Prince and the Glove, The

By Josef Howard

Charlie lay sunken into the beaten sofa in his dark living room channel surfing. Another Saturday night at home all alone, he thought. Since his dad remarried last year, he and his new wife went out every Saturday night. Before his dad met his step-mom his father had stayed home with him watching television.

Quite a turnabout, Charlie thought, the teenage son at home watching television while the parents went out. It might have been funny if not for the sad circumstances of Charlie's situation. It wasn't that he was ugly or a social pariah. He just wasn't interested in girls. He was interested in boys, but he'd learned to keep that under wraps in this small, conservative, Christian town.

His friends were all at the Prom tonight. Jack, Charlie’s best friend, had begged Charlie to go with them -- he'd even arranged a date for his "shy" friend -- but dating girls made Charlie nervous.

Being around Jack made him nervous too, but in a more pleasant way. Jack was the six foot four captain of the wrestling team, student body president and soon-to-be Prom king. Every time Charlie got within a hundred yards of him he got stiff. Thank god everyone was wearing baggy pants at school this year!

Thinking about Jack, Charlie's pants were tenting right now. He put down the remote, unzipped his fly and wiggled out his prick. It swelled another inch and stood straight up. Charlie spit in his palm, rubbed his hands together and twisted it inside his hands. He closed his eyes. He imagined Jack's muscular arms wrapped around him, Jack's ample, manly prick grinding against his groin, and Jack's mouth locked on his mouth. Their tongues tangled. Charlie twisted an imaginary leg around Jack's imaginary leg and dropped him to the floor on his back. He lifted Jack's legs up on his shoulders. He poked between Jack's firm ass cheeks and slide deep inside. Jack tensed at the thought of this onslaught, then tightened his fist around his stiff member and jerked it frantically. Charlie bucked his hips, fireworks erupted inside his eyelids and he felt himself splatter on his hands and his pants.

"Pretty good, kid. You almost hit the ceiling with that one."

Charlie scrambled to his feet, his stiff dick poking out through his fly and dribbling cum on his pants. A tall dark man in a leather jacket was standing in the shadows near the screen door. He must have come in when Charlie's eyes were closed.

"Who are you?"

"You don't recognize me, kid? You created me. I'm all of your wildest sex fantasies." He stepped forward, into the glow of light from the kitchen. Charlie thought he did look familiar, in a nonspecific way. The jacket front parted and Jack could see the man wasn't wearing a shirt under it. A deep crevice divided his bulging pectorals. It surfaced at his sternum and dove down again between the furrows of his stony abdominal muscles, past a navel as lean and flat as a dime, to the fuzzy edge of a forest of groin hair just above the waist of his jeans.

Behind the fly, his jeans were stuffed like a turkey, and his thighs were thick to limits of Charlie's ample imagination. Charlie gulped and looked up at his face and saw cleft chin, broad nose, pearly teeth, and beard stubble as thick as indoor/outdoor carpeting. He felt his dick stretching and filling with blood again.

"Yeah. You recognize me."

"How did you get here?" Charlie asked. He stroked himself lightly as they talked. It would have been rude to do in front of a real person, but how could it be rude in front of his own sex fantasy?

"I was conjured by your loneliness, Charlie. I'm here to help. I'm here to send you to the Prom."

"What would be the point? I'd feel even lonelier there. I like boys and all the boys like girls. " Although Charlie had never voiced his preference before, he felt he could be honest to the end product of his own imagination.

"You presume too much, Charlie. How do you know there’s no one else who feels the way you do? Why would your kindred spirit reveal his feelings in front of you when you hide yours from him?"

Charlie had never imagined that some of the other boys might be in his same situation. They all seemed so normal. Maybe they were just more comfortable at pretending than he was. Or maybe they were even more frightened.

"But look at me. Who would be interested in a dweeb like me?"

Although Charlie was popular enough, it was true he was rather average looking. He'd never cared much for sports, and his lack of athletic interests had left him with doughy limbs and a bit of paunch.

"You're too hard on yourself, and you've got no vision. Sit down. Close your eyes." The stranger sloughed off his jacket, exposing shoulders and arms that were easily the equal of the rest of him. They were so large, it seemed impossible they could have fit inside the jacket. Charlie squirted a little pre-cum at the sight of it all as he sat back down on the sofa and closed his eyes.

The stranger squatted in front of him. "Take a deep breath." The stranger placed his broad, thick palm on Charlie's forehead. Charlie felt like he was in church at the altar. "I want you to forget about how you see yourself now. I want you to imagine the man you'd like to be." Charlie felt the warmth of the stranger's hand. The sexual energy the stranger embodied surged through his entire body, giving him strength to see himself and his situation in an entirely new way. He shivered, he shook, he sweated and he stuttered. He began to feel his chest swell just a bit. He tingled. Was his ribcage expanding? Or was he just holding a deep breath? His lats tightened and pushed his arms outward. His heart pounded.

Then the tension in Charlie's body broke, and he felt his entire physique unfold and expand like a seedling becoming a plant in a time-release film. His clothing fell away from him like a dried seed shell. He drew a deep breath and opened his eyes. Even through his peripheral vision he could see the shelf of his chest and the edge of his round deltoids. A blur bobbed in his field of vision as he looked down. His eyes crossed and he focused on the huge head of his dick quivering just inches from his eyes. He pulled it down by the shaft. The girth of his veiny forearm, as he caught his first glimpse, was as breathtaking as the length of his prick.

"Excellenamumun", the stranger said as he grabbed Charlie's prick from his hand and munched down on it. Charlie gasped. He had never felt a man's mouth on his dick before.

The stranger's lips inched down Charlie's super boner until it was completely inside of him. It would have been impossible to swallow if the dark man had been anything other than the physical manifestation of a teenager's sex fantasy. Charlie watched the head of his prick distend the man's neck near his clavicle. The stranger sucked him like a vacuum cleaner as Charlie touched the firm, bulging edge of his pecs, the prick-like point of his nipples, his full, solid, well- rounded arms, and the muscular mounds of his lightly haired glutes. The stranger slipped his index finger between them and stroked Charlie's prostate. He howled in ecstasy and burst and emptied himself inside the stranger's hot wet throat.

After a few deep breaths, Charlie pumped himself inside the stranger's throat and started to stiffen again, ready to lose his virginity the second time. But the stranger pulled back and dislodged him. Charlie's dick flipped up as it slide out of the stranger's mouth and slapped against his hardened abs.

"Hey, I was just getting into this!" Charlie said.

"Save some of it for the real thing, kid. I'm just a fantasy, remember? It's even better with a real guy."

"It's not like I'm going to get tired. I feel just as horny as I did when we started. I'm a kid, remember?" Charlie probed behind the stranger's low-hanging, bulbous balls, between his tightly pressed muscular thighs to the puckered opening between his glutes. "Where was the spot you touched inside me? The one that made me blow?" Charlie's finger slipped inside and he curled it back toward the stranger's groin, stroking gently, but firmly. The stranger's eyes closed as he swooned. The stranger's enormous erect prick twitched. Charlie grinned. "I'd like to try that out myself. I think I need the practice."

The stranger lowered himself to the floor, and lay on his back. "I – I think you're right. A little more stimulation, uh, simulation might improve your performance."

Although Charlie was still positioning for entry, his dick was so long it was already lodged in the furrow between the stranger's ass cheeks. Charlie tilted his ass up for entry. He pointed himself at his prize and nudged in. The stranger's sphincter ring enveloped his dick head. Charlie let out a deep sigh and slid halfway home. The stranger sucked in his breath and gripped the base of his club-like dick to steady himself.

"Ease up a bit at first," the stranger said. "Stroke me a little."

Charlie did, but found himself sliding inexorably deeper with each stroke until his groin and the stranger's ass were plastered tightly together and his balls were sandwiched between them. He pushed harder against him and relished the completeness of his conquest. Slowly, Charlie removed himself from the hot slithery chute, then wiggled his way back inside its familiar environs. Charlie played with both their bodies and the sensations he was giving them.

"What do you think?" Charlie asked the stranger, somewhat breathlessly. "I think the practice is doing me some good."

The stranger was too self-absorbed to answer. Charlie's fucking had the stranger curled enough to put the head of his long dick in his mouth. The stranger sucked on it enthusiastically as he stroked its length with both hands.

Charlie established a rhythm and satisfied the need for novelty now by varying the angle. Nothing had ever felt this good to him in his whole life. Fucking was far better than he imagined it would be, and he had to keep reminding himself this wasn't even completely real.

No matter how blistering the orgasm might be, Charlie wasn't anxious in the least to end it. Now he knew why people oriented their whole lives around sex, bound themselves together for life with a favorite sex mate and spent every spare minute of the day thinking about this.

When at last his prick could stand no more, could swell no larger, get no harder, cum rushed down his pulsating dick and filled the ass that enveloped him. He opened his eyes. The face beneath his was as twisted in pleasure as his, but drenched with a thick coating of cum. He slurped some of it off the stranger's face and they kissed.

"It's getting late, Charlie, and the whole point of my visit was to get you out of the house tonight," the stranger said. The two of them were facing each other sitting on the floor. Charlie had brought them towels and they were wiping each other off. "Whether we could have just as much fun here or not, you're going to the Prom."

"But I don't have anything to wear. Nothing I have will fit this body."

The stranger picked up the clothing he shed as they made love. "Here, wear my clothes. It's not like I'm going anywhere."

Charlie looked at them. Even more than before, they looked too small to hold men of their size. But as he put them on, he found that they fit perfectly, as if by magic. Even the leather jacket stretched around his formidable chest and arms. He looked at himself for the first time in the mirror over the mantle.

"Hey. The Prom is a formal affair. I can't go like this."

"Charlie, the way you look, people will be too busy undressing you with their eyes to pay attention to what you're wearing. I'll be back in a minute. I need to get you transportation."

By the time Charlie turned from the mirror, the stranger was gone. If it weren't for his new thick, swarthy reflection in the mirror, Charlie might have thought he'd imagined the whole encounter. Before he could finish the thought, Charlie heard a deep throaty exhaust note in the driveway. The stranger was in the driver's seat of a bright yellow Ferrari convertible. He bounded out and held the door open for Charlie. Charlie sat inside.

"This is incredible!" He scanned the dash, unable to believe he was actually sitting inside it. "Where are the keys?"

"Who said I used keys to start it?" the stranger said.

Charlie was too blown away to think about the implication of the stranger’s answer. The stranger closed the door.

"Oh, hey," the stranger said as Charlie pressed the stiff clutch to the floor and put the car in reverse. "Take this." He handed him a foil square almost four inches long on each side. Charlie could feel a thick ring of rubber inside it, about three inches in diameter. "If you do find yourself a playmate tonight, play safely. The real world isn't as safe as your fantasy life."

When he got to the high school, Charlie didn't even bother to find a parking place for the Ferrari. He wanted the whole class to see him coming and going in it. He just parked it at the entrance to the school.

The band was on a break when he walked in the gym. The dance floor was clotted with stiffly dressed boy/girl pairs. A few heads turned at the sight of him. Gasps were heard. Then other heads turned, until most of the class was looking in his direction, but still trying to be discrete about it.

“Jack, who is that guy?” Kathy asked.

Kathy and Jack stood in a cluster of Jack’s friends and their dates near the middle of the dance floor. Kathy looked stunning in her prom dress, like a super- model. No other girl was even running against her for the title of prom queen. Two other guys were running against Jack to be prom king, but Jack had enough influence to get most of the class to vote for him.

“I’ve never seen anyone like him before in my life,” Jack said. He had already been looking at him when Kathy asked the question. In fact he couldn’t take his eyes off him. Even from twenty yards away in dim dance floor lighting, Jack saw the deep crevice between the outcroppings of Charlie’s pecs and the way the ridge continued between his flat, stony abs.

“Pardon?” Kathy said.

Jack corrected himself. “I said I’ve never seen him before in my life.”

“Maybe we should have a talk with him.” Hector said. “If he doesn’t go to school here, he’s got no business being here.”

Hector was one of Jack’s sycophants, another member of the wrestling team.

“No,” Jack objected, “No, just leave him alone.” If Jack could have, he would have stood still just watching the stud in the leather jacket move, enjoying the interplay of his muscles, visible through his open jacket and even through his well-worn jeans, as they tensed and bulged. Jack’s dick was hard as steel in his pants. His palms were clammy and his mouth had gone dry and tingly.

“Jack, is something wrong?” Kathy asked. “All of a sudden it’s like you aren’t even here with us.”

Jack forced himself to look away from the leather man. “No. Nothing’s wrong. Can I refill your punch?”

“I’m not drinking punch, Jack. I don’t like it, remember?”

“Well, I’m thirsty. Anyone else? No?” Jack surveyed his group. Some were still watching the new guy. The boys stared with menacing narrowed eyes. The girls with open mouths. The others seemed to be watching Jack, perhaps surprised at how flustered he was acting. No one took Jack up on the invitation to go with him to the refreshment table.

As he filled his cup, Jack saw Charlie a few feet away, on the other side of the table, behind a small group of people, who were ignoring him. Jack’s eyes met his. Charlie smiled at Jack. Jack felt a wet spot forming on his pants near his left pocket where his dickhead poked up against his belt. Jack had found other men attractive before, but he had never gotten this excited about one. He had never felt this out of control in front of one.

Charlie pushed through the group that separated him from the refreshment table. His eyes washed down from Jack’s eyes to the protrusion Jack’s dick was beginning to make in his tuxedo jacket.

“Enjoying yourself?” Charlie asked in the deepest voice Jack thought he had ever heard.

Jack set his drink down on the table and walked outside, hurriedly, through an open side door. He needed a cigarette. It was an odd habit for a star athlete, and he rarely smoked more than two a day, but right now he needed that cool-headed calm he got from the nicotine. He walked around the corner of the school building behind some oleanders and lit up.

“Hey, bro. Got another one?” a deep voice behind him asked. Jack turned. He drew a deep breath. His face flushed. Charlie was standing a foot in front of him, close enough for Jack to see the tiny capillaries through the smooth skin of his chest and abs, but Jack could look nowhere else but into the young stud’s eyes.

“Who are you?” Jack asked. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

Jack felt a thick, firm hand at the nap of his neck draw his face closer. The stranger’s lips parted, their wet mouths joined, their tongues touched. The leather jacket parted and Jack was inside, pressed against the hot, hard-muscled chest.

Jack gasped, breaking lip contact, as Charlie pressed the long, firm cock that ran down his pants leg against Jack’s groin and leg. It was thick as Jack’s wrist and over a foot long.

“Help me out of these pants,” Charlie said.

Jack popped open the buttons on Charlie’s jeans and pulled them down far enough to work his enormous dick out of the pant leg. Freed from the jeans it rose higher. It poked at Jack’s groin and kept him from being as close to the stranger as he wanted to be. He put one hand around as much of it as he could. The hot, taut skin intoxicated him. It was the first time he had ever touched another man’s dick. Jack’s touch made it harder still and it arced up until it brushed against the stranger’s sternum.

“Your turn now,” Charlie said. He unfastened the top of Jack’s pants, pulled them open and reached his broad, veiny hand inside, beneath the band of Jack’s jockey shorts. Thick, hot pre-cum coated Jack’s dickhead and half the shaft. Charlie tugged at it as his tongue searched the inside of Jack’s mouth. Jack’s dick swelled and jerked, squirting hard inside his underpants, but his whimpering cries were muffled by their locked lips.

Charlie let go of his dick and pulled open Jack’s shirt, letting the studs of his tuxedo shirt drop in the grass. He shucked Jack’s shirt and jacket and pressed his firm hot tongue to Jack’s chest as he pulled down his pants and gently pushed him to the ground. He engulfed Jack’s prick with his mouth and slid his two thumbs into ass, pulling it open as he lubricated it with the spit that rolled down the shaft.

Charlie shrugged out of this jacket, exposing the most magnificently muscled torso Jack had ever seen or imagined. Freed from the jacket, Charlie’s lats spread like eagle’s wings and tapered to the tightest tautest waist Jack had ever seen. His deltoids sat at the side of his broad shoulders like basketballs and his biceps were as thick as a football.

Charlie fumbled in the pocket of his jacket and pulled a tin foil square from it. He burst open the packet and rolled a condom the size of a woman’s glove down the length of his prick as he used his dick to push Jack’s thickly muscled legs to either side.

“No. You can’t,” Jack said. “I’ve never done this before. You’re too big.” But Jack craved his hardness so much he quivered.

Charlie grinned and licked his lips. “Neither have I. I hope the learning curve isn’t painful,” he said as he rocked Jack’s legs up high and guided the head of his cock to Jack’s tightly puckered hole.

As the head passed inside, Jack’s dick sprang into steel again. As it drove deeper, Jack thought he had never felt anything this good in his whole life. Then Charlie stretched him a little more and he felt a spasm of pain. He gasped. Charlie twisted a free hand around Jack’s dick, slid in another couple inches and Jack was in rapture again. When it was all inside, Jack didn’t want it ever to come out. He braced himself on Charlie’s rock hard arms and hugged his dick with his ass muscles. The stranger rolled his eyes inside his eyelids. Spittle dribbled from his open mouth. Then they began to slide apart and rock tightly together and the pleasure became even more intense.

“Oh, Jack!” Charlie moaned.

Jack’s eyes opened. Through the delirium of his pleasure he managed to croak, “How…how do you know my name?”

Charlie leaned forward, locked their lips again, forced his tongue inside Jack’s mouth and ended the conversation. Their communication devolved to groans and grunts, pushing and tugging at flesh. Charlie’s thrusts had Jack so excited he couldn’t touch himself anymore without cumming. His full, round pecs were splattered with his own cum and it rolled down his sternum into the valleys between the ridges of his abs.

Charlie’s grunts became louder and more frequent, until he bellowed once and gasped as he unloaded inside of Jack. He rested for a minute on top of him, careful not to crush him with all his weight. Their lips found each other’s. Their tongues caressed. Jack looked up in his eyes. Suddenly he recognized the eyes, but he couldn’t say where he had seen them before.

“When I look in your eyes, I’m sure I know you. As sure as I was before that I had never seen anyone like you before. Who are you?!” Jack asked again.

A siren in the distance grew closer, closer, ear-splitting close, then stopped.

“A friend. Someone who has loved you a long time, but never believed it could be reciprocal. I have fantasized about making love to you a hundred times.”

Strobe flashes of blue and black reflected on tree leaves and shrubs from around the corner of the building. The music inside the gymnasium stopped and the crowd inside began to murmur.

A voice at the edge of the gymnasium, near the door the two of them had exited spoke to someone inside. “They’re looking for the guy who drove here in the yellow Ferrari.”

Charlie sat up, his eyes opened wide.

“What’s wrong?” Jack asked.

“I have to go,” Charlie said. He was on his feet, getting dressed.

“How will I know how to find you?” Jack asked.

“I’ll find you,” Charlie said as he jogged off, away from the gym, into the neighborhood.

Jack reached around himself and pulled his rumbled tuxedo and shirt closer. His fingers brushed across the stranger’s oversized condom, wrinkled, slick with sweat and wet with his spunk.

Charlie ran down the tree-lined sidewalk as fast as he could, away from the school. He should have realized the stranger had stolen the Ferrari. When he was out of sight of the school, he slowed his pace. His father’s car was parked in the driveway at home. He saw his Dad watching the late news through the living room window.

His father looked up as he walked in.

“New jacket?” he asked.


“It’s a little big for you.”

Charlie looked down. All his muscle was gone. His physique was back to normal.

“You should at least wear a t-shirt under it. It’s still chilly at night,” his father said.

Charlie was too numb to answer. Except for the leather jacket that hung like a sheet on his narrow shoulders and the moist warm feeling in his groin, it was like it had all been a dream. It might as well have been a dream now that he was only himself again. What had happened with Jack had happened between Jack and Charlie’s fantasy persona. What good did that do him now? The stranger hadn’t helped him. He’d played a cruel joke.

On Monday the whole school was talking about the strange dude that crashed the prom in a stolen Ferrari. No one knew where he was from or why he came. And where was Jack at his coronation? The judges had called his name three times. They’d even sent his friends to look for him, but eventually they had to crown the runner-up as King and demote Jack to Prince.

Jack claimed he had gone looking for the stranger. He even said he confronted him outside. He had the tears in his tux to prove it. His cadre at least acted like they believed him, except Charlie, who didn’t say a word. He just listened stoically as he watched Jack lie. Last week he might have sympathized with Jack’s decision to hide his feelings for the intruder by lying about a brawl. Now it just made him sad to hear Jack struggle so hard to hide the intense feelings the two of them had shared.

Yet by the end of the week, Charlie noticed Jack was withdrawing from Kathy, and on Thursday he thought he saw him eyeing some of the other guys in the locker room. Perhaps he was not forgotten. Perhaps Jack wasn’t ready to completely deny the experience.

“Can I ask you a question?”

It was Saturday night again. Jack had come over to Charlie’s house to hang. Charlie’s father and step-mom were out again. Charlie was happy Jack was there, but a little sad too. Spending Saturday night with Jack meant something special to Charlie, and he wished it meant the same kind of thing to Jack.

“What?” Charlie asked.

The two of them were lying on the carpet in front of the television.

“Have you ever had sex so intense before that you thought you loved someone? I mean, you can’t love the person, because you hardly know them, but the experience is so wild you think you do know them, better than you could ever know another person even if you lived with them a thousand years.”

“What are you talking about, Jack?” Charlie asked. “Did you screw someone behind Kathy’s back?”

“This is not about Kathy. I asked you a question.”

“No. I’ve never had sex with someone I didn’t already love,” Charlie said.

“I made love with someone last week and I’ve never had sex like that before in my life. It was good with Kathy, but this was enough to make me go mad. I haven’t been able to concentrate on anything for days. And the worst thing is, I don’t think I’ll ever get to see this guy again.”

Charlie and Jack looked each other in the eyes. Jack had purposely said ‘guy’, and Charlie knew it. They were both silent.

“Yeah,” Jack said. “I know about you. I just never said anything because I didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable about it. Hell, I didn’t want to make myself uncomfortable. You know, Hector calls you my husband; we spend so much time together. No offense, but you’re not exactly the type I think my type is.”

“And this other guy is?” Charlie asked.

“Oohh, yeah!”

“I guess he was pretty huge, from what I hear.”

“Unbelievable. All over,” Jack said. He slipped his hand into his jeans pocket and pulled out the used condom. Jack put his hand inside it and slipped it halfway up his arm. “This was the rubber he used.”

Charlie was breathing heavy. He swallowed hard. “Must have been painful.”

“Like getting fucked by a bulldozer, at first,” Jack said.

Charlie saw Jack’s eyes check out the protrusion his stiff dick was making in his baggy jeans. Charlie’s eyes drifted from jack’s athletic frame to the screen door. A week ago the stranger had stood, framed in that doorway, backlit by the light on the porch. A week ago for a few hours the impossible had been made real. Charlie saw Jack’s eyes grow wide as he stared at his crotch.

“Jesus, Charlie, you’re pretty big yourself! I don’t think I ever noticed before.”

Charlie touched himself. Damn! Jack was right. In fact Charlie thought his dick might even be as big as it had been at the Prom. He unzipped himself without even thinking and let it free. It swelled and crawled along the floor between them. The head of it brushed against the giant condom Jack had left on the carpet.

Jack wrapped his hand around its crown.

Charlie closed his eyes. His clothing began to feel tight. He sighed. A button burst. “Charlie! What’s happening to you?”

Another button burst. The arms of his shirt split at the shoulders and tore down to the wrists as his arms became too big to fit inside them. The legs of his pants gave way as well. Charlie lay beside Jack with shredded clothing around him.

“You’re him!”

Charlie rolled the used condom over his immense price once more. Jack rolled obediently on his back, slipped out of his pants and raised his knees.

As they shared the pleasures of their bodies and their imaginations, each of them realized he had found what he needed. Charlie learned the way you feel about yourself makes a big difference in how you look. Jack learned to feel love for someone special no matter how he looks. And they both lived happily much of the time after. •

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