By StudMscl

My grandmother was a witch. Not the cauldron stirring, wart-nosed kind you read about in stories but the laid back kind you'd pass on the way to the store and not even notice. She knew how to do things with herbs and the odd salamander tongue that would blow your mind. They certainly did mine. When I was a kid I used to stay with her in her big, old Victorian house for the summer. She taught me how to mix up potions and brews of my own, though as I matured and my natural tendencies came to light she laughed at the things I tried to stir up.

Me, I think being gay comes from the genes because I never felt anything for girls, but I was attracted to guys before I even knew what my dick was for. Not just any guys, mind you. My tastes always tended towards the big ones. I can remember being mesmerized by a big, old delivery man who delivered a couch to my parents house when I was only ten. He laughed at the way I followed him around, and tousled my hair when I left. I think I would have cum in my shorts if I'd be able to.

As I got older I my tastes became more focused and I realized that it wasn't just big guys I was attracted, but big, muscular guys. By the time I was 18 that delivery man wouldn't have done it for me anymore. He was too thick around the middle and his muscles too obscured by excess weight, which was probably useful in his job but was a turn off for me. By then I had discovered bodybuilding magazines and spent much of my free cash and time buying and jerking off to the pictures of massive, oiled up hunks that filled their pages. It realized it was all about size - the bigger the better, and if possible, bigger still.

The summer after high school was the last one I spent with my grandmother. Neither of us realized it but she would die the following winter after an unexpected heart attack. All those hot months until I went back home at the end of August we hiked in the hills around Jacksonville, where she lived, and she pointed out all the natural elements that would be useful to me in my career as a male witch. After gathering plants and the like we would return to her home and mix potions and tinctures in a stainless steel pot on her gas stove. Our hobby might have been ancient but our tools were modern enough.

Sometime in July, after hinting around and skirting the issue, I finally came out and admitted to Grandmother that I wanted to mix a potion that would cause my thin, bony frame to fill out and become more athletic. I didn't have any desire to be a huge musclestud myself but I knew that that if I wanted to attract the kind of man I was interested in I'd have to be in better shape than I was. Grandmother just laughed at my request and told me that when she was younger she'd tried something similar on herself. She was still chuckling when she pulled a book down from the top shelf of one of her bookcases and opened it to a section on transformations.

With the help of the book and Grandmother, when I headed home to my parents I looked a hell of a lot different than the kid who had left home only three months before. My 5' 10" frame had grown to a healthy 6'. What's more, I had gone from a skinny 140 pounds to a buffed out 185. My biceps and triceps were now strong and striated, stretching the sleeves of my old T-shirts. My hairless torso was packed with ripped, defined muscle, while my waist had barely expanded from the tight 29 inches it had been before. My ass, with a little judicious experimentation, had become as rounded, high and tight as was possible within the laws of physics. My legs, meanwhile, had grown longer and stronger, with powerful thighs sweeping down into bulbous calves. With my blond hair and blue eyes I was looking like quite the stud. My parents were astonished at the change but I just told them that a long summer of hard work, and a late puberty shock, had worked wonders. Dad shook his head but accepted my explanation. I think Mom was a little more suspicious, having a better idea what Grandmother was capable of, but she let it pass too.

I headed off to college that September and found that my new physical attributes were more magnetic than I could have imagined. There were plenty of girls that tried to catch my eye but I ignored them, preferring to concentrate on the studly men that seemed to come at me from all sides. Even though I smiled and flirted with a lot of them it was only the big guys, the ones who had already put a couple of good years in at the gym, that I spent any time with. While the potion I had created insured that I stayed in great shape regardless, I spent a lot of time at the gym scoping out the overbuilt football players and wrestlers that kept my cock up and hard all the time.

One guy in particular really caught my eye. His name was Tyrell and he was a receiver on the football team. Most receivers tend to be smaller than their teammates on the line because they need speed and agility in order to catch passes and run their way through the opposing team to the endzone. Somehow the gods had been kind to Tyrell because even though he was one huge motherfucker he was as quick and as fast as any receiver they'd had at the school for years.

I used to watch him working out with his teammates at the gym. He was a big, black stud, somewhere around 6' 4", with a brutally handsome face and a shaved head. In the gym he wore an old, faded tank-top and long shorts, but these did nothing to hide the amazingly built yet cut body he'd managed to sculpt. He must have been around 230 pounds of dark, sinuous muscle that only got bigger when he lifted. I'd watch while his teammates, some of whom I'd already slept with, spotted him pushing out rep after rep of bench presses until his pecs bulged like two mountains under his tank-top. It was enough to get me hard. I just wished I could see him in the same condition since the lump in his shorts already looked impressive soft.

Unfortunately, he wasn't interested in me. He had a girlfriend, a blonde cheerleader, which made me think that he at least he was attracted to people with my coloring. Unlike some of the other guys, though, it looked like he only went for girls because he never returned any of my looks when we passed by each other in the gym or on campus. Damn, it was frustrating. Despite the fact that I could usually get the guys I was interested in I started losing interest in anyone other than Tyrell.

The frustration lasted through Fall term and the end of the football season. We did OK, and Tyrell did great breaking the school record for number of receptions, but the team didn't make it to the playoffs. Campus broke up for Christmas break and I headed home to my parents.

A couple days after Christmas we received word that my grandmother had died. The heart attack that killed her struck when she was in town shopping and no one could save her. My parents and I went to Jacksonville for her funeral and then spent several days together before they had to fly home and return to work. They left me at the Victorian to get it closed up for the winter before they returned in the Spring and decided what to do with the old place. I had volunteered to stay behind and told them I'd just fly straight back to college after New Years.

That gave me just about a week to whip up a little holiday gift for Tyrell. I pulled the book down from the top shelf and went to work, but without my grandmother's guiding hand to help me. It was tough because what I wanted to create I couldn't test on myself, and while it would have been fun to try on others, even some of the local yokels, I didn't have the time. I flew back to school with several concoctions safely stowed in my carry-on bag.

With football season over a lot of the players took time off from the gym, counting Spring term as a needed rest. Tyrell didn't, though, and I saw him there as much as ever. Now he was working out alone, a condition that mirrored his situation outside the gym as it became apparent the love affair between he and the cheerleader hadn't survived the football season. That was a good sign so a couple weeks into January I put my plan into action.

It was a Friday evening and the gym wasn't particularly crowded. Tyrell was there giving his arms a major workout. By 10:00 PM, about the time the gym was supposed to close, everyone else had left, he was pushing out a last set of preacher curls, and I was trying keep my dick from getting rock hard at the size of his pumped up biceps. He finished his set and dropped the straight bar onto the stand with a crash that reverberated around the gym. Flexing his arms, he (and I) admired the peak on his sweating biceps the mirror, before pointing both arms straight out from the shoulder in a stretch and then bringing them back up to flex again. By now I had strategically positioned myself by the drinking fountain so when he strutted over to get a drink I was able to look up and casually say, "Hey, you're Tyrell Davis, aren't you?"

"Yeah, that's me," he replied glancing at my outstretched hand for a second before taking it and almost crushing it in his powerful grip.

"Dude, I saw you play this year. You were awesome."

"Thanks, man," he said and made as if to head past me to the drinking fountain.

"Thirsty?" I asked, handing him one of the two bottled waters I held. "Go ahead, I've got an extra one."

He shrugged and took the bottle, nodding his thanks. Thankfully, his thirst overpowered any curiosity he might have had about why the cap on the bottle was already loose, and he drank the whole thing down in a couple seconds. It was more than I had hoped for. He thanked me again and I started up some small talk waiting for the first effects.

Grandmother's spirit must have been with me back in Jacksonville because right on schedule he blinked his eyes and began to sway a bit.

"Hey, big guy, what's the matter?" I asked. "You feeling OK?"

"Yeah, sure, I'm fine," he replied, his voice already beginning to slur.

"You don't look so good. Maybe you'd better rest."

He blinked again and then nodded his assent, his docility being an initial, and temporary, affect of the potion I had slipped him. With a little prodding he went with me to the locker room where we gathered our stuff and headed out of the gym. As a freshman, I was still obliged to live in the dorms, but I knew he lived off campus. As luck would have it, not only was his apartment nearby but he lived alone besides.

It was your standard college pad, pride of place given to his bed and his stereo set-up. The former was what interested me and while he stood in the center of the room, swaying slightly, I laid back and feasted my eyes on him. God he was hot, even with his clothes on. He'd be even better without them.

"You look a little warm, Tyrell. Why don't you strip of those clothes?" That suggestion was all it took for me to be treated to one hell of a show. In seconds he was entirely nude, and more impressive already than I could have dreamed. Except for his pubes, he was as hairless on everywhere else as he was on his head. He even shaved his armpits. His big, black body was flawless. From his thick neck down through his massive torso and ridged, fatless stomach he was a built and cut as any pro-bodybuilder. His arms were massive, pumped with blood from his recent workout, while his legs showed the muscular strength necessary to move a man of his bulk at speed down the football field. And hanging between his legs was his long, thick, dark cock, the massive head swinging slight in the air. As he was he would have satisfied the craving of almost any muscle addict. Any addict but me, that is.

I reached into my gym bag and pulled out another bottle of water. "You look pretty thirsty, Tyrell. You'd better drink all of this."

He took the bottle without comment and quickly sucked down the contents. This was the exciting part because while he had been docile to this point I had no intention keeping him that. I wanted him to take charge.

Tyrell shook his head and let the bottle drop to the floor. He put his hands to his face for a moment and then pulled them away, looking around the room as if surprised to find himself at home. When he caught site of me a dumbfounded look spread across his face, but that expression quickly shaded into anger. I sent a quick prayer to Grandmother which she must have heard because before he could react any further he suddenly cried out in shock and pain.

Maybe because he just gotten through working out his biceps they started growing first. They were big guns already but within seconds they started growing even large still. We both looked with awe as his upper arms began to expand, the amazing growth quickly spreading to this triceps as well.

"What the fuck?" he gasped, flexing his arms in wonder, whatever pain he had felt already fading. He was so engrossed in his arms that he failed to notice at first that the rest of his body was getting bigger as well.

His already massive neck was stretching out further and further, as his cannonball shoulders swelled ever larger. His pecs seemed to expand like balloons, becoming so enormous and pumped that the skin grew glossy and looked like it would split trying to contain the tremendous amount of muscle underneath. His back was obviously growing too as his v-shaped torso expanded like a cobra's hood. Before long his massive lats forced his increasingly freaky arms up and away from his torso until they were held almost straight out. His abs seemed to be fighting amongst themselves for space, twitching and growing under the tight skin of his stomach. As for his legs, the thighs, previously more cut than huge, became in the space of a minute tree trunks that any professional bodybuilder would have killed for. I watched he was forced to shift his stance again and again as the sheer mass of his growing quads and hamstrings made it impossible for him to hold his legs together. Even his calves, oftentimes the least developed muscles even on the big boys, got into the act, growing and swelling beyond belief.

The growth didn't stop there, though. Even as his body grew larger and larger, his dick started growing too. For a moment I saw what it must have looked like hard before the change, and that was impressive in itself. But before long his cock and balls began to expand further, his nuts churning in their sack, becoming more and more massive, hanging lower and lower in front of his powerhouse thighs. His dick, already as hard as a rock, began expanding in length and thickness, its eye seemingly pointed straight at me. While I had purposefully made this one of the affects of the potion I had given him I was soon wondering if I hadn't gone too far as the growing, black dick went from big to huge to monstrous in a few short minutes.

All this time Tyrell was gasping in either pain or pleasure, though I suspect the latter. He kept running his hands, themselves growing larger, over his expanding body, flexing first his arms, then his chest, then his back and then his legs. Catching site of his more than massive cock he let out a hoarse shout and wrapped both mitts around hit, fighting to get his freaky biceps around his huge pecs. As large as his hands were becoming they were losing the fight to cover his dick, which was growing even faster and soon extended more than a hand's width beyond them.

There's this ongoing debate in the bodybuilding magazines as to whether size or symmetry is most important. For me it's never been a contest. Freaky is what turns me on and here in front of me was undoubtedly the freakiest man who had ever lived. When Tyrell's growth finally stopped all I could do was slide off the bed and fall to my knees, massaging my cast-iron dick through my workout shorts. Here was the man I had always dreamed of, so massive that he put all the heavyweight pros to shame. Whatever he did to me it was worth it just to be able to see such development.

Panting as if he'd just finished a marathon, Tyrell finally let go of his dick and his eyes focused on me. He stepped forward and I felt through the floor the shudder caused by his amazing new size. Standing above me he seemed even more huge and I whimpered as he bent down and hauled me to my feet. Back at the gym I had come up to his chin. Now I barely came up to his shoulder, and I realized that if he had also grown taller then his size was even more astonishing. He lifted me up off the ground by my T-shirt so my face was directly before his. I could feel his big dick slip between my legs to stick out far beyond my ass. Even as his eyes stared into mine I took the opportunity to run my hands across the rounded muscles of his arms and shoulders.

"You did this to me, didn't you," he growled, his voice even lower and sexier than before.

All I could do was whimper again, half in fear and half in almost painful desire.

"Turned me into a fuckin' freak, man. You're gonna pay for that." Then he raised me even higher with one hand while the other pawed at my body, effortlessly ripping of my clothes.

They say you should be careful of what you wish for because you just might get it. I have to admit that's how I was feeling at that moment. I was trapped in the grip of the biggest, blackest musclestud imaginable, a man who obviously wouldn't be able to walk down the street without drawing gasps of admiration and disgust, and I wasn't sure if I should yell for help or cum right there just from the shear size of him. He didn't give me much chance to decide, though to be honest I don't think it would have been a tough decision.

In seconds he had literally torn the clothes off my body, including most of my T-shirt causing the collar to rip apart in his big fist. I fell to the floor, my rock hard dick slapping against my stomach, and lay at his feet trying to somehow make sense of the colossus that stood above me. With an unintelligible grunt he bent down again, picked me up and tossed me on the bed like rag doll. The strength he displayed, and the fact that I was so obviously in his power, was such a fucking turn on I couldn't help moaning with lust. A second later the air was forced out of my lungs as his huge body fell on top of mine, pinning me to the mattress.

I struggled to pull my arms out from under his bulk so I could feel that massive, overbuilt slabs of muscle that were weighing me down but he had other ideas. With one hand he grabbed one wrist and then the other, yanking my hands above my head. It felt like they were chained in place and as my eyes followed his amazingly thick arm, his biceps and triceps together as large as my leg, up and over my head I knew I had no hope of breaking free. A moment later my face was wrenched back down by his other free hand which grabbed me by the jaw and forced my mouth open, a waste of effort since I would have done it gladly of my own free will. Next thing I knew his mouth clamped down on mine and his tongue forced its way in and was heading for my throat. The rough thrust of his tongue made it feel like he was raping my mouth, totally disregarding any desires of mine. Ironically, that was my desire, to submit totally to this overdeveloped monster I had created.

Even as he took my mouth I felt one of his mammoth legs forcing mine apart. His torso was much longer than mine so his groin was positioned somewhere around my knees. Even so, his iron dick ran all the way up past mine, his huge head mashed by his body into my torso just below my chest. As he made his goal clear, the hand on my jaw moving down to force my left leg up and over his shoulder, I fleetingly wondered if I'd be able to take him without being permanently damaged. It looked like I was going to find out.

He face pulled back for a moment and he stared fiercely into my eyes as he brought up his right thumb and forced it into my mouth. I sucked at it slavishly, my eyes holding his, mesmerized by the strength and power apparent in every inch of his body that touched mine. After I had gotten it wet with saliva he removed the oversized digit, and with a cruel smirk shoved it without warning up my twitching asshole. I gasped in pain and pleasure as my ass was lifted off the mattress from the strength of his arm. He watched me as he dug in, grinding his hand against my ass, opening me up for his planned assault. It felt like he was pushing the it all the way up into my intestines and this was only his thumb! My dick was jerking in time to his thrusts, shooting precum onto my stomach as I rode the sensation.

My eyes rolled back into my head and I could only moan as the probing of his thumb fed my desire to be filled the massive tool that was throbbing on my stomach. Suddenly, my ass was empty, and at the same moment his other hand let go of my hands above my head. Seconds later he grabbed both my ankles and lifted my legs up and out, so that I was bent almost completely in half, my ass upraised and ready for his attack. I opened my eyes but for a moment could see only his huge cock which was so long that it went through my legs and thrust straight into the air above my face. I was eye to eye with its big head and watched as his precum pulsed from the tip, hitting me on my nose and forehead.

His dick pulled back and until I could feel the head running over my balls and then down my asscrack. My eyes refocused onto his face and gigantic torso which I could see through my outstretched legs. Openmouthed, I watched him watching me as his dick head slid around my hole before finally catching my already abused assring. With a feral grin he punched forward with his lower body and I felt his head force its way inside me, driving further and further inside while my body convulsed from the pain. He gave me that entire, huge cock in one shove, and I almost passed out before I felt his groin smash up against my ass. For a moment he just held it there while my brain tried to sort out the pain from the pleasure that was washing over my tortured body. I could feel his heartbeat as his dick throbbed within me and I realized my mouth was moving and that I was trying to speak.

"F-f-f-fuck me," I panted, "Please fuck me," and I trailed off into a low moan.

"Yeah, I thought so, pussy," he growled, then he pulled the unbelievable length of his dick back until the head was lodged within my anus, stretching it open. Then rammed the huge fucker all the way into me.

He let go of my ankles and fell forward, his huge pecs engulfing my face and the very width of his torso forcing my legs far even further apart. I felt his cannonball biceps digging into my back as his arms engulfed me, crushing me to his body. All the wile his pelvis was pulling back and then thrusting forward, driving his massive dick deep into my body, forcing the air out of my lungs. I felt surrounded by his bulk which was coming at me from all sides, even inside. The bottom of my head only reached his chin in this position but I could hear his hoarse grunts and growls which gradually turned into a low chant.

"Take it fucker - yeah cunt, fuckin take that dick."

The first time I came I passed out, unable to hold on when the sensations in my ass pushed me up and over the edge. I felt myself shooting for what seemed like forever, the cum from my dick forming a slick sheet that his muscular torso spread between us. After that things went black for a time. When I came to he was still pumping away and my dick, if it had ever gone soft, was hard and leaking again. He released me from his grip and with obvious ease rotated my body on the column of his cock, turning me so that my back was pressed up against his mountainous torso. His arms tightened around me again so that one massive bicep was crushing my abs while the other cut across my upper chest, just below my neck. All the while his groin kept slamming away, slapping my ass while his dick had its way with my insides.

I came twice more before the increasing speed of his thrusts made it apparent that he was going to cum too. His arms and legs grew so tight around my body that I couldn't breathe, and he began to roar, his dick seeming to expand even further inside me. I could tell when he began to shoot, the feeling of his hot cum actually soothing inside my battered rectum. Groggy as I was, for a moment I feared that I had lived through the fuck only to die during the contractions of his bulging muscles, which threatened to tear me apart. Somehow I survived and his grip gradually relaxed as he shuddered and panted above me.

After a couple minutes he rolled away from me, his still hard dick taking forever to pull completely from my ass. I lay there trying to gather my strength while he got up off the bed and thudded from the room. I managed to turn my head and see that he had stepped into the bathroom, his bulk seeming to fill it to overflowing. I could tell he was trying to see as much of himself as possible in the ridiculously small mirror over the sink. But then it wouldn't take much to be impressed by what he saw.

He ducked his head and stepped out of the bathroom, his oversized legs giving him a rolling gate as he headed back across the room towards me. Despite what we'd just been through I still found his size almost incomprehensible. He was bigger standing there relaxed than any pro could have dreamed of being when pumped up and flexing. As he stood above me, one big hand ran over his pecs, massaging the overhanging shelf of muscle.

"How'd you do this," he asked, his tone making it apparent it would be in my best interests to answer.

"I'm a witch," I croaked. "I mixed up a potion and gave it to you in some water."

His face split into a grin, the first I'd ever seen on him.

"I'm kinda thirsty," he said. "Got anymore?" •

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