By smiley

Mike didnt know why, but while walking by the tobacconist he was hit with a sudden urge to enter. This supprised him as he had never liked smoking of any kind and his girlfriend would destest it. None the less, he walked to the counter where a big broad man stood behind the counter muscles rippling as if they had though of their own. Mike was was a little put off by the man (mike was quite small and was always envious of any man that had any form of definition) but strangly a little turned on.Something stired in his groin he had to kepp approaching. The shop was empty and dim, the man seemed to be smirking, leering almost at mike. He was standing with both hands on the counter and a long silver box in front of him.

"Can i help you" Mike stomach turned for a moment and the ignored it. As if it just faded away. "i dont know..... i just came in....sorry bit dizzy" Mike semed to sway side to side mesmerized by the gents muscles. They seemed to call to him. "be like me, be like me"

"i have what you come for" and opened the silver box to reveal a6inch cigar. 'I....Idont smoke" Mike said in protest Growing even more Groggy" "sure you do, everyone loves a cigar, puts hair on your chest among other things." With a broad smirk he siad "here smell this" and run the cigar slowy under his nose.

Mike senses went haywire his whole body shuddered and his cock grew hard. Mike didnt know what was happenning but he opened his mouth and allowed the gent to put the cigar in his mouth.

"Let me get that for you" "PUFF" With that he struck a match and lit the cigar. Mike clamped down on the cigar and allowed the rich thicke smoke roll through his mouth and out his mouth. It was orgasmic, but then something funny happened that sensation returned but more intense he felt as if he was being stretched pulled and expanded the pain was strong and awful yet his cock seemed to get harder and longer. This went on. Mike arms expanded with his chest legs and back he opened his eyes to see the gent laugh and disapear. Mike felt he wouldnt stop but he didnt care he always wanted to be like the man behind the counter and know he was getting it. it was worth the pain. But after a while the pain had turned to ectasy. Mike grabbed his now 12 inch ticke rounded cock and pumped. The veins pulsed and it oosed pre cum. In the other he took the cigar in his thick manly fingers. The pain went he opened his eyes and looked at the mirror he was burly his neck and arms were packed with muscle He had become as the man behind the counter. Mike grinned into the mirror. he continued pumping his Dick the sensation of his muscles contracting and his broad hard hands slidding up and down was as new and good as it ever was. it was all he had not to hold onto. He put the cigar back in his mouth and took another puff. the shutter was to much to bear and Mike blew. It oozed on the mirror, Mike cripple at the lags but kept going it was to good to stop. Mike stood and wiped himself and smiled at the coated mirror,the room was filled with glorious smoke. The doorbell wrang a scrawney mid tweenties bloke walked in dazed likein a dream"where am i ?" he said "The Smell, Whats that great smell?". Mike grinned and blew a puff of smoke into the scrawney guys face. In an instant the guys pants tentpoled and he Grunted in joy as his denims became marked with his enjoyment."What was that?" the guy panted. Mike said nothing... stuck the cigar in the guys mouth and struck a match. "PUFF" As the guy convosled and grew, Mike picked up the tatters of his cloths and began to walk home. His girlfriend shoould be home and he was going to introduce her to his new self and his cigar. •

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