Ty's Power

The boy keeps growing!


By lovetalls

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

The only thing was that the seven-year old Randy was really enjoying being so huge! He had always had a fascination with being big and strong, and this was more than a dream-come-true for him.

As his mom went to the closet to dig up some of dad's old clothes, Randy looked at his huge hands. He always thought it was neat how the older boys could palm a basketball without a problem. He now KNEW he'd no problem doing the same.

Next he looked at his feet and saw how huge they were growing. He chucked as he thought that if anyone now gets out of line, he could just step on them!

Randy was so caught up in the moment that he didn't realize that he was still growing as all this was going on. He was now approaching seven feet tall!

Mom returned with some of dad's old clothes and gasped at the fact that he had gained at least another six inches since she last saw him. She studdered for a moment as she said, "Son, I think you've outgrown your dad now." Randy got a real big grin on his face as he took his dad's shirt and put it on top of his chest to see if it would fit. "I think you're right, mom. Isn't this great?" he said with child-like enthusiasm. He then sized up his dad's pants and shoes, and realized that his dream had come true.

"I wonder how strong I've gotten," he wondered to himself and he flexed his bicep. Looking around the living room, he figured that the sofa was the best thing to test his strength out on, so he walked on over to it, bent over one end of it, grabbed it with one hand. To his own amazement the one end lifted with incredible ease! "Look what I can do, mom!" he exclaimed. "I bet I'm even stronger than dad was," he said as he put down the couch and flexed his arm once more. Mom didn't know what to say at this point. She hadn't a clue how she was going to raise a seven-foot tall seven year old!

Straightening up again, Randy noticed that there was something now touching his hair. It was the ceiling! He was still growing. "Look mom, my head's already touching the ceiling!" Still stupified, mom told Randy that he had better step outside if he's going to continue growing.

With a big smile, Randy didn't mind complying. On his way to the doorway, however, he noticed that getting out was going to be a bit tricky. He bent over, and maneuvered his shoulders sideways as he climbed out of his own house.

Looking around, this seven year old wanted to have some fun with his new size and strength!

After bending over to try on the shoes, Randy straightened himself out again and noticed that now his hair was beginning to touch the eight-foot ceiling in the house. "Mom, I think I'm still getting bigger." Mom was getting a bit worried by now, so she told Randy to go outside.

The young boistrous man held up and arm. It bulged as she watched. The young man seemed to fill up...it

looked like he was breathing in to make himself look bigger, only...he was getting bigger!" •

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