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Becoming a Freak

By falseyedee

I didn't used to be like this. You know what I mean: freakishly muscular and obsessed with my body and getting as big as I can. I used to be a regular guy who went to work and watched sports and hung out with my friends. Muscle wasn't an interest of mine. In fact, I was one of those people who thought that body builders must be nuts to over develop their bodies like that. It was a little gross, you know?

But, as you can see, I've changed. It's an interesting story, I think so anyway. See I was a normal guy, dated girls: had a good life. But that changed about a year ago. You look surprised. It's true. You want to hear the story? Okay.

It started 13 months ago on a Sunday afternoon. I was out with a buddy of mine playing Frisbee in the park. We'd taken a cooler with some brews and were just flipping the disk back and forth shootin' the shit and watching the girls.

I'd just shot the disk back at my buddy, Matt's his name, and it had gone a little astray. Matt was dashing for it. I hollered my apologies and then I saw the most incredible thing behind him. Two of the biggest, most muscular monsters I'd ever seen. They didn't look human they were so big. My jaw must of dropped to the ground, cause when Matt caught the Frisbee he turned to see what I was looking at.

You're probably thinking, yeah, yeah, a couple of body builder's walked by, what's so amazing about that? Well, these guys weren't just body builders. These guys looked like nothing you've ever seen.

One was pretty tall, well over 6 feet and he was built like an extreme comic book hero, bigger than that even. No shit. He looked pretty young, early twenties or so. He was wearing a pair of bright red lycra shorts, the kind that come about half way down your thigh. That and a pair of cross trainers. There's no way he could wear normal clothes. His chest was enormous. There has never been a man with a chest like his. Thing is, his waist was minuscule. He was shaped like an hour glass: huge chest, tiny waist, huge thighs. And I mean huge thighs. One of his legs was bigger than any other body builder's chest. His biceps were bigger than his head. They were even bigger than his waist. He was a freak.

No shit.

You see a guy built like that and you'd think he was one of a kind. Not quite. He was with a guy who was in the same category of huge. Granted, the guy wasn't as big as the Freak, and he looked older, maybe 30, but he was a muscle freak himself. Nearly a head shorter than the Freak, he was built like a comic book hero too. I couldn't believe there were two such hugely muscular people walking this earth. The shorter guy's chest was about as big as the taller guy's thighs. And his waist was thicker too. Unlike the Freak, his thighs were about as big as his waist. But he was so muscular. Like a pro body builder. Like a Mr. Olympia. Dressed in a similar pair of lycra shorts and cross trainers, he was bigger than any man I'd ever seen in person, yet, his companion made him look small; made him look positively normal.

I was stunned at what I saw. I was also stunned by my reaction. Seeing these fantasy muscle men walking along not 100 feet from me gave me the biggest, hardest, quickest boner I'd ever had in my life. It was embarrassing. But, it was profound. I was so turned on by those guys. Normally, I'd make a crack about muscle bound fags, but I was so enraptured by the sight of these muscle gods I was speechless.

Matt was almost as stunned as I was, though, I noted, he wasn't turned on by them the way I was, or if he was, it wasn't showing. We watched in silence as they walked by. The shorter guy looked at us and smiled. That made my knees go weak and I found myself smiling back.

The two muscle monsters walked on by and around the bend. Without thinking I quickly went and grabbed my shirt and said something to Matt about having to take care of something. I scampered on after them, leaving Matt standing there looking stunned and confused.

I quickly caught up with the two muscle freaks and found myself following them, about 60 or 70 feet back. I couldn't believe I was doing that. I also couldn't believe the size of these guys. The Freak's back didn't just have that "V" taper that guys strive for. No. It was more like a "T". His back was so big that his arms didn't hang at his sides. They rested on his lats. His muscle ass was high and round and hard and I wanted a piece of that.

They continued walking thru the park with me tailing them like a scared groupie. When they stopped at Lincoln Street, to wait for the traffic to clear [hell, they could stop traffic!], the shorter guy looked around and spotted me. It was like he knew I was there. He smiled at me and gestured for me to come over. I was terrified and froze. He smiled and gestured again. I don't know what happened in my head, but I felt compelled to join them.

The closer I got, the bigger they actually were. At a distance you can fool yourself. But as I got closer I could see the wild definition of their muscles. The Freak's body was practically like a Gray's Anatomy figure. I could see every bundle of super-sized muscle.

My brain was like short circuiting. They were such fucking muscle freaks and I wanted to be one too. It was like the closer I got to those incredible muscles, the more right they looked and the more I wanted to look like that too. I'd never been that kind of person. I'd always mocked bodybuilders. But these guys weren't like bodybuilders. They were muscle gods. They looked so freakishly wondrous: strong and masculine in a way that was, I don't know, intoxicating.

You can see I'm not a big guy. Well, okay, not tall anyway. Standing next to these guys, I looked up at them both. I looked the shorter guy straight in hollow at the base of his neck. The Freak's luscious nipples were right at my eye level. I felt like I was experiencing sensory overload. Standing that close, the Freak's muscles filled my entire range of vision. I could see, too, as I looked down, drinking in the glorious vision of muscle, that the Freak's cock and balls were bigger than anything I'd ever seen. It was flaccid and even still it was more than a foot long and bigger round than a soup can. His balls were each as big as a good sized grapefruit. That was more than I could stand and I had an orgasm right there on the street, in my pants, and I didn't care.

When I got up to them my future was decided. I had to have muscles like that. I had to join them as another muscle man. I was ready to dedicate my life to getting big, as big as I possibly could: bigger than I could have even imagined my being only a few hours before.

I don't remember what was said. I know the Freak didn't speak. He looked down on me like you might an ant or a fly. And in relative proportion to his huge size, I felt like an ant or a fly. The shorter guy grinned and made a comment about how the stain in my pants told him everything they needed to know and that I should come with them. They could give me what I wanted. His Herculean arm reached round as he put his hand on my shoulder welcoming me into the world of real muscle men.

I followed them to an apartment building and we mounted the stairs to the third floor. The Freak went first, the shorter guy brought up the rear and I was sandwiched between them in a lusting, muscle daze. I followed them into a light filled apartment. When the Freak moved across the room I couldn't believe what I saw. Another muscle god!

He was about the same height as the shorter guy. But he was even bigger. Not as big as the Freak, but significantly bigger than the shorter guy. He looked like he was about the same age too. After seeing two huge muscle gods, maybe I shouldn't have been surprised to see another one. But I was and my cock sprang to attention at the sight of him. He was naked, and his big cock hung down. His balls were low hangers and easily the size of a couple of oranges.

The shorter guy said something to this new guy about my being one of them. The new guy, Poindexter, looked me up and down appraisingly. He looked at the Freak who had seated himself on one of the sofas. The Freak simply nodded and my fate was sealed.

I guess I should tell you what I looked like back then. As you can see, I'm short: only 5'-5" tall now. Back then I was even shorter: only 5'-3", and that on a good day. I weighed about 120 pounds. I was no athlete, but I wasn't out of shape either. I had a decent 6 pack and good legs.

Poindexter told me to strip and I did so willingly even though I didn't know them at all. The shorter guy came over with a cloth tape and measured me. Poindexter noted the information down on a clip board. I had a 27 inch waist and a 36 inch chest. My thighs were 18 inches, my biceps were 10-1/2 inches my calves were 12 inches. My fore arms were 8 inches. It's hard to imagine, isn't it, looking at me now? But it's true. I used to be a runt. Kinda like you. No offense.

The three muscle gods conferred and the shorter guy went to fetch something. My 6 inch cock was at full attention. Poindexter looked at me and started flexing his pecs, then bouncing them together and in sequence, slowly. My cock got harder and he continued bouncing his watermelon sized pecs faster and faster. I was mesmerized. I was so turned on. Pre-cum started flowing. I'd never seen anything so fucking sexy in my life. Then he started flexing his chest along with his arms and neck. He'd reach out, flex hard and squeeze his arms in slowly like a crab. His pecs swelled up with blood and seemed to get bigger in front of my eyes. He did that like twice and on the third most muscular crab pose I groaned in ecstasy as my cock exploded shooting cum a good 3 feet out in front of me.

The three muscle freaks laughed and Poindexter approached me with a syringe that the shorter man had handed him. His pumped, blood engorged pecs were in my face. He flexed them again right in front of me, within licking distance, my cock immediately got hard again and I hardly noticed that he'd jammed the syringe into my left buttock.

I looked up into his eyes and he looked down at me, saying in a deep baritone, "welcome".

That's when I started to feel funny. I got dizzy and the room started to spin. I staggered trying to maintain my balance. I was warm and started to perspire. I know this sounds like I was sick, but really I'd never felt better. I felt strong and masculine. I felt sexy and desirable.

My skin tingled and felt tight. I looked down at myself and couldn't believe what I was seeing. I looked at the muscle gods and they all nodded with smiles on their faces. I blinked hard a couple of times and looked down at my body again. The first glance wasn't wrong. My muscles were growing!

I looked up at my benefactors again and saw that they were all naked now, sprawled on the sofa's watching me getting bigger and more muscular. All my muscles were getting bigger, swelling with size. This may sound strange, but I felt myself getting not just bigger, but stronger. My chest expanded upward and outward, forming an impressive "shelf" of muscle. My quads grew in throbbing bursts and developed into the legs of a serious muscle man. My calves, which have always been big were getting even bigger. My fore arms looked like they might rival Popeye's. And just the sight of my biceps, bulging larger and larger made me see the shear beauty and magnificence of big, strong, freaky muscle.

My body got bigger. I had what bodybuilders call "mass". My muscles rapidly became firmer. It's hard to explain the sight of a normal man's soft muscle getting firmer, gaining in strength, getting harder, swelling with power, going from sponge to granite in the matter of a few minutes.

My mind continued to swim as I tried to soak in and make sense of what I was feeling and seeing and experiencing. Muscle and powerful strength was all I could see and all I could think about. As my muscles got larger, I got stronger and I never wanted it to stop. There is no better feeling than when you go from geek to god in a heartbeat.

I was growing bigger and bigger. I could feel my lats pushing up against my strong arms, pushing them away from my sides. I found I had to spread my legs to accommodate the size of my swelling quads. I felt the muscles in my back thickening and filling in. I felt my neck getting thicker and my traps rising up. I felt my stomach firming up and knotting with new muscle. Soon there was no place for the additional muscle to go, but to mound on top of the big muscles that were already there!

I felt myself getting not just bigger and stronger and sexier, but I could feel myself getting heavier. I'd not been a big guy, and was surprised at how wonderful it felt to be weighed down with bulging, powerful muscles. At 35, things had started to sag, even though I wasn't fat. But nothing sagged. Every muscle was thick and firm. Every muscle was pregnant with burgeoning power and strength.

After a while, I don't know how long, the dizzy swimming sensation subsided, and yet I kept getting bigger! I was so engrossed in my own new muscular and growing body, I found myself flexing and posing like I'd seen muscle men do. There was nothing better than feeling my growing muscles tighten up harder and pop larger and even more impressively huge. As I posed and flexed my muscles continued to grow. I was a hot, sexy muscle man and it felt better than you can possibly imagine.

I don't know when the muscle growth had stopped, I was so fixated on flexing my muscles and worshipping my own masculine power. My benefactors had watched the whole transformation. When I was finally aware of my surroundings, I could see that they had enjoyed the show. Cum covered the floor and, surprisingly, dripped off the ceiling.

The shorter guy, whose name is Dale, was licking up the cum off of Poindexter, when he was told to measure me again. He reluctantly got up and guided me into another room in order to weigh me on a scale. Walking was more difficult than I thought. The size of my quads demanded a different gait. I found that I had to spread my legs, and swinging one leg out around the other.

I was so much bigger that my walk was going to be different! That made me smile. It was like proof that I was now a muscle man. Knowing that my movements were going to be different because of the size of my muscles was as hot as the sensation of being so much heavier. And I was heavier. I'd gained 63 pounds! In maybe a half an hour! I was more than 50% heavier and it was all muscle! I'd also grown about ¾ inch taller.

I see that excites you. Wait till you hear how that 50% translates into size.

Dale escorted me back to the living room and announced that I was now 5'-3-3/4" tall and weighed 183 pounds. Poindexter grabbed his clip board and Dale measured me again. Each time he announced one of my measurements, I gasped and grinned like an idiot. My chest had grown by 10 full inches and was 46 inches around. My waist was now 33 inches, 6 inches bigger, almost as big has my chest had been, but all of it was the thickest ropes of lean muscle. My quads were 29 inches around. That's 2 inches bigger than my waist had been that morning! My calves were 19 inches around, huge and shaped like diamonds. My biceps were almost 18 inches around, practically as big as my quads had been. When I made a muscle, they peaked like a mountain, and split in two thick heads. My fore arms were 15 inches around.

Poindexter stood and walked over pulling aside drapes that I though covered a window. Actually, they had covered a mirror. I saw myself for the first time since they had welcomed me into their ranks. I was huge. Well, not like them, but compared to what I'd looked like when I'd arrived, I was a muscle monster. I looked like a championship bodybuilder!

The sight of my own newly muscular body turned me on. My cock sprang up and for the first time I realized that it too had gotten bigger. On a good day my erection had been just shy of 6 inches long. Not any more. It was 9 inches hard and my balls were as big as eggs.

I was entranced by the image in the mirror. Without thinking about it, I started to pose and knew then why some men want to transform themselves into muscle studs. It is hot. It is manly. It is empowering. It is awesome!

But in the back of my head I knew that this wasn't enough. My benefactors were complete muscle freaks and although some would say I was one as well, I knew that I could be even bigger.

I thanked them all profusely and asked if I could be a muscle freak like them. I begged to be made bigger. I begged to be made into a freak.

They seemed amenable to that idea. Poindexter explained that my body had to recuperate from this burst of growth before I could get another injection. I was disappointed that it couldn't be right then. But Dale said that it would come soon enough.

And he was right.

The days and weeks following my transformation from muscle geek to muscle man were interesting. First, there were just the practical things like clothes. I'd gone from wearing a size small shirt to an extra large. But the extra large sized stuff is all cut for men much taller than me and kinda made me look fat. So I picked up some large shirts made from lycra. Those shirts hugged my torso like a second skin and left no doubt that I was a muscle man.

The same was true of my trousers, though it was easier to find pants that fit me. But even though a pair of 34 waist 27 inseam pants were cut for a fat man, when I put them on, my muscular quads filled the legs of the trousers to nearly splitting and my big package couldn't be hidden.

Then there were things like how people reacted to me. Strangers would stare at me in wonder. I liked that. I felt like they needed to see what a muscle man looked like. They needed to see what a hot, muscle stud I was. I knew they wanted me. I knew they were envious. I'd tease them by bouncing my pecs for them. They always looked away embarrassed at being caught staring, but then always, always looked back to get another eye full.

My friends couldn't believe what had happened. Many didn't believe that I was me! They were like, you his brother? It's hard to accept such a sudden and complete transformation. Folks had a hard time getting their heads around it.

Matt was one of those who had a hard time accepting what had happened. He was all like I wasn't me and stuff. It took me like an hour to convince him that I was me. Then he was all, what have you done to yourself? You're a fucking freak, man! And I was like, damn straight, Matt. I'm a fucking freak and I want to get even freakier!

Matt's big problem, see, is that he was baseline jealous. He's been working out diligently for years, banging away at the weights trying to bulk up. In the 6 or 7 years I've known him, he's been lifting consistently with only modest results. He's like 6 feet tall and weighs in around 165 or 170 pounds. He just couldn't stand that in one afternoon I'd gained like six times the muscle he's gained in 6 years of dedicated lifting. Hell, now I outweighed him!

My girl friend? Well, she took one look at me and dumped me. We'd been together for about 8 months. I suppose this should have made me sad or something. But, to tell you the truth, I was so fucking turned on by the three huge muscle freaks that I really didn't care about losing her.

And it wasn't like I wasn't getting offers. Cripes, I got more come on's in my first week as a major muscle stud than I'd received in the previous 4 years! Muscle is a major turn on for a lot of people. Granted, they weren't all sex gods themselves, but some of `em were damn hot. Men and women. I was surprised at how many men were like right up front honest and said that short muscular men just turned their cranks. Most of them wanted to be dominated and fucked by a short muscle man. It was that kind of sex that I enjoyed the most. Being short, I guess I've always had a desire to top the tall. Now I could.

So it didn't take me long to figure out that I could make more money fucking a bunch of tall muscle queens than I could working my job downtown. And besides, my sudden muscularity scared people and had made me a pariah in the office. I didn't even have to go looking for johns. Hell, they came to me. In droves, man, in droves.

Yeah. So anyway. It was after my first transformation that I learned Poindexter's and Dale's names. The Freak, shit, he didn't need a name. He was The Freak, a muscle god. Turns out he was 6'-4" tall and weighed over 500 pounds. Even with 60 some pounds of new muscle on me, my chest still wasn't as big as his monstrous quads. Poindexter was like 5'-10 and 380 pounds. Dale was 5'-9" tall and 330 pounds. When I was with them, I still felt small, even with my big, body builder physique. I had nothing on them.

So, there I was 5'-4" tall 185 pounds of muscle, getting more sex than I ever had as a skinny shit and making more money than I ever had. I was pretty pleased. It was an awesome experience. But, when I got together with the muscle freaks, man, oh, man, I wanted to get bigger. I yearned for more muscle. I wanted it so bad. I dreamed about getting bigger. I swear I could taste the need to get freaky.

A couple of months later, Poindexter said it was time and I dropped my pants and stuck out my ass so fast it would have made your head spin.

The injection went in and I could feel the stuff under my skin, balled up in the muscle. I felt the stuff penetrate into my muscle and I swear I felt it enter my blood stream. I got dizzy and hot and felt that euphoric sense of muscle joy that I'd experienced before.

The transformation took longer this time, cause I put on even more muscle than the first time. It was glorious! I started getting bigger and more muscular within moments of getting the shot. My chest expanded out in front of me until I couldn't see me feet over my pecs without bending over. My thighs ballooned so much that I had to readjust my stance twice to make room for all the muscle. My arms grew and grew and kept growing until the 18 inch biceps I'd had before were a memory obliterated by the massive peaks that took their place.

My neck fucking disappeared. It got so thick, and my traps mounded up practically to my ears. I just grew and grew and not only were my muscles getting bigger, they were getting harder and more well defined. My skin seemed to be getting thinner as what body fat I'd had disappeared.

In what seemed like only minutes I knew that I didn't look like a body builder anymore. I knew that I was beyond body builder big. I'd entered the realm of complete muscle freak. And I STILL kept growing. I got completely boned by the experience. There is nothing so hot as actually experiencing your muscles mounding up in size beyond all reason. Hell, it got me hard and I came; spurted like a fucking fountain.

Then I realized how big my cock was getting! I felt it getting longer and thicker and my balls getting bigger and heavier, churning with pure masculine testosterone, getting heavier and heavier against my thickening tree truck thighs. THAT got me boned again and I came again, pretty quick without ever touching myself. I didn't have to. It felt like the best wet dream you ever had…only better, more intense and more satisfying.

The results? Well, you're looking at `em. I ended up 5'-5" tall and 287 pounds of pure fucking muscle. Go ahead. Say it. I'm a freak.

Yeah. I am a total muscle freak, baby. And I wouldn't change a thing. In my second transformation I gained 102 pounds of nothing but muscle. My chest is almost as big Dale's at 57 inches around. My waist thickened up with chords of steely muscle. My waist is now 39 inches, 9 inches bigger. I may not have the tiny waist of my muscle freak brethren, but I wouldn't trade the strength I have for anything.

My quads are honest to goodness tree trunks at 38 inches around. That's 2 inches bigger than my fucking chest was 3 months ago! My calves are 24 inches around, bigger than bowling balls, and probably even harder. My biceps are now 24 inches around too. They're bigger than Dale's. They're even bigger than Poindexter's. They're as big as other men's quads! And these fore arms would put Popeye to shame. They're 19-3/4 inches around. You know what that means? My fore arms are bigger than my quads were when I was a runt.

You want to touch this muscle don't you? You want to worship my mind boggling physique. I can tell. Here, look at this bicep... •

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