Ty's Power

A new man is born!


By Otaru

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Brian looked around him. Everything seemed...smaller...

Josh, Brian's dad walked into his home feeling on top of the world! On top of being an ace at work, he had just signed his son up for football! That would make a man out of him for sure...

Brian walked over to the screen door.

Oh my God, he thought. I'm as tall at the door! He lifted up a hand and right above his head touched the top of it. He rubbed his chest. Scraggly, black hair was covering it. And what he was touching felt more like a hard slab of granite than the weak, soft tissue that had covered it just earlier.

Like what you see?, said a familiar voice behind him.

"Ty?? Wha-What happened to my voice?? Is this a dream??"

"No, Brian. I made you into a man. How does it feel?"

"Oh wow! How can this be happening??" he said, looking around him. "I feel great! Look at me!"

Indeed, he looked like an athlete in a locker room. His beard left a gray graphite smear against his face. He rubbed it appreciatively. Clear blue eyes stared outward at Ty.

"Its still the same you...14 and insecure, but...maybe you won't be so insecure after all," said Ty. "You see, Brian...I have powers. Ive been led to the conclusion that I'm some sort of modern avatar. I can change any man to however I want..."

"And you chose to change me? I get to stay this way??"

Ty laughed. "If you want... I know you haven't had the best life. Ever since your mom died it's just been you and your dad, and we both know what an asshole he is.. This way, your problems are solved. You can be out on your own, and not have to deal with the crap you have been."

Brian rubbed his shoulders. "I'm hungry..." said the man. "I can't wait to go out and show off! Thank you, Ty. This is the coolest coolest thing to like ever happen!"

"Brian! Where are you!" yelled a familiar voice from inside.

"My dad! Whatll I do!"

"You can do anything you want... Speaking of which, how'd you like to have a little fun??"

Brian's dad walked through the house. "I bet the lousy good for nothing is lounging around outside instead of doing something useful.."

"What would you like me to do, dad?" asked a stranger's voice. Josh was taken aback. He turned suddenly. In the kitchen stood a tall man with black hair and blue eyes. He looked like he could be a construction worker.

"Who are you?? Where's my son??"

"Dad, don't you RECOGNIZE me??"

"Yes, Mr. Andrews, don't you??" said a boy next to him. It was Ty from across the way.

"What is this all about young man?"

"I'm Brian." said the hunk. "Now what were you about to tell me?"

"What?? You're not my son!"

"Last night you were going on and on about how I should be more of a man. Well, dad, you got your wish."

"Bri..no. It couldn't be!"

Ty twirled his fingers. In an instant, Josh felt very weak. His clothes felt loose. He struggled to keep his pants up. He stared at the man, rugged and fresh. A great big man with a sculpted chin and piercing eyes. Eyes that were now looking down on him!

"How did you do this?! No!" cried Josh, who ran over to the nearest wall mirror. The man who called himself Brian walked over behind him.

"I think that'll do. Now things are gonna be different, dad."

Little Josh looked up. He couldn't have been more than twelve.

"I'm glad you like football so much dad, cause you're gonna get the chance to play it again. But you'll have to work real hard. I asked for you to be old enough to get into high school but scrawny enough so that everyone'll call you a sissy. Shrimp! Ha! This is gonna be fun! Youre the man, Ty."

"Oh, I think you're the man now..." They both laughed.

Joshy looked at himself in the mirror; his dress shirt and tie looking impossibly huge on him; and not the barest hint of body or facial hair on him.

Brian lifted Josh into the air. "And by the way, dad. Im gayer than fuck, and I likes my men. So I'm gonna be having quite a few of them over from now on. You have a problem with that??"

"No! No. No, please don't hurt me!"

"Dad, what do you take me for?? I'll only hurt ya if you STEP OUT OF LINE. Which you WONT. WILL you?"

"No." his dad whimpered.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to your room, which is now MINE, seeing as how Im the adult, so I should only get the bigger one. You're clothes are pretty nice. They should fit me...if they aren't too small. And don't get any cocky ideas about calling the cops or nothin. Ty rearranged everything. No one will think that youre you. Their memories have been changed for good and stuff. So now Im the adult, and Im the adult for good. So what do you have to say??"

"I...I'll be good."

"Good. Now go get me a cigar, you little runt. And a beer. I feel like celebrating..." Josh left the room, about to cry.

"Ty, I think I know how I can repay you...how about we go up to my new room??"

Ty smiled. "I thought you'd never ask. I've always wanted my own "dad"." The two laughed, as Brian swept Ty off his feet and carried him into the other room. "Hey Josh!" he yelled. "Leave the cigar and beer on the table! I'm gonna be a while!" •

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