Roomate, The (II)



"Scott....hey Scott...wake up, man."

I woke up with a start, only to find my massive musclehead roommate straddling me in bed. "What's going on, Jack?" I asked him.

"Check this out, little buddy," he said, hopping off me, and standing up. We had mirrored one whole wall of our dorm room so he could check out his growth and size. He stood in front of it now, staring at himself.

"I woke up this morning raging, man, so I hit the gym. Spent the last three hours tossing around heavy iron. Weighed in at 420, bro. Look at this fucking pump." Jack hit a double-bi shot that made my cock bounce. "Look at these arms, Scottie," he said, " make Poppa Pump look like a wuss!" He was right, too. His freak biceps bunched up huge and high. They were at least 28 inches, with a peak on top big as a tennis ball. As he held the bicep pose, he rolled his wrists around, making his oversized popeye forearms writhe and bloat with thick sinewy muscle and veins.

"Fuckin Huge," he said. And he was right again. We had set a goal of 400lbs for him to hit by christmas break. Here it was the week before, and he was busting out at 420. As he flexed his arms over and over, the room filled with his scent, the powerful teenmuscle scent he gave off, so totally erotic it made me dizzy. Sometimes during the night, I would whack off to that aroma as he lay sleeping in the bed next to mine.

"Now check out this back, man," he said, turning his back to me, and hitting a lat spread. "I did 10 sets of pull ups with 400lbs chained onto a weight belt. Thirty reps per set.Goddam pump is throbbing." Jack's huge back spread out like a cobra hood, the muscle dense and solid as granite. "Feel these monster lats, man," he said. I stood up and put one hand on each lat.

They were hot to the touch, the skin red and tight, yet also smooth as silk.

At the top of his back, my arms were fully outstretched to reach both sides of him. I ran my hands down his V-shaped gorilla back, till I was touching the band of his bikini briefs, which were soaked in his sweat.

"Yeh, pull these goddam things off me, Scott. I need to see all this muscle."

I had to overstretch the briefs to get them over his huge glutes, striated and bulging out like two massive pumpkins.Then again to get them over his freaky 42" quads, all snaked with veins. I had yet to take my morning piss, and my cock was rockhard and leaking pre. I looked at Jack in the mirror, and saw that his newly freed bullcock was at 2 o'clock high, with a thick rope of his own pre oozing out.

"Hey," said Jack, "you know what today is, Scott?"

"It's Saturday," I said.

"Nah, not that,'s my birthday. I turn 20."

"No shit?" I asked him.

"That's right, Scottie," he said, turning toward me, and slowly pinning me up against the wall. "And you know what I want for my birthday this year, babe?"

"Wwhat?" I said, suddenly nervous.

He leaned into my ear and growled "I want your ass." •

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