Roomate, The (II)



Yesterday, I was in the lab setting up equipment for the next class when Jack showed up. "Hey, Little Man," he said, strutting over to me,"I thought I'd find you in here. What're you up to?" I was sitting at the lab desk going over instructions, and he leaned over me, laying his big hand on my neck. "You work too hard, Scottie," he said,"you're tense as hell." He slowly began to massage my neck and traps with his thick powerful fingers. It would be nearly impossible to explain the sensation of having a 325lbs muscleteen gently but firmly rubbing you down, with hands that could crush just about anything. "Man, that feels so good," I moaned, leaning into the rub. "Yeah, I thought you'd like that," he said. " But you gotta check this out for me, bro. I just did legs at the gym, and am feeling more pumped than ever." Jack was wearing one of his spaghetti-strap tanks and spandex lifting shorts. I don't normally like the look of the spandex shit on guys, but on Jack it was a fucking trip. He had explained to me that his quads had been unusually large since he had started playing ice hockey when he was thirteen. During the very first practice, his legs had pumped up intensely, and he was hooked. After that, he would stay after practice and do extra speed sprints on the ice, just to feel the searing burn. Within three months, he had thick monster quads, snaked with veins. "Freaked the other boys out in the locker room when the saw these man thighs" he had told me. Now he stood before me, six years later, aching to show me his gains. "Check this shit out," he said. He reached down and pulled the legs of his spandex shorts up to his crotch, totally exposing his thighs. His quads responded by bulging out even more, free from the skin tight shorts. The veins were strong and pulsing, feeding his freshly trained legs with power. His quadriceps rolled out over his kneecaps like balloons. Then he started to flex out his legs. The freaky thick muscles jumped out like steel bridge cables, writhing and striating. It was a show of muscularity like I had never seen. His quads were the size of kegs. "YEHHHH, you like this, don't ya, boy?" he said." I measured these mutherfuckers out at 34" today." I gaped as he flexed them out over and over, the huge muscle dancing and responding to his every command. The best part about it was that he was as into it as I was, totally getting off on his size. "Now, check out the glutes," he said, turning and showing off the beachball sized glutes of my musclebound roomie. His shorts were sweat-stained and skin tight, so you could see the striations in his huge musclebutt as he rolled them high and tight. "Shit, Scott, I'm feeling HUGE today, " he said, stopping the show, " but now I'm hungry as hell." I had been keeping pre-mixed protein shakes for Jack here at the lab,where there was a big refrigerator. He could eat more in one sitting than anyone I ever saw, and two hours later he'd be starving. I pulled a gallon of protein shake out of the frig and handed it to him. He downed it fast, handed me the empty container, and said "Make that a double." I handed him another gallon, which he gulped down greedily. "Gotta feed this growing boy muscle!" he said, hitting a double-bi shot. I swore I could see a triple peak forming on his 26"biceps. "Shit, Scottie, I gotta run, man, " he said, noticing the time. " I got a meeting with the football coach. He saw me lifting the other day, and has been dogging me to join the team." "You gonna do it?" I asked. "I don't know, man, would take away lifting time. But we'll see how far the coach is willing to go to 'convince' me!" Jack headed out the door, turning his massive shoulders a bit sideways to fit them thru the doorway. •

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