Touch of Gold



By Musclebuff

I woke when I felt a great weight on top of me. I opened my eyes into his: he lay on top of me, resting on his elbows, his face only a few inches from mine.

For the first time he smiled. He dazzled me.

You've slept long - that's good. Your energies will be filled again, and our strengths will become one.

He kissed me gently and resisted any invasion of tongues.


He got off me, removed the quilt and held out his hand to help me up. As I took it I felt a great strength run through me and, with his arm around my shoulders, I went with him, feeling like an athlete of some ancient civilization entering a moment of shared glory.

The Temple was waiting for us. Now it was night, and the candles seemed to glow with a greater insistence. The mirrors reflected them to infinity and as he turned to me, the Nameless One, he too was reflected a thousand times and from all angles. Now he seemed totally god-like and I was ready to worship.

Again he read my mind - No, you are not here to worship me - you are here to share my strength and to become one with me. Are you ready to begin?

No words seemed sufficient to reflect what I was feeling. I nodded.

The temple was ablaze with candles : dozens glittered in front of each mirror. There was already a heady haze of aroma from the joss sticks which threatened once again to transport me. He held a jade jar out to me.

We must anoint each other with this - kind of like lubing electric points. I'll do you, then you do me.

He opened the jar and slathered gobs of the stuff all over my body. Then he started to massage it all in. He started with the back of my head and neck, and ran his fingers into the hair line.

Pity about the hair, he grinned as he pulled my mouth towards his. His hands came round my neck and down on to my delts. I started to shake as the electricity of his touch started to register. Hush! Relax! Easy for him. He didn't have the most handsome man in the world interfering with his body!

Shoulders, arms, back up to the pecs, lingering on my nips. I hissed as he twisted them both gently and my dick responded accordingly. Ah, sensitive here, huh? Then his hands were on my abs, fingering between the six-pack ropes. Round on to my glutes and up my back. Turned me round and lubed my lats, followed them down to my legs, stood up, turned me to look in the mirror. I was shining from head to toe, reflecting the hundreds of flickers to infinity through all the mirrors.

Handed me the jar. Your turn.

I took the jar and began to anoint him. First a general all-over smear. I put the jar down and began to massage it in properly.

I want you to concentrate and remember what each muscle feels like. Go slow.

I started with his neck and head, gently massaging that pillar that connected the head to the body through the buttresses of his thick traps. Down the back, traps, rhomboids, rear delts, on to the lats which were fully spread. Already I started to get hard again. My finger tips tried to remember the shape, the thickness, the bulk of those great wings as they swept down and in to the tiny waist and the hauser-like erectors at the base of the spine. Oh God, those abs. Once I'd done his lower stomach I walked round to the back and started on down to the mighty. striated glutes. My hands cupped the huge globes and moved round them, my thumbs pushing into the secret realms of the perineum and his butt-hole. They tensed as my fingers pushed further in, then down to the mighty hamstrings, the huge diamond-shaped calves and up the other side.

He turned to me as I was still on my knees. His huge dick was completely erect and already dripping with pre-cum. I looked up. There was no kind of negative showing so I gently licked the mighty rod along its full length, first along the thick vein that pulsed down the top of the pillar, then along the pipe under his rod, from the perineum to the crown. I fitted my lips around the crown, drawing the purple head into my mouth. I started to suck and swallow the pre-cum which tasted like honey. I squeezed his dick which spurted another half pint down my throat.

He stood me up as a wonderful warmth swelled through my entire body.

Neither of us can cum yet - not till the appointed time. These'll keep us under control.

He took a couple of quarter-inch black leather thongs, wrapped one two or three times round the root of his dick and balls and pulled tight. And tucked in the ends. Then he did the same to me. There was a narrow pad in the center of the thong which pressed into the perineum pipe as he tightened it round my root. He watched my eyes as he pulled it tighter and tighter till I gasped. Then he turned me round to see us both in the mirror. We both glowed from the candlelight and our dicks - our dicks were huge and hard and startlingly purple from the constriction. It felt great.

Now you've had your first drink of my essence. This will open all your receptors to all that follows. This will be the hardest part of the operation. You must concentrate so hard on each of my muscles and then transfer the memory to your own. Remember the biceps today? It'll be like that, but with every muscle in the body.

He took me by the shoulders and his deep purple eyes bored into mine.

I can feel that you are tingling all through your body, all through your mind with the anticipation of all this, and from the influence of my pre-cum. Even if you haven't yet admitted it to yourself, this is the most important moment of your life. I'm going to help you - and my muscles are going to help you - but it's your mind that has to do the work. It'll be pretty intense - are you ready for that?

I hadn't yet sorted out whether I wanted him for his muscle or his muscle for myself: I was completely confused. I knew that most guys like us really want to be the other muscle guy rather than have sex with him, but I also knew that this man was more important to me than anyone I had ever met. I wanted to be big like him, but I also needed to be one with him, to be part of him, and for him to be part of me. That's what I told him now.

So I guess, yes I am ready for this.

OK, we'll start. Now don't talk, just think.

From somewhere music began. A strange music, sad breathy flutes, strange harp-like instruments, and a constant throb of soft drums which sent shivers through me. Once again we faced the mirrors - this time side by side.

Look at yourself, look at me. Everything in your imagination must become fact. I'll start by helping you with some posing.

He floated from powerful pose to powerful pose and I tried my damndest to memorize the sight of each glorious, shining muscle. Every time he shifted position a new vision of heaven flickered into life, reflected over and over again with the flickering candlepower in the four contrary mirrors. It was so magical that it was equally difficult to concentrate on my task.

Finally the workout of my life began. He would flex a muscle - I would first feel his, like a blind person remembering a face, then flex my same one.

Close your eyes - visualize! Flex! Harder! It must hurt!

Over and over again: watch, copy, close, flex, PAIN, visualize! Each time I closed my eyes and flexed, he would lock his hand on the muscle to help me remember what his felt like.

Open your eyes and look!

He'd push me towards a mirror and I'd see just how much my muscle had grown! It was strange to see how disproportionate I looked as one body part swelled more than another.

So it went on. As we progressed I felt my spirit getting closer and closer to his: this gave a new meaning to bonding. I felt warmer and warmer, and warmer also to him. Though nothing was said, I felt the same kind of vibes coming from him.

Finally it was over. Every muscle had been "activated". He stood me in front of him in a mirror. Man, I was huge! But somehow, I didn't look, or feel, complete. There was still something missing - something vaguely out of order. The energy slowly went out of my posing and preening. I looked up at him.

Something missing? Yes, I know. But it is almost morning and soon the Sun will rise. His rays will be deflected in mirrors set in the roof above us - they will be turned by the mirrors to shine down upon us and we will be able to complete you. Then we will become One in Strength and Power.

The dark purple eyes were shining into mine. He stroked my muscles, shining with sweat and oil in the candlelight. I did the same to his glorious dick: he closed his eyes and I pulled him into an embrace and kissed him gently on the lips. His strong arms grabbed me hard as he returned my embrace.

We were still locked in that embrace when the music changed in the air. I looked up to see a million sparkling motes float down from the high ceiling. I squeezed to make him look up.

Here he comes! Reach out to him!

We stood one behind the other and raised our arms towards the golden sparks as they now cascaded down from above. Slowly, as the golden music increased in volume, the shower of sparks became a solid ray, so bright that it was no longer to keep the eyes open as it enveloped us. He started to chant in some unknown language and I couild feel his dick growing and hardening against my butt. Mine rose too, to meet the enveloping sun.

He turned me to face him, lifted me up by the waist and lowered me onto his dick. As the sun-music built to a stunning climax, he fucked me in the pouring rays. Something made me lean back, my legs locked round his waist, holding my arms out to the sun as he pistoned in and out of me. Somehow I found myself catching the drift of his urgent chant and joined my voice with his, though I had no idea how I knew what to say.

Then he too lifted his arms to welcome the sun. A great golden gong crashed out as a huge sunburst exploded around us. Cum burst from us both: we fell to the ground and, though the sunray remained, the music gradually calmed down to accompany the after-glow of our conjunction.

I don't know how long we lay there. Eventually the sun shifted as it rose higher in the sky and its reflection softened upon our prostrate bodies. I felt clean, fresh, calm. He stood me up, once again to look in the mirrors. I was complete. Somehow the muscles had matured. Now they looked hard and there were veins snaking over them.

Now I was as tall as him. My skin as golden as his. He pushed me closer to the mirror: my eyes were deep purple like his. My jaw was as strong and as cleft as his. In fact we were practically identical, except that I was still Eurasian and he was still Asian. Perfect complements to each other. I turned and smiled at him. He could see I had understood.

We stood facing one another on each side of the fading pillar of light. He spoke first.

What am I? - You are the glory of muscle.

What power do I have? - The power of the Sun himself.

Who am I? - You are Love.

Now you too are the glory of muscle, you too have the Power, you too are Love!

I said, Now we are truly One?

We are. So fuck me! •

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