Pump Room, The


By Frklvr

I was in shock. My friend and former lover, the man I had seen just twenty minutes ago with roughly the same build I had, was now this big, freaky muscle god. Quite a number of thoughts were crashing through my mind. The biggest one was how was it possible? The next, literally stepping the first toes, was where do I sign up?

I heard the bartender call to Raf. I saw that Raf would walk right by me to get to the bar. Since Raf wasn't expecting me for several hours and wouldn't be looking for me here, I decided to get his attention in a special way. When Raf and I were still lovers, I found out that I could drive him wild by massaging a certain spot near the base of his cock. This what planned to do now for two reasons: one, to let him know I was there and knew something was going on, and two, to put him into a mentally defenseless mood brought on by sudden pleasure. With my curiosity and lust in control, I was determined to know everything about this and would be ruthless. Normally, I would buy a couple drinks and ask him about what I wanted to know and would respect his right to not to tell but curiosity combined with lust was a vicious force that made me ready to do anything necessary to find out.

As Raf strutted past me, I reached out and latched onto that extra-large package. I immediately began to probe for that special spot. The combination of being out of practice and the huge amount of extra meat made this a bit more difficult.

"I'm not on yet. So, hands off!" Raf said with a deeper and sexier voice.

I probed harder and faster, I wasn't going to give up. Just as moved that massive arm of his to forcable remove my hand, I found the spot. Raf gasped with the sudden pleasure shooting through him.

"Lucy, you have some splainin' yo do" I told him as continued to massage the spot.

"Miguel?" Raf said weakly.

Just as I getting ready to grill Raf about his change, my hand was knocked away hard and was followed by a ripping sound. I was stunned to see the remains of his posing briefs hanging on the end of his 18" long hard-on. I pulled the ripped briefs off his cock. This caused him to drop to his knees and shoot his load immediately. Witnessing this display put me in sexual pain with my cock trapped in my now tight pants. When Raf finished shooting a few minutes later, he received a round of applause from the other men there. Raf, still panting, looked to the bartender who motioned for him to take his time.

I handed him the napkin from the table to clean himself up. He wiped the cum from his cock and off his titanic legs, ignoring the line of cum on the floor that led to the bar. Damn, I wanted to jump him right then and there but my curiosity and lust to change like him were just a little bit stronger. Raf stood up and I just stared at this mountain of muscle before me.

"Miguel. What the hell are you doing here?" Raf said a bit angerily, "Nevermind, I've got to get you out of here."

"What!?" I said in shock, the desire to jump him died at that point, "I'm not going anywhere."

"Mike, I don't want you involved in any of this." Raf said.

Raf only calls me Mike when he's deadly serious so I knew he was serious about it. Now, it was my turn to get angry. Here he is living his fantasy, and knowing I share the same fantasy, he now wants to throw me away like yesterday's trash. I was not only angry but very hurt which was pushing me to an irrational rage. Raf must have sensed something at that point.

"Mike, please don't make me force you to leave." Raf stated as he flexed his bicep, "With this body I can do it, too."

I stared at the table refusing to even

acknowledge Raf. On the table was the torn briefs Raf had worn. I saw a round disk attached to the briefs and remembered what the bartender said earlier. I grabbed the disk and flashed it at Raf. I place the disk into slot on the table and pulled out my membership card. Raf stood there in a shocked surprise. As slipped my card into the slot, Raf cried "Don't!" It was too late for him to stop me. A second later, a mechanical voice said "Approved."

Raf sat down heavily into a chair at the table. He wore an expression of someone whose puppy was just ran over in front of them. This was the last reaction I had expected. I wondered what I really had just done.

"Do you know what you've just done?" Raf asked finally, "You just brought me."

"So, I just paid for a whore for the night." I retorted, "Now, you can't throw me out."

"No. I'm your property, now." Raf said, "I'm your slave for live. I guess I should call you 'Master.'"

"Raf. I had no idea. I didn't mean ---" I started to explain.

At that moment, we were interrupted by a man in a white suit. This guy was built, I could tell through the suit. The suit was silk and hand tailored to fit his big muscular body, expensive. Raf tried to hide his head when he saw the man.

"Mr. King?" he asked me and I nodded, "A pleasure. I always meet with any new U.F. members personally and explain some of the unlisted benefits to them. But you've already taken advantage of one them. I like that. I like a man who knows what he wants and takes it. You've made a good purchase with Stud Raf, I'm sure he'll make you happy."

"And you are?" I asked as he sat down.

"Ah, yes, my card." he replied handing a business card, "I own the building and it's establishments."

I looked at the card. It read "G. Mesh, Specialized Entreprenuer." The card was embossed with a pattern of small triangles. I looked up for a moment and looked back at the card when realized that the embossing was Sanskrit.

"And what do you specialize in, Mr. Mesh?" I asked.

"Fantasy realization among other things." Mesh stated, "But enough polite small talk. Let's get down to the business of your membership benefits. As you already know, you can buy any of the Studs here you wish. Not all of the Big Men are for sale, those that are wear a purchase disk. Next, ah I see you've already made your selections." picking up the cylinder and then handed it back to me. "As I was about to say, you have a choice of five selections versus the three for Studs or the one for Big Men. Now that you made your selections you're free to use the Pump Room anytime you wish."

"Pump Room?" I prompted.

"Ah, yes, you haven't had a chance to actually use it yet, have you?" he asked, "Well, with your membership you have unlimited use of the Room. And now that you've purchased a Stud, you can change his selections to make him more desirable for you, if you wish. Why don't go to the Room, now?"

Raf looked up suddenly. His eyes were widen in fear. Mr. Mesh stood up without noticing Raf. In fact, he seemed to consider Raf more a piece of furniture than a person.

"If you'd follow me." Mesh said as he moved away.

Raf held me back a little to talk to me. I motioned to Mesh to wait for moment. Mesh waited by the door Raf had come through.

"Master, don't go. That's how I ended up as your slave." Raf said quietly.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I got addicted to it and couldn't pay." Raf answered, "Each time you use the Room, they charge you on top of the membership fee. I didn't know that and I used the Room a lot. I got in debt, deep. I agreed to be property of this place to work it off. Four hours every night being pawed by anyone and having any kind of sex that the customer paid for, I didn't any say in it. I never expected to be bought, though, Master."

"Stop that 'Master' shit. We'll get this sorted out, somehow." I told Raf and I put my hand on his massive arm and squeezed gently to reassure him. Besides, I just had to feel some of that freaky muscle. "Let's go, I want to find more about all of this."

We walk over to Mesh at the door. He opened the door and led us a flight of stairs. At the top was a doorless hallway. He took the hallway leading to the back of the building. At the end of the hallway, there one of those sliding doors like you see on Star Trek, only it was much bigger, seven feet wide by nine feet tall. I was going ask why so big but one look at Raf answered that question.

"Your membership card will open this door, Mr. King." Mesh said and pointed to a slot in the wall, "Just insert your card there."

I put my card in the slot and the door opened, on the other side was a locker room. We entered the locker room. I asked why it was here and was told that this was where the men who used the Room left their street clothes. This was a place where their bodies were worshiped not their clothes, considering the place, it made sense. Mesh led us to the back of locker room where there another big door.

"Behind this door is the Pump Room. This is where the members who desire and can afford it experience their fantasies in real life. Shall we go in and bring your fantasy to life?" Mesh announced.

I went on guard immediately. I'd been a salesman long enough not to have missed this sales pitch. I was not going to walk into this blindly and end up someone's muscleslave like Raf.

"Hold it right there." I said forcably, "I don't do anything without knowing a lot more about it. I want this explained fully to me or else I cancel my membership now and take Raf with me." I was going to get some answers.

Mesh looked momentarily shocked at my outburst. He looked me over closely. When he looked me in the eye, I saw a hunger reflected in his. I had a feeling that something even more secret was going on and Mesh was at center of it. Mesh nodded his head and opened the door.

"This is the Pump Room." Mesh said as he ushered us inside, "And this is Dr. Soogn-Yang." A small oriental man stood up from behind a console. "Doctor, would kindly explain the process to Mr. King."

"The process basically rewites your genetic code." The doctor began, "The resequencing chamber, the Pump Room if you prefer, uses nanite, chemical and metabolic radition to alter your DNA and your body structure." Seeing the cylinder in my hand. "That cylinder contains the full genetic structure of the five men you chose. When I say full I mean full DNA, RNA, and RvNA sequences. Question?"

"I've heard of DNA and RNA but what is RvNA?" I asked him.

"RvNA. Ribo-variable Nucleic Acid." He answered, "RvNA is the part of the gene code that contains the full history of the changes to the body since puberty.

Just DNA alone will not create an exact clone, all it will do is produce a body at the starting point as it would have been if nothing had ever occurred since the onset of puberty. RNA is just a receipe for the proteins the body needs to survive and maintain itself."

"So, if I wanted to create an exact clone, I would need all three complete codes, correct?" I spectulated. The doctor nodded. "But what has this to do with the process?"

"What the process does is use the genetic codes contained in this cylinder and conbimes them with your own. Thus, creating a hexahelixed gene code. This code is allowed to supercede your natural code transforming into a more superior form." Continued the doctor. "As your code is superceded, the nanites record your original code and store. Thusly, you can return to yourself as you are now."

"Sounds great but are there any side effects?" I asked, "Is there a possibility of something going wrong or possibility having pyschological effects?"

"No," The doctor answered, "No possibility anything physical going wrong. We tested the process quite extensively in my homeland. Pyschological? I haven't see any evidence of it but it wasn't something I was looking for."

"You mean this is being done in other countries?" I asked.

"No. My colleagues and I smuggled it into this country when we found out what the government had planned for it. They stayed behind and destroyed all traces of it. The last I had heard was that they were executed as treasonous radicals. My benefactor" The doctor replied gesturing to Mesh, "has found a way to allow the work of my colleagues to survive and yet not to be exploited by those wishing to do great harm. For this, I most humbly thank him."

"So, you ready don't know if the process is safe, pyschologicly." I said.

"As i have already told you, I have seen no evidence of this. Why do you ask?" Replied the doctor.

"With such a physiological change, especially in the form of wish fulfillment, I can't help but wonder if there isn't the possibility of a pschotropic effect. What I mean is, can it become addictive?" I put to the doctor.

The doctor seemed to ponder this deeply. Mesh, on the other hand, looked shocked and wary. I looked intently at Mesh and saw him realize what my questions were leading to. If the doctor said it was possible then Raf's forced enslavement would be null and void because he was being addicted without his knowledge or awareness. Mesh could be in for a lot of trouble. Mesh acknowledge this maneuver like an ancient warrior would acknowledge a worthy opponent. I held Mesh's a moment longer and saw the hunger there again burning even stronger. Something about Mesh kept nagging at me, something I knew but couldn't quite remember clearly.

The doctor returned to his console and began scroll through list of data. He'd scan the screen and took notes. Raf, Mesh and I waited with growing tension for him to finish. Raf looked torn between hope and despair. I told him that if the doctor admit that addiction was possible that he was free. I put my arm around his waist, running my hand over his muscles do so and coping a feel of his thick glutes. Mesh watched us intently. As I looked over at him, I felt like another piece of the puzzle fell into place.

Just one piece of information and I would see the puzzle complete.

The doctor finished scanning the data, going over his notes. When he looked up he had an astonished look oon his face. He came around the console and stood in front of us to make his announcement.

"In going through the data, I have found indications of the possibility of probable addiction."

The doctor stated, "But more in depth study and testing is needed to prove that this is so."

'Yes! Raf would be free, now.' I thought but then Mesh played his card.

"Yes, Doctor. We must do this at once. We mustn't allow these men to stop living their lives." Mesh said, "In going through your data, I presume you made a list of those men who are possibly addicted?"

"Why, yes. These are the men who may need help." The doctor replied.

Damn, Mesh was good. I knew what his next question was. I prayed that the doctor would tell him yes. I waited for the question.

"Doctor. Does Stud Raf happen to be on that list?" Mesh asked.

The doctor looked at the list he had written and said, "No. He is not on the list of those I believe to be addicted but he is on the list of those I believe are close to being addicted."

"Doctor you believe that limited use of the process would be addictive? Whether it be a limited number of times or a limited time frame between uses."

Mesh asked.

"I do not believe either proposal would be addictive." The doctor answered.

"Thank you, doctor." Mesh said and turned to us, "Well, Mr. King. It seems we owe you a small debt of gratitude for uncovering this potental diaster. But seeing as how your Stud is not truly addicted, releasing him from his agreement would be too much to ask. If there is something else..."

I thought quickly. I couldn't think of any way to get Raf out of this, at least right now. But I did have a few hunches. I decided to follow up on those.

"Well, I can think of a couple things just off the top of my head." I finally said, "The first, I think we should be friends and maybe more."

Mesh looked shocked but definitely interested and said, "I think I might like that. Especially after you use the Pump Room, Mr. King."

"If we're going to be friends and possibly more, I think we should be on a first name basis. I'm Mike." I said extending my hand to him.

"Most definitely a pleasure, Mike. I'm Gil." Mesh responded, "What the other thing you've thought of?"

"I know you can't tear up Raf's agreement but maybe we can alter it to make it a bit more exclusive, say only between you and me and not the rest of the members?" I suggested seductively.

"Interesting. Could you be a bit more specific?" He replied.

"To the other members, Raf would be a regular member like he was before, but with us, he's our personal slave in everything." I continued, "I think still satisfies his original agreement seeing as you are the owner and also satisfies the fact I bought him."

"Yes, that would be acceptable but why?" Mesh questioned me.

"Raf and I used to be lovers. There still feelings between us. Out of loyalty, I felt that I had to do what I could to help him." I explained, "As an entreprenuer and great leader, you know that loyalty must go both ways, right, Gil."

"I sense that we're kindred spirits, Mike. I look forward getting to know you better." Mesh replied hungrily, "Lets get you pumped up."

"Let me get rid of these clothes." I told him, "Stud Raf. Attend me."

Raf and I went back out into the locker room. I led Raf to the far corner of the locker room. Raf was looking very hurt but he followed.

"What do you wish, Master?" Raf asked sulkily. "I'm sorry, Raf. I didn't mean all of that in there." I explained, "I'm playing it by ear so I didn't have time to warn you."

"Okay, but it sure hurt." said Raf.

"I know and I'm really sorry." I apologized, "But don't give up hope yet I know who Mesh really is." •

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