Ty's Power

A new lad o' the land is born


By jumpingbassflash

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.


Ma Stevens looked up from her crocheting to see a young lad hopping around her living room.

"This guy...he was a comin' down the road and he made me into a man! Ma, look, I'm as tall as daddy used ta' be!"

The man had to be in his early twenties. The shirt was the same as her young son's, Randy. he was sporting the beginnings of a wonderful beard, medium brown dense hair coming up in a model like wave. He looked like a farm boy that might live around these parts, but...what was he doing here?!

"Is something wrong with you, child? Are you on drugs or somethin' young pup?"

"MA, it's ME! My wish came true! My wish came true!"

The young boistrous man held up and arm. It bulged as she watched. The young man seemed to fill up...it looked like he was breathing in to make himself look bigger, only...he was getting bigger!"

"Land sakes!" screamed the old woman. "How in the holy Lord did this happen!"

"It musta beena wizard! And now I'm a man and I didn't have to wait or go to school or nothin!"

"It couldn't be...Is it??" She looked up at the man who emanated burly manhood. Large chested, with a douse of hair. The stretched shirt split halfway through. The man who claimed to be Randy pulled it off and let it fall to the ground like so.

He began to look around him.

"Everythin looks different!"

"Randy?! Randy could it really be you?"

The man's shorts were chafing him awfully. As she watched astonished, he took them off casually, along with the incredibly binding underwear.

"Maaaaaa," he whined. "I need somethin else to wear...this don't fit no more."

The woman sat down. This wasn't a dream. Something terribly magical must have happened and she must accept the reality of such an incidence. She wasn't crazy. She still had all her marbles.

The adonis walked around the room, scratching at his new body hair under his armpits.

"Lord, could it be so!" Her farm was in danger of being forclosed. Somehow this must have happened for a reason! Perhaps the Lord did this to test her, or possibly give her a way out.

After all, who was to say this kind of thing didn't happen every day? Maybe it happened and no one talked about it. But now was not the time for thinking about how it happened. She had herself a now grown up son to think of.

There was so much to do! She just hoped that the thugs from Wilkin's farm didn't come by later today.

Or maybe she did... •

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