Tough Boy

By John Bowling

"You really think your tough, don't you kid!" He was standing in front of the full length mirror, flexing his biceps. They were large for a guy his age, and very well defined. "Think, hell. I *know* I'm fucking tough! I've out wrestled you lots of times with sheer muscle power! That's tough, when a sophomore can whip the ass of a larger assistant coach, and everyone else on the team!" I had started as assistant coach this year, and this high school kid was one strong boy. The very first day of practice, I was showing the team a new move, and he volunteered. I was 22, 5'9" and 195 pounds of buldging muscles which I'm rather proud of. Kerry was 5'4", and 165 lbs, and he was built well enough to have won a couple of teen-aged body building trophies allready. That day, as I showed the manoeuver to the group, I felt his strength. I was successful in performing it because he didn't know what to expect, but even then it was almost impossible to perform because he instinctively flexed to oppose me. In the end, it wasn't my strength that forced against him, but the leverage of my greater height and weight. Once I had him down, I had to hold him there until my dick softened again. And I kept it hidden from the others by keeping it against his body. He was struggling, and finally his strength pushed me off and he jumped up. His own singlet showed a hot, hard cock. He strutted back to the bleachers, showing off his hard cock along with the rest of his muscles. A few days later, he was lifting weights when I walked in. I was going to lift also, and I walked up to where he was benching. He had 350 lbs on the bar and was pressing it up, slowly. We were alone in the gym. "Damn heavy weight for a kid!" I said. "Think you can do any better?" He replied. "I just finished my third set of 10 reps." "Careful you don't get too pumped, you might rip through your clothes." "Yea, you'ld like that wouldn't you!" "Yea. So would you!" He was standing next to me and said "Are you calling me a fag?" "Does that stiff dick mean anything else?" "I'm a teenager. We're supposed to be hard a lot." "So why don't you get hard when you're with your girlfriend? And why are you always hard when I'm around?" "I have a girlfriend just so the others will leave me alone. You think it's fun having a couple of dozen girls hanging on you every minute? And half a dozen guys? Besides, having sex with a hard muscled guy is a lot more fun than a soft female!" He grabbed me and began to force my arms back. This time I was really feeling his strength. I struggled against him, but just got pushed back more. He got them all the way back and had his arms around me. I could feel the end of his hard dick pushing against the base of mine and my balls. "Why don't you fuck me, muscle boy?" "Not here!" He lifted me up, and carried me back through the locker room into the shower. He set me down, grabbed my shorts and flexed his powerful arms, ripping my shorts off. He took his own down, then pushed me up against the wall. I felt his dick press against my anus and then felt it plunge up my ass. He began to fuck me immediatly, and within a dozen strokes rammed it in and held it, pulsating and spewing, deep up me as he came. He pulled out, turned me around, faced me, and flexed. "Now, fuck me while I flex!" I pushed my dick between his spread legs, and placed it against his ass. I rammed it up, and it went part way in. I could feel the strength of his ass squeezing on it. "Relax, Kerry, I can't get it up you if you keep flexing like that." "I'm not flexing my ass. Try using a little muscle and push it!" After three more tries, using all my strength, I finally rammed it into his ass. "Feel my muscles!" I grabbed his hard flexing biceps and squeezed them. Seconds later, I was cuming up his ass. "You really liked that didn't you, coach?" "Yea, and so did you!" "You going to be my boyfriend this year, coach? Last year, the captain of the football team was my boyfriend. He got an all-american scholership to UCLA. He had his choice of scholerships to a dozen schools, all top football. So I need a new boyfriend this year, and you're the best built guy here." "Ok, but we can't let anyone know." "Hell, everybody in school knows I'm a fag. They also know that I'll fuck any guy who calls me, or any one else, a fag." "If everybody knows your gay, what do you need a girlfriend for?" "I don't need her. They all know I won't hit on them, so I'm the most popular guy in school with them. I just use her so I can excape from the rest of them occationally." --(*)-- So now this super boy was showing off his great body to me again. This time, though, I had a little surprize for him. I handed him a bottle of a sports drink that I had added a little something to. I had one of my own, and I had added the same thing to mine, only a stronger dose. I wasn't sure how it was going to react to our bodies, but the chemist had promised that the results would be spectacular. We both downed the bottles, and began to admire each other's muscles. At first there was a tingling sensation in my stomach, I from his expression I knew he was feeling it also. Then it slowly spread out to my entire body. "Damn. It feels strange. Was there something in that drink?" He asked. Grinning, I said: "Yea, something that will make your muscles grow huge. I put it in mine too." "Why would I want huge muscles?" "Come on, we both know you love muscles, yours and other guys." "Yea, but --- how big will they get? Will I be strong enough to lift a ... oh, it hurts ... damn ..." I was feeling the same wrenching feeling in all my muscles. Involunarily, all the muscles in both our bodies were flexed like steel. I could see his muscles thickening, and knew my own were too. As they grew, instead of relaxing, they flexed even harder, becoming more defined. I felt my own posing trunks rip as my thickening buttocks stretched them. I heard his ripping also. I glanced down at him, and saw his dick throbbing. It was twice the size it was just a minute ago. He was staring at my cock, which was also growing fast. Our muscles continued to thicken. I reached out and grabbed his hands, and we intertwined our fingers. Our hard flexing, huge muscles forced against each other. Out dicks were rubbing together, and we both starting coming. Two minutes later we were both still coming, our muscles and dicks now about three times their origional size. Yet it continued. And all the while we were growing, we spirted cum. We passed four times, then five times, then six times larger. We were locked in a muscle bound, hard flexed embrace, our gigantic dicks continuing to spew cum up over our shoulders onto the the ceiling, walls, and floor. Finally, I felt the effect start to abate. I noticed that he had relaxed and his dick shot one final volley and softened. I continued for a good dozen streams of thick cum before mine finally quit too. We both stood there exausted. With our arms around each other for support, we were barely able to stand and slowly made our way towards the showers. Crossing the floor to the door was treacherous. It was covered with slippery cum for at least eight feet from where we were, and there was a lot more dripping from the ceiling and running down the walls. Gradually, we made it. Luckily I had locked the door so no one could get in and hurt themselves slippin in it. We got to the shower, still hardly able to stand. My muscles, and probably Kerry's, were sore as hell, worse than they had ever been when I did a heavy work out. I reached up to the shower heads, and moved four of them to where they would all hit us if we stood in the center. I had to do six before I got four good ones. The first two I tried were now just a mass of crumpled metal. I had finally figured how to exert as little pressure as possible, and I still bent them all up. On our way into the room, we had to separate and enter separatly. The door was six feet across, and we were barely able to walk through it together without touching before. Now we had to squeeze through, and we scraped the skin on our gigantic pecs when we slid through sideways. Our shoulder's wouldn't go through straight. I had a lot more trouble than Kerry did. I was bigger than he was to start and I took more of the potion. We showered, and just stood there holding each other. It must have been a real sight to see, two increadibly thick muscled men holding each other, arms not even able to get half way around the other guy's chest. Finally, after about 30 minutes of just standing there, we had recovered enough energy to soap each other down. As soon as we felt the other's muscles, our dicks rammed to attention. Kerry was able to stick out his tongue and touch the head of his dick, which was level with his own head. That is, he could when he grabbed his dick and bent it around his gigantic pecs. Mine was just as big. I looked at him and he looked back. I saw incredible lust in his eyes, and I know it was reflected in mine. I grabbed his wrists and began to force him back. He flexed back, yet I was able to slowly push his arms behind him. As we fought each other for control, we both stared in awe at the flexing of the other's muscles. They were gigantic, and I saw cords in his pecs that seemed thicker individualy than the normal well developed body builder's entire pecs. Damn, I was in lust. The most awesome muscular body I had ever seen was flexing, massively huge, and harder than steel right in front of me, and I was slowing forcing him down and back. My dick slipped between his legs, and slapped up against his rock hard bubble butt. I reached down behind him and grabbed a massive cheek in each hand, and pulled them apart. He didn't have them flexed, yet it took most of the strength in my powerfull arms to slowly pull them apart. My dick slipped between them, and I let his cheeks go. The pain of his cheeks squeezing on my dick was incredibly intense. I reached up and grabbed his shoulders, squeezing down on the massive mounds of muscle. He had lifted his arms up and was flexing his gigantic biceps. I pulled my dick back, and felt it brush against his hole. I felt around with it to make sure I was centered. "No, please, it's too fucking big." "Damn right it's big!" I said as I push against his ass. I felt him flex his anus to stop me. His whole body became rigid in anticipation of my penetrating him, as if flexing his huge muscles could keep my strong body from ramming him. "Yea, flex those muscles, boy. Turn me on with your incredibly flexed body. Your flexing is making my dick harder than steel." I tightened my grip of his shoulders, arranged my hips for penetration, felt the tightness of his ass, and flexed, ramming my dick into him. He screamed as I did it, and my dick sank into him. I continued to push, and it went in all the way. Tears were flowing down his cheeks and his muscles swelled even more as he lay back with my dick holding him up. I let go of him, and leaned back myself for balance. His thighs were gripping me around the hips, and I watched as he, supported by my giant powerfull dick lay back and flexed. The view of his massive muscles swelling to gigantic proportions, flexed to sharp edged tremendous definition, and crushing strength squeezing my cock was making me horny as hell. His own huge dick was bumping me between my pecs. I flexed my dick and lifted him up and squeezed on his cock head with my pecs, holding it there as my dick lowered him, and then began to lick that huge cock head. We were both flexing, crushing each other's dicks with powerfull muscles, and so turned on that a few seconds later we both came. For the next fifteen seconds, we spewed cum, and both of us were flexed everywhere with an intensity we couldn't achieve without sex. Neither of us wanted it to end and tried to hold the muscles flexed and our dicks hard, stretching the intensity of the incredible moment, as long as possible. Without the adrenaline and other intensities of the act of cumming, our muscles soon began to hurt like hell, and we relaxed, reluctantly. We showered again, letting the water relax us, and then went back and sat down in the locker room. "Damn, I'll never get back into my clothes! This body is too fucking huge!" "Yea, and I want to fuck that huge body constantly. Quit worrying, I planned this little growth session, and I brought big clothes for both of us." "I hope they're big enough! I'ld love to show off this georgeus body to those puny guys out there, but the police don't exacty like it when you run around nude." "Try this!" I handed him a pair of shorts that had a 40" waist. He tried them, and couldn't stretch them over his hips and huge, rippling bubble butt. Next was a 48" pair, and those would fit except the waist line was very loose. I tried a 48" pair and barely got them over my own muscle bound hips. The real problem came when we tried to make them cover our dicks. Soft, we could get them to lay under the excess waist material, but they sure weren't ever going to be hidden when hard. We managed to get into the XXXXX large t shirts I had specially made. They would fit loosely over 65" of chest and tightly over 80", and were tailered down to a 30" waist. We both stretched them a little, and while my waist was snug, his was loose by a couple of inches. I found some short stretch jeans that would fit snugly over 45" theighs and manage our hips. If we relaxed, we could get them on. "Damn, you look gorgeous dressed like that! Good enough to eat!" "You're one hellatiously beautiful muscle bound stud. Just don't flex or---" He did, and ripped the jeans up both thighs as he tightened them. "Whoops. Bigger than I thought they were." He grinned. "God it feels good to rip them so easily! I'll bet most of those puny guys out there would give anything to feel these super muscles flex." "Hell, you used to show off constantly, and now you've got huge muscles to show off. And they are going to keep growing!" "Gee, how fuckin' huge can I get? Hell, I could whip most pro body builders now!" "You are now at the basic minimum for your body type. Exersize those muscles and they'll at least triple in size." "Shit, I can't even imagine that. Hell, a few hours ago, I couldn't imagine arms the size of these." "We need to find a gym with weights big enough to make these muscle grow. We can both curl 200 pounds or more with one hand, and may be able to curl 500 with one hand in a few years. They don't make dumbells that heavy! No one was ever able to lift them!" "We can! And we can make more supermen like us." "Yea, I can get more of the formula." "So we can have lots more gigantic muscle men to flex with." "And fuck with!" •

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