Priming the Pumped

By Drakkenfyre

Vern and Tom had been buds since high school. They double dated since they were 16, and always watched out for the other's back. At college they're friendship strengthened as they helped each other build their bodies in the campus weight room. But they still looked like freshmen even in their junior year.

Tom noticed his organic chemistry professor had started working out, and was amazed at the rapid results that the prof enjoyed. In less than a week, he'd gone from 50 pound weights to lifting 250 pound weights. He observed the struggling young men, and was reminded of his own wimpiness in college.

One day, Dr. Jackson pulled Tom aside, and let him in on a little secret. He'd set up a special distillation system that extracted male hormones from the steam bath, and concentrated them in a liquid. He had been washing in the hormone concentrate each day, and attributed his results to the distillate. Tom thanked the scientist, and arranged to borrow a couple buckets of the stuff. That day in the showers after their work out, nude Tom drenched naked Vern with a bucket of hormone concentrate. He poured another over himself.

Amazingly, the muscles glistened and seemed to grow. Their youth accelerated the results experienced by older Dr. Jackson. Their pecs hardened, their abs filled in, their glutes firmed and rounded--every muscle on their bodies expanded, and firmed. In a matter of hours, they finally looked their age.

A day later the two now buff muscle studs kissed for the first time. As they kissed their passions burned, and in a few minutes they were rolling on the floor making love to one another for the first time.

One of the side effects that Dr. Jackson had neglected to tell the boys about was that the male hormone concentrate altered the brain chemistry to make the users gay. He hadn't told them, because he'd assumed that the good friends were more than good friends. The result of that omission was that they now were more than good friends. They just assumed that they'd been secretly in love all those years and only since they'd become muscle studs had their true feelings come out. After they told Dr. Jackson, he wisely remained silent about the side effects of his drug.

So next time you notice a bucket collecting fluid from a rubber hose near the steam room, look around and see if there are a couple of young muscle studs named Tom and Vern lurking nearby. Maybe they'll share some of it with you, if you ask nicely. •

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