Ty's Power

Dustin - Too Big, Too Small


By MuscleJock

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Ty took one last look at the helpless Dustin sitting on the edge of the bathtub with a way too large cock and balls, laughed and then sauntered out of the bathroom. That will teach him for telling me what to do, Ty thought.

Ty headed back to his room, and threw on some gym clothes, they did very little to hide the well above average bulge Ty now had in his shorts. He decided that he had had enough of using his powers at home and wanted to go have some fun at the gym. He knew that his muscles would respond very well to even the lightest workout.

As he headed out the front door, he willed one last little surprise for poor huge-dick Dustin. Ty laughed wickedly to himself as he headed for the gym.

Meanwhile, up in the bathroom, Dustin the boy whose genitals grew too big, was genuinely worried and was now on the verge of a nervous breakdown. When he heard the front door slam behind Ty on his way to the gym, Dustin knew that he couldn’t expect Ty to fix him anytime soon.

This only depressed him further, he was becoming very light headed from the blood rushing into his huge cock and it was becoming increasingly uncomfortable having this giant male organ rising from his crotch.

But Dustin, being the sensible, young, teen-whose-brother-has-just-grown-his-cock-and-balls-to-obscene-proportions, does what any guy would do and starts jackin off like there’s no tomorrow. Dustin figured that if he could at least get his cock to go soft, then he would have a chance of being able to move and could possibly hide his new endowment in baggy pants or something.

Dustin moaned as waves of intense pleasure washed over his entire body, finally he screamed as he had the most powerful orgasm of his life, which lasted practically five minutes and ended with the entire bathroom covered in cum. Dustin was still shaking from the orgasm when he opened his eyes and was shocked at what he had done to the bathroom, but he smiled when he both felt and saw his monster cock begin to deflate.

Dustin was overjoyed at the sight of his now eighteen inch soft cock and relatively smaller balls and he began to clean up the bathroom, maybe having such a huge dick wasn’t going to be so bad after all. Suddenly without warning his now reduced but still huge cock went rigidly hard in two seconds flat, “Holy Shit!” Dustin yelled, as his dick got harder than it had ever been before.

It was so hard that it was beginning to hurt, Dustin reached out to jack it off again and he almost fell over from the intense pleasure he felt from touching it. As he started going up and down the thick shaft, he began to feel strange. With a look of shock and horror, Dustin watched as his huge manhood began shrinking as he jacked it off. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t stop jacking off and soon his dick was down to a more normal looking 9 inches with greatly reduced balls to match.

Dustin knew he had to stop jacking off if he wanted to have any chance of keeping a large, but normal looking cock. But just as he finally wrenched his hand away, he shot another load, just a powerful as the first one. Once this subsided, he stared in horror at what had become of his crotch. What minutes ago had been bigger than every other guy’s on the planet, was now something that was smaller than most twelve year olds.

Dustin could barely bring himself to look at his reflection in the mirror, his genitals had been reduced to below average looking, definitely child-size. His hand could now easily cover his entire cock and balls. Dustin was devastated, he took one look at the ruined briefs that he had burst out of earlier and fled to his room. •

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