Ty's Power

The Long Trip to Tony's Car


Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Tony was trying to get his jeans and underwear back up he was trapped in his own over sized jeans that now were stuck around his thin feet, he had never been this humiliated in his entire life, his girl friend had ran away from where he was laying, no doubt trying to hide her shame of him from her friends. Tony's mind was a wreck all he wanted to do was get the hell out of there he finally managed to get his jeans turned right side out and got up off the floor and pulled the jeans back up around his narrow waist.

It seemed like the entire student body had seen the fight and he could hear the teaching staff coming up on him as he pulled up his pants not even bothering pulling up his underwear. As he got the jeans around his waist, he could feel them still bunched up around his crotch area as he began to just run down the hall. He was in a state of panic now and his jeans felt like they were going to fall down easier than just a few minutes ago. He was getting thinner as he ran and he now only weighed 98lbs.

Tony ran right by a big guy he didn't recognize any more it was Ty he'd watched the whole thing and was responsible for the further reduction in the once self confident well toned fox, Ty made his face break out with a bad case of acne as he passed by him, Just some finishing touches he thought as the Tony ran out of the schools doorway and ran towards his car holding up his jeans as he ran.

But alas poor Tony's humiliation wasn't over yet before he ever got to his car he was confronted by a group of guys that Tony and his now former friends called the not mood squad, they were a group of your classic skinny nerds that couldn't fight anyone even if they all got together as a team to do it, but now Tony was the skinniest guy at the school even the lightest of these guys now out weighed him by at least 15lbs.

The biggest of the guys was a blatant fag and every one knew it and the rest of these guys were probably just as gay as this guy was, Tony harassed these guys like there was no tomorrow when he and his onetime buddies saw them in the hall,the bigger guys name was Francis a name that the not to long ago bigger Tony thought fit him pretty well Francis the fag as he had called him all the time, was now standing in front of Tony's 86 fire bird, "Well boys it looks like the rumors about the terrible loose of his size and muscles was true guys!" the guy said to as he laughed at poor little Tony. "ju ju just lla la leive mmma ma me along pla pla please?" Tony said almost crying. •

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