Trade, The

By Corwin

I looked in the mirror at my new body. I was perfect. Five feet ten inches and three hundred twenty pounds of solid muscle. I was huge. No, I was bigger than that. I was freaky. I felt powerful. I flexed my biceps to see the mountains that were my upper arms -- peaked and hard like Everest. My shoulders were two bowling balls sitting atop dense, thick pecs. I made the slabs of chest muscle bounce, showing their striations and the division between the shelf-like upper pecs and the round and firm lower. My pecs hung huge over eight-pack abs -- the cobblestones connecting my nipples and my cock.

My cock, let me tell you about it. There it hung, long and fat between my mighty legs. It was growing and rising as it approved of my magnificent body. As it grew, it bounced against the thick ripped muscles in my thigh. I flexed my abs and legs and my long cock jumped in front of me. I was use to seeing my huge dick, but it always seemed to shock other guys. It had served me well, and now I had it to thank for my new body.

I love my dick.

I didn't know it was anything special until junior high. My mom had died in child birth, and dad was always walking around naked or in boxer shorts. I was use to seeing his penis bounce along his thigh near his knees, or pop out of the bottom of his boxer shorts. When he'd nap, I'd see his dick hard, stretching the length of his thigh and fighting for freedom from anything that held it. It was no big deal. After all, we were both guys and that's what guys look like. Imagine my surprise in junior high when I saw the other kids. I couldn't believe it -- everyone else was so small. Some of the kids were really embarrassed at being naked. Geez, they looked so funny.

As puberty set in, some of the kids began to pick on me. "What ya doing, stuffing a sock down there?" Stupid stuff like that. But I was a fast learner. I'd challenge them to whoop it out. I'd laugh at the way they'd stare at my meat and beg to touch it. Some ever wanted to suck on it.

When the girls heard about my meat, I became real popular with them, but all they wanted was my dick. Most couldn't even get their hands around it. I got bored of them real fast. When it became clear I wasn't going to put out for them, they had no more use for a skinny geek like me.

Even though I was blessed with a dick that made horses jealous, I was really nothing special. I have, er had, a thin frame. It seemed no matter how hard I tried, I was always uncoordinated and weak. My weak (and ugly) body made me mad, and I was determined to do something about it. I never succeeded, but I did find out that gyms were good for something else. Muscular, powerful, strong MEN hung out at gyms.

I was training after school for a month when some of the older kids came over. One of them, Mark, was huge. They had heard about my dick, and wanted to see for themselves. One guy, a six foot two ninth-grader, dropped his towel and held up his dick. "That's a big dick kid. I'm twelve fucking hard inches."

I shrugged and took off my pants. I grinned. "I'm sorry. Well, now I guess you know what a big dick is," I said. When I looked at the group, the big guy was shirking away. Mark just stared at my dick.

During my workout, Mark came over. "You're doing that wrong. Here, let me show you." I picked up the barbell and he stood behind me. He pressed his pecs into my back and grabbed my arms, his biceps supporting my sticklike arms. We did curls, and I could feel his cock pressing between my butt. "See?" he asked.

"Ya. Thanks."

"Hey, when we're done, why don't you wait up for me. I got some magazines at home I can lend you. Form is real important if you want these." He struck a most muscular pose. He was only 15, but he weighed close to 190 pounds. His boy muscle was so erotic.

I did wait for him. I sat in the hall and read a book while he pumped iron with his friends. They came out first, and I heard him say that he needed something from his locker and he'd catch them tomorrow. After a few minutes, he came out and we began walking to his house. I didn't say very much, but he talked a lot. He talked about his body. He told me that he had just broken 17 inches on his arms, and his chest was 46 inches. He told me his legs were a solid 27 and that he liked to do heavy squats. His goal was 500 lbs by the end of the year, and he wanted another 50 lbs on his bench press.

When we got to his house, he announced to his mother that we were going down stairs. The first thing he did was strip off his shirt. He struck a double biceps pose and looked at himself in the mirrors along the wall. He had the basement set up as a gym, with a full weight set, bench and squat rack.

"Doya like my muscle? Yep, I know you do. Ya know what I like. I like kids with big cocks." He turned and walked over to me, flexing his pecs and lats with each step he took. "You got a huge cock. Show it to me."

It wasn't a request. It was an order. He had the muscles and the power. I was the inferior. I had no choice. I dropped my pants. My hard cock hung down to my knees.

Mark grabbed my t-shirt and pulled it over my head, but trapped my arms inside behind my back. He held my arms with one immovable hand and undid his pants with the other. He forced me down and shoved his cock into my face. "Lick it." He didn't have to ask twice. "Oooh ya. Suck it." I took all his dick with one swallow. I guess he was average size, but to me he seemed real small. "Fuck ya. Oh, you suck cock great. But your cock. Man, I want to..." He dropped to the ground and wrestled me into position. Even if I had wanted to, I couldn't resist against his strength. He put the head of my cock into his mouth as we 69ed. I sucked him harder, sensing my head between his muscular legs and abs. I loved how his strength controlled me. Time stopped as I was engulfed my this powerful man-boy.

"God, it's so fucking big! How big is it?"

I didn't know. Hell, why would I measure it? It was like my dad's, so I was normal. But Mark knew every measurement of his powerful body. His thick 12 inch forearms and 17 inch bis and his 46 inch chest and 28 inch waist and 27 inch thighs and 16 inch calves and, well, he knew it all. Down to an eighth of an inch. Size mattered to him.

His big hand wrapped itself around my fat dick -- it felt so good -- and he grabbed a tape measure. "Holy fucking shit man! You're over 18 fucking inches! I heard of guys with 15 inches, but man, you're fucking amazing. I want you to fuck me man. I gotta feel this meat. Please."

His lust overtook him and suddenly I was in control. My dick had overcome his muscle domination. His desire was his weakness. I still remember that fuck. Deep strong glutes stroking my long fat dick. He didn't need to tell me that the guy with the foot long schlong had been fucking him. The way he moaned and squirmed told me that I had hit virgin territory with six inches of my dick yet to go in. He took two more inches before he begged me to stop.

I remember lying against his powerful back as I controlled my cock. His back was thick and wide and the ridges of muscles reminded me of a mountain range. I liked the valley between them and marveled in their hardness. He came first, and the spasms of his body forced my cock to explode too. He vowed to take me all.

Mark liked goals, and it took him all year til he met this one. He met his muscle goals too. Lucky for me, he trained religiously. He was my first steady muscle fuck.

That was ten years ago, and I'm still a gym groupy. In the gym, the big guys laugh at my pencil neck or spagetti arms, but in the locker room, nobody laughs. They stare. Some drool. Sure, most pretend to be straight. Some are. But these guys want size and power. My muscles may be small, but my dick had both.

I had heard about a gay club downtown. The first Thursday of the month, they have Stallions and Knights night. For every inch of dick, you get a $1 off the $15 entrance fee, or for every 10lbs over 200 (of muscle), you get $1 off. I took advantage of the cock-size fee. They didn't give me $3, but I did make sure to ask. The guy at the desk turned red and muttered something about the biggest he ever saw. Ya, I've heard that before.

When I got inside, I was in heaven. Naked and near naked men everywhere. Some had big dicks, and some had big muscles. A few had huge muscles. But one, well, my god, what a specimen. He was big and handsome. He had the whitest smile and his deep eyes were mysterious and called to me. His body was better than any Olympia competitor. He was playing with some guy's big cock -- looked to be over 12 inches from this angle. I grinned and went to my locker. After I stored my clothes and wrapped a towel around my waist, I found him in the steam room. He was flexing for the guy with the big cock. I nearly lost it when I saw all that powerful muscle under his control.

I walked over to him and and said "Wow." He grinned. He was stroking the guy's cock. "Damn, you make me hard." I turned to the guy with the cock. Hey, dude, I bet my sword can take yours. I challenge you, or don't you think this guy deserves the best." My towel was tenting from my sizeable organ.

The guy snarled at me, but the muscles gave me a nod. "Ya, I only want the best." He stopped jerking the guy.

The guy stood up and pushed his dick out. "I only had to pay a buck tonight. You?"

I dropped my towel, grabbed my cock and pushed it against the side of his. "They owed me money," I said.

The muscles smiled and motioned the other guy away. He left in a huff, muttering something about "freaks" but I knew he wanted it. I felt him harden at thrill of being beaten by my huge manhood.

"Name's Mike. You?"

I told him my name. He began stroking my cock. "Damn, your cock is hard. Most guys with big dicks are sorta mushie."

"I'm use to strong hands clamping down on my dick. I've learned to fight back from vice-like grips."

"Ya got a pretty hard body for a small guy." He stroke my nipple and felt the small bump of my chest over my abs. "And you got a magnificent dick."

"You got a magnificent body."

"Six four and three hundred twenty pounds of muscle. I even got a pretty big nine inches."

"That's about half the size of the dick you're stroking now."

"I'd love to have that dick."

"I'd love to have your body."

"Ya mean that?"

"Hey, I can dream."

"Come with me."


"I can make dreams come true."

We went and got a room. "First, my locker." At his locker, Mike pulled out some sorta pendant. He held it tight and we went into our room. It smelled of disenfectant.

"Gotta show you something." He pulled out a picture. "This is the real me." The guy holding the picture was tall, muscular and amazingly handsome. The guy in the picture was muscular, but lacked symmetry. He was anything but handsome. He held a trophy for powerlifting. I shrugged.

"You don't understand. Well, I guess the first thing you should know is that magic is real. The second thing you should know is that even with magic, balance must be preserved. I've learned the magic so men can trade." He grabbed the pendant. "This talisman is old. It contains hair from Sampson and some blood from Hercules. It is very powerful, but with it, I can trade you my muscle size and strength and get a dick as big as yours."

"Wait, you mean my dick would get small but my muscles would grow?" I wasn't sure I liked the sound of that.

"No. Some magics would do that, but not this talisman. The talisman allows you to keep what you got, but give it to the other guy too. But it has to go both ways. With us, there is some amount of muscle and some amount of dick size that are exchanged. I'm big, but I only got so much. Same with you. Whoever runs out first, that's when the transfer stops."

"So, either I'll be as big as you or you'll have a cock like mine."

"Unless we're equal, which might be but probably isn't. It's never happened before."


"I've traded other guys. Some for symmetry. Some for beauty. I think of it as improving myself. "

"And now you want a big dick."

"Kid, you know you got a huge piece of meat. I ain't never seen bigger, and I've looked. As you said, I deserve the best." He flashed me a smile from a face that melted me like butter. "Wanna trade?"

"Let's do it."

"There's one other thing you should know. If we do this, the talisman will mark you. It's magic, and you'll get your own talisman that will never leave you. There are rules. If you loose to me, you won't be able to get more muscle from another guy. If you win, then you can grow bigger muscles from some bigger guy -- if there is a bigger buy. You and I can't use the magic together again, though."

It took a second to register. I could live with that. What he was telling me was that I'd have this power too. The sky is the limit as far as I was concerned.

"And that downside?"

"You get to have a lot of sex." He grinned and started kissing me. He placed the talisman around us. It had something that looked like a rope that was now around our necks. It began to glow.

"Wish" he said.

"I wish I was as muscular and strong as you."

"I wish I had your big fat cock."

The talisman reacted. It emitted a red glow and suddenly I felt very hot. Then dizzy. Mike was stroking my cock. I started sucking on his nipples. Man, they hung low on enormous pecs. The skin was so thin and his pecs so thick. "How strong?" I whispered. "Six hundred fifty pound bench press. I can crush bananas between them. Soon, you will too." My chest began to feel strong. I felt like flexing it, and as I did, I felt my muscles move and press against him. My pecs had always been too small to bounce, but now they moved on command. I was growing.

Mike suddenly forced us to the ground. He thrust his legs behind my neck. "Fuck me now." I looked at those huge glutes and wanted them to crush my dick like Mark had done so many years before. The talisman was holding us close with its magic bonds. The sight of his now 12 inch cock pressing againt the deepest eight-pack I'd ever seen made my cock harder than I ever remember it being. I pushed it in with one solid stroke.

With each thrust, I felt more power in my body. My abs had been firm, but I could now see mounds and ridges in my own eight-pack. It was getting hard to see my own abs as my pecs were exploding in size. I flexed my biceps and my old thirteen inches ballooned into a massive 21 inches. I reached around my back and felt thickening lats that were pressing againt my arms.

The strength in my legs and glutes were now pounding Mike with the biggest dick he'd ever taken. And he was loving it. His glutes squeezed hard, but I felt my own power growing to equal his. I crushed into his glutes, feeling the hardness of those muscular boulders begin to crumble.

I felt my body as it changed. My limbs seemed heavier and at the same time, I felt like they could do anything. Images of lifting marble pillars, temples crashing down around me flashed in my mind, only to be replaced by images of muscle power moving continents and crushing mountains. I flexed my chest and felts the pecs crush against each other, muscle fighting for space where no more existed. I flexed my abs and felt each in succession become rocks of clearly defined power. I saw my calves and tensed them into diamonds of strength. Again, I flexed my arm and saw my 24 inchers peaking higher and thicker.

The talisman hung between Mike and myself. Now, two ropes of power came from it, one around Mike's neck, one around mine. Mike stroked his monster cock. It was still smaller than mine by at least an inch or two. I pressed into Mike, and felt his legs fight back. I felt when my power began to overtake his, forcing his legs back. His wide back looked like a stealth bomber as it flexed in a futile effor to resist my increasing strength. I grabbed his arms. He fought, but I could see my arms were bigger than his. I had his mass, but on my smaller frame, my muscles were bigger. My muscles were denser. I was going to win and my muscles would be stronger. I felt an unstoppable power in my body and I acted on it. I forced his arms back and pushed my dick deep into him. He screamed as his cum shot out like bullets. I shot so much cum I expected it to come out of Mike's nose. A blinding flash came from the talisman and I felt it fall between my pecs. I pulled out of Mike and collapsed next to him.

When I turned to look at him, he was motionless. I saw a talisman around his neck too. His dick hung big between his legs, just like my dad's had. He was flushed from our hot man sex. Slowly, he turned. "Man, you're great. Wow."

I grinned. He rolled over and his dick flopped down. It began to grow again as he looked at my body. I have to admit, that huge cock on his muscle was a turn-on. He didn't even have to challenge me to a sword fight to get a rise out of my organ, but he did. We were both hard in seconds. We embraced, our huge cocks pushing into our massive pecs. He gasped when he realized I was still bigger.

"Looks like the scales tipped my way." I flexed my pecs into our cocks so he could feel my mass and hardness with the sensitive dick heads. I admit, I liked it too. After all, we had the room for a few more hours. Why not fuck like bunnies?

Mike had been the first to leave. He gave me clothes -- the old ones didn't fit. I pulled the jeans over my thighs. The denim was like a second skin, the deep cuts of my new muscle clearly visible. I forced my cock in, and it stretched down my left leg. My muscular thighs made it more prominent. Good. I decided not to wear the tank top. Why hide my chest and abs behind fabric. The talisman hung between my pecs. Never know when it might come in handy.

The end. •

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