Ty's Power

Brian's Dad


By O'Melissokomos

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Ty immediately saw an opportunity to have some fun.

Leaving Brian alone for a while, Ty turned his full attention to the former-teenager's father, Joshua, who was just getting out of his car. Ty saw that Joshua hadn't had time to take care of himself for some time. The man was overweight and balding. His handsome features were worn down by the pressures and stress from work.

Closing his eyes, Ty followed Joshua into the house with his "mind's eye." Joshua thought no one was home (since Brian was behind the house and his wife's car wasn't in the driveway yet) and proceeded to his room to change and take a bath. Ty "saw" Joshua taking off his jacket and loosening his tie. When Joshua was down to his underwear, it was only there Ty realized the extent to how much Brian's dad "let himself go". At 5'9", it was clear that former football player weighed over 240 lbs. Where there used to be muscle and definition, there were only clumps of flab that hung around his body. Ty also saw that there was a lot less hair on Joshua's head than he thought--a product of an ingenious combover.

"Oh boy. I hope Brian doesn't grow up to be like his dad," thought Ty. "Let's see how he would like to be young and healthy again." With that, Ty slowly let let his power slowly take effect on the unsuspecting father.

The moment Joshua entered the bathroom, he felt a slight wave pass through his body. "Must be coming down with the cold," he thought as he set the shower to a hotter temperature than usual. "That ought to take care of it." Unbeknownst to him, the change had already begun but Ty made sure he wouldn't know anything was happening until it was done.

As Joshua was shampooing his head, his almost-nonexistent hair gradually reappeared and crept down his scalp. The rejuvinated follicles continued to grow even after he rinshed off the shampoo. Next, he soaped up his entire body and began scrubbing. This set in motion the next phase of the transformation. His arms, chest, stomach, waist, and legs started to shrink and tighten. His double chin gave way to a strong jaw, his pecs and shoulders grew wider, and his biceps and triceps reemerged. Most surprising was the way his torso condensed and how years of fat melted away only to be replaced with ripped abs and a 32" waist. As an added bonus, Ty decided to give him a little more to play around with: Joshua's penis grew an additional 4 inches and his balls expanded quite a bit. By the time Joshua washed off the soap from his body, not only did the 45-year old father have a full head of hair again, he had a fit body of a 25-year old personal trainer who was hot and horny as hell. When he was drying himself off, Joshua heard an unfamliar voice calling him out.

"Dad? Are you home? I thought I heard you come in."

Joshua couldn't figure out to whom the voiced belonged to and, thinking it was a burglar, he quickly grabbed the nearest metal object he could find and rushed out of his room to greet his would-be attacker. Expecting the robber to be armed, he was shocked to discover a tall and buffed man in a skimpy speedo in his living room instead.

"Who the fuck are you and what are you doing here?"

Ty suddenly snapped from his trance and got really worried. "Shit, I hope things won't get out of hand." •

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