Growing Pains


By Muscle Head

After Ted left the next day I went down to the gym to work out. I was doing most of my work outs at home in our gym, but every now and then I liked to go and show off. My arms were now up to 25" and I loved getting to looks of the young guys who were envious.

One guy at the gym caught my attention. Not because he was big, but because how small he was. He was about 5'8" and couldn't have weighed in more than 110 he was so skinny. He was really working out, forcing his muscles when others would have given up. I asked the owner about him and he said he had been coming for months working out like that and hadn't had much success.

I went over and asked his help with spotting me. I knew he couldn't have helped if he wanted to but he was very excited I had talked to him. He went and stood over me while I benched about 450 lbs. Not much weight for me any more but still impressive!

We got to talking and I learned his name was Sammy. He was 25 years old and was determined to put some muscle on. He said he had been working out now for about 4 months and hadn't really seen much improvement. He had put about an inch on each arm and a couple of inches on his chest, but hadn't seen the growth he had hoped for. I asked him about his family and he said they were all small, thin people.

I asked him what he would do to be big, to have large muscles? He said he would do almost anything. It turned out he wasn't very rich, but was determined.

I flexed my muscles for him and noticed he had a woody in his shorts afterwards and asked if he would like to come home with me. I told him I might have something he'd like.

When we got home Doc was there at the pool in the back. I took Sammy out with me where I introduced him. Doc took a liking to him at once. Sammy seemed so real and sincere you couldn't help but like him.

Doc also flexed his muscles for him and again he got a woody. I reached down and began to stroke him. He started to tense up and in a few minutes shot off in his pants. He didn't have a change of clothes with him so we told him to just strip down and we'd clean his pants. To make him more comfortable Doc and I also stripped.

He was amazed. He had never seen such muscles and such dicks in his life. Doc and I both were swinging soft around 9" of meat. He was pretty normal with a softy of about 3 inches. It started to get hard again and rose up to about 6". Doc and I also got woodies of around 12" He was awestruck and went down on me first then Doc. We both shot off into his mouth, it was real intense. Then it started.

First in his dick. It got hard, then harder, then harder, till he thought it would burst then it grew. Soon he was sporting a 9" hard on. Then his muscles started to grow. First his chest rose and pecs formed, his delts began to expand and grow and did his arms. His traps started to really stand up and his lats began to push his arms out a bit. Then his legs started to get hard and big.

In a few minutes you could almost not recognize him. He was beside himself, flexing and posing for us! It wasn't long till we were both on him kissing his new muscles and his new dick! He was awesome!

Sammy couldn't get over how much bigger he was now. We told him about the formula and how it had made the changes in our lives. He was very thankful to us. •

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