The Incredible, Amazing, Super, Colossal Man!

House Humping


By Johnny M


Derek stomped his way out of the office, a steady flow of gasps, screams, and "Oh my god!"s following in his wake. He was having a difficult time walking, and he felt that with every step he took, a different muscle was trying to assert itself over the others. He tried to adapt, but it was not easy, given that he seemed to be growing larger every minute. He muscles continued to feel pumped, and they grew larger and thicker, making his body wider and bulkier. He was also growing taller, and by the time he had reached the building's exit, his head was brushing against the ceiling.

He stepped out of the building, stretching his massive form and emitting a low roar. He was amazed at the deep richness of his voice and laughed. He roared again, louder this time, and he thought he heard a window shatter. He was still growing all over, and he looked down, his view nearly obscured by the two huge mounds of muscle on his chest. He reached below to feel his cock and was delighted at its size. He could feel his balls against his thighs as he explored, gently rubbing his massive cock, which seemed as thick as a person's leg. He ran his hands over his body, tracing the huge, pulsing veins that ran along his muscles like road maps. He inhaled, and he thought that his skin would burst open like his shirt.

He was getting horny. VERY horny. He whole body seemed warm, aching for touch and for release. He felt his cock stir, felt the blood rushing to it, making it grow impossibly thick. He thought briefly about Greg, about how desperately he had wanted that cock. Now his cock was even larger than even that huge organ, and he needed service.

He began to run through the city streets, not caring about who got in his way. The only thing on his find was finding relief from the throbbing meat between his legs. He was ten feet tall now, and every step he took caused cracks in the pavement. People stopped in awe of Derek as he ran by, his hard muscles becoming even more impressive as he sprinted. Cars crashed into each other as people turned to watch him. The ground shook, making people lose their balance.

He ran for a good five minutes, his muscles continuing to grow along with his body. All he could think about was Greg…that body, that cock. His mind turned to the gym, and soon he was there. He was even taller now, at least twenty feet. He stood outside the gym breathing heavily, his exhalations causing the windows in the gym to rattle. People turned to look outside, and all activity inside ceased. People began to press themselves against the glass to look. They were greeted by a cock that was four feet long, thick and vascular, accompanied by a pair of churning, beach ball-sized balls.

Derek curled his hand into a fist and broke through the large glass window, sending glass flying everywhere. Luckily, none of the gym rats inside were seriously hurt. Derek placed his face in front of the window, his giant blue eyes seeming to glow. He smiled.

"Service." The voice was deep and resonant, and it sent everything in the room shaking, including most of the men. He blew inside, sending the remnants of the window skittering across the floor, clearing a space on the tile. He stood up to his full height, noticing he had grown even more. He placed his now five-foot cock inside the window.

"Worship." The voice shook the rest of the windows in the gym. Several men hastened to oblige the muscle giant, rushing forward to the obscenely huge cock resting on the gym floor. Derek felt dozens of hands across his giant dick, lovingly caressing and massaging it. He felt tongues lick across the head, and he responded with precum that oozed out, coating the floor in a thick, clear puddle. Some of the men covered their hands with it, rubbing his cock with the slick fluid.

Derek moaned loudly as he grasped the sides of the building, shoving his cock in even further, his balls up against the side. He grabbed the building tightly, the sides beginning to crumble from his strength. The rubble fell to the ground, landing as a fine dust to coat the street.

His cock grew even larger. Many of the men had taken off their clothes, devoting their entire time to worshiping this massive specimen. Derek felt a hard presence on top of his cock. One of the gym rats had rolled in the ever-growing puddle of precum and taking to riding the cock, pressing his muscled body against it. Derek's cock was now covered in his precum and the hands of several eager, muscular men.

Derek began thrusting against the building as his pleasure increased. The sides of the building began to crumble more from his grasp. The walls began to shake from the force of his massive, muscled body. People began to panic and stream out of the building, fearing for their safety. The men in the gym stayed, transfixed by the giant cock that had grown even more.

Derek's hard body seemed even harder, as if the muscles underneath were made of concrete. He eagerly thrust harder, the walls beginning to crumble. Pieces of the building fell to the ground, breaking the concrete. Glass windows shattered from the vibrations, and fixtures began to fall to the ground. Pieces of the ceiling fell to the floor, but Derek remained fixated only on his own pleasure.

Derek's massive balls began to churn more, and he could feel the orgasm starting. The men inside had gotten more enthusiastic, rubbing the giant cock and themselves with the slick, shiny precum. Their moans were overpowered by the deep rumbling coming from the muscle giant.

Derek emitted a massive, bellowing roar that shattered windows and shook the pavement. He felt the cum makes its way from the base of his cock, down to the tip of his six-foot endowment. He roared again as the hot, thick, sweet cum shot out of his cock. He grabbed the building harder, and whole sections of the concrete came off with his massive hands.

Inside, the cum was like a river, coating the muscle men inside with hot pleasure. It enveloped them like a thick rain, and those that were lucky to taste it were amazed at its sweetness. Some began to lap it up, wanting only that delicious cum, rolling in it and lusting after it. The cum continue to shoot out, knocking over weight machines and gym rats alike. The entire gym was soon covered in a layer of white liquid.

Derek roared again and some of the men snapped back to reality. Aware that the building around them was collapsing, the dozen men left tried to run out of the gym, constantly slipping and falling into the cum, which was still trickling out of the massive cock. Soon, the men were running out of the gym, naked and covered in the still hot cum.

Derek thrust against the building once more, and the wall collapsed. He had to be at least thirty feet by now, and he was still horny. He looked down at his striated and massively pumped body and cock and was immediately filled with lust. His brain was drowning in thoughts of sex, of muscle, of men. He began to walk away from the building, his heavy steps causing massive vibrations that could be felt blocks away. Behind him, the gym began to crumble, the cum from the floor seeping out the whole time. Derek didn't see the drenched muscle men behind him, overcome with lust. Some were eagerly sucking on dicks, some on their backs, spreading their massively muscled legs to allow entry, all of them unaware of anything but themselves.

Derek's dick was still leaking cum, and it fell to the ground in heavy, audible drops. People dove out of the way, trying desperately to avoid getting rained on. Derek was unaware of all of it, the only thing driving him on was the desperate need to get serviced, to cum again…and again…and again… •

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