frida broke the awkward silence as she entered the room. She hugged and kissed her first born. “It’s so good to have you here. You’re father is on the patio cooking dinner. Why don’t you go and say hello? Jon you can help me in the kitchen getting the rest of the meal ready”. Jon watched his brother walk to the patio door. Bjorn turned and smiled at his brother before walking out onto the patio.

Jon took the salad he made out to the patio. When he arrived, he saw his father and brother removing their shirts. Their muscular torsos bulged with each subtle move they made. Both men had almost identical hulking physiques, his father’s light coating of fine blond chest hair the only difference. “Good timing, Johan. Watch the steaks while your brother shows me the wrestling moves he’s learned at college. He thinks he can teach his old man a thing or two.” The two titans grappled with each other on the lawn, their hardened muscles flexing as they tried to overpower each other.

Jon had witnessed these wrestling matches many times growing up. He was never asked to play along. Even though Karl never said anything, he knew his father was disappointed when he joined the track and diving teams instead of the wrestling team like his brother Bjorn. The two giants wrestled for about 20 minutes. Karl raised his arms in victory after winning the final match. Both men’s sweaty bodies glistened in the sunlight.

“You still got it Dad” Bjorn said hugging his father.

“You did very well. I know you’re going to qualify for the Olympic team just like your old man.” Karl said beaming with pride. Karl looked at his younger son watching from the sidelines, “How about you Jon, do you want to take on the champ?”

“Sure”, Jon said surprised by the invitation. The other men admired Jon’s small waist as he pulled his t-shirt over his head, his thick pecs falling into place as he lowered his arms. Jon noticed both men staring at his exposed torso and asked, “Is anything wrong?”

“No, nothing’s wrong” said Karl, he then gave Bjorn a knowing look before returning his gaze to Jon, “Best of 3 matches”.

The two men shook hands. Karl lunged at Jon grabbing him at his waist. He lifted Jon in the air and slammed him hard onto the ground easily pinning him. Jon never experienced such a powerful force in his life. His father’s strength was overwhelming. Jon laid there for a moment. “That’s one for me” Karl said as he got up and waited for Jon.

Jon stood in front of his father and once again Karl lunged first. Jon quickly jumped back preventing his father from getting a hold on him. Jon then grabbed Karl from behind and held him around his chest. He was amazed by the hardness of his father’s body. It was as if he was clad in steel. He tried to force his father down, but Karl resisted. Jon tried again, this time accidentally lifting his father off the ground, surprising both men. As they hit the grass, Karl reversed Jon’s hold and pinned him again.

“That’s two for me. I’m still the champ”, Karl gloated as he held out his hand to help Jon off the ground. When Jon was on his feet, Karl pulled his son close to him and said, “You did very well for someone who has never wrestled before. I’ve never been more proud of you, Johan. Today you proofed you are a true Swenson man”. Karl had given Jon many compliments over the years, but something in his father’s eyes made this one mean more.

Frida came out to the patio with the last of the food, “Enough playing around. It’s time to eat”.

“Why haven’t you ever asked me to wrestle before, Dad?” Jon asked as he walked to the table with his father.

“Because when I wrestle I don’t hold anything back. You would have gotten hurt before”, Karl told Jon.

The three men put their shirts back on for dinner. They talked and laughed through the meal. It reminded Jon of when he would get together with his friends. The men at the table were no longer just father and sons, or brothers, but equals.


After diner Bjorn went up to his old room to unpack. A few minutes later, Jon entered the room and sat on the bed.

“How are you doing Bro? Mom tells me you’ve been a little depressed lately. Aren’t you enjoying the new, improved you?” Bjorn said as he put the last piece of clothing away and sat next to Jon.

“Not really. Everything in my life has changed. Weird shit has been happening to me. People are acting strange and treating me differently, even Dad. I’m confused and I don’t know who I’m supposed to be or how to act anymore” Jon answered, not looking at Bjorn.

“I can imagine. You went from an ordinary guy with a pretty face to the incredible hunk in less than a year” Bjorn said feeling up Jon’s left pec.

“I’m serious, Bo”, Jon said smacking Bjorn’s hand away and looking his brother in the eyes.

“I was being serious. Didn’t Dad give you the Swenson men advantage/burden speech?” Bjorn asked.

“Yes, but I didn’t really understand what he was trying to say” Jon replied.

“Let me give you my spin on the speech”, Bjorn said while putting his massive hands behind his head and lying down on the bed. “We were given this gift, our physiques. As you get older and see more of the world you’ll realize how special we are. Other guys go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week, diet like crazy, takes all kinds of supplements and drugs trying to look like us. But no matter what they do they will never achieve what we have naturally. I’m taller, stronger, better built, better looking, and better hung than 99% of the men in the world. I see how they look at me when I’m in the locker room or shower. Wishing they had my body and strength. Man, it’s such a rush.” Bjorn reached down and squeezed his huge package through his shorts. “Things will come easily to you, and I’m not just talking about your muscles. You’ll get preferential treatment no matter where you go. Those are the advantages he was talking about. I’m sure you have experienced some already.” Bjorn sat up on the bed and continued, “But I also know the gift was given to us, we didn’t earn it. We’re just lucky to have the parents we do. We can’t abuse the gift, and that’s where the burdens come in. It’s obvious what we are; we don’t need to flaunt it in people’s faces. We usually don’t get credit for the good things we do because we’re expected to exceed at everything. If people do give you a compliment you must laugh it off or pass the credit on to someone else. People watch to see if you are conceited or have some other personality flaw since you’re physically perfect. You have to constantly keep your emotions and strength in check so as to not break things or hurt people. Men and women will always be touching and propositioning you. You’ll have your choice of sexual partners. It’s up to you to control the situation and not hurt the other person’s feelings if you say no to their advances. To them you are the ultimate conquest, the perfect dream lover.”

“How do you deal with that, especially if it’s a man?” Jon asked softly, whispering the word “man”.

“It’s really the same for a man or woman. If you are interested in the person, just ask them out on a date. Even though they only want your cock, you have to pretend to go through the social norms. Once you have some privacy, both of you can set your lust free.” Bjorn answered with a smile.

“Have you ever been with a man, Bo?” Jon whispered again.

“Sure. I select men and women for different reasons. Women are tender, romantic and loving. But you have to constantly be aware of the situation. You have to keep yourself under control, in check. You have to make sure you aren’t crushing her with your weight, or hurting her with your strength. Then there’s always the problem with your cock being too big. A lot of women fantasize about having a huge cock inside them, but when it comes to actually doing it, most are afraid. I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve spent trying to convince a woman to let me enter her. It can be frustrating as hell. But when a woman is able to accept you it feels great. When you’re with a man, it’s much easier; especially if he’s a strong man. You can let yourself go and really get into it. You don’t have to hold anything back. All men fantasize about looking like us, having our perfect bodies and incredible power. When they have the opportunity to be with their fantasy, they drop all their inhibitions too. It can be so liberating for the both of you, totally satisfying in a different way than with a woman.” Bjorn said unashamed of his answer.

Jon stood up and started to pace around the room, “Wow, I don’t know what to say” his mind was racing with his brother’s confession.

“I’m not saying you should have sex with a man. But if a man hits on you and you’re not interested just say no or ignore it. Don’t freak out. Remember you are his fantasy; you’re the one in control. And believe me, you’re going to get plenty of offers” Bjorn said trying to calm his brother.

“I don’t think so. Maybe things like that happen to you all the time but not me.” Jon said.

“You’re kidding me right? Don’t you know what you are? Remember when I said I’m superior to 99% of the men in the world? Well you, my little brother, are in that 1% that are superior to me. I’m a ten, but you’re some kind of fucking Nordic God. I mean your middle name should be Thor.” Bjorn said getting off the bed and standing in front of his brother.

“You’re crazy, man” Jon said staring into his brother’s eyes.

Bjorn pushed his brother over to the full length mirror which stood in the corner of his room. Bjorn tilted the mirror so only Jon’s body, not his face, could be seen. Bjorn told his brother to close his eyes and take off his shirt. Bjorn then removed his shirt too. “Clear your mind of the way you think you look. Think of the mirror’s image as that of a total stranger. Open your eyes.” Jon gasped as he saw the reflection in front of him. “I know you have always envied my physique, Jon. But you really have surpassed me. You are so ripped, while every muscle is full and distinct. Look at your waist; it’s so muscular and narrow. What is it 34 inches?” Bjorn asked.

“33 actually, but you’re not fat; you’ve got great abs. Plus you are taller than me.” Jon said looking at his brother’s body next to the mirror.

“That’s my point. No matter if I starved myself or did a million crunches my waist would never that small. My waist is all bone and muscle, but it’s also 40” in girth. I would gladly give up two inches in height to loose seven inches in my waist.” Bjorn said while rubbing his brick wall of a gut. “Amazingly our chest and shoulders are about the same size. It’s the dramatic chest-to-waist ratio that makes you look more athletic and masculine. The awesome V of your back is the ultimate symbol of the male physique. I may have a little more muscle mass than you, but you’re body looks more muscular because you’re so naturally vascular. You have the ideal physique. And come on, Jon. You’ve always had a beautiful face and you know it. All your life you’ve gotten compliments on your looks. But now you’re flawless, just pure masculine beauty. Look how much you’ve changed since last year and I don’t think you’re done growing. Imagine what you will look like a year from now when you’re about to start college” Bjorn told his brother while adjusting the mirror to reflect all of Jon.

Jon began flexing his muscles as if for the first time. He couldn’t believe it was him in the mirror. His face was flawless, his whole body perfectly symmetrical. His legs were so muscular, his chest so thick, his shoulders so broad and his waist so small; he looked like a comic book superhero. He ran his hands all over his hard body making sure it was all real. Finally he came to the bulge there in the center of his body. His cock didn’t look so freakishly big or out of place anymore. It looked perfect between his powerfully built legs and washboard abs. Everything that had happened to him over the past couple of days took on a different meaning. He was no longer embarrassed by his body, but proud. He cupped his manhood in his hand for the first time truly enjoying its size and weight. Forgetting his brother was watching him; his cock reacted to his grip and started to harden. Bjorn coughed to make Jon aware he was still there. “Sorry, I just can’t believe that’s me.”

“Believe it Jon.” Bjorn wrapped his arm around Jon’s shoulder, “I’m your brother, so I’m going to say this only once to you. You are easily the best looking man I have ever seen and I’m envious as hell. Promise me you won’t go to my college. I like being the alpha male on campus and I couldn’t compete with a man like you”. •

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