Ty's Power

Ty gives his brother what he REALLY wants


By spiff0695

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

"Ok Dustin, I'll help you out of this predicament you seem to be in."

Dustin, who was just about to pass out completely from the flow of blood to his groin, immediately began to see a light at the end of this tunnel. "Thanks bro, I mean I know you were just helping me out and everything, but this is just too big!"

Ty smirked, and responded to his greatful brother. "Don't thank me yet big brother! I think you should be taught a little lesson about jealousy and being careful of what you wish for. I'm going to return you to you to a smaller size, but with some slight stipulations."

"Whatever bro, whatever, I'll do whatever you want, just please hurry and help me out. If this gets any bigger, it'll grow right through the roof," Dustin interrupted.

"OK, I'm glad to hear that you recognize that you WILL do exactly what I tell you, or your problems will be worse than they are now. First of all, lets get that back down to a more manageable size." Almost as soon as he said it, Ty had begun shrinking Dustin's tool to about 12".

"Whew, thanks little brother...and look, you left it at real nice size. Haha, it looks like I'm still just a bit bigger than you, Ty!" Dustin boasted.

"You'll never learn, will you Dustin? Well, I'll see about that. OK, now go and get those cycling shorts you are always parading around in," Ty ordered.

"What do I need those for? You want me to show off my big basket for you? Hehe!" Ty laughed to himself as his older brother went off into the other room to change into his shorts. When Dustin came back with his tight red bike shorts on, he couldn't keep from looking at how nicely his bulge looked.

"OK, as I said Dustin, you need to learn your lesson and here is how you'll do it. You are going to spend the rest of today at the mall...wearing nothing but that t-shirt and bike shorts and sneaks."

Dustin laughed at his little brother. "Is that supposed to be a bad thing? Do you know how many guys will be looking at this hot basket of mine? I'm happy to show off for them! Really Ty, you should work harder at coming up with a punishment next time!"

"Well," said Ty, "I wasn't quite finished yet. You will spend the rest of the day, at the mall, in that outfit. And, if you leave the mall, before I give you permission, you will immediately turn into the dick that you are! FInally, while you are at the mall, I'm going to add one little enhancement to the spell. Every time you so much as look, think, or visualize another person in a sexual way, your dick will start growing. The more you think about sex, the longer it will get. Kinda like Pinocchio's nose. And if you try and jerk yourself off, you won't be able too."

"Are you crazy?", Dustin panicked. "Do you know how often I think of sex in a day? I'll burst right out of these shorts!"

"Well, I've thought of that too. Just to make sure that you don't get arrested for indecent exposure, I'm giving your shorts extra stretch resistance. As long as you keep growing, they'll keep growing with you! Now get your ass down to the mall. I'll be there watching you, just to watch this spectacle!" •

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