Ty's Power

Dustin wants to be the BIG brother



Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Suddenly Ty looked up and there was Dustin standing in the doorway in a pair of boxer briefs. Dustin's jaw dropped as he stared at the obscene bulge protruding from Ty's crotch. Ty could see Dustin's briefs beginning to tent out a bit as he admired his little brothers big package. "So what do you think?", said Ty. Dustin was speechless. He had always secretly fantasized about enormous cocks and balls, and what it would be like to actually have them himself. "I uh...wow Ty that looks incredible!", the words finally came to him.

"Think you'd like a matching set? Afterall, we are brothers!" Ty said as he wished it to happen.

Suddenly Dustin moaned as the small bulge in his underwear began to expand dramatically until it was the same size as Ty's. After reveling in the feeling for a moment, Dustin slid his hand inside the waistband of his briefs and cupped the huge bulge within. While staring at his crotch and then looking at Ty's, a large grin began to appear on his face.

"You know Ty, since I'm your big brother, don't you think I should be bigger in all areas?" "Hmmm, maybe you're right...", Ty said with a mischievous tone to his voice, "you should be bigger!" And with that statement, an almost crippling wave of pleasure washed over Dustin. Suddenly the already huge bulge in Dustin's boxer briefs began to grow again. Dustin watched in amazement as a softball size bulge was threatening to rip his briefs apart. "Probably should have told you to take those off first since they definitely won't be fitting you anymore!" laughed Ty.

Suddenly there was a loud 'riiippp' as the briefs split down the middle and the huge fleshy growing package within was set free. Dustin looked at his tennis ball sized balls and 12" long flaccid cock in amazement. As he glaced up to thank Ty, he realized that they seemed to be getting even heavier and bigger. "Okay Ty, I think that's big enough." "Oh no, not yet...I want to be sure I always have the biggest brother in the world!"

Dustin could do nothing but watch helplessly and moan with pleasure as his cock and balls inflated to freakish proportions. When his growth finally subsided, Dustin looked in shock at a dick that was about twice as thick around as a beercan and hung down a good 18 inches to his knees, drapped over balls the size of 2 cantalopes. •

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