Prince of Olympus, The

Jack watched as young Randy was working out. Randy was the youngest member of Jack's gym and Jack felt a paternal interest. It had been a challenge, but Jack and Randy had hit on a program that was yielding almost miraculous results. The boy's muscles were rounding out beautifully, were growing hard and extremely strong, and Randy was over the moon about the progress he was making. As was his habit, he worked out wearing only the skimpiest of thin lycra posing bikinis, almost a G-string, and as always, the bikini were soaked in boy-sweat and clinging sheer to his young penis and scrotum. As usual, his cock was erect, hard with little-boy hardness, the indefatigable strength of youth.

"Jack?" said Randy, panting with effort.


"My muscles hurt."

The boy ground out another rep of the set of curls he was working on.

"Of course they hurt. That means it's time to raise the weight. Drop those dumbbells and let's load 'em."

Randy set the weights down and adjusted his tiny bikini. Boy-sweat was pouring off him as he flexed his biceps. The muscles were swollen, distended, pumped and flush with blood and young power!

"Lookin' good," said Jack.

"Yeah!" Randy grinned, quickly wriggled in his excitement. Jack stacked more plates on each dumbbell. Now each one weighed over two hundred pounds. Jack was a little nervous about putting that much weight on the bars but he did not show it to Randy. The boy didn't normally count the plates when he lifted. But Jack was uneasy about how strong Randy was becoming. Secretly he hoped Randy would be unable to budge this much weight, but he also knew that it was possible given the youngster's recent progress. Randy was becoming so strong it was frightening.

"Ok, go for it," said Jack.

The boy took a breath, swelling his powerful chest. His gleaming young pecs stood proud and bulging. He squatted, back straight like a good young lifter, and seized the bars, one in each hand. His thighs ached as he stood, complaining of the sheer load. The boy was lifting twice his own weight in each hand!

"Jeez, Jack," he grunted.

"How much did you put on?"

"Never mind. Just curl."

Jack inwardly groaned. Randy was simply too strong to be real. How had his muscles grown so inhumanly powerful? Randy looked at the plates, counting them.

"Only two hundred each," he whispered under his breath.

"I'm still too weak!"

With intensity verging on the insane he curled hard, eyes closed tightly, pumping out rep after rep after rep with the heavy dumbbells. Jack was dumbfounded. He couldn't keep his eyes off Randy's incredible biceps as they flexed and swelled with each rep. The new, heavier weight was not slowing the boy down; it seemed to be actually making him stronger! Jack could almost see Randy's muscles growing, filling out, popping with terrific new power! Fear gripped him. Randy wasn't human - what was happening was impossible. No boy his age could be this strong - not even close.

The boy forced out sixty reps with each arm before he stopped. Finally he opened his eyes, gasping for breath, and put down the weights.

"I need 'em heavier," he said. "More weight!" His sweat-slick body was pulsating with potent muscle.

"No," Jack said quietly. "I don't know what's going on, but there's something weird about how strong you are. Why don't we go to a doctor and have you checked out?"

"Oh, come on, Jack. There's nothing wrong with me. Look!" He flexed his biceps and swelled his boy-chest. His muscles bulged so big, so strikingly powerful, that Jack almost fainted. No young boy could have muscles like these!

"Don't you see? It's not possible for you to be this strong!"

"Of course it's possible! Here I am! Here are my muscles! And I'm still not strong enough!" Randy began attending the weights himself.

"Hmm. I should use full-length barbells." He took two barbells and began loading plates onto them until he had five hundred pounds on each one.

"That ought to be enough."

"God, Randy."

Jack was terrified now. What could he do? He had to get control of the boy. But Randy was far stronger than he was himself now. What was going on? He had to get his gun and force the boy to cooperate.

Randy squatted down to try the new weights. He had never handled this much, but he could feel his muscles glow with health and young power. He took a bar in each fist, inhaled deeply, and stood. His muscles protested, ached, but the bars rose in his little fists. He squeezed his eyes shut, took another breath, and curled. His biceps were on fire, huge and rippling and stupendously strong! Rep after rep, his might grew!

Jack edged away, keeping his eyes on his phenomenal pupil. He found his desk and quietly opened the top drawer. Inside there was a Colt Python handgun, loaded and ready. He hefted it in his hand. "OK, Randy," he said, leveling the gun at the boy. "Put down those weights and cooperate."

Randy opened his eyes and stared at Jack. His heart began to pound harder as adrenaline of fear sped in his young blood. "What are you doing?" he asked in a small voice.

"Come with me, kid. You're going to a doctor."

"Jack, why? There's nothing wrong with me! There's just everything right with me! I'm strong!"

He hoisted both hugely-loaded barbells, the bars bending under the weight of the big plates. Pure power strained to burst from his bulging muscles, his physique more muscular and stronger than ever before!

"It's scary how strong you are! Put those weights down or I'll use this gun!"


Randy flung both barbells as hard as he could at Jack. Jack ducked, but one of the bars struck him a glancing blow on the head and he collapsed, unconscious. Randy stood a moment, petrified with fear and remorse.


He slowly approached Jack and laid a hand on the injured man’s chest. He felt Jack’s chest rise and fall as he breathed. Randy sighed with relief - at least he was not a murderer. But everyone would be looking for him. He went down the back stairs, not bothering to dress, and ventured into the alley behind the gym. Jack's car was there. Were the keys in it? He couldn't see because the windows were tinted too dark. He tried the door. It was locked. He felt the swollen strength of his muscles and decided to try something. Planting his bare foot on the body beside the door he grabbed the handle and wrenched the door right off the hinges! No key. Rage and panic spewed adrenaline into his blood and his muscles responded! Mad with strength, the boy grabbed the frame of the two-ton car and lifted! The car rose from the ground as his muscles swelled to bursting, and now Randy held the huge weight over his head, then with a muscle-bursting explosion of might he hurled the car a hundred feet down the alley! It hit the pavement and burst into flame!

Randy gasped for breath, his mighty chest swelling, and flexed his super powered biceps. What muscles! What strength! What a phenomenal boy-physique, naked but for a super-skimpy little bikini soaked with sweat, clinging to a hard, straining boy-penis! Muscles of incomprehensible power surged and writhed on his young body!

"Stronger!" he whispered to himself as he flexed. "Stronger! More strength!"

He turned to face the foot-thick reinforced concrete wall at the end of the alley.

"No problem," he said. He balled up his little fist and punched the wall with all the sheer force he could muster. The concrete cracked, shattered! Randy stuck his hands into the wall, seized the re-bars, and just tore the wall apart! There was no stopping his might!

"I'm Super-boy!" Now, as sirens echoed in the distance, his escape route was clear. He ran through the hole he had made into the street on the other side, the extreme strength of his muscles letting him run at amazing speed!

A police car screeched to a stop ahead of him and the doors opened. A cop with a bullhorn yelled "Stop!"

Randy stopped and glanced around him. He was beside a construction site, a skeletal skyscraper surrounded by gravel-filled dump trucks, bulldozers, and two huge cranes. It was after working hours and no one was on the site. On impulse he dashed into the maze of construction materials, and as he did so he heard the unmistakable crack of a police handgun.

"Come out or we'll come after you! We have orders to shoot!" yelled the cop. More sirens were in the distance now.

Randy's naked young muscles seethed with power. He leapt over to one of the huge dump trucks, loaded with tons of gravel, crawled under it, and seized its undercarriage in his mighty hands. Now he strained to lift, his muscles inflating, erupting, naked superhuman strength bursting from his sinews! The truck rose into the air on the strength of his surging muscles! Randy's super powered pecs were bursting! With a stupendous, muscle-blowing burst of strength he threw the huge dump truck at the police car and in crushed the car flat with the shriek of tortured metal and shattering glass!

"Strong!" Randy shouted, flexing. Explosive muscle, rippling, straining to burst, steel-crushing power blasting his boy-biceps, he flexed, a young, almost-naked Hercules forged from mighty muscle! His boy-pecs popped out from his chest, ripped and supercharged! His super-swollen biceps raged and throbbed, still growing! Randy seized a huge I-beam, solid steel, and simply crumpled it into a ball of scrap with his stupendous might!

"Nothing can stop me," he said wonderingly. "I'm too strong!" He threw the steel aside. "Arrgh!" he cried, beating his mighty chest with his fists! "I'm the strongest boy in the world!"

But how strong would he get? He gazed at his reflection in a mirror-window of the building under construction. His muscles were awesome, pulsating, throbbing! He could feel them as if they were electrified, raw power packed within them! He was still naked except for his tiny, sexy bikini, like a G-string, wet with sweat and stretched taut over his iron-hard bulging cock.

More sirens wailed in the distance. Randy needed time to escape, and that meant he would have to block the roads leading to the construction site. He grinned to himself as his muscles ached with their throbbing power, ready for any challenge! There was a huge lorry, loaded down with tons of steel girders strapped together with steel bands. He leapt over and seized a huge bundle of girders. Irresistible power blew up his muscles as he heaved the tons of steel from the lorry! He took careful aim, then threw the immense load a block down the main road, crushing the asphalt and blocking and possible traffic! He did the same, again and again, until steel girders were spread over all the roads and the lorry was empty!

"Strong!" he shouted, his muscles throbbing naked dynamite, ripping power straining to explode! He grabbed the last girder, a huge supporting shape of steel inches thick and weighing four tons, and strained every iota of his Herculean might against it! With a groan and screech it twisted and tore in half! With the twisted sharp end Randy now had a digging tool. He rammed the girder into the ground, driving it down several feet, then bracing his feet against a concrete abutment, he pushed hard against the girder. In seconds he was digging a deep hole, and he found bedrock and jumped down into the hole. With awesome force he smashed the rock with the girder, cracking and splitting it apart! The savage super strength of his muscles seemed limitless! He seized a huge broken boulder, easily twenty tons, and with sheer raw muscle might bulging and swollen from the straining knots of boy-sinew bursting his muscles, he heaved it clear over his head and out of the hole! Now he had dug clear through to an abandoned subway tunnel, and with the sirens wailing overhead, he dropped through into the darkness.

He still needed to deter pursuit. He found the end of one of the rails, where it joined the next rail, and gripped it hard in his young hand. Surging muscles throbbed as he ripped the rail upwards, popping the spikes free, bending the steel as if it were chewing gum! No train would come now.

As Randy turned on his bare heel, he slipped in a puddle of oil and fell against the highly-charged third rail of the subway. Huge charges of electric power blasted into him; he recoiled instinctively, then realized that it didn't hurt! He was not electrocuted; instead, he felt stronger still! Impulsively he grabbed the rail again and held it, exulting in the power that surged into him! Every joule of energy increased his already-awesome strength still further! The lights dimmed all over the eastern part of the continent as young Randy's muscles absorbed all the incredible energy of the power grid! "Stronger!" he shouted. His naked muscles swelled still bigger, his titanic strength shot up beyond anything the boy had ever imagined! For a full minute he held on, drawing the huge power of the electrical energy into his stupendous muscles! At last , his power simply bursting from every bulging sinew, he tore the third rail from the floor of the tunnel and ripped it to shreds as if it was tissue!

Now his body was muscular beyond imagination. Limitless might, sheer raw brute power exploded every straining muscle of the boy's eye-popping physique! His huge beautiful biceps simply burst with uncontainable strength! "AAAARGH!" he shouted as he flexed. "Strongest!" He turned to the rock wall and just ripped it apart! He seized the bedrock and tore it from the earth, a vast hundred-thousand ton mass of granite broke loose in his young hands and he hurled it skyward! It was as if a huge volcano had erupted under the city! Suddenly the ground burst up and blew hundreds of feet into the air, propelled by the mightiest force on earth - Randy's muscles!

Now the sunlight poured in through the hole and the young boy saw his eye-popping physique in full light for the first time. “Oh my God ....” he breathed in wonder. He had never imagined such beauty. He had never imagined such sheer brute power! One little boy’s naked muscles had become pumped beyond comprehension, bursting raw strength! His skin was vacuumed tight over his terrific rippling muscles, so strong, so beautiful, so sexy!

He leapt out of the subway hole.

The streets were deserted but emergency vehicles were on the scene already. A well-dressed man with a bullhorn stood off to the side, among dozens of armed men. “Randy!” he yelled. “Please stop showing off! We just want to talk to you!”

Randy looked around at the destruction he had caused and felt enormous shame. He had not meant to wreck the city; he had just been overcome by his power. He turned to the man with the horn. “All right,” he called.

The man responded. “I’m Ed Stevens, the Secretary of Defense. We know how you got to be so strong. It’s part of something huge and terrifying! Will you let me come over and talk?”

“OK,” Randy said.

Ed walked over. Randy was still almost naked, his tiny posing bikini his only garment, and his young boy penis still throbbed steely-hard, stretching out the bikini, but it did not embarrass him. He was proud of it, like he was proud of his incredible muscles!

“My God,” Ed said as he arrived, gazing in wonder at Randy’s young body. “What muscles! How do you feel?”

“Strong! Stronger than anything in the world!” Randy flexed his biceps and those knots of raw throbbing super muscle practically burst!

“I know what’s happened to you, Randy,” Ed said. “The Olympian gods are dead. Zeus, Apollo, Poseidon, all the rest, are dead. Their power has been bestowed on a few human boys like yourself; we aren’t sure how many yet. The power has taken the form of physical strength. Judging from what you have shown us, you have the strength of Zeus and Ares combined.

“The world now has a huge problem. The deaths of the gods have freed the evil giants from their tombs. One, the terrible Typhon, who nearly killed Zeus in the time of the gods, has escaped from under Etna and is laying waste to Italy. We need your help. You’re the only force on Earth that can stand against him.”

Randy needed no coaxing. “I’ll help,” he said. “Who is this Typhon?”

“Typhon is a giant. He’s nearly a thousand feet tall and strong enough to terrorize the gods. He has three heads and six arms and an insane, furious mind. Zeus only managed to stop him centuries ago by throwing Mount Etna on him. But we’re wasting time! We need you in Italy.”

“Let’s go.”

In Italy Typhon was laying waste. As Randy’s plane flew close, the boy saw the hideous giant towering over Palermo’s buildings, the vast muscles of his six arms bulging as he ripped skyscrapers from the earth and shook them over his head! The monster’s strength was unstoppable, untamable!

Randy dropped to the ground and felt the power of Olympian gods surging in his boy-muscles. The enormous strength bursting his sinews strained up, challenging the immense giant Typhon! The boy leapt to a huge piece of wrecked concrete and steel, almost two hundred thousand tons of dead weight. His supercharged muscles blew huge with titanic power as he heaved the mass from the ground!

“Typhon, you bastard!” he cried out, his young voice reverberating in the ruined city. He reared back, the raw strength of his muscles driving, splitting his sinews, erupting, and like a cannon he hurled the huge mass of concrete and steel at Typhon’s middle head! The mass was almost the size of one of Typhon’s heads, and it connected with a crack like thunder! With a huge, ear-splitting crash it fell to the ground.

Typhon roared with pain, a huge hand covering the gash in his head. He spun around, seeking the giant who had attacked him, but could find nothing. Randy was too small!

As the mighty giant searched, Randy found another projectile: another two hundred thousand tons of twisted steel. His strength soared, so awesome he felt unstoppable! Mountain-bursting might surged and bulged his ripped biceps into titanic bombs of inconceivably-strong boy-muscle! With one hand he heaved the immense mass off the ground, glorying in his unimaginable muscular strength, the sheer raw brute power that blew his young muscles beyond bulging into bursting pumped straining engines of pure power! Now he flung the huge mass of wreckage with all the power he had at Typhon. It connected with another of Typhon’s heads and staggered the giant! Typhon howled with pain. •

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