Man Like You, A


By Clarence591

Jon sat on a bench in his backyard watching the party goers. He always enjoyed seeing a person’s face when meeting his mother or father for the first time. To him they were just his parents, but to others it was an event that would play in the back of their minds for years. It was usually the same response when meeting his mother “Your husband is one very lucky man”. Jon’s mother was a former model who still held onto her stunning looks in her 40s. She was a superstar in her native Norway, gracing more magazine covers than ChristieBrinkley. Both had a similar look with long blond hair, crystal blue eyes and a tall, shapely body. If they met his father first, the most common reaction was, “Your wife must be one very happy woman”. Jon’s father was a huge man with rugged good looks. He stood at six-five and weighed a solid 320 pounds. He was broad all over and thickly muscled. He participated in two Olympic Games as a member of the Norwegian wrestling team. But it wasn’t due to the size of his muscles that they made the comment; it was the size of the bulge in his pants. He was incredibly endowed. Posters of him in his wrestling singlet graced the walls of many bedrooms in his glory days. When Jon’s parent’s married they were named the World’s most perfect couple by their national press. After having their first child, Jon’s older brother, they immigrated to the United States. The family settled in southern California before Jon was born. Jon’s mother, Frida, fell in love with the area when she visited for a magazine shoot. It had the mountains and ocean of her homeland without the freezing temperatures. She promised herself then that one day she would live there; and Jon’s father, Karl, would follow his beautiful wife anywhere. Frida now sold real estate while Karl owned a very successful landscaping company. The party was the annual get together to thank their clients for their business throughout the past year.

Jon didn’t know anyone at the party and most were his parent’s age or older. He walked to the edge of the backyard looking down into the canyon below. He understood why his mother loved the area; the incredible views, the idea climate and the ocean was less than a mile away. While his brother, Bjorn, was the spitting image of his father; Jon took after his mother in both personality and looks. He even did some modeling to earn extra money. His trademark was his thick, curly, shoulder length hair that hung around his striking features. Photographer’s loved the way Jon’s large blue eyes, so pale they appeared to glow, peered through his dirty blond hair. Jon thought about the changes he has gone through over the past seven months. Last week he finished his junior year in high school and a week before that he celebrated his seventeenth birthday. But he celebrated with his family instead of his friends, because of the changes.

When he started the school year everything was great. He was a key player on his schools track and diving teams. He had a great girlfriend and enjoyed hanging out with his teammates. Jon didn’t even mind being the runt of the family. He was much narrower and thinner than the other men in his family. And at only 5’ 8” he was also shorter than every one else. Even his mother had two inches on him. He secretly hoped to grow to the all important 5’ 11” to 6’ 1” range necessary to be a top male fashion model. He feared he may not gain another three inches in height at his age. But his smaller size allowed him to excel in the sports he loved. His body was lean due to the long distance running. While the diving kept his body tight and toned. He tried lifting weights as all his teammates did, but he gained muscle too easily. The coaches and modeling agency warned him he was getting too bulky. He stopped lifting over a year ago, but was still one of the most muscular guys at school. His athletic body and beautiful face made him part of the popular crowd.

Things started to change for Jon in November when a late growth spurt kicked in. It appeared his growth had finally ended when he reached 6’ 3” in the spring. That was a seven inch gain in only 6 months. But the growth did not only affect his height. He gained size in his personal equipment too. He went from an average 6” cock to an 11” inch masterpiece. But worse for Jon was the change to his cock when soft; from 2” to 7” with 3” added to its girth. His balls also nearly doubled in size. The added mass between his legs plagued Jon constantly. No matter what size clothing he wore, there was always a large bulge at his crotch. The rubbing of his clothing while he walked or the tightness he felt when he sat made Jon’s young cock get hard throughout the day. Jon had to keep his engorged package covered with long shirts, books, pack packs or jackets tied around his waist. He prayed no one noticed his embarrassing condition. Jon hated what had happened to him. His entire body felt out of sync with his brain. He was cut from the diving team due to his sudden lack of coordination. His long limbs flailed about in the air missing even the simplest dives. Jon was almost relieved because he thought he looked obscene in his swimming briefs anyway. He wasn’t fairing any better on the track team either. His size 14 sneakers flopped about making Jon feel like a clown when he ran. His stride and rhythm were way off. The coach had to cut him from the team when he couldn’t finish an important race. Jon usually wore boxers, but he wore briefs that day to keep his cock from hanging out of his racing shorts. But the pounding weight of his manhood proofed too much for the briefs; the elastic around his left leg broke. As he ran, his balls worked their way out of the briefs through the leg opening twisting his cock into an awkward position. The jostling of his balls combined with the movement of his hips stimulated his cock. There was nothing he could do in the middle of the track to hide his huge rod. He had to stop running before he embarrassed himself in front of everyone. He couldn’t tell the coach the real reason he stopped, so he just said he was too tired to finish.

Jon’s ex-teammates and friends treated him differently too. At first they would tease him and call him “donkey dick” and “super cock”; but as his manhood continued to grow they just avoided him. Everyone became uncomfortable around him. Even his girlfriend broke up with him. She was a petite 5’ 4” girl who thought she looked ridiculous next to Jon the Giant. He made her feel like a little school girl instead of the sophisticated woman she wanted to be. The size of his cock also frightened her. The last time they had sex, Jon was only able to get a couple of his thick inches inside of her and she made him stop because of the pain she felt. She called him a freak of nature and never talked to him again.

On the same day his girlfriend ended their relationship, Jon got a call from his modeling agency. They had decided to let him go because he was now too tall for high fashion. They recommended he try an agency that specialized in tall and larger sized models.

Jon looked back at his house and saw the party was winding down. He decided to head back and go to bed early. He had to get up at 5am for his first day of work. Since he couldn’t get work as a model, he asked his father for a summer job with the landscaping company. His father was thrilled to have his son work in the family business. Jon had just gotten into his bed when he heard a knock on the bedroom door. “Yes”, asked Jon.

“Okay if I came in and talk to you for a minute” his father asked as he entered the room carrying a small bag.

“Sure Dad. What’s up?” Jon asked as he sat up in bed.

“Johan, I wanted to talk to you about the changes you’ve been going through lately,” Jon’s father always called him by his real name. He didn’t like the Americanized nickname of Jon. “I know it can be a difficult adjustment when your body grows so rapidly. It happens to all men in our family. I had a similar talk with your brother when he was 13, just like my dad did with me and his father with him and so on. What’s happening to you is good thing, being tall and well endowed will give you some advantages in life that other men won’t have.” Karl talked very slowly and softly.

“Advantages? Are you kidding me? So far I’ve lost my girlfriend, been kicked off the track and diving teams, my friends aren’t talking to me, and my modeling career is over. My life has been ruined by this thing” Jon said while grabbing his crotch through the blankets.

“It may seem that way now, but believe me it won’t always be like this. I know you thought you were going to a certain kind of man with a certain kind of life and now you’re different. Track and diving aren’t the right sports for a man like you. Maybe you should try basketball, soccer or even wrestling? And I know there will be many other girlfriends in your future.” Karl stated as he put his hand on top of Jon’s. “Speaking of girlfriends; you have to be careful when you are intimate with a girl. You can hurt her. You must never force yourself into her, no matter how excited you are. If a girl says no, you must stop immediately. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Yes” Jon said then hesitated for a moment. “How do you do it Dad? I mean it’s always there, constantly demanding my attention with every move, making it difficult to focus on anything else. Last year when I was normal I could go through the day without really feeling it or thinking about it. But now it’s so big and heavy, always pulling at my crotch. It’s crushed by my clothes no matter what I wear. Other people stare at it, like I some kind of freak and it’s difficult to keep it down.” Jon whispered embarrassed by his own words.

“Believe me; I know what you’re talking about. But it’s something you will get used to and better able to control. Unlike your brother, you have had only a few months to adjust to the feeling. You can help the situation by wearing the proper underwear.” Karl reached into the bag he carried and took out a pair of nylon briefs. “A man like you can’t wear boxers anymore. You need more support; something to hold your genitalia close to your body. This particular manufacturer makes their briefs with a larger pouch, perfect for a bigger man. This material won’t stretch out of shape like cotton; it also prevents rubbing and chafing. It’s what I wear. Try them on.”

“Okay, if you think it will really help.” Jon got out of bed holding on to the briefs. He stood in front of the mirror. He looked to see if his father was watching. His father looked away. Jon quickly removed his boxers and slipped on the briefs. He tried adjusting his thick meat from one side than the other running it along his hip bone.

“No, push it straight down between your balls as it would hang naturally” Karl said watching his son struggling. Jon did as he was told. “Now run your hand down along your penis to smooth it out, and then cup your hand underneath and lift your testicles to prevent them from being crushed between your thighs.” Jon’s father stood and illustrated the technique over his pants. Jon followed his example. “Doesn’t that feel better? It looks much better, more natural, and less obvious” Karl said while standing next to his son in the mirror.

“Yes, it looks better. But it is a little uncomfortable” Jon said rubbing his equipment through the smooth material. He couldn’t help notice that he was almost as tall as his father. He always thought of his father as a mountain of a man, but now they were practically the same height. While Jon’s height dramatically increased, his body looked thinner than before; especially next to his massive father.

“It’s something you will get used to, trust me. You’ll see how much less distracted you’ll be tomorrow at work. You should also sleep in the nude. Give your body some relief from the confining underwear.” Karl said smiling at his son through the mirror as he grabbed him by the shoulders. “You have to eat more too, Johan. Your weight needs to catch up with your height. After all you are a Swenson man.” Karl puffed out his huge chest straining the buttons on his shirt. “Good night, son”, Karl left Jon’s bedroom and closed the door.

Jon turned back to the mirror. He really was a freak; just bones and a big cock. His whole body was flat and featureless; his individual ribs were visible through his tight skin. He realized even his face had changed. He had lost all his baby fat and could no longer be considered cute. His once chubby cheeks were now concave showcasing his high cheekbones and square jaw. His more angular features made him look older he thought, more rugged like his father. Jon ran his index finger along the sharp edge of his jaw line and cleft chin, the only facial feature he got from his father. He sighed still looking in the mirror, wishing he looked like he did just eight months ago. His life was perfect and he was happy. No matter what his father said, he knew no girl would ever find him attractive again with this body. He removed his tight briefs. He would follow his father’s advice and sleep in nude tonight. •

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