The Incredible, Amazing, Super, Colossal Man!

A Match


By Johnny M


Aaron came to, a small group of co-workers surrounding him. His head ached, and so did his back. What had happened?

"Aaron, are you all right?" Bill had a bottle of water in front of Aaron's mouth.

"I'm fine," Aaron said, shakily standing up. "What happened? I must've been hallucinating or something…I thought I saw Derek, but it was this tall, really muscular Derek, and…" People were staring at him with a silent look. "That was Derek wasn't it?"

"Yeah," Bill said.

"Excuse me," Aaron said, removing himself from the crowd.

"You took a big hit, Aaron, you might have a concussion or something. We should get you to the doctor." Bill began to move toward Aaron, as if to lead him away.

"Back off, Bill!" Aaron snapped. Bill recoiled. He had never seen Aaron snap at anyone before. He backed off, and the crowd began to disperse.

Aaron walked slowly to the remains of Derek's desk. Two of the walls had fallen down, and the rest was in ruins. He examined the wreckage. Files. Papers. And a small black can. That was odd. Aaron remembered the hot water and the black can from before. He picked up the can.

"Take one tablespoon with one cup hot water daily for growth. Do not exceed this dosage. Not responsible for any adverse side effects." Aaron was puzzled. Growth? Derek had been looking rather large lately, even before his growth spurt. He noticed a small amount of the powder in the wreckage.

Aaron ran to the break room to get a cup of hot water. He carefully took it back to the ruins and added a tablespoon of the powder. He drank it down quickly, ignoring how the mixture burned his throat. Within minutes, he felt his entire body flex quickly, almost like a seizure. When the flexing stopped, he noticed that his entire body felt heavier, and his clothes fit tighter. He felt his arm and was amazed at the hardness of the muscle, of how he could make out the smooth shape of it underneath the fabric.

He ran to the break room again, oblivious to the stares and questions of his co-workers. He ran back to the desk and quickly emptied as much of the powder as he could into the cup. He mixed it quickly and chugged it, again burning his throat and making him grab the desk to avoid from screaming. He could feel it land in his stomach, heavy and thick. He could feel the effects take place instantly.

He knew what was going to happen. He immediately began walking out of the office, already feeling his body growing…taller…and thicker. He ignored the feeling of his clothes growing tighter, of his muscle contract and expanding. As he strode deliberately through the office to the exit, buttons flew off, ricocheting against walls or co-workers. With every step, he heard a tear and his cotton shirt and his slacks gave way to his growing muscles. It was getting more difficult to walk as his thighs grew larger and they fought for dominance against each other. His balls and cock, themselves growing to inhuman proportions with every second, bounced and jumped as he walked.

His steps grew heavier the more he walked. Soon his head was grazing the ceiling. He reached the exit of the building. He reached forward to open the door and tore it off the hinges. He tossed it behind himself, ignoring the crash behind him.

He stepped out of the building, reveling in the freedom his new body. In minutes, he had reached the proportions of heavyweight bodybuilders, amplified by his ten-foot frame and his massive package. His body looked like the creation of a master sculptor, chiseled with definition unheard of in reality. His chest had become two massive mountains with a valley of cleavage, tipped with large, bullet-sized nipples. His abs were like a chain of perfectly-lined hills in comparison. His thighs were massive, corded with strength, leading to the largest diamonds outside of a museum. His cock had grown huge…thick, lined with veins, and beginning to throb.

He was horny as hell. He needed to feel his cock wrapped in the warmth of a mouth or the tight embrace of a well-muscled ass. He stood in the space outside the building, enjoying the feeling of his body, still expanding, still growing.

"DEREK!!!!!!!" he bellowed, amazed at the lower register of his voice. He saw cracks in the pavement, and he began to follow him. He was going to have Derek now, by force if he needed to. He followed the trail of broken pavement several blocks. As he followed it, he saw the cracks get larger. He noticed he was growing still, and he figured Derek must be growing as well.

After a few minutes, the expanding Aaron found a building in ruins. It was the gym he knew Derek went to. He saw several couples of muscled men drenched in what appeared to be cum. They were fucking right out in the street, pounding each other like their lives depended upon it. They were even unaware of Aaron until he grabbed one of them, removing them from the spread thighs of his bottom. He held the muscle man in his hand, the twenty-foot Aaron dwarfing him.

"Another one! Another one! Oh god oh god!" Aaron could feel the man cum in his hands, a small drop against his massive palm.

"Where. Is. DEREK?" Aaron took a large breath between each word, the force of his breath blowing some of the thick cum off the bodybuilder. The startled bodybuilder pointed in the direction the giant had stomped off to. Aaron smiled.

"Thank. You." Aaron drew the bodybuilder closer, licking off the sweet cum with his massive tongue. The muscle man twitched and his cock spasmed wildly. Aaron set him back down in front of his bottom, whose massive legs were still spread in the air, waiting for his top to continue. The muscle man quickly resumed his fucking, much to the delight of the cum-soaked bottom.

Aaron could feel himself growing larger by the moment. His steps added to the cracks in the pavement as he headed in Derek's direction. He sound found him, a towering fifty-foot pillar of muscle stomping through the streets of Townopolis, a constant stream of precum soaking the streets with a strange lubricant.

"DEREK!" The roar sent windows shattering and car alarms screeching. Derek turned to see who had called his name. He saw the forty-foot form of Aaron, his own steps rattling buildings to the foundations. He approached the giant, their cocks meeting before their bodies did. Aaron was still growing as he embraced the giant. He grabbed Derek's massive muscle ass roughly, spanking it. The sound could be heard across the town.

They two giants embraced, their massive cocks rubbing against each other, their precum mingling into a waterfall that coated the street below. They felt their massive pecs and inhuman biceps, the sounds of their hands against smooth skin audible and sensual. Aaron stopped growing, his eyes meeting Derek's, finally on equal terms. Their lips met in a passionate kiss, and as they groaned, their echoes traveled across the town, inspiring lust in all who heard. The dozen bodybuilders who had already serviced Derek began to ram their partners harder and faster than before. Aaron drew away.

"Service." The booming voice shook the surrounding buildings. He grabbed Derek roughly by the shoulders and threw him to the ground. He landed on the pavement hard, his massive body splitting the pavement. Fire hydrants broke, spraying water on anything near. Doors and windows were loosed and broken. Derek was amazed at Aaron's display of strength, and his cock twitched.

Aaron kneeled down in front of the felled Derek. He reached for the massive man's thighs. Derek tried to back up, but Aaron quickly grabbed him. He drew Derek toward him, spreading his legs. Derek squirmed desperately, and Aaron placed his hand on Derek's throat. Derek stopped.

"SERVICE!" Aaron bellowed, and without warning, violently inserted his massive cock into Derek's virgin ass. Aaron was amazed at the tightness, at how warm and inviting it felt. Derek screamed. He felt as if he would be split in two by the gigantic tool. His scream echoed for miles.

Aaron didn't care. He was blown away by how Derek's tight muscle butt embraced and wrapped itself around Aaron's cock. He began to thrust harder, and Derek's screams of pain soon became moans of ecstasy. The more Aaron thrust, the more Derek wanted this massive muscle giant inside of him. He closed his thighs around Aaron, drawing him closer, trying to clamp his ass tighter around the massive organ that was tearing him up inside.

The buildings around them began to buckle and shake. The faster Aaron thrust, the more the buildings shook. Aaron began to pump Derek's muscle butt faster and faster. Buildings began to crumble, the pavement split became longer as the street underneath them began to lose its battle against the fucking gods. Derek grabbed at the pavement of the street as if they were bed sheets, easily grinding the street into fine powder.

"Harder." Derek begged between gasps. "Faster." Aaron obliged, his hands wrapped around the massive thighs of his gigantic partner. The heat around the two giants began to accelerate, and their drops of sweat hit the ground with loud splashes like buckets of steaming hot water.

"Cum." Aaron bellowed. "Cum!" Aaron felt his cock widen as his juice shot into Derek's tight ass. He came in gallons, and soon the thick cream was leaking out of Derek and onto the street. Derek's own cock was coming as well, shooting cream all over himself and the street, the drops landing with loud thuds accompanied by splashes. They continued to shoot for what seemed like hours, and soon they were both coated in the thick sweet cum. They began to lick it off each other, coating themselves with the massive lake of semen that had formed around them, seeping into the buildings and down between the cracks of the shattered pavement. When they finally finished, they could hear the sounds from around town of men everywhere locked in ecstasy as the heat and scent of their juices traveled.

Townopolis spent much of the next few years rebuilding what had been destroyed. No one ever discovered what was in the powder, and Greg never reappeared in town. The gym that Derek destroyed is now an apartment complex for bodybuilders that have managed to collect the cum from the giant coupling. Nobody's seen either Derek or Aaron since, although there are reports that they swam out to a remote island and claimed it for their own. It's rumored that in you travel the Caribbean, you can sometimes hear them across the sea, fucking and coming and fucking and coming…


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