Ty's Power

Being "small" Really Sucks


By MuscleJock

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

While Ty was busy working out and growing into the body of a huge muscle-teen, Dustin was at home, completely freaking out.

He had gone back into his room and put on a new pair of briefs, which now didn’t even bulge out a little, seeing as his genitals took up a lot less room. Dustin continued to get even more depressed, so he pulled on his jeans. He purposely left his shirt off, thinking; at least I’ve still got my looks and my athletic body.

Just then the doorbell rang, goddamn I hope its Ty, thought Dustin. But when he opened the door, he knew right away that it definitely was not Ty. Dustin quickly smiled, to hide a groan. It was his girlfriend, Denise.

Denise was your typical high school cheerleader babe, nice big breasts, big brown eyes, and she gave such good head, that Dustin would get hard just thinking about her. Under normal circumstances, Dustin was always happy when Denise was around- whether they were fucking in the out-of-order girls bathroom by the gym or she was busy giving him a through the clothes hand-job during class, Denise was one hell of a girlfriend.

But today, was definitely not “normal circumstances”, and Dustin knew that he couldn’t let Denise find out about his much decreased manhood, or he’d probably be out a girlfriend and she’d also probably tell the whole fucking school.

She ran her hand over his lean six-pack and said “Glad to see you’ve realized you look much better without a shirt on, baby” “I was about to say the same thing to you” Dustin said, Denise just laughed. “Well, uh, where should we have our, ahem, fun today?” Denise asked smiling, “I’m ah, kind of not in the mood, babe,” Dustin said, hoping this would be the end of it. “Oh, I get it, you don’t want to be the only one without a shirt on, so you’re being difficult, fine I’ll play along,” Denise said as she stripped off her top and bra.

Dustin reacted the way any guy would to the sight of Denise’s huge breasts, the child-size dick in his jeans got rock hard, all two and a half inches of it. Denise shirtless took away whatever excuses Dustin had been trying to come up with and so he helplessly followed her upstairs towards the shower.

She reached in and turned the shower on and as the steam began filling the room, they both finished undressing and got in. They were making out big time and she reached down to guide his cock into her. She felt her hand close on something much smaller than she was used to and opened her eyes and stared down at his crotch.

“Dustin, what the FUCK happened to your dick?!” Denise exclaimed. “Oh, ah, it kind of, um, shrunk this morning,” Dustin said quietly. “What do you mean it just kind of shrunk? Teenage guy’s dicks are supposed to get bigger not smaller!” Denise shouted at him, “How the hell are we supposed to fuck? That puny thing isn’t going to do anything for me!” “Well, Denise, I’m sure it won’t be this size forever,” Dustin said “I certainly hope not! This sucks, I’m leaving!” Denise grabbed her clothes and left Dustin standing there, he could hear her muttering, “God, ten year olds are better hung than my boyfriend, maybe one of them will fuck me!” and then Dustin heard the door slam as Denise took off.

To say Dustin was pissed, would be an understatement, he was ready to murder Ty for this one. Shaking with rage, he went back to his room and got dressed. •

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