Pump Room, The


By Frklvr

I met Raf about two years ago at the gym. I had been going to the gym five days a week and saw Raf there a few times before. I thought he was cute, I have a particular weakness for Latino men, but my goal and obsession was, and still is, big freaky muscle gods. Not only to worship these massive miracles of muscle but to be one of them as well. Oh, I wouldn't have thrown Raf out of bed, either.

As I was saying, I met Raf at the gym. Our first meeting was when he was getting ready to do benches. He kept changing the plates on the bar from lighter to heavier and then back. I almost immediately realized that he wanted to go heavy but did not have a spot. I think he was afraid to ask the big guys working out there, I found out later he was. Being the proper thing to do, I offered to spot him if he'd return the favor. He looked me over and accepted. We completed our sets and he thanked me. I told him I was there almost everyday and not to hesitate to ask for spot or anything.

Maybe I should give you a description so you know what we looked like. Raf's 5' 9 1/2" at 150 lbs. He has very dark brown hair and dark sultry eyes, I love looking into those eyes. As I have said, Raf's Latino. His parents immigrated from Brazil before he was born. Raf had a slim build, roughly a runner's/swimmer's build, nice definition but no bulk.

He worked as head clerk at distribution company. Me, I'm 5' 10" at 155 lbs. I have black hair and blue-green eyes, Raf says my eyes change color with my mood. I'm white with Native American ancestry. I, also, had a slim build that I was trying to change. I was in the sales department of a computer company.

Well, back to the story. Raf did take me up on my offer to spot him at anytime. So much so we decided to become workout partners. We stayed workout partners for about three months, I found out during that time that Raf had the same obsession that I did. After that time, we became lovers as well. We gave each other a hideous lime green gym bags to commemorated the fact. We remained monogamous lovers and dedicated workouts partners for year unitl I got promoted at work. My promotion required me to travel intensively, making it impossible to go to the gym regularly. Damn shame too. Raf and I had built ourselves up pretty good. We were muscular but we weren't HUGE, yet. I told Raf that if he wanted to see some one else, I was okay with it. I didn't think would be fair to make him wait for me just to spent at most a day together. He said that if met some one he was serious about, he introduce us to get my opinion.

So, I was off traveling and selling the company's products and Raf went back to the single life. We got together whenever I got back into town. That was until a month ago. Raf moved out his apartment, leaving no forwarding address, and quit his job. I was conserned about this but it was his life. I just hoped he was alright. I went on with my life as well.

I had returned to town for a business meeting that would allow me to quit my job. The meeting was a complete success, a much bigger success than I thought it would be. Five years toying with a software concept; five years of write code, debugging and testing. The software package I developed and copyrighted was a big hit, so big I was now independly wealthy. I spent two days just setting up my new finances.

I was walking downtown looking someplace to break in my new corporate credit card when I was surprised to see Raf walking down the street. He looked almost the same as when we were working out together. I called to him. He appeared to be surprised that someone was calling him. He turned around as I caught up to him.

"Hey, Raf." I said, "Great to see ya."

"Miguel." He answered looking at his watch, "I would love to get together with you but I'm running late."

"Can we meet later? I'm back for good, now." I told him.

He hesitated for a few seconds and then said sure. He wrote down an address and asked me to meet him there at 10 that evening. I told him that I would be there and couldn't wait to catch with each other. So, we parted but I was left with a feeling that something was going on.

Meeting Raf like that took the edge off my success. I just wandered around town for a while. Looking at the address that Raf gave me, I realized that I wasn't sure where the place was. I called a taxi and had it take me there. The place had been an old factory that had been renovated. Around the corner was a bar called 'The Pump Room.' I entered the bar and found that it was dedicated to penis pumper. Not my cup of tea. So, I left.

Hoping to catch the taxi before it left heading back around the corner. I was too late, it was several blocks away. While deciding what to do now, a bright color across the street caught my attention. Focusing my attention, I saw that it was Raf carrying the gym bag I had given him over a year ago. He was at the other end of the block. He ran across the street to the side I was on. He went directly to one of the doors at the end of the building. Knocked on the door in a definite pattern. The door was opened by a big muscleman, the guy had to be a pro bodybuilder from the look of him. Raf showed him something, probably a card of some sort. The guy let Raf in.

My curiosity got the better of me at that moment. I walked down the street to the door. I knocked on the door using the same pattern I saw Raf use. The big guy answered the door again.

"Hi." I said.

"Members only." the big guy stated bluntly. "I'm suppose ta meet my friend here. You just let him in a minute ago." I told him.

"So?" the big guy asked.

"I'm runnin' a bit late. I guess he thinks I wasn't going ta show." I lied, "Could you let me in ta see him?"

"Members only." He said again.

"What if I join?" I asked, "Would you let me in?"

"Member invitation only." He said this time. "My friend. The one with lime green gym bag, he invited me. See he gave me the address." I told him showing the address Raf wrote down for me.

The big guy thought about it for a moment and then let me in. As soon as I was in, I looked for the gym bag. I spotted the bag on the other side of the room, just as Raf opened the door there and went in. I started to follow when the big guy stopped me.

"Fill out membership card." He told me. If I wanted to follow Raf, I had to fill out the card. The card seemed fairly standard: name, address, age that sort of thing. I handed the card back to the big guy.

He looked it over and asked "Membership plan?" "What do you have?" I replied.

"Average Joe, Big Man, Stud, and Ultimate Freaky." answered the big guy.

Figuring that the Average Joe was like the basic plan, I decided to splurge and took the Ultimate Freaky plan. I handed him my new credit card. He looked doubtful then mildly surprised when it cleared.

He handed my credit card back to me and then encased my membership card in a gold name holder. He crimped the end of the holder and handed it to me.

"Stop at the bar to make your selections. You can also pick up your membership handbook there as well." He said, "Have an enjoyable evening."

Since I was now a member, I decided to take a good look around. I was wildly surprised at what I found. This was a club dedicated to muscle worshipping, definitely my cup of tea. As continued to look around, I found that a number of the musclestuds were about the same size as the guy at the door but these guys were small in comparasion to the other musclestuds I saw. No wonder Raf came here. This place was a walking wet dream for the two of us. There were really HUGE guys here, some had to weight over 350 lbs. of pure hard-hard, massive muscle. I knew where I was going to spent most my nights from now on.

I walked over to bar and showed the beefy bartender my membership card. He saw that I was new and handed me a membership book. I thanked him for it and then told him that I needed to make my selection. He nodded and pulled out a gold lined binder.

"Choose five from this list and I'll get you set up." he said.

I looked at the list. It was a list of names, names of bodybuilders, big bodybuilders. I recognized almost all the names on the list, nearly every one of them were pros or at least been in the muscle magazines.

'What?' I thought to myself, 'Were all these guys gay and willing to sell themselves?'

Not really believing that, I decided to choose some of my favorites. DeMayo, El Sonbaty, Kovacs, Titus and Cutler. I told the bartender my choices.

"Interesting selection." he said, "Be just a moment."

He walked to the far corner of the bar. He stopped at a console of some sort and pressed a few buttons. The console hummed for moment and then ejected a small cylinder. The bartender pick up the cylinder and gave it to me.

"Here you go. The room's in use right now but you can use it any time after that." the bartender said, "Since there are only two or three other U.F. members, this isn't in the handbook. If you see someone you would like for yourself, see the round disk the muscleboys have on them?" I nodded, "You take that and your membership card and place them in the slot at any of the tables. And, Bingo, they're yours. All the muscleboys know this."

I got a drink and sat at an empty facing the door. While I waited, I casually looked over musclestuds that were there, I'd crazy not to. Also, while I was waiting, wondered about the cylinder I had and about the room the bartender mentioned. I was about to check the handbook when the door opened.

A HUGE musclestud stepped out. This guy had to be seven feet tall and over 350 lbs. Since he was standing at the door I was watching anyway, I looked him over beginning at his feet. I always start there so I will know that a guy is or is not a bathroom mirror muscleman.

He wore stretch deck shoes but his feet had to be size 16s. I moved up to his calves, er bulls - no more like the whole damn herd. They were two enormous diamond-shaped mounds of muscle. They had to be over twenty inches easily. I continued up to his thighs. Those were like gigantic carved pillars of stone. Each one not much smaller than my chest. Seeing these magnificent legs, This was absolutely not a bathroom mirror muscleman. The swell of his hips was a good indicator that he had an equally excellent musclebutt.

He wore a very, very skimpy posing brief, florescent green. He was displaying a basket of a size that would make every stallion that saw it green with envy.

My eyes lingered here for a long while.

When I finally moved my gaze upward, I observed his abdominals. They seemed as if etched by a laser from a solid block of titanium rather than flesh. His eight-pack, obliques, intercostals, and serratus were deeply defined yet show great mass and strength.

Continuing up, I beheld the bounty of his chest. His pecs were at least six inches thick with a crevice that put the Grand Canyon to shame. His nipples, nearly an inch in length, pointed downward due to the sheer mass of his pecs. Those pecs seemed harder than stone, tougher than metal.

I followed the immense plane of pec to his sides. At his sides, his massive arms were at a forty-five degree angle from the vast width of his lats. Damn, this guy looked to wider than I was tall. A deep, dark cavern was formed under his arms. His biceps had the appearance of someone having shoved a soccer ball under his skin and strung his veins over top of it. His triceps, what I could see from that angle, looked more like some muscleboy's quads. His forearms were two mamoth hams with hands and veiny skin to hide them. I ignored his hands, I already had a good idea of the size of his basekt.

I followed the thick veins up and over the massive arms. To call what he possessed shoulders would be a gross understatment. His delts were building smashing boulders. They seemed to possess the strength to tackle a tank and succeed. His traps rose high enough to flick his own ears as he turned his head and seemed thick enough for a car to drive across. Although his head was turned to his left, I could tell that this stud deserved most, if not of my special attention. This stud was one big, freaky, massive, Latino muscle god. This muscle god was postively a feast for the eyes and an unbearable strain on the groin, you know what I mean. As I gave this massive miracle of muscle another once over, or was a fifth over, he looked toward the bar behind me. That's when I saw his eyes. I knew those eyes! It was Raf! •

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