Trail, The

By MagusX

"Eat me," said the tiny note attached to the small, gift-wrapped box that lay on the front step in place of Alex's morning paper. It reminded him of a scene from Alice in Wonderland.

Still clothed in his bathrobe, the young man scratched his head, further mussing his tousled dark hair. He was a handsome guy: early twenties, dark eyes, sleek build. He had a dark shadow of stubble, as he did every morning, but his chest was smooth as silk. He wrinkled his brow in confusion as he stared at the strange, fist-sized package as though expecting it to move.

Looking up and down the suburban street that was as close to a home that he'd ever known, he could see anything. Alex shrugged and bent down, picking up the unexpected "gift".

Inside, he opened the box. It was a piece of a cake of some sort. He looked at it for a while, trying to figure it out.

"Eat me...." he mused. "I just want my morning paper, that's all."

Talking to himself was a habit he'd never gotten rid of. He'd spent most of his life alone, especially after his parents died when he was in his mid-teens. He hated to admit it, but sometimes it seemed like he was his best company. Alex wouldn't say he felt lonely, but he was. He'd had a few girlfriends in the past few years, and he was with a girl now, Karen, who he liked very much. He'd always had a group of friends, even a best friend, Mike. Still, he had never felt like he belonged.

Looking at the small cake, Alex decided that Mike had sent it. Mike wasn't usually one for practical jokes, but his sense of humour was pretty weird. Maybe his idea of funny was to steal a newspaper and leave a cake in its place.

Alex decided to ask Mike about it the next time he saw him, and, hoping that he wasn't missing anything important, like the start of World War III, he ate the cake in two quick bites, got dressed and left for work.

He had forgotten all about the strange event of that morning by the time he got home. It had been the best day of his life. It had started out strange: in the car on the way to work he'd felt a bit dizzy and warm, like he was coming down with a flu, but by the time he got to the office, he was feeling fine. Better than fine, actually. He'd practically bounced into his cubicle.

The good feeling stayed with him all day. He felt full of energy, his muscles almost tingled. He found himself smiling the whole day, enjoying the verbal play he and his fellow employees engaged in. He felt strangely sexy, too. As the day was nearing an end, he kept finding himself popping a boner. It got in the way, and made it a bit awkward to get around the office without being noticed, but he was able to ignore it for the most part.

When he saw Mike, he forgot all about the cake. Instead he noticed that Mike seemed to be feeling pretty good himself. Or, at least, he looked good. Alex wasn't sure if he'd ever seen Mike look that healthy before, he just couldn't keep his eyes off him. The only thing odd was that Mike kept staring at him, as though he was expecting Alex to grow a third eyeball or something.

Even that oddity was forgotten by the time Alex pulled into the driveway.

The cake incident came back, however when he checked his mail.

"Drink me...." Demanded the tiny vial, about the size of those courtesy liquor bottles found in hotel rooms. It had been in his mail box, with an unaddressed, plain envelope.

Alex opened the envelope first. Inside was a small key and a slip of paper with an address and the numbers "1469" written in block letters. He set those aside and looked at the vial.

It was a small cyllinder with a black screw-on cap, and a clear bluish liquid inside. Puzzled at what the point of all this was, Alex unscrewed the cap, and held the liquid under his nose, taking a whiff. No smell.

"Mike, you're a bastard." He muttered. "You probably took my mail, too. I hope it was all bills."

Alex shrugged and downed the small vial. It tasted minty, but burned his tongue, almost like vodka. He felt the heat go down his throat and nestle in his stomach. It was weird, but he could almost feel the heat spreading through him, sending tendrils of warmth throughout his body. What was it, some kind of super-powered alcohol?

He waited for a few minutes, wondering if he'd feel a buzz or anything, but eventually even the heat faded away. Muttering to himself, Alex wandered around the house, doing the "night things" before going to bed. Last of all, he checked his answering machine. There was a message from Karen, but he decided to call her tomorrow. He wondered what she would think about all this.

Alex couldn't sleep. Everytime his eyes closed, his mind would suddenly start throwing ideas at him or asking questions: was in really Mike who was doing this? If not, who? What was the point of all this? He wondered how to get back at Mike, and if he'd lost any important mail. He remembered how Mike had been looking at him all day, and how that didn't seem to bother him that much any more.

Mike had a similar build to Alex, except he was a bit bulkier due to his time spent in the gym. He had light hair and clear blue eyes, and Alex supposed he had a handsome face, with a strong jawline and full lips. He had never really thought about it before, but Mike was pretty handsome.

He found himself remembering the few times that he'd seen Mike naked, at the gym when they had actually had the time to work out together. He had never really noticed how much he liked Mike's extra muscles, but now Alex found himself a bit jealous of the extra ten pounds that Mike carried. It would be neat to feel what those muscles felt like, to have that extra strength. It suddenly occured to Alex that maybe muscles were at the heart of masculinity. That seemed right. He found himself wanting to experience those muscles, that heightened masculinity, it would be so sexy . . .

"Sexy?" Alex wondered outloud. But that was the best word for it. It was strange that he'd never spent much time thinking about this. "It's strange that I'm thinking about this now."

He tried once again to get to sleep, but found himself thinking about Mike again, comparing himself to Mike. He might not have Mike's muscles, but he had him beat in other areas. Although Alex wouldn't consider himself hairy, he did have a nice covering of chest hair. He was lucky in that none of it had migrated to his back. Mike was smooth-chested, or might as well have been. And Alex thought his dick was bigger, too. He hadn't ever really noticed it, but he seemed to recall that when their dicks were soft, Mike's was only 3 inches or so. Alex's was almost at five. But, hadn't Alex heard that some men can get really big when they get hard? His dick only grew a couple more inches when he got hard. Maybe Mike underwent a bigger transformation. Alex wondered what Mike's dick would look like hard, how big it was. Alex was cut, as was Mike. Did they have other similarities? He thought about asking Mike over sometime and maybe they could check -

"Asshole." He stopped himself. What was he thinking? Guys didn't just ask other guys over so they could compare dicks! Mike would probably call him a fag and leave.

Still, he couldn't get the idea out of his head. He realised his dick was hard, and before he could stop himself, he had his boxers pulled down and was stroking it gently. He realised what he was doing, and then remembered how horny he'd been all day. He wasn't turning into a fag, he assured himself, he was just suffering from a minor case of blue balls. He tried to think about Karen, but her image kept dissolving to one of Mike, his carefully-molded pecs, his defined six-pack, his arms, his legs, his ass.....his dick.

Before he knew it, Alex had come all over himself. Grumbling, he wondered if he should bother cleaning up. He decided yes, or else he'd never get to sleep. He got some kleenex and started tidying up. Then he collapsed back into bed, and closed his eyes. He even fell asleep.

Fifteen minutes later, his eyes popped open again, and he realised he was hard and as horny as ever. "Fuck," he muttered. He still was thinking about Mike. He struggled to imagine Karen, first naked and then in the sexiest neglige he could think of, but neither really interested him. Finally, he decided to just jack off, to not bother about imagining things. He forced himself to just focus on his dick, to only think about how good it felt. It was surprisingly easy to do. He had never really realised how sexy his dick was, how all the pleasure a man could ever want was all bound up in this organ. He finally came and went to sleep, not realising that in the back of his mind was the image of Mike, with a roaring hard-on, performing a flexing show for him.

The next morning the first thing Alex realised was that the bed and his body were covered in come. The second was that everything hurt.

He groaned and tried to sit up, but pain flared in his abs and any other muscle he tried to move. He felt dizzy and hot, feverish. He lay back down and closed his eyes. His head hurt, his thoughts were fuzzy. Lack of sleep. He couldn't even count how many times he'd awoken last night with his hand on his hard-on, and had to jack off just so he could get back to sleep. It got to the point where he'd been too tired to even care what he was thinking about as he came. He felt uneasy that most of the time it had been thinking of Mike that had brought him to the point of no return.

As he lay there, he tried to figure out what was wrong. He felt heavy, like someone had tied weights to his limbs, and everything hurt. It was like he had worked out too much, like he had pushed every muscle to its limit. His head ached, and he felt warm. "On the bright side," he said, his voice morning-rough, "at least it got rid of my hard on." It was true. Only the most devoted nymphomaniac would be able to keep it hard through this.

How many times had he come last night? That had never happened to him before. The most he had ever come was maybe three times in a night. He must have tripled that.

The phone started ringing, but Alex was too sore to even think about it. He waited until the answering machine clicked on, and then started to think about moving.

He would not be able to get to work today, he realised, as he worked his muscles. The more he moved them, the less painful they were, but moving did nothing for his fever and dizziness, and actually aggravated his headache. He still felt heavy and a little sluggish, but he supposed that was the fault of whatever virus he'd caught.

He made his way downstairs to where the phone was and called his office, saying that he must have caught something.

"Something must be going around," the co-worker on the other end said.


"Mike called in sick just a few minutes ago."

"Oh." Alex said and hung up. He thought about calling Karen, but he decided against it. What could he tell her? He knew she wouldn't react well at all to the mysteries of yesterday, that she'd be suspicious and just wouldn't understand. Maybe it was a guy thing. Women never really seemed to understand what made a guy work. This was the sort of thing Alex would have to call Mike to talk about, if he didn't already suspect him of pulling it together. Mike staying home settled it. He was probably up to something.

Alex decided to wait and see if Mike tried to send him anything else.

As the pain faded, his horniness increased. The pain in his muscles never went completely away, but it was at least partly replaced by a strange tingling deep in his muscles. His mind cleared somewhat, but he found it hard to think of anything besides sex. He thought that maybe he should be worried, but each time he tried to think about that, he got distracted, and ended up having to beat off.

By noon, nothing had happened and Alex decided that Mike probably wouldn't show up until the evening, if he did at all. Then Alex remembered the note and the key.

They were still on the kitchen table, and he looked at them. The address was someplace downtown, he knew the street. The number was a sort of mystery. An apartment number? He decided that since he wasn't getting anywhere with Mike, he might as well check out the address.

"Of course, I can't go naked." He grinned to himself. He'd barely noticed that he was still wearing his bathrobe. He ran upstairs, barely noticing that he took the steps three at a time, something he hadn't done since he was a teenager.

He put on jeans and a large tee-shirt, but oddly they didn't seem to fit quite the way he remembered. The jeans were a bit snug, especially in the crotch and thighs, and the shirt, which should have hung loosely on his body, felt cramped. "They must have shrunk in the wash," he reasoned, wondering if he should change into something larger. In the end, he decided to wear these, simply because he was too curious about the address and the key to waste any more time.

The address was a bank.

Alex got out of the car and stretched, enjoying how it felt. The clothes -were- tight on him, but he found he didn't mind as much, even if his hard-on could be seen through his jeans. In fact, the idea of that was kind of sexy. He stretched a bit more, throwing in a few flexes, before going inside.

On his way in, he thought he saw Mike out of the corner of his eye. It might have been Mike, if Mike had put on an extra ten pounds of mass in the last 24 hours. Alex tried to follow him with his gaze, but it looked like the guy, who really was a bit too big to be Alex's old friend, was trying not to be seen. A few moments later, he was gone.

Alex shrugged. If it had been Mike, he was probably just setting up this part of the prank.

The number and key belonged to a safety deposit box. Alex opened it with little trouble, and inside were the next pieces of the trail.

A large gatorade bottle, filled with the same blue liquid he had found in his mail box yesterday, sat on top of an envelope. Written on the envelope was "Drink this, then read me." There weren't any keys in the envelope, he could tell by the weight.

"Well, bottoms up." He muttered. Whatever the liquid was, it hadn't tasted that bad when he drank the sample yesterday. He wondered briefly if maybe everything he'd been feeling today had been because of it: the soreness, the headaches, the horniness. Oddly, he didn't seem to care too much about the negative side-effects, but he found that he had liked spending the day hornier than the horniest teen. That decided him and he gulped down the liquid.

As before, the minty-tasting liquid warmed his insides, spreading throughout his body. This time, though, he could almost feel it heating every cell. He felt it in his muscles, down deep where they were tingling. He could even feel it in his dick, and he felt his hard-on was harder than ever.

Resisting the urge to beat off right there in public, he opened the envelope and read the note that was inside:

"Go home as quickly as possible. Try to avoid being noticed. I will contact you soon."

Alex decided that maybe that was a good idea. He was feeling a little bit dizzy, and he wanted to get someplace where he could deal with his aching dick.

Halfway home he was feeling really dizzy and warm. "I can't drive like this," he told himself. His words were oddly slurred. Was he drunk? But it felt different that being drunk, it felt better. He was keenly aware of his body, could feel every muscle as it tingled, could feel how his jeans hugged his dick (they seemed tighter than when he'd put them on), and how every time he moved pleasure coursed through his body.

This felt too good to be afraid, but he didn't want to be in an accident. He considered pulling the car over.

"Mike lives close by," he realised. He realised then how much he had been thinking about Mike and his muscles, and felt a strong desire to be with him. His dick throbbed at the thought of his co-worker and friend, and that decided him.

Pulling into his friend's driveway, he barely cared that he knocked over a garbage can. He staggared to the door and knocked on it.

He thought he heard something crash inside before the door opened on Mike.

Alex could not believe his eyes. Mike -was- bigger. It could have been him that he saw at the bank, except now he was even bigger than that. His muscles showed clearly through the dark sweatshirt he was wearing, his pecs straining slightly against the fabric, his arms large enough to bulge the tiniest bit in the arms. Alex found himself looking at Mike's crotch and was surprised to see the fly was undone, a large bulge in his boxers with a damp spot at the tip. It looked almost too big to fit in the jeans, that Mike would never be able to zip up his fly.

"Alex," Mike said. He seemed bewildered, as though he couldn't quite understand what was happening. Alex felt the same way. His eyes kept being drawn toward Mike's crotch.

"Can I come in?" Alex asked, his mouth dry all of a sudden. What was happening to him? Did it matter?

"Yeah...." Mike moved out of the way, and Alex walked in, making his way to the living room.

"Alex, what's happening to me?" Mike asked suddenly.

The words caused Alex's mind to clear for a moment. He looked at his friend, how was at least twenty pounds heavier, all muscle, than he had been the day before. That wasn't normal. Then he realised that his own clothes felt tighter. Looking down, he gasped.

His own pecs stretched against the tee-shirt, he could feel his back muscles straining against the fabric. He bent his arms to feel his chest, to see if it was real, and felt them swell much more than they should have. His arms were at least a few inches larger. He felt his biceps, unbelieving, and then looked down to where his dick was almost straining out of his jeans. If he didn't get out of these real soon, he would be in a lot of pain. And his thighs! If he didn't get out of these jeans soon, he wouldn't be able to!

He felt the tingling in his muscles, and realised that he must have been growing all day. He thought that he should be terrified, but instead that feeling was replaced by a sort of detached curiosity. What was happening to him? What was happening to Mike? Curiosity.....and horniness, he realised.

He saw Mike staring at him with the same hungriness that he felt for Mike. He felt like he hadn't beaten off in days, and knowing his dick was larger than before made him want to beat off right then and now. But shouldn't he try and get things straight? Figure out what was going on?

"Mike...." he said, and Mike took a step closer. Alex felt a thrill course through him. "Mike, we've got to...." but the thought slid from his mind. All he could think about was how big Mike had gotten, how Mike's dick was just bulging right there, unprotected by his jeans, only the thin fabric of his boxers seperating them. Mike took two more steps, and was now just within arm's reach.

"We've got to...." But all he wanted to do was take off Mike's sweatshirt and feel the muscle there, to see if it was as real as his own. He reached out and put his hand on his friend's chest, feeling his dick throb with pleasure. This was right, he realised. Gone was the fear he should be feeling, replaced by a desire to explore his and Mike's new bodies.

Mike's sweatshirt was getting tighter by the second, but Alex managed to lift it off. He stared at his friend, saw the hungry, horny expression in Mike's eyes. He looked him over, seeing the huge slabs of pecs, realising that his were the same. Saw the growing mounds of biceps that writhed with every move. Saw the six-pack, defined and hard, and the way Mike's back flared, pushing his growing arms out at weird angles. Everything he saw on Mike he realised he was getting too. Mike began to lower his pants, revealing hard, giant legs. They forced his growing, hard dick out ward, so that it jutted at Alex rudely.

As Mike undressed, Alex lifted his shirt over his head, amazed at how wonderful all this muscle could feel. He flexed almost instinctively as the fabric peeled off, enjoying the freedom. He realised suddenly that the hair on his chest had grown thicker, covering his growing chest with a dark pelt that dove straight to his groin. Looking at Mike he saw that the once-hairless man was growing hair there, too.

Alex's jeans almost burst off, grown almost too tight from the size of his legs, the muscles of his ass, his growing dick. He pulled them down and stepped out of them, then pulled down his briefs. Had his dick really been only 7 inches at one time? Now it was a raging hard-on and he bet it might even top 12 inches. It was thick and growing thicker, and he loved the weight of it as it pulled in his groin. He loved the weight of everything. He felt so heavy and solid, and the hair and muscle and dick all added together, making him feel masculine and sexy. Mike was undressed and Alex went to him.

The two kissed passionately as they felt each other's chests, running their fingers through each other's hair. Was Mike getting off on this as much as he was? There was no doubt. Alex could feel the hard foot of Mike's dick pushing him in the belly, rubbing against his tight abs.

His last thought was about how wonderful all this was, before his mind succumbed to the waves of pleasure and the images of dick and muscle and massive, hairy, hung men.

Daylight streaming through the window forced his eyes open, but he closed them right away. His head hurt like someone was driving icepicks through his skull. Where was he? He felt a heavy weight across his chest and realised that he felt heavy all over.

He remembered suddenly what had happened. He smiled, even though even that hurt. It would be Mike's arm laying across his chest. He felt heavy because he must be 50 pounds heavier than yesterday, maybe more. His dick lay along his thigh, touching more flesh than he was used to. It was amazing to feel like his dick had actual mass. He tried to flex, but pain coursed through his muscles. Just like yesterday morning. His dick, though, began to get hard anyway. He was hornier than he'd ever been in his life.

A deep groan told him that Mike was waking up. He felt the big man's arm stir, but he didn't move it. Alex was glad. It was cold, being naked, and he valued every ounce of warmth. He realized that Mike was lying alongside him, his groin pressed into Alex's hip. He could feel the dick stirring there, getting bigger, growing alongside his hip.

"Mike." Alex said.

Mike groaned in reply, and Alex just lay there, basking in his size. He couldn't wait until he'd feel okay to move again.

The pain, and even the headache, faded much quicker this time. He and Mike lay on the floor for maybe an hour before they could move, and after that the aches faded like mist.

Mike started fixing breakfast as Alex explained what had been happening to him the last two days. He kept staring at Mike, amazed at the big man. He must top 250 by now, and his dick, which only ever got half-soft, was well over a foot long, and about as thick as a beer can.

Alex didn't want to sit down as he talked, and instead walked around, looking at his arms and chest, flexing for himself, holding his huge dick and lazily stroking it. He was horny, and thinking about the night of seemingly endless sex with Mike didn't help at all.

"But I didn't send the note." Mike said. "In fact, I got the same thing. That's why you saw me at the bank, I was there for the same reason."

Alex was amazed. I knot of fear coiled in his belly. What was being done to them? If it wasn't Mike, then it could be some stranger....

But he watched as Mike walked around the room, watched the man's back flare as he moved, watched his biceps flex and grow as he lifted the frying pan and put the eggs on a plate, he knew he couldn't be too upset. He stared as he saw the man walk to the table, his legs rolling around each other, his dick flopping in front, grotesque when compared to the man Mike had been before, but hugely sexy when combined with the dark hair that plastered itself to Mike's huge chest and abs. As he watched he knew that he had all these things. His dick throbbed in agreement.

A strange thought occured to him that now his dick was his master. He didn't even try to change the thoughts from sex. Anything else that occured to him was foreign, an abnormality. Images of muscle and dicks and hair and sex filled his mind, he kept remembering being fucked by Mike last night, feeling his hard ass-cheeks being parted by that huge dick, and then the tight warmth around his own engorged member as he fucked Mike, his own large arms wrapped around Mike's body.

He was about to attack Mike again, when suddenly the doorbell rang.

"Hello, Men." The kid who had rung the doorbell walked in. Not really a kid, Alex realised. He was probably about twenty, but he was dwarfed by the two giants. Alex realised that he was still naked, but he felt like showing off. He pushed his groin forward slightly, flexed just a little. He realised Mike was doing the same. He felt a surge of sexual energy flow through him. For some reason, this guy seemed to be exactly what he needed right now. He wanted to please him with his muscles.

"My name's Andrew." The kid said, and, holding up two bottles of that bluish liquid, said "Drink this."

Alex found himself helpless to resist. It seemed like Andrew's voice spoke to a part of him that was buried so deep he had no choice but to obey. He tried to struggle, not fully understanding what was happening, but his arm reached out and seconds later he had emptied his bottle. As had Mike, he realised. The warmth spread immediately.

"You deserve an explanation while you can still understand one," Andrew said, walking right into Mike's house. He sat on the couch, arms and legs sprawling in a relaxed, but sexy (to Alex's mind) way. "While you still care."

"You did this." Alex's thoughts seemed to be hard to come by. They were buried under sudden waves of sex images. He could see that Andrew was aroused by the large bulge in his jeans. He wanted to flex for this guy, to show him how sexy he was.

But another part of him, a smaller part that was quickly fading, listened as the kid explained.

"I developed a formula, an elixer, that will make average men into muscle men." He explained. "I saw you two and decided it would be as good a test as any. Do you recognise me? I'm the mail boy." He reached out and grabbed Alex's hard-on, and he felt a surge of irrational pleasure. He almost came right then, but he held on, trying to undrestand what Andrew was explaining. "Ah, that's not important. What is important is that not only does it make your muscles huge, it also has other effects. It makes your dicks grow, it amplifies your male sexual characteristics, and it makes you gay and hungry for sex. In large enough doses that hanger can totally drown out anything else, perminantly."

Alex found that he was barely even listening to Andrew. The kid squeezed his cock, and began to stroke it, then reached up and grabbed Mike's dick. Alex looked up and saw that Mike was already gone. He was growing again, his muscles swelling, and his dick even seemed to be growing. His eyes were glazed with mindless pleasure.

Alex tried to fight it off, to fight the feelings that had grown too strong in him. He felt sexy and horny, and Andrew and Mike were everything he could ever want. He felt his arms being pushed outward by his back, felt himself growing even more huge. He wanted to care, to run away, but even that faded beneath the sexual rush he was feeling.

When Andrew stood and said, "You two will be my toys, now." Alex realised that he was lost, and that it felt like the best thing to ever happen to him.

Then his life became sex. •

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