U4IA Gym


By StevePwrBear

I'd been working out at at the local World Gym, for about 8 months. Ever since I stepped foot in there as an overweight, thirty something, bear type guy, who's self esteem was at an all time low, I had been welcomed with open arms. I was so shocked and excited about how the musclemen of my dreams, took me in, and helped me get motivated and eventually pretty buff. I was no way near their size and stature as muscle men, but I was starting to show fantastic results and my energy and stamina levels were improving as well. Even my sex drive was starting to go into overdrive lately. I was constantly horny and feeling amazing about myself. I felt I was ready for anything that would come my way. My strength had doubled as well.

It was in July on a day that had reached 94 degrees. I looked at the clock and it was about 9:48pm and close to closing time. All that was left was the owner, Jeff; a Superman looking God, Carl; a huge muscle daddy bear, and myself. The sweltering hot gym was like a pressure cooker all night long. You could feel the electric energy in the air. The three of us had been there since 7:00 when the place was crawling with grunting, sweaty Iron Gladiators, with rippling muscles and soaked to the flesh in their already skin tight gym wear. Towards the end of the night up till now, most of the guys had stripped off their shirts, showing off their prize-winning bodies. Jeff had an in-window air conditioner and 4 large fans on, but that only made a dent in the sweltering heat. But anytime a guy walked by the cold air you can see his nipples rise to the occasion.

The three of us were so soaked to the limit there was little left to the imagination, for any of us. So, as Jeff locked up for the night, he dimmed some of the lights as he started slowly peeling his shirt off, one of the few guys who still had left theirs on.

He said, “If you guys want to workout with less on, now is as good of a time as any.” I looked over and with a very familiar sly wink from Carl he started stripping. We were so relieved to feel a bit cooler, by undressing some. I was slower at it than the other two, cause I was savoring everything that my hungry eyes were witnessing.

Lately, both of them and a couple of the other guys had been paying me a lot of extra attention in and out of the gym. They would invite me out with them for drinks and seemed to be getting much more brave in the physical sense of touching me. I would get an arm squeeze here, a bear hug there, a lingering slap on my ass, and even a couple of ass grabs. Once, about a month ago, Jeff commented on my progress and said that I looked like I was getting bigger and built everywhere and then he gave my crotch a nice firm grasp. Surprisingly I didn't jump, but I got hard immediately, turned away and mentioned something about having to go to the bathroom really bad. Off I went, with Jeff and the other guys, snickering and nudging each other. I knew Jeff had felt my hard-on and with a red face and a huge ache for all of them in my crotch I must've looked like an embarrassed schoolgirl running away. I don't know why, but I was so turned on that as soon as I got to the bathroom and in the stall, I dropped my shorts and shot a couple of huge wads against the stall walls. That had never happened to me ever in my whole life. I hadn't even touched it. It just exploded while sending pure pleasure running through me.

Later in that same week, Carl and I were changing in the locker room, ribbing each other and horse playing, when Carl came up behind me and grabbed me around the waist, pinning me tightly against him with us against the lockers. We were both in our jocks and I could feel his hardening cock against my ass crack. It started getting hard and as fast as mine had been doing lately. It felt so huge and I wanted him to just fuck me right there and then. Our horse playing was turning very sexually charged and I started to get the same immediate hard-on that I had with Jeff. I knew I would blow at any moment. Enormous feelings of ecstasy poured over my body. Carl's arms lowered down my sides as he picked me up off the floor, pressing my full weight onto his crotch. I thought he was almost fully hard too. I could feel his hot breath rapidly increasing against my neck and his cock was now, not just hard against my ass but snaking down my thigh. His hand started to brush against my cock, sending me into orgasm heaven, when a new member and not one of the "group" came into the locker room. He saw us at the same time we saw him and Carl dropped me literally on the floor and turned around quickly. Carl never knew this but I did start to cum the second he touched my cock. Somehow, though, I was magically able to stop in midstream when I hit the floor. We acted as if it was all in joking around but when Carl was sure the guy wasn't looking at us, he gave me a very sly wink. The same sly wink, he just gave Jeff. From that day on till tonight, Carl and I never spoke about what had happened that day but we both couldn’t stop looking at each other. Just to even glance at him or Jeff or some of the other guys, now made me go insane with passion. I used that passion to lift harder than ever that day. It was the day of awakening for me. The day of my euphoria.

So by the time the clothes came off I was very comfortable around them. Jeff left only his sweat soaked stained jock on, showing an incredible bulge and a see-through outline of a truly massive cock and enormous mushroom head. He turned around to present his milk white ass of granite, as he bent over to pick up a couple of empty carb pop bottles left by his some of his patrons. His Body was really that of Superman from the comics: Perfectly symmetrical with smooth mounds of rippled flesh everywhere. It’s as if he was a chiseled work from Michelangelo and air had inflated him to the point of explosion. His features were so Clark Kent that it made you awe struck. His jet-black hair hung on his head like worn silk, with beads of sweat covering his forehead. That is the only amount of hair that I could see on his body, for now. His pits were shaved as well as his “jock” area, for which he shaved for bodybuilding competitions. The soaked jockstrap showed a strong shadow of dark underneath, so he must not be fully shone. I was sure that his pubic hair was just as jet black as what was on his head. His package, as I said before, was immense as his pouch almost stuck further out than his 55” chest. Jeff was what society would say was total Male Perfection.

Carl stripped all the way to flesh and boner. Yes I said, boner, not bone. He was definitely getting turned on. He seemed to have been waiting for this all night, since he couldn’t keep his hands from adjusting his crotch on a continual basis. He was such a fucking enormous bear of a man, everywhere, with his thick fur matted down in tangles to his sweat soaked body. His full beard covered the bottom of his face, which stopped at his ears. He was bald on his head with a tattoo on each arm and one that was covered by hair on the middle of his left pec. The shoulders on this man were wider than shoulder pads for a football player. His chest, which was larger than Jeff’s, had each pec larger than my own head. He wasn’t chiseled like “Superman” was, but his mass was absolutely immense. He stood well over 6 feet, probably 6’8” and looked like a Viking. Soft his cock must be over 7” as it passed up his low hanging bull balls and rested on his hairy thigh. It was definitely semi hard and about 8 1/2 inches now. I couldn't get that imagine of our locker room encounter out of my head. I wanted them both so badly; I started to ache in my balls. The ache of an impending hard on like no other.

It was hard, but I had to look away from both of them, cause I started feeling my own cock go beyond its semi-hard status, to full mast. What the hell was going on that I would get so hard so fast, all the time, now. I had only wanted to strip down to my jock but then realized it was completely soak-stained in precum so I shucked it clean off, as if to say that I didn't care that both of them would see me fully hard. In fact I wanted them too. I really wanted them to notice me; to want me.

I’m not as massive as Carl or Jeff, but I certainly was able to “hang” with the boys. I’m 5’10” 250lbs of mostly muscle mass. I still had some huskiness about me, but that was filling in with hard muscle. My arms were 23.5”, chest 53”, waist 36”, quads 27.5” and what started out as an 8+” cut cock: More on that later. I was strong to begin with, but lately my strength seemed to be going through the roof. In the last week, I would have to increase my workout weight every other day; cause the former was just way to light and I wouldn't even feel a burn. I also seemed to be gaining more and more mass quickly; you could actually see it building up day to day. Many of the guys were commenting on that and how good I was beginning to look. Also, since my sex drive was going out of control, I was having to cum about 4-5 times a day or my balls would start to ache strongly and make me get fully hard without any stimulus and stay that way till I came in buckets. That had started about four days ago and I think my cock was getting larger, too, in length and especially girth. It was actually feeling very heavy between my legs all the time. So since Jeff and Carl hadn't seen my "condition" in the last few days, I was interested to see their reactions. Both of them looked quite shocked and pleased, but seemed to hide their arousal for the time being.

We all started lifting hard; Jeff was doing preacher curls and grunting like an ox in heat. Carl was on the leg press, and I headed for the bench. The smell of sweat, grease, and testosterone filled the stale air. I asked Carl when he’s done with his set, if he could spot me while I bench. He nodded and chuckled as he tugged at his cock and balls saying, "I'll give you a press, you little shit." We all laughed. I was looking at him square in the eyes when he said that, which was followed by a loving gaze from both of us.

I laid on the bench and started doing dumbbell flys. I’d been lifting for almost 3 hours straight with very heavy weight making my body already feel like I was going to rip through my skin. As I did my last rep I felt something new, different, and amazing. It was like all of my energy that I was creating to lift had suddenly gone straight to my cock. I could feel it start to thicken and lengthen immediately, even faster than before. This had never happened while I was lifting. Usually when I go this far, I end up puking. It was such an intense and erotic surge that I crashed the dumbbells together, making a loud bang. I sat up quickly to hide my instant, throbbing hard on and the close call of the brink of a major orgasm. Both men looked my way and smiled. Jeff said something that sounded like "All right, Steve. It's Time." and Carl licked his lips and went right back to his set.

Carl closed his eyes and started to breath very hard. I sat in a hypnotic trance watching as his massive tree trunks lifted the mounds of heavy weight. His muscles bulged all over his body. The veins were like vines weaving through his fields of hair. I think I was falling in love with him. I counted the weight and read there was over 1500lbs. “My God, that’s insane.” I thought. My cock stirred at the very notion, straining harder against the skin covering it. Just then, was it my imagination or did Carl's cock just jump and extend an inch or so? Another press and there it went again. I know it did this time. My God he must be almost 9 ½ to 10 inches now. It started to pulsate with every lift, growing and thickening, just like mine had done a few moments ago. I looked down at myself and realized I was pointing straight up at the ceiling, my cock soaked in precum, which traveled down the length of the shaft making it all shining and wet. I was shooting small shots out my piss hole and soaking my cock, thighs, the bench and the floor underneath. I quickly crossed my legs and looked over at Jeff. Too late: He had been watching me the whole time. He was still doing curls, but the head of his rod was poking out of the waistband. The fabric in the jock stretched over his extra wide cock. Precum was spilling out over the top. It looked like a beer bottle was stuffed down there. His eyes were jumping wildly from Carl to me and back again. He shut his eyes and it looked like he was getting to a state of frenzy. He started shaking all over his body and was groaning loudly. He must have been close to failure when he jerked the weight up, yelling a loud booming growl as he shot about 5 large streams of liquid out of his cock. My eyes were enormous with pleasurable shock. I somehow knew that that is what mine would have done if I’d continued to competition. The fluid arched through the air and landed on the floor by my bench, which was about 7 feet away from him. I looked down and it was definitely cum. It looked odd though, it actually seemed to have a dim glow about it. I looked back at Jeff with admiration and bewilderment in my eyes.

Jeff noticed my stare and condition and said, “This happens all the time, that’s why we workout so late. It's better not to do this in front of the newbies. We don't want to scare anyone away.” I pretty much knew what he meant but wasn’t sure why. He stopped lifting for a moment to stand and pull his jock completely off. He looked over at me again and said, “Don’t be shy, buddy. You were close there a second ago, weren’t you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Cumming. Your cock had a quick jolt there when you did that last rep, right? That was about the fastest I’ve ever seen a cock get hard. It was like a rock instantly. I thought for sure you were going to blow. I wanted to see that so bad. Even though you didn’t shoot your wad, it looked fucking awesome.”

“Yeah, but that’s never happened before.”

Jeff walked over towards me, with his now fully exposed 10” beer-can thick cock pointing the way. Jesus, it looked like a loaf of French bread. The head glistened with juice and there was a string of cum inching down towards the floor. His cock stayed at full attention the whole time he talked and was pulsating wildly like Carl's had, tossing strands of fluid all over. One strand hit my cock and I felt it jump and tingle.

“It felt good didn’t it, to feel such a rush of power and strength. To have every part of your body in total ecstasy.” Jeff said.

“Yeah, I guess, I’m just a little embarrassed, but what causes it?”

“Well Carl, what do you say? You think it’s time he found everything out? Should I tell him before we continue?”

Carl smiled and nodded in approval. He stopped pressing and looked over at me, saying, “I’ve wanted this day to come ever since I held you in my arms in the locker room. Jeff has too, since he touched your cock, that day. We’ve all wanted you so bad since then, but knew we had to wait. To wait till you were ready. Now it’s time. Now you will be like us. Now we can have you. We love you, Steve.”

“Okay enough of the mushy shit, Carl. Damn, for such a big guy, you sure are a softy.” Jeff teased.

“I’ll show you soft, pretty boy.” Carl said as he grabbed his humungous tool and waved it at Jeff.

Jeff laughed and turned to me, getting serious, “Haven't you noticed a big change in yourself over the past couple of weeks.”

I nodded in agreement.

“You’re getting to be a HUGE Fucker, Steve, just like us. Let me ask you this, you’re hard all the time now right? You have to cum several times a day or you’re hard-on won’t go down? You’re strength is increasing, almost doubling every day? And you just about hit the threshold point of no return when you almost came while lifting to the point of failure?

“Fuck yeah, but how did you know all of…”

“Well, we’ve been giving you something, without your knowledge of it.”

“WHAT!! What the fuck are you doing to me?” I started to scream out.

“Calm down, it’s all been to get you to this point. You had to be at a certain level of…well, of a state so that you could handle what’s going to happen next.” Jeff explained further. “All of the times that we went out for drinks, one of us would slip you some special protein that had come from each of us, at different times individually. We put this in slow and in small amounts so you could get accustom to the Change you’re going to have now.”

“But why? What do you plan on doing with me?” I was getting really angry and defensive about how they had invaded and tricked me. How I was like an experiment to them.

Carl chimed in, “Hold on…I think you’re going to completely love it. It’s what you’ve always wanted. I know this, Steve. I felt it in you that day in the lockeroom. You remember. You didn’t want it to stop, ever. Did you?”

“No I guess I didn’t want it to stop.” Realizing that this was more than what I wanted. It was my dream coming true. But what was this all about? Who were these guys? How did they know what I’ve always dreamed of?

“It’s time for all your questions to be answered, Steve. I promise that you will love this beyond anything you have ever loved in you life.” Jeff sounded with a true assurance in his voice. “Carl, are you ready for this, too?”

“Yes, I am Jeff. Give me a moment to get back into the realm of it.” With that Carl closed his eyes and started to moan softly as he started lifting the enormous weight with his legs, again. I hadn’t noticed it before, but his cock, in fact all our cocks had stayed rock hard the whole time we talked.

Carl was moaning louder now and starting to shoot small drops of precum out of his cock.

“Carl looks like he’s in the realm, now. Come on. It's time you know…everything. Don't be frightened” Jeff grabbed my arm and lifted me effortlessly to my feet and our cocks smacked together. He turned me around and positioned me in front of him, while he held my arms at my sides.

“Whatever happens, Steve, go with it, okay? Don't be afraid. Let it happen” He kissed my head.

“Okay, I will. “ I replied, totally aroused again and extremely curious. My head was spinning and it felt like my body was super sensitive to everything that was happening. The more Jeff’s juice touched my body, the more erotically charged I became.

Jeff’s huge shaft pressed against my lower back. My cock started throbbing harder than ever glistening with precum. It was literally dripping all over my feet and legs. We walked over to where Carl was now groaning and grunting like a grizzly in heat. It was then that I really noticed the size of his cock. It looked fully hard and lying on his stomach. I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. It was so huge the head was nestled between the globes of his chest. If he had gotten that big in the locker room, I never would have cared about the other guy there. I would've have begged him to fuck me right there.

His legs were shaking uncontrollably as he pressed, using every inch of their strength. But he would still be able to get out many more lifts. Enough for what was about to happen, to me. He took his time too, so Jeff could get me ready to join the "group". Carl’s eyes closed and were flickering.

Jeff put his arms around my waist and held me even tighter. Our bodies were smashed together causing me to feel every rise and fall of his massive chest. His breathing was increasing rapidly. At one point, I could actually feel his heartbeat pounding faster and harder. Then I felt Jeff's cock start to rise up the middle of my back; growing and expanding quickly, with enough force to burrow in between us. It shot, lubing the pathway, getting both of us soaked and sticky with his muscle juice. It felt like a huge python slowly crawling up. The longer it got, the wider it became. His balls were tight against my ass where they felt enormous and pulsating against my crack. The precum spurting out of him, as he grew against me, was very warm and making my skin literally become charged with sharp needles of pleasure coursing through my whole body. I felt I was in complete ecstasy, but that was only the beginning. I wouldn’t even know what real ecstasy was until I felt the euphoria of the Change. •

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