Tower of Stars

By bicepdragon17

One thing Sean had always hated about himself was his intelligence. Upon observation, he found it made him arrogant, aloof, and not to mention sarcastic. And sadly, most of the kids at his school didn't have the brain capacity to appreciate wit. Sure, Sean aced all of his classes with ease, and now in his Junior year of high school, he was the Valedictorian of his class, but that didn't increase his popularity. In fact it made some of the smarter kids in his school hate him with a passion that was almost holy. So, alone and dejected, Sean wandered from class to class in a haze, depressed that he had no friends. Physically, Sean was underdeveloped. This was the other thing Sean hated about himself, he couldn't stand the fact he was short and flabby. He wanted to be big and muscular, but he just couldn't seem to find the will to do anything. From research, Sean also knew his genitalia were underdeveloped. His penis was a merely four-and-a-half inches when erect, and even smaller when flaccid. Girls never noticed Sean, and the guys always made fun of him for being so weak. Actually, there was one person who paid attention to Sean, or at least seemed to. It was a guy, a Senior, that much Sean knew. Sean had no idea who he was, but Sean always noticed that he was looking at him while walking in the hall or at lunch. The Senior never said anything, only seemed to watch. His eyes had a strange, piercing quality about them that unnerved Sean. Sean never approached him, or by the time Sean mustered up the courage to do so, he was gone. One night, after finishing up some simplistic work on Calculus derivatives, Sean lay on his bed staring at the ceiling. Tears stung his eyes as the young man desperately looked for an answer to his woes within his mind. "Why do they all hate me?" He had said several times that night to himself. The depth of Sean's mind, however, could produce no answer. He wrestled with the question for hours, crying most of the time and beating his pillow with his fists. It was aggravating for Sean, only 17, to be emotionally tormented like this. But what could he do? Force everyone to stop? Conform into something he was not? It was so painful for Sean, he couldn't stand it anymore. He finally stood up, his eyes reaching his telescope. Sean decided he'd look at the stars tonight. Taking his telescope outside and placing it on the front lawn, Sean slowly scanned the heavens for some familiar stars. He soon viewed the Little and Big Dippers, Orion and Sirrus, and the constellation of Draco. After a few moments of looking, Sean discovered an interesting sight indeed. Stars of different color-red, blue, and green- were slowly aligning into a triangle in the Northern Hemisphere. Sean's eyes widened at the site of this odd occurance, knowing that no such stars existed anywhere, at least, not this close to Earth. Sean looked again, making sure he wasn't seeing things, and again the stars were there. "What's going on…" Sean muttered. He was baffled, that was for sure. "You've seen the approaching Union, I see." A voice said from behind Sean. Sean spun around to see that mysterious kid standing behind him. "Union? What are you doing here?" "Watching. As I have been for sometime." "Watching? Me?" "Obviously." "Why?" "You can't know that… at least, not yet." "Why?" "Enough questions. Suffice it to say you shall become… more than yourself somewhat soon." "Explain yourself!" Sean demanded. The Senior was taller than Sean, and he looked somewhat more powerful. "Later, young one. Until then…" And the kid turned and seemed to disappear into the darkness. Sean, an expression of sheer confusion on his face, stood on the lawn for a few moments. He finally decided to take in his telescope and literally ran up to his room. Not only had he seen some of the strangest stars in the galaxy, but that kid paid him a visit. What was going on?

(Yes, I know, no transformations yet. Patience ;) •

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