Trainer, The

By Ultrabeef

Chris was a total college jock-stud. A member of the Hope College Football team, Chris had been one of the star players on his high school squad and had stayed in awesome shape since moving up to campus 2 years ago. Now 21 Chris was looking forward to starting another season with the team. During the summer Chris started doing personal training at the local Iron Dungeon Gym near campus. That's where I first met him.

I had been trying to get in shape myself for years but my willpower around junk food was a major problem in my quest. I was 31 years old and one of the youngest professors at Hope College having just completed my PhD a year ago. I felt really lucky to get the job in the English department. I noticed Chris' business card on the gym counter and gave him a call. The next day I met up with him at the gym and explained that I had always wanted to get in shape but never seemed able to do it. "No sweat, Doc" Chris replied with his white teeth gleaming, "I get you looking like me in no time". He flexed his beefy bicep and I almost came in my sweatpants. Over the next few weeks this college stud trained me 3 days a week. I loved working out with him because he was such an inspiration. He always wore a tight t-shirt which left little to the imagination as his big pecs and bulging shoulders strained the fabric. His sweats did little to contain his big quads and tight bubble butt. Chris had been talking about entering a local bodybuilding contest but wasn't sure he was in good enough shape. "You look awesome to me, man" I'd always tell him but he never seemed to believe me. Then one day I showed up at the gym for my training session but Chris wasn't there. He had never missed a session before so I was a little worried. I knew where he lived, in a dumpy apartment near campus, so I stopped by his place to see if he was ok. I knocked on the beat-up door and a deep voice rumbled "Just a minute". Then the door swung open and a massive bodybuilder stood in the doorway. "Ch ... Chris" , I stammered barely recognizing the stud, "Is that you ?" There in front of me stood the most awesome specimen on manhood I had ever seen. Just looking at him my dick swelled in my sweats and popped up from behind the waistband of my sweats dripping with precum. Massive slabs of muscles covered my trainer's body. Big beefy pecs hung like a shelf from his chest. His shoulders were like mountains and his abs looked like a brick wall. His biceps looked like they might burst through his skin at any moment. Veins stood out like road maps all over his body. His obviously massive cock was barely contained by a tight pair of blue posing trunks. He was holding a towel in his hands and wiping the glistening sweat from his body.

"Hey Doc" the stud grinned "You're just in time". The hunk turned and I followed him into his sloppy apartment. His ass looked like two giant basketballs struggling with each other from room. His back looked wider than the doorway I just walked through. Tons of jars of protein powder and supplements were scattered all over along with bodybuilding magazines and dirty clothes. The apartment smelled like sweat and cum. "Hey Doc, you know how I thought I wasn't big enough to compete ?" "Yeah" I mumbled. "Well, whadaya think now ?" Chris then began to hit poses in his living room right in front of me. I couldn't control myself any longer. "Aw ... ffuck!" I moaned cumming in my sweats in front of the stud. Chris whipped out his massive dick and I began to suck him off. We were both in ecstacy. When we finished Chris smiled. "Damn Doc I never thought you'd be such an awesome fuck". I couldn't believe that I had just had sex with a student. I was horrified. "I'm gonna get fired ... I can't believe this" I kept muttering under my breath. "No sweat man" Chris grinned. "You know I can't have some old guy as a training partner anyway". As he spoke Chris reached for a gun that I hadn't noticed lying on the kitchen table. "Wh .. what are you doing ?" I asked in terror. On the side of the gun was a dial. As he adjusted the dial Chris spoke " Let's see, what do I need in a training partner and fuck buddy ? How about 19 years old ? 40 pounds of new muscle ?" Chris then aimed the gun at my face. "Don't worry Doc", the stud grinned, "you're gonna love this". Then he pulled the trigger. I brilliant beam of white light shot out of the barrel directly into my face. Immediately a searing pain shot through my body. I looked down and saw that my clothes were soaked with sweat. "Oh fuck", I moaned as my body began to be overtaken with feelings of immense pleasure. I could feel my dick cumming again and again. My clothes were feeling tight against my body and my mind was all muddled. I could see my muscles straining through my sweat soaked clothes and then I heard ripping sounds as my clothes gave way. My brain seemed to be emptying of all the information I had learned over the years. I could feel my IQ dropping, my PhD slipping away. I could only think about beer, football, working out, and sex. Finally the sensation stopped and I stood up. "Holy shit Doc, Look at you !" Chris yelled. I looked into the mirror on the wall and saw that I was a total muscle stud. I was totally naked and I saw my huge beefy pecs, bulging arms, and huge cock. I was a 19 year old stud. "Oh, fuck man, look at me, dude" I moaned in a new deeper voice as I massaged my big pec in my hand and brushed against my sensitive nipple. "Fuck yeah, bro" Chris grinned. •

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