Growth Spurt

By Chance

My father wanted big boys. Well he got his wish twice. My two brother Billy and Mike. Was he happy. No. He wanted all his boys to be big. Well I was the exception. My brothers are 6'2" each. I'm 5'5". I like my size. Short and stocky. I don't have to duck. I only have a small case of asthma,but life's great. Oh yeah, my name is Thomas. Most folks call me Tommy or TC.

Like I said before, I like my height. My father doesn't. He always talking about my brothers. About how proud he is of his two big boys. What he says of me is, "I wish Chuck would grow some." He calls me by my middle name, never Tom, Tommy, Thomas or even Charles or Charlie. He calls me Chuck, or Chucky if he's being facetious. I hate that. My mother is more supportive. She keeps saying, "He's just small now he'll grow soon enough." I wish I could tell my mom I don't want to grow, but she would think I'm just joking.

My dad doesn't want to wait for nature to grow me. He does something mother would not approve of. One day he gets me and my bros. and takes us on what he calls a "men's day out". Mom didn't mind. What he really did was take me to a special doctor to see if there is anything he can do.

"Is there anything you can give my son to help him grow."

The doctor looked at my dad, then at me and back at my dad. "Well sir there is something. I can give him something, but it's experimental."

"I don't care. Just him this treatment."

I would have objected but my father is 6'4" and he has beat me before for talking out of turn. So I keep quiet this time.

The doctor continues, "This treatment is also going to cost you."

"I repeat again, I don't care. Give him a double treatment."

"And the treatment is irreversible."

"Are you deaf, Doctor? I said do it.", my father bellows.

"Very well, come with me kid."

As I leave, I hear my father yell, "Make it a triple treatment.

The doctor takes me to a lab. He sets me on a lab table. He ask me a few questions. I lied though most of them. He shrugs, he tells me to lay back. I do so. He tells my what is about to happen.

"All right, what we are going to give you is something called a Polysteriod Extract Booster. It's very experimental. We will be giving you three infusions. They might hurt a little, so I want you to brace yourself. Ok?"

"Ok." I say, playing along.

When he said it would hurt a little he was understating. Have way through the first infusion. My asthma clicks in.

"Oh ick," I hear the doctor say, "The kids asthmatic. Find a inhaler. Use the Phaeton ventilator."

"But sir, that's experimental too." I hear one of the assistants say.

"Just do it man, or this kid will have serious complications."

Serious complications? Oh great, I'm going to die. Well they give me a shot of this Phaeton ventilator. I do not know what happened next but when I awoke the doc was checking me out.

"Welcome back lad. How do you feel?"

"Oh. Pin Cushion."

"Well, I'm sorry about that but I wish you told me about your asthma?"

"Yeah, yeah." I'm to groggy to argue "It has cause one complication. You will need a new inhaler."

"Great. Just... Perfect."

"This," he shows me this large white and blue inhaler, "is called Phaeton. It's also experimental. Because of its strength, you will take one puff a week. Do not use your other inhaler unless absolutely nessary. Ok."

"Ok." I pass out again

I wake up back at home in bed. Mom and Dad are siting by me.

"How are you doing, Tommy?" My mother. You gotta love her. I smile at her.

"Chuck's doing fine, aren't ya Chuck?" My father. I smile weakly at him "Lets let him sleep." My mother leaves the room.

Before my father leaves he says, "Not one word, ok."

"Sure." I hope those steroids work, cause I would love to give my dad a good beating.

Part 2 The next day I wake up feeling like I've been through a blender. I stood up and went up to my full size mirror. I'm still the same size. Good. I don't want to be tall.I still have this strange tingling in my body. I ignored it.

I went down for breakfast. Everyone said good morning. My mom check to see if I was running a temp.

"I'm fine mom. Just a little dizzy, and very hungry." I say.

"Well sit down and eat breakfast, Tommy." ,my mother orders.

I sit down and eat. I must have been hungry. I ate more than I normally do. In fact I ate as much as my brothers.

"Boy, you must have been hungry. Should have ate something before you went to sleep, Chuck." my father comment.

"I'll remember that next time, Dad." I replied. I wish he stop calling me that.

Another thing, why was I so hungry? Then it hit me. The steroids. Damn. They must be taking effect. I excused myself from the table an ran to the bathroom to check the scale. I still weigh 110 lbs. I go to wall that my dad used to measure us when we where little. I'm at the 5'6" mark. Ok. Wait a minute. 5'6"? I've e grown an inch. I double check. Yep one inch taller. I'm amazed no one noticed.

I went back to my room to figure out some things on this.

I paced for what seemed like hours, before someone interrupted. It was Billy and Mike.

"Hey little bro," Mike says, "we're going to the gym you want to come along?"

"Well thanks guys, but I'll stay here."

"That wasn't an option." Billy interject.

Before I knew it they both picked me up and carried me downstairs.

A few minutes later, I was at the gym with my brothers. They heard that my dad wanted me big so they thought bodybuilding would work. I wish they would get through their heads I like being small.

I don't think that's possible now. Oh well. When I got home. I was as soar as I was when I went to the doctor.

Two days later...

It time to take that Phaeton Inhaler. The doctor said brace myself because this is strong stuff.

Well, once again the doctor is a master of understatement. It was so strong, I couldn't scream. Now that's tough. I stumble out of my room. Walked past the wall measure. Decided to measure myself again. I was 5'7". Great, still getting bigger. I went to the bathroom scale. I weigh 130 lbs. now.

Oh joy, Oh rapture, Oh joy. Will this torment end? Two Weeks Later...

I guess not. After two weeks my folks notice some changes.

Dad: "Hey Chuck, how ya doing."

Me: "Fine." (would you stop calling me Chuck) Mom: "You slouching again. Stand up straight."

Me: "Aww Mom..."

Mom: "Don't 'Aww Mom' me. Stand up straight."

I stand up straight.

Mom: "Honey I think our little Tommy has hit his growth spurt."

Dad: "Good, now he can try out for sports."

I stare daggers at my dad. My mom shrugs.

Mom: "Well, anyway he needs new clothes. You look silly in that two small thing. Come on."

She was right on both accounts. I definitely needed new clothes, and shoes. I'm 5'9" now weighing 165 wearing a size 9 shoe. I really not enjoying this at all. My mom asked me how it feels to be taller. I told her the truth. "It feels funny. I feel itchy. I'm constantly hungry and edgy." She says its just growing pains and I'd get over them oh if she only knew.

Part 3 One month later...

I was awaken by the sound of ripping and the sound of my foot board cracking. I sat up. I felt really weird. I jumped out of the bed. I sounded like a ton of bricks hitting the floor. I look at what I was wearing. My new night shirt was destroyed. I looked in my mirror. I'm bigger again, much bigger. I run to the wall measure. Now I'm 6' even. I go to the scale in the bathroom. I weigh 185. I go back to my room. Great, nothing fits anymore. Now I'm upset.

Wait a second, my brothers clothes. I can fit in them.

I run to my brothers room. They're still asleep. I sneak in and start rumbling through their clothes. By the time I find something, I hear "Who in the world are you." I turn around to see Billy getting up. "Hi, Billy. It's TC."

"TC?" This is Mike getting up now. "What on earth."

Me: "Seems like I'm still growing"

Billy: "I'll say. What did dad have done to you."

Mike: "Was it some type of growth hormone."

Me: "It was some type of steroids."

Mike: "Steroids? With your asthma."

Billy: "Isn't that dangerous."

Me: "I," I never thought about that. "I don't know."

Mike: "Well, we better find you something to wear."

Billy: "And you be careful steroids are dangerous."

We get dress and go downstairs. When our mother saw us she dropped what she was doing, which was drinking coffee. My dad comes in to see what happen. He sees the three of us and just start smiling.

Mike speaks up. "We'll going out for most of the day. Were taking TC with us." Mother tried to object but father made overruled her.

We spent the day talking, and at the gym. My brothers were amazed. I was amazed. I'm so strong now. This is amazing and scary. I'm not feeling any pain. In fact I can barely feel the weights. When we finished, I looked taller and bigger. Oh no. I'm growing faster.

We get home. I go to the wall measure. I'm at 6'2" now. I hope my dad's happy now. I'm not.

My brother notice my mood. They both said, "Calm down". "I am calm." I say, "If I was angry I would be crying." I walk to my room and close the door.

The next day...

My mom come up and said she was going out for the day. She was going to visit family. Great. stuck in a house all day with my father.

Well morning started of rotten.

Dad: "My boys."

Mike, Billy and Me: "Hi Dad."

Dad: "So what are my three boys going."

Me: "Oh just lounge about the house."

Dad: "No you guys should be playing sports."

Me: "And what if I refuse...

My answer was a slap in the face. I went red, in an instant. My brothers grabbed me.

Billy: "We'll take him out with us."

They shuttle me upstairs. I was so angry I was wheezing. They shoved me in my room, and told me to calm down. I wasn't calming down. I was furious. My asthma's returning with a vengeance. I grab my old inhaler and take it. I hear my brothers yell no but its too late. Two puffs and my asthma stopped. My brothers run up to me.

Mike: "You idiot."

Billy: "You don't mix steroids with other drugs."

Me: "But I feel... fine."

No I didn't. I felt weirder than before. I felt myself sit down. When the first surge hit me. I grabbed Mike and Billy's arm. Next I hear that ripping sound again. I felt my entire body tremble and shake. I don't remember anything after that. Next I new my brothers were on the floor rubbing their arm and staring at me.

"What's up."

They pointed to my mirror. I went over to it. First I had to stoop to look at myself. I was huge.

My clothes were destroyed again even my shoes. All I could say was, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh."

Part 4 I just stood in front of the mirror and screamed. One of my brothers, I don't know which, was telling me to calm down. Calm down? I ran to the wall measure. I screamed again. My brothers came behind me and saw why I was screaming this time.

Billy: "Oh hell, He's really big now."

Mike: "Stand still TC. We want to see how tall you are now."

Stand still? I upset because I'm a huge mutant and all Mike could say is stand still. Well they measure me against me shaking with rage.

Billy: "Uh, Tom. You best brace yourself."

I'm tired of folks saying that.

Me: "Just tell me."

Billy: "You're 6'6" now."

Me: "WHAT?"

Mike: "Your bigger than Dad now."

I'm big as Dad now? My rage started to subside. I'm big as Dad now, huh. I looked at my brothers. I think they saw the look on my face, because they both said, "Oh Oh." I walked down stairs.

Mike: "Don't do anything stupid."

Stupid, no. Dangerous yes, Me: "Dad! Dad! I think you better come and see this."

Dad: "What is it Chucky I'm watching T.V."

Me: "I think this is more important that your stupid TV."

I hear the TV turn off.

Mike: "TC, chill."

Me: "I am. I'm just going to give him a taste of his own medicine."

Billy: "Don't go over your head, TC."

Me: "Why? I'm already over yours."

My father walks in.

Dad: "This had better be good, boy or. . . Oh shit. Damn your big."

Me: "That's right Pops." I pick him up by his throat. "I'm a big boy now." I toss him like a ball.

Billy: "Woah little bro..."

Me: "Excuse me?"

Billy: "Nothing. Just nothing."

My dad got up.

Dad: "I don't care if you are bigger than me boy, but I'll still beat your butt."

He punches me in the face. Boy I wish I felt it. If I did I'd be on the ground by now. Instead I hoisted my dad over my head.

Me: "That was suppose to hurt right. I'm mean if that's all you've got Dad; you're in trouble." I toss my dad twice as far this time. I walk over to where he landed. I pick him up. "Didn't you say something about beating my butt. How about I beat yours." So I put him over my knee and started spanking him, for about five minutes.

After that I tossed my father to my brothers. "Hey bros, catch." I forgot about my new found strength and knocked the both of them down with my dad.

Me: "Oops' sorry."

Billy and Mike was okay, but Dad was unconscience.

Mike: "Is he dead?"

Billy: "No just knocked out."

Me: "Damn." My brothers looked at me liked I was nuts. I just laughed. "We better get him upstairs."

Well we get him upstairs. I stopped the wall measure on my way back down.

Me: "Billy. Mike. We got a bigger problem."

Mike: "What?"

Me: "Check out the wall measure."

They looked at the measure and then at me. Then they measure me.

Mike: "TC, Your 6'10" now."

Billy: "How are we going to explain this to mom?"

Me: "Well tell her the truth."

Well, Mom came home, and saw me and went into hysterics. After we calmed her down and told her what happened, she went into hysterics again. This time she was severely piss off at my father. When I told her it was irreversible, she when beyond hysterical.

For the next few days I, Billy and Mike, had to keep our parents from killing each other. She just kicked him out of the house. During this time I grew to 7' tall. My brother are happy I do more with them, but I'm still not happy about being tall. My brothers say I'll get use to it, but I'm not sure. How about you? Do you think I'll get use to it? •

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