Ty's Power

Things Get Hairy


By Changes

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Ty sat next to his friend and waited for the changes to begin. Kody's feet lengthened and could now fit in a size 14 shoe. Next his legs grew over a foot and half, but remained hairless. The transformation moved upward as his waist expanded to 30 inches causing his shorts to stretch and pop open. Seeing the discomfort on Kody's face when this happened Ty made both the shorts and shirt disappear. This left Kody in a pair of tighty whities, which quickly began to fill up with his growing package.

Next his torso began to grow to match his lower half. Kody's stomach became taught as a six pack appeared. Kody's nipples expanded as his pecs began to grow

underneath them, causing them to point downward. His shoulders then widened to compensate for his growing back muscles.

Still without any hair on his body Kody's arms stretched, gaining big hands and bulging muscles.

Last, Kody's head grew to his body's scale. His jaw squared up and his adams apple grew, creating his new voice.

"Well," Ty thought, "i've seen what he looks like with no hair, now lets see what he looks like with alot!"

Kody's toes and feet began to grow a light pelt of brown hair which slowly moved its way up his ankles and began to thicken more and more as it moved toward his knees. It continued to grow up his thighs and into his underwear. Ty could see the light brown hair growing inside of the white material and watched as it grew upward, passing his navel and covering his wavy abs. It spread up his chest and over his big pecs, stopping at his neck. Next, Kody's forearms grew a dense patch

which also spread across his hands and fingers. Last, Kody's sideburns began to grow downward and disperse across his cheeks, covering his chin and upper lip.

As the last changes occurred Ty could see that Kody was starting to come out of his trance as a smile began to grow across his face and his underwear began to tighten.

Kody ran his hands up and down his body feeling his tight muscles and thick hair. Moving his hands toward his crotch Kody's eyes widened and commented "My god, you made me huge!"

"It's not that big!" Ty replied jokingly.

"What do you say we go test drive this baby?" Kody asked. •

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