Growing Tony

By Baby Huey

Tony adjusted his legs in the limited space in front of him trying at the same time not to hit with his elbow the old lady sitting next to him. He had boarded the plain quickly to get to his seat in time to raise the armrest before his traveling companion got there. They certainly didn't make these planes with large people in mind, and he could scarcely squeeze himself in the seats. Raising the armrest gave him a couple of extra inches and a more relaxed trip. His strategy usually worked fine, since normally the other passengers were intimidated by his size and would not insist in having the armrest down. Today the ploy had backfired and the sweet little old lady with the knitting bag had insisted in no uncertain terms she needed the armrest down in order to knit properly. Tony was to polite and self-conscious about his size to complain. Now as the pilot turned off the seatbelt sign he was resigned to muscular cramps and the incessant stabbing of the knitting needle in his biceps.

He had always been a big boy. No surprise there. His family was known in their town as "the giants". There was not a woman among his aunts that measured less than 5'10", and most of the males were well over 6'5". His own father was 6'8", and carried enough bulk in his gargantuan frame to have gone to collage on a football scholarship.

Grandma's spaghetti had taken care of his future in professional football though, as his constantly increasing girth proved to be to much for his right knee. When Tony was born his father saw in him the opportunity to live his collage dreams. Even as a baby he looked huge, and grandma Ester used to say he would grow to be bigger than uncle Carlo, an uncle of hers that was 7' tall and died in France in the first world war. Tony grew quickly and big among his cousins and brothers.

Puberty hit him early. His first growth spurt was at 12 when he reached the 6' mark, his voice changed at 13, and by his 14 birthday hair was spurting everywhere over his 6'5" frame. He was eating like crazy but constant activity kept him lanky, almost thin, when compared to the beefiness sported by his cousins. His grandmother was quick to notice this, and began increasing his dinner portions and making his favorite foods. He ate everything she put in front of him, but he kept sweating everything off and much to the family's dismay, his weight stayed the same.

Tony was oblivious to their worries. He continued with the football practices to satisfy his father, although he never did care for the sport himself. He was popular in high school, if perhaps a little quite, and he even went in dates arranged by his mother or aunts, usually with a distant cousin. But at night under the covers of his bed Tony would take his humoungous cock between his hands and masturbate slowly fantasizing about the life he would lead away from home. He saw himself with men, large big beefy muscular men, with soft inviting bodies. Men that looked much like his uncles and cousins, but that would embrace him and shelter him, and whisper in his ear that it was OK, that he didn't have to be like everybody else, that everything would turn out fine. He would imagine himself growing while in his lovers embrace. Getting taller, his bones filling out, his muscles swelling, his gut expanding, and his lover growing with him until a mountain of flesh, soft and hard at the same time, covered the bed in a passionate embrace. He would come on the towel he brought to bed each night and sleep blissfully until the next day.

At 18 Tony had started to grow into his own, but by then it took more than his 260 lb. to really fill out his 6'11" frame. He was solid, but he still felt inadequate, incapable of fulfilling both his families expectations and his own dreams. So when it was time to go to college, instead of attending the local university, Tony decided to go as far away as he could. College Station wasn't really that far from Illinois, but it would have to do. So he was resigned to an uncomfortable flight sitting next to the fastest knitter of the west, when the humpy blond flight attendant bumped him to first class for no apparent reason. Did I fail to mention Tony had a gorgeous blue eyed black hair face? Well he wasn't entirely happy with his lot in life, but it had it's perks!

Classes started uneventfully. He was majoring in art history, which his father wasn't precisely happy about. It was to early to tell but he thought he would enjoy being a museum curator. His roommate had a busy schedule and a job at night delivering pizza, so they hardly saw each other. Everything seemed normal, but Tony was starting to feel different, perhaps it was being away from the pressures imposed by his family, but he was filling somewhat relaxed, liberated from restrictions he never new he had before. He went by the gym and decided to join of his own volition, not because his father or coach wanted him to pack some muscle, and that night when his roommate showed up with three pepperoni extra cheese leftover pizzas, he ate two pies because he was feeling really hungry. No longer was he thinking I need to get bigger, I need to measure up. For the first time in his life he was feeling good about his size. Gerard, his roommate couldn't believe his luck.

Off all the freshman class he had been paired with a major giant hunk with a heart to match. Tony was finishing his second pie when Gerard said, "Boy Tony, if you keep eating like that you are gonna get huge! How tall are you anyway?"

"Six eleven" Tony said.

"Wow, and look at those guns, man. What are those 16"?"

"No" said Tony. "They were 17" last time I measured, but they look smaller in context. They are gonna get bigger though, just you wait and see, I started a new weight training program today."

"Hey, I have my camera, I could make a photo and measure you every week to keep a record of your progress"

"Sounds good" said Tony a little shy now.

"Common, you don't have to be shy about that body of yours." Saying this Gerard got up and took out his camera and a metric ribbon. "Common, get out of that shirt"

Tony swallowed the last of the pizza crust and took off his shirt, exposing the large slabs of muscle of his square pecks, the fabulous abs covered by a soft black dawn of hair that got lost in a pair of button jeans that hugged his hips and stretched over his bulging thighs. A glance from Gerard was enough to tell Tony that the jeans would have to go. After a couple of stiff photos, Gerrard started coaxing him to flex, and massaged his muscles while measuring them. When Gerard started caressing his thighs, Tony had to put all of his concentration to avoid the hardon that seemed inevitable. A studied brush of Gerards hand against the straining package took care of that. When the tip of his semihard cock escaped over the waistband of his jockeys, Tony's moans ga ve Gerard all the invitation he needed.

Tony's Cock was a thing of beauty. Nine inches soft and pretty thick it got close to the one foot mark when hard, standing straight up his abdominals, pointing towards his pecks. After a couple of strokes Gerard looked up at Tony's incredulous eyes and told him,

"You can finish my pizza Tony, because tonight this is going to be my meal"

Gerards slurping sounds mingled with Tonys contented laugh as one stuffed his face with pizza and the other stuffed his face with cock.


One month later the flavor of Tony's cock was still present in Gerard's mouth as he drove back to his dorm. He couldn't wait to get to his beautiful giant, but the way Tony was eating these days the four pizza pies he was taking home tonight wouldn't be enough. He decided to stop in the campus convenience store. Later he entered his room with the pizza pies, two gallons of brownie delight ice cream, a box of Oreos and two six packs of beer. Tony had fallen sleep in his bed waiting for him, an empty gallon of milk in his right hand and his always semihard cock on the other. As Tony's chest rose and felled with each breath Gerunds eyes gazed over his friend's body. He couldn't believe the way Tony was growing. It was like his body had been restrained by an invisible girdle and had been suddenly freed. After their wonderful first night together things had fallen into a happy routine. It was as if they had planed things that way, but everything was quite spontaneous. Each morning Tony would run two miles to the Campus gym for his three-hour workout and come home in time to have breakfast with Gerard before they left for their classes. They would meet in campus for the all-you-can-eat lunch buffet at the student cafeteria. In the afternoons Gerard would go to his Pizza delivery job, while Tony studied and rested until 1 or 2 in the morning when Gerard would be back with his Pizza bounty for their late night feeding sessions.

Gerard wanted to wake Tony by sucking on his favorite candy, but the Pizza smell did the trick.

"Umhh! Canadian bacon! Good I'm starving" Said Tony stretching his growing body.

"Ah, Ah! Today is Friday, remember? We have to measure you first stud."

"Come measure this first" Said Tony lasciviously offering his dick to Gerard.

"Now, don't get sassy with me, we don't want the photos to be that pornographic! Put that dick back in those white jockeys." The truth was Tony looked even more erotic with his dick weighting the fabric of the shorts down. His body had become beefier and a soft layer of thick skin covered his massive muscles making him look positively ripe. He had added two inches to his arms, 3 to his chest and another 2 to his quads. His calves had flourished and his shoulders were starting to look massive in proportion with the rest of him.

"Lets see how you measure up, buddy" Said Gerard after taking the photos.

"Not bad, not bad. Chest 49", neck 19", shoulders 71", waist 36", thighs 29", arms 19", calf 20". You are growing like a weed. Did you weighted yourself at the gym?"

"Yeah. 283 and growing." Said Tony.

"That deserves to be celebrated." Saying this, Gerard opened a beer can and poured a bit over Tony's cock, swallowing it to the hilt. He was getting better at handling all that meat.

Tony sat down, spread his legs and stuffed his mouth with spoonful after spoonful of ice cream with crumbled oreo cookies on top. Yeap, he was gonna get bigger than his father, hey maybe even bigger than his fucking uncle Carlo!


The next two months went by in a daze. Tony was doing well in his classes and better in the gym. He had grown so much It was hard to believe. But the most amazing change had been in his sexuality. He felt free now, and proud of his body, so he had taken to showing it for whoever wanted to look. At first it was the shirts, as they started straining at the seems he just ripped them open into homemade tank tops that showed his arms and chest to perfection. When he couldn't bring his jeans over his quads, he just cut them of, and slit the sides, and ended up with some kind of denim running shorts that could scarcely contain him. And so when his gut started expanding so his tank tops would roll up and he couldn't button the shorts, instead of buying new jeans, he ke pt on purchasing those skimpy workout outfits. What he couldn't find in his size, a friend of Gerard's that was a Theater major and worked in costuming, would make for him. His new exhibitionism however had proved embarrassing more than once. See, by now food was so much a part of his sex life that he couldn't eat without getting hard.

The mere smell of pizza brought his cock to attention, and once, having stuffed himself especially hard at the cafeteria, the rubbing of his growing gut against his dick made him cum. He had to spill the last of his milkshake over his tank top, in order to get out of the cafeteria!

His buddies at the gym had taken to measure him twice a week. He indulged them and enjoyed in their admiration, thinking only of getting bigger. By now he was weighting over 300#, his chest was up to 58", neck 21", shoulders 85", waist 44", thighs 35", arms 23", calf 25". He was stronger than ever and a look at the mirror told him there was room for a lot more. His relationship with Gerard was good, but early on both had come to the conclusion that what they had was fun, but would not be exclusive or long term. They had their fun together and talked about their mutual conquests, and lately they were many. Tony had always been beautiful, but his increasing size had given him an air of sensuality that was almost forceful in its presence. He had been propositioned by many of his fellow students and some of the faculty. Fortunately his stamina seemed to grow with his appetite and he found out that he could very well fool around in the gyms locker room in the morning, fuck the brains out of the humpy biology instructor in his office before lunch, get sucked by the guy in the campus post office at 3, and the closeted librarian at 6, and still get home in time for one of his beloved eating and sucking sessions with Gerard. Never had a complaint yet!

And so when Mario, the owner of the new pizza parlor in campus saw Tony coming in, wearing a ribbed spaghetti strap tank top that hugged his rounding belly and a pair of dark blue silk running shorts that allowed his hardon to rest between his hip and the wide waistband, he thought he had died and gone to heaven. This was a stud he could enjoy fattening!

Tony sat on the corner table and ordered an extra large meat lovers with extra cheese and a pitcher of beer.

"Hey stud" said Mario, "are you sure that would be enough to fill that body of yours?"

"Ja! No way, just an afternoon snack. Could go for another but I'm low on funds."

"Don't worry about that. For you in Mario's has a two for one special any time. Just eat all you want, OK?"

"Thanks! Get started on the second then, 'cause this one isn't gonna last much longer"

Mario refilled the pitcher of beer and made the second pie with extra toppings. He brought the pizza pie to the table where Tony was finishing the first one. He bent slowly and took a slice rising it to Tony's mouth. At first Tony was taken a little aback. He was used to Gerard feeding him, but he had never been fed in public before.

However, Mario's other hand softly caressed his right deltoid and soon enough Tony had been transported into another world. A world of intense pleasure. The pizza was delicious. The best he'd had so far, and Mario smelled of tomatoes and basil standing behind him. He swallowed slice after slice, chugging them down with the cool beer. Mario stood behind him, and Tony rested his head on his belly, while the pizza man kept feeding him slice after slice. Tony's cock had escaped from the constrains of his running shorts and was thumping the underside of the table. Finally, with the last slice of pizza Mario yanked his right nipple making him come all over his legs. Tony's moans were muffled by the pizza still in his mouth. Luckily the place was almost empty and nobody had noticed anything.

"Come stud, lets clean that mess in the kitchen"

Tony followed Mario sheepishly into the kitchen. He was feeling slightly guilty about loosing control in public but not so much he didn't notice the sexy but on Mario. Seldom did you see such a big guy with a high riding ample bubble but. Mario got a paper towel and started wiping Tony's leg while gently caressing his swollen gut.

"You sure are a big guy with a hefty appetite!"

"And hoping to get bigger" said Tony flexing his quads. Mario lowered his hands to massage Tony's thighs and found his hardening dick in the way.

"And big everywhere, I'm happy to see"

"Careful.." said Tony. "I would love to pursue this further but I have class in a few minutes, eh..."

" Mario. Mario is the name. That's no problem. You come back tomorrow for lunch and I'll have something special for you. And don't worry about money. Whenever you are hungry just drop by. I love seen a healthy boy eat his fill!"


And so Tony found another outlet for his ever increasing needs. At first it was lunch once or twice a week, then everyday and even sometimes on weekends when he was in the library studying. Tony was getting addicted not only to Mario's cooking, but also to Mario. The big guy seemed to understand his need to grow as well as Gerard, and sex with him was wonderful. Tony never ate in the restaurant anymore.

Mario had a table set in his office in front of the extra large couch where he took his naps. Tony would seat back and pull the table towards him eating everything Mario put in front of him. Pizzas, Lasagnas, Spaghettis, Gnocchi, Zabaglione, Flan, and not only did he found himself eating more than ever but Mario's food seemed to agree with him. Through all this Mario kept his special recipes a secret. In truth he was lacing Tony's pasta and Pizza with his own blend of protein supplements and weight gain powders. His dishes carried far more calories than regular recipes. He welcomed the opportunity to see Tony grow to his maximum potential. And what a potential this guy had! There was no telling how far he could go.... •

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