Ty's Power: Master of the Rink, The

By tfwizard

Ty and Peter meet Jace, another teen with TF powers just like them. The three team up and transform all the players of a roller hockey team into muscle boys. This story features the characters from the Interactive series Ty’s Power.

It was a sunny, hot Tuesday afternoon in the downtown area of the city. It was business as usual, as people were driving around, and workers were helping customers in the stores and in the offices. Our story begins at City Hall, where people go to connect or disconnect their electricity, or they get fishing, business, and hunting licenses.

The elevator had stopped on the third floor, and a young, muscular teenager walked out from the car after the sliding steel doors had opened. He was wearing a red tank top with matching red shorts and black high tops. The fifteen year-old athlete had short, brown spiky hair and big blue eyes, looking around and scanning the area with his eyes, looking for the right line to stand in. The six-foot tall teen was Peter Karlowski, high school student, originally from Canada, a network administrator and, unknown to most people, a Transformation Master.

There were five other people standing in line to buy a fishing license, and the cashier was taking her time. Peter tried to remain patient. He had just come from school, he had already finished his assignments for school during sixth period, and it seemed like the perfect afternoon to go stroll around the downtown area of the city.

He had transformed himself into a bird and had flown to the downtown area, landing on a park bench. There he transformed himself from a mockingbird back into his human form. While studying the art of Transformation using a book he had received from Prince, his mentor, he had mastered just about every type of transformation possible. Prince had recognized his growth and his strength by knighting him into a Master, which meant that he was now responsible for training others.

Still, nobody would expect that this young teenager would bear such responsibility. Peter had stood in line for ten minutes. It was a struggle for him to stand there. Having the power to transform others into any form he wanted, it was an incredible temptation to use that power in the crowded government building. He thought about making the four people in front of him freeze or disappear, so that he could be helped more quickly. But he understood that he could use his powers for right and for wrong, and he learned to be patient and not to use them at all, rather than to use them for the wrong reasons. He had to battle this temptation every day, especially since he knew in the back of his mind what he was capable of doing with his power. And the truth of the matter was that he was capable of doing quite a lot, he knew he had grown to enough to become one of the most powerful teenagers in the world. How could he be so normal and as ordinary as possible, while he had this incredible force locked up inside of him, which was just screaming to be used all the time? That’s why he wanted to get away, so he could get on a little boat and just go off to a solitary place and catch some fish. And while he did that, he could release his power and have fun with it, without having to be afraid of being seen by anyone.

There were now only two people in front of him, as Peter looked around. He saw a ten year-old boy, walking around the hall. He was short, had shorts and a t-shirt, and wore glasses. He was with his mom, as they stood in the line to pay for electricity.

The temptation to use his powers had almost become too overwhelming for Peter. He had to do something, since he was bored out of his mind, while having stood in the same line for twenty minutes. His powers were screaming to be used, so Peter concentrated on the little boy. The fifth-grader’s name was Drew; he lived with his mom, who was a single parent. Peter connected to him and knew who this kid was and what he wanted.

He had read the boy’s mind and learned that the kid had just joined the football team. He wished he was a little taller and a little stronger as well. Bingo, Peter thought, time to let his powers alter the shape and body of the little kid. Little biceps suddenly popped up on the kid’s forearms. As a tingling sensation came over Drew, he felt his arms itch as he looked over and noticed his muscles as they were expanding. Peter chuckled, as the boy was looking over his new muscular arm, wondering where all that muscle had suddenly come from. The ten year-old was sporting 10 inch biceps, packed with strength and power! Drew flexed his arms twice, changing arms, as he admired his sudden muscular growth spurt.

Then the boy relaxed his arms, letting them hang from his shoulders. Peter grinned, as he decided to make those biceps grow two inches more. A tingling feeling overcame the boy’s arms again! Drew raised up his right arm, flexing the round hump on his arm, as it appeared to grow two inches bigger! He could suddenly feel the additional strength creeping into the muscle, as he looked over his muscular arms, wondering what was happening to him.

His short legs were next. Peter decided to make the quads a little bigger, and make his calves just bulging out from his lower legs, empowering his legs to leap, jump, and run like an Olympic athlete. Again, Drew felt his legs tingling all over, as his body obeyed the secret, silent commands it was receiving from Peter, standing a few feet away. The little kid looked like a muscle boy, as Drew stood on his toes, admiring his expanded calf muscles. He ran his hands over his mighty quads, inspecting his powerful legs all over.

Finally, Peter focused on the abdominals and the pectorals. He wished for Drew to turn towards him, which he did. Then he concentrated and wished for muscles to double in strength and size, so that Drew would now be the strongest kid of his age and size at school. A washboard of mighty abdominals popped up on Drew’s torso, and his pectorals began to inflate like balloons. His shoulders got wider, forcing his arms to hang further from the sides of his body. Drew was looking in shock over his body, as his muscles appeared to be pumped up like balloons. His shirt became tight, as his pectorals expanded to the front and to the sides, giving him the look of a gymnast. Drew gasped as he looked over his growing body, while running his fingers over his pectorals down to his abdominals.

Peter wanted to admire his work. He silently summoned the boy to walk over to him. The boy’s legs obeyed the magical powers, and Drew walked over to Peter’s line, where he stood right besides Peter. Invisible commands made the boy do a 360 circle, as Peter inspected the new muscle boy.

“You’re looking good, big guy!” he said the little boy. Drew looked at Peter, who allowed him to understand that he was the one responsible for increasing the size of his muscles. “Are you happy with the way you look, now?” Peter asked the future Quarterback of the school’s football team. “Yes sir. I look and feel great!” Drew responded with a smile. Then the young muscle boy walked back to his mother, who was standing in the other line.

Just at that moment a teen came skating out of the elevator, and stood behind Peter. He came to a hockey stop just behind Peter, since he was wearing a pair of inline skates! He was about sixteen years-old, he was over six feet tall, but that was probably because the skates added about three inches to his height. He wore a white t-shirts and black shorts, with short, brown hair and blue eyes. He looked slightly older and taller than Peter. He wore skates that looked like basketball shoes, and under the skates was a long, steel blade holding five small wheels bolted to them. The teen wore black gloves which had openings for the fingertips, and he wore black wrist guards over his wrists, elbow pads, and knee pads as well.

Peter finally got his turn at the cashier. The old lady behind the counter had a heavy Texan accent as she asked him for his ID. “How can I help ya, Sonny?” the lady asked him. Peter chuckled at the thought that he was from Canada, which was way up north, and that he now had to deal with this lady from Texas, who was from the Deep South. He gave her his ID card and handed over the money for a fishing license. The lady gave him a small form to fill out, and she asked him to stand aside to do that so that she could help the next person in line, who happened to be the teen on inline skates.

While Peter was filling out the form, he couldn’t help but overhear the conversation between the skater and the old lady. She had checked his ID as well, and the teen handed her a twenty-dollar bill. She didn’t have exact change with her, and all she did was tell him that he had to pay with exact change. She could have asked the other cashiers for some Dollar bills, but somehow she didn’t want to. “I need eighteen Dollars, Sonny. I have to have exact change, otherwise you’ll need to come back later, and we’re about to close for the afternoon!” the lady sneered at him. “But ma’am, all I have is a twenty Dollar bill! You don’t have two Dollars on you?” the teen skater asked, clearly becoming frustrated.

The old lady became impatient with him, and started to growl back. “Look, Sonny, come back tomorrow, okay? It’s too late in the afternoon for this. Just go home! Just…” Something stopped her cold as she was talking, and Peter noticed how the lady was suddenly frozen. Then he looked over and realized that the teen was standing there, concentrating on her. The Texan lady then quietly turned around and handed the other cashier a five Dollar bill, getting five ones back in return. As she handed the skater his two Dollars, she said “Sorry about that, Sonny. Here’s your change!”

“Thank you” the skater said, as he folded the license card, and put the receipt and the money in his wallet. He placed the wallet in a small packet that was strapped around his waist, as he turned around and skated back to the elevator.

Peter handed the lady the form and then walked to the elevator, standing next to the skater. Peter began to sense something very familiar about this kid. It was almost as if this kid had something that he also had. It struck him as very peculiar the way the lady suddenly changed her mind and asked the other cashier for some change.

Suddenly all the lights went out in the busy office, and every gasped in surprise. Then, about ten seconds later, they came back on again. “It’s alright, folks! They’re just doing some construction downstairs, and we may have to endure some short power outages this afternoon!” the security guard announced out loud, trying to calm everyone down.

The light above the elevator flashed as the sliding doors opened. Peter got on, along with the skater, and another lady. The doors closed as the elevator descended on floor, before it stopped to let the lady off. Then the sliding steel doors closed again, leaving Peter alone with this roller skater. The elevator slowly started to descend when it came to a sudden halt, paired with the light in the elevator car going out, at the same time! Both Peter and the skater gasped, as it had left the two of them in the dark, trapped in an elevator that was stuck between two floors! A few seconds had passed, and the backup lights in the elevator turned on. Both Peter and the teen looked at each other, wondering what to do next.

“Golly, it’s going to get hot in here if this is going to take a long time!” Peter said, looking at the other teen. The skater placed his fingertips in the opening where the two sliding doors meet. He tried to pull the doors apart, but they were too heavy. Then he took a step back, and he just stared at the doors for a few seconds. Suddenly, they opened! As if some invisible force was pulling them away from each other, the doors began to slide open. They were far enough, that there was a four-inch gap between the two doors. At first, Peter was astonished! How did this kid make the doors open like that? Then it dawned on him that others were always amazed at him when he used his powers. Could it be that this kid had the same powers as he did?

“Wait a minute! How did you do that? Who are you?” Peter asked him. The skater turned to him and looked at him in shock. Then Peter felt a warm tingling feeling come over him. He recognized it, for he was able to do the same thing to others as well! He gnashed his teeth, and quickly blocked the skater’s power from affecting him! There was a power struggle in the elevator, and Peter was winning! The skater’s jaw dropped wide open, as he realized that his power had no affect. “Hey, you got the power to transform, don’t you?” Peter said to him while pointing his finger at him. The skater’s face turned pale in fear, as he had never seen anyone resist his powers before. “Oh my gosh…You’re a Transformation Master, aren’t you? Look dude, I’m sorry, okay? Please, don’t do anything to me… I’m sorry!”

Peter showed a smile on his face. “Don’t worry; I’m not going to hurt you at all! What’s your name? I’m Peter!” he said, as he extended his hand. “I’m Jace!” the teen skater said, as he shook Peter’s hand. He had a sigh of relief, for he was afraid that Peter was angry at him.

Suddenly the elevator doors closed and the elevator descended again, stopping on the first floor. The door opened and the two boys walked and skated out of the elevator car.

Peter had a hard time keeping up with Jace, who was gliding over the floor on his inline speed skates. As the two boys walked out the building, Jace stopped and concentrated on Peter’s shoes. Suddenly Peter found himself floating three inches off the ground, as blades with five small wheels began to form under the soles of his basketball high top, forcing Peter to skate instead of walk!

“I’m so happy you found me! I had a dream the other night about a tall, dark guy who said I was going to meet a Master in this city. I had honestly expected an older guy, not a teenager like you!” Jace said to Peter, who was now trying to catch up, as he had to get used to skating on these skates. “I bet the guy in your dreams was Prince!” Peter said to him.

The two boys skated to the park, which was just a few blocks away from the City Hall, and was located in the heart of the downtown area. Jace had told Peter that he also discovered that he had woken up having these powers on his fifteenth birthday, but he was always too scared to tell anyone and tried to keep it a secret. Only his family knew he had the power, and he used it sparingly. Peter promised Jace that he could train him and teach him new tricks, if he let him help him out!

“I’m coaching a group of kids in roller hockey at the skating rink. Would you like to join me there tonight, at about seven o’clock?” Jace asked Peter. Peter answered yes, as Jace continued to explain what he enjoyed doing with his powers. “I’m just here for school, but I’m originally from Florida! I would like to help out some of the kids on my team. Some of them need more strength. Maybe you could come over and we can help the kids on the team to grow a little stronger?” Jace asked him. “Of course, I love to grow muscles on people! I’ll help you out!” Peter said excitedly.

“So, when are you planning on going fishing?” Peter asked Jace, as he looked over the license he had just purchased at City Hall. “I’m going to the lake this weekend. Would you like to join me?” Jace asked. “Yes, then we can help each other out!” Peter responded.

The two boys exchanged phone numbers and email addresses, as Peter began to feel super excited about finally having met the Transformation Wizard that Prince had told him about. He knew that there was one more teen, in the same city, who had the powers, besides him and Cousin Ty. His first priority was to become great friends with Jace, and to teach him how to use his powers. Sooner or later they would have to fight and defend themselves from the Dark Wizards, as Prince had warned Peter earlier. That means that Jace would need to be trained as well, for they would both become targets of the Dark Wizards!

That evening, Peter transformed Dustin’s beetle into a large, four-wheel drive pickup truck! Dustin could now drive with Peter and Ty up front, and Ryan in the bed of the truck. Ryan was so huge, his body was simple to big to sit up front, so he had to sit in the bed of the truck!

When they arrived at the skating rink, Peter introduced Dustin and Ty to Jace! Jace was wearing his skates, and every person who shook his hands, had his shoes transformed into skates as well. But Ryan had a problem, for he was just wearing sandals which were custom made to fit his huge, size 20 feet!

Ryan walked up to Peter, with tears rolling down his face. “Hey Peter, I can’t get any skates that fit me! What should I do?” Peter grabbed a pair of skates and set them on the floor. Then he had Ryan take his gigantic sandals off. Ryan placed the sandals next to the skates as Peter began to concentrate, merging the four shoes into two. Suddenly the huge sandals had transformed into huge skates. As a matter of fact, Peter had to extend the blade even further and he had to make each blade wider. Ryan’s skates had seven wheels on them, and Peter had to make all the wheels bigger and thicker, reinforcing the plastic wheels so that they could support Ryan’s 5,000 plus pounds of weight.

When Peter was done, he concentrated hard to suspend Ryan about 6 inches off the ground. Then he magically made the giant skates appear on his feet, all laced up! When he set Ryan down on the concrete floor, the huge muscular kid cheered! The 10 foot giant boy skated over to Peter and lifted him up, pressing him against his titanic pectorals, and covering his body using his colossal, muscular arms. “Hey, Ryan…” Peter squeaked, gasping for air, almost suffocating by being encased in a wall of thick muscles, “I… can’t… breathe…!” Ryan looked down and saw Peter’s face as it rapidly turned red.

Then Ryan grabbed hold of Peter under his armpits, and held Peter up in front of him, at arm’s length. Peter’s skates were dangling almost four feet off the ground, as the six-foot teen was held suspended in air by the ten-foot giant muscular boy. “Hey Peter, are you alright? You look a little pale!” Ryan said, with sad eyes, as he was looking at Peter with a deep sense of concern. “I’m alright now, just be gentle, okay?” Peter said, while he was just catching his breath. “Uhh, Ryan…” Peter said next, “Could you please set me back down on the floor?” he said with a chuckle. The giant boy was so strong, it obviously hadn’t dawned on him that he was holding the 220 pound teenager suspended in the air for almost three minutes! “Oops, sorry Peter!” he said, as he gently lowered Peter back down on the wheels of his skates.

In the meantime, Jace was giving Ty and Dustin a tour of the skating rink. The trio skated around the building, from the snack bar to the locker room and then to the video arcade. From there, the three boys skated on to the large, empty rink. Dustin hadn’t been in a rink in years, so he had to get used to skating again. But Ty was an outstanding skater, and he decided to immediately skate the perimeter of the rink at top speed. Ty blazed down the side wall, crossing over his right skate over his left when in the turn, angling his body away from the rink wall. Then he pushed off with several powerful strokes of his skates, accelerating as he skated towards the next turn on the other side of the floor. Ty sped right past Dustin and Jace, who were slowly skating down the middle of the floor.

As Dustin and Jace were talking, suddenly Ty came around the corner and skated straight towards Dustin. At first Dustin didn’t notice it, and he gasped as he saw Ty coming straight towards him at top speed! “WATCH OUT!!” Ty yelled, as he raced towards his foster brother, who suddenly turned pale of fear! Then Ty leaped in the air, soaring just a few inches over Dustin’s head going at a height of almost seven feet off the ground, and then landing behind Dustin, as both Jace and Dustin turned around to see Ty come back down on his skates. Dustin couldn’t help but let a huge sigh of relief, as Jace started to laugh. “Oh, Jace, trust me, I’ve gotten used to Ty by now!” Dustin explained to his new buddy.

The other players of Jace’s hockey team showed up one-by-one, and they each went to the locker room to change into their uniform. When they were all there, Jace blew his whistle and ordered the players to line up on the center line of the rink. There were fifteen boys in all, between the ages of 10 and 12 years old. “This is my team” Jace told Ty, Peter, Dustin and Ryan.

Ty and Peter looked over the crowd, and suddenly Peter recognized one of them; he recognized Drew, the 10-year-old kid he had met earlier! The boy was the most muscular kid in the group, and he immediately came over to say hi to Peter! But when Drew met Ryan, he was completely in shock! “Hey Drew, you’re a year older than me!” Ryan said, as he shook the hand of the little boy, who was less than half his height! Drew couldn’t believe how big and how muscular Ryan was, as he looked up and slowly walked under Ryan’s legs, leaving room to spare. But Ryan lifted Drew up, and the two instantly became friends!

“My guys need to play a roller hockey match against the Hawks in another hour. Is there anything we can do to help them out?” Jace asked Peter and Ty, as they looked over the team. “Well, Jace, you’re the Master of the Rink now! This is your place! What would you like us to do?” Peter said. Jace thought about it, and responded ‘I would like for my guys to be twice as strong and muscular than they are right now!”

Then Peter allowed Jace to stand in the middle, Ty stood on his left, and Peter on his right. Peter and Ty placed their arms on Jace’s shoulder, so they could join forces and use their powers together. Dustin stood next to Ty and Ryan came up next to Peter, as Ty, Peter, and Jace began to concentrate. First, the uniforms disappeared off the fifteen boys, leaving them with just their shorts on. Then the three powerful Transformation Wizards merged their powers together and unleashed the greatest force ever seen on earth!

All fifteen boys felt their bodies tingle all over, as their arms, chests, and legs grew more muscular and stronger! Their abdominals were huge, even the boys who were fat suddenly noticed all the fat melt away, and they witnessed their chest and abdominals grow bigger and bigger! Then their legs began to become more muscular as well. Even the kids who were skinny, they now realized their quads were so thick that they suddenly saw veins running over them! All fifteen suddenly felt their calves expand like balloons which were being pumped up with air, and massive biceps popped up on their arms, giving all of them the urge to flex their muscles, almost at the same moment! It was an incredible sight, even for Dustin and Ryan to see the fifteen boys turn into muscle boys.

Jace looked up, and smiled when he saw his entire team being transformed into this group of muscle boys. Then Jace concentrated again, using the combined forces of Peter and Ty, and all fifteen were now wearing their newly adjusted uniforms! He then blew his whistle, allowing the kids to skate for a few minutes in order to warm up. Jace skated to Ty and Peter with a huge smile on his face. “Wow, the other team doesn’t stand a chance! Look at my team! They’re bigger, faster, and stronger! Nobody is going to beat my Tigers now!” Jace said, as he was extremely pleased. “Hey Ty, Peter, we need to hang out and do something fun with our powers! And Peter, you need to teach me how to use them correctly!”

Peter told Ty about their planned fishing trip, and Ty agreed to come along with Jace and Peter. In the meantime, the trio made their way to the stands before the start of the match between the muscular Tigers against the Hawks!

Peter had just skated off the floor, when one of the hockey players came up to him. He was skating at high speed, but stopping right in front of him. Peter was astonished, for in front of him stood Drew. But Drew appeared to be twice as muscular as he was earlier, when Peter had grown his muscles in City Hall. He seemed huge now, he looked like a little muscle freak! “Hey Peter, you grew my muscles twice today!” he said, showing his 22 inch biceps with a flex. Peter gasped when he saw that, he realized that Drew was one of the fifteen boys on the team! So now Drew’s muscles were twice as big!

“Holy smoke! I need to shrink you back, Drew!” Peter said out loud! “NO! I want to stay this way!” Drew shouted back. Then Peter decided to let Drew keep his muscles for now, and he would see what he would do after the game.

The hockey game had proven to be no contest. The Tigers beat the Hawks 24 to 0, scoring a goal almost every two minutes. The Tigers out skated the Hawks, for they were much faster and much stronger! The boys loved their new strength and speed, as they passed the puck with great ease, completely wearing out their opponent. None of the Hawks could do anything, and when they tried to hit or push any one of the tigers, the boys just laughed. One of the Hawks tried to push Drew against the wall, but the muscular, little boy just laughed, and hurled the poor Hawk player across the rink with one hand!

Even during a power play, with the Tigers being shorthanded, they still were able to overpower the Hawks! At the end of the game, the players lined up to shake hands. Afterwards, when all the Hawks had left, Jace called all his players together.

Peter and Ty joined him, to find out what Jace wanted to do with his muscular team. “Guys, I need to change them back! What are their parents going to say, when they notice that we had turned their kids into muscle boys?” Jace wondered.

Peter thought it was funny how they had this problem with a group of fifteen muscle boys. “We can leave them the way they are, and we’ll just make the parents believe that it is normal for their kids to be that strong!” Ty said to Jace. “No, I think we had better shrink them back!” Peter said, wondering about their decision. “What do you think, Jace? You’re the coach!”

“But, Peter! The fastest way to shrink them back is if the three of us get together and do it! We’re not strong enough to change all fifteen of them, so let’s do it while the three of us are here, or leave the kids the way they are!” Ty said, as he wondered out loud what to do next.

Suddenly there was a loud eruption of yelling and cheering. Ty, Peter, and Jace looked over and noticed Ryan, who was by far the biggest person in the rink, surrounded by the fifteen muscular boys. They played as they chased after each other on skates. Ryan skated around the rink, with one boy sitting on his head and four others sitting on his shoulders.

Then Ty and Peter both turned towards Jace. “Let’s keep them the way they are! I mean, just look at Ryan! The kid just loves his strength and muscle. We just don’t feel good about taking away muscles from a group of kids!” Ty said to Jace.

Peter turned around and skated towards the snack bar, when he was suddenly stopped by Drew. The little boy skated right up to him, and placed his hands below his arms. Then the ten year-old lifted Peter up, holding him a few inches off the ground. “Look how strong I am! I can easily lift you up! Piece of cake!” Peter smiled, as he looked down and saw the wheels on his skates floating three inches off the floor. Then the little boy hurled Peter almost twenty feet straight up in the air, catching Peter using both of his arms! He caught Peter by his back and his knees as he came back down. Peter was astonished, for he had never been tossed in the air by such a small kid before! Drew was just playing with him, and he lifted Peter in the air like a rag doll!

“Thanks for the muscles!” Drew said, as he put Peter back down, allowing Peter’s wheels to touch the floor. It was amazing, to see how much fun these fifteen kids were having with their muscles and their strength!

Ty and Peter stuck around, and they helped Jace to talk to the parents when they came to get their kids from the rink. None of them really protested, and the kids were enjoying themselves! Peter and Ty worked a little magic on all the parents, and nobody seemed to mind that their sons were suddenly turned into muscle boys!

When everyone had left, Dustin and Ryan had gone back home, as Ty, Peter and Jace wanted to hang out together.

“Hey, guys, we should call ourselves the Transformation Trio” Ty said, as the three were skating out of the building so that Jace could lock up.

“Hey Peter, Ty, I’m so happy I have met you guys! We can have loads of fun together! When we’re together, we’re unstoppable! We can do anything!” Jace said, as the three powerful boys skated down the street.

“We need to show you where we live, Jace!” Ty said. Then the three boys skated down several blocks to Ty and Dustin’s house, where they had dinner and watched a movie! The three were joined by Dustin and Ryan, and they had a great time together.

A dark figure was standing outside, wearing a dark suit and hat. But the man smiled, for another Transformation Wizard had been found. Prince could not have been more pleased, and he felt like this was the perfect time to introduce himself to Jace.

Prince walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. Peter opened up, and was the first to greet him. “Hi, Master! Guess what? We’ve met Jace today, he’s here now!” Prince just smiled back at Peter, as he walked in. “Yes, I know! Good work, my young Wizard. Please introduce me to him!”

Peter introduced Prince to Jace, who was still wearing his inline skates. Then Prince got together with Peter, Ty and Jace, as they had a great time while they got to know each other better. And Prince prepared them for the future, and encouraged them to stay united.

For Peter, Ty, and Jace, they were just now beginning to understand that they would have some incredible adventures together.

The End •

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