Roomate, The (II)



On his way to meet with the football coach at the gym, Jack cut through the stadium. The college stadium was big and old, built of three tiers of concrete. Jack had worked his legs for three hours that morning, but was still aching to blast them hard, so he decided to do some stair laps up and down the stadium. There were 120 oversized steps, and Jack took them two at a time, over and over, fast as he could go, till he had completed 30 trips. His huge legs were on fire, skin reddened and steaming, veins bulging and pulsing. Jack could practically feel the two gallons of protein shake he had had earlier feeding his growing musclequads. He waddled into the lockerroom, stripped down, and stood in front of the full-length wall mirror, naked and raging. "Fuck," he thought, as he checked out his massive freakzone 19 year-old musclebody. "Look at this MASS," he said, hitting a most muscular pose. His huge muscles popped and rippled at his slightest command. "YEHHHHH," he roared, his cock rising as he got off on his own monster size. His traps mounded up behind his ears, merging with his thick bullneck. And his veins, full and pumping, feeding his growing young godmuscle. Jack turned to hit a side-chest shot, when he saw someone standing in the shadows watching him. He recognized Brad Kingston right away. Brad was the star quarterback for the football team, the big man on campus. Total cocky jock attitude, Brad had a new babe on his arm every week. At 6'2, 210lbs, he was handsome as hell, and the girls didn't even mind how badly he used them, as long as they got to be with him. Now here he was in the lockerroom, checking out Jack's muscle posing routine. Jack could tell Brad was sprouting a hard-on. "Hey, you like what you see, bro?" said Jack. He knew what kind of power his massive size could have on "straight" guys. "Yehh, I know you do...360lbs of pure muscle, boy. Why don't you come over here for a closer look." Brad stepped tentatively out of the shadows. He couldn't believe Jack's size, or his own reaction to it. He walked toward Jack as if in a trance. He had never been turned on by a guy before, but his cock was raging inside his sweats, throbbing as he stood face to face with this mass monster. "That's right boy," said Jack. "Now worship my cock while I flex out." Brad sunk to his knees, stunned at how badly he wanted to work Jack's rockhard bullcock. Jack was already oozing pre as he grabbed Brad's ears and forced the quarterback's mouth onto his bulging mushroom head. He moved Brad's head up and down his shaft. "Yeah, boy," groaned Jack. "Nice hot mouth. Now watch this." Jack let go of Brad's ears, and raised his huge arms up into a double-bi shot. "YEHHHHH....Fuck man," yelled Jack," 28 inches of pure bicep!!" Brad's mind was reeling. All the pussy he had been with had never turned him on like Jack's huge muscle. He reached into his sweats and pulled out his cock, jerking to this massive teen god, and sucking, sucking, sucking Jack's throbbing meat. "Fuck yeh," said Jack, " nice mouth, boy. Now I'm gonna make you blow." Jack began to heave out his oversized chest, flexing his massive pecs slow and hard. Brad looked up at the huge mounded pecs, both the size of large pumpkins, striated beyond belief and glistening with sweat. Brad couldn't hold back, and he spewed his jockcum all over the floor between Jack's feet. "Now get ready to eat my paste, bitch," said Jack, fucking Brad's face faster and faster. "Look at all this muscle, you fuck," moaned Jack, staring at himself in the mirror, huge and pumped, bigger than any pro bodybuilder. "Ahhhh YEHHHHH," yelled Jack, spewing over and over down the quarterback's throat. "Take this musclejiz, little fucker, you might grow some," said Jack, draining every drop into Brad's mouth. Brad drank it all down, the best shake he had ever had. Jack pulled him off his cock and looked down at him. "Not bad, little dude,"said Jack." We'll do this again real soon, only then I'll be even bigger." •

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