Ty's Power

Ty: Working Out Makes Your Muscles Grow


By MuscleJock

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Ty couldn’t stop himself from laughing and grinning all the way to the gym. He kept thinking about what he had done to his brother, over and over in his mind he saw Dustin freak out at the insane proportions of his cock and balls and then he kept imagining how he was feeling about the size they were now. Damn this was fun.

Ty arrived at the gym and headed downstairs to the locker room. Suddenly, as he was walking to his locker, Ty was roughly shoved against the wall. "Stay out of our way, kid.” A deep voice said to him. And Ty stood staring at the two biggest senior jocks from school, Scott and Jeff, as they brushed him aside and sauntered into the weight room. They’re gonna pay for that one, Ty thought bitterly, as he watched them go.

Ty began to quickly get changed as ideas ran through his head about the best way of getting back at Scott and Jeff. He was awakened from his thoughts of revenge, when he glanced up and noticed that the three other guys changing around him kept staring wide-eyed at his briefs.

Ty grinned and kept changing, he would have to get used to this, because after all, people probably weren’t used to seeing a soft dick bigger than most guys hard-ons, on the body of a scrawny 15 year old. Well, scrawny for now, Ty thought with another grin.

Ty pulled on a very loose fitting wife-beater, which exposed much of his less-than-muscular upper body, and a pair of gym shorts, which looked like they would do very little to stop people from staring at the bulge in Ty’s briefs. On his way into the weight room, Ty smiled at his reflection in the mirror. What he saw was a scrawny, young kid, wearing loose workout clothes, with some fuckin huge equipment in his shorts. That’s about the only thing that’ll stay the same, Ty thought as he headed in for his workout.

Once in the weight room, Ty quickly found Jeff and Scott. They were busy letting girls drool over them and had lifted up their shirts so the girls could run their hands over the jock’s perfect six-packs.

Ty knew that he couldn’t just suddenly muscle-up right in the middle of the crowded gym, so he would just have to do it a little slower.

He walked over to the pec-deck and started to workout, all the while keeping an eye on the two muscle-bound morons that he was going to teach a lesson. With each rep, his pecs began to push further and further out in his wife-beater, stretching the front out further and further.

When he decided that he had had a good enough pec workout, he stood up and again checked out his reflection in the side wall mirror. Holy shit! Thought Ty, as he stood staring at his two now huge and bulging man pecs that were thick and pressed very tightly against the front of his wife-beater. Well, I’d better get my puny arms to match, thought Ty as he flexed first his left pec and then his right one, trying to stop from laughing out loud. He quickly grabbed two dumbbells and started doing bicep curls. Again his muscles quickly responded to the weight, but more so to his power.

Huge veins popped out and ran all over his now bulging arms as his biceps, triceps, and forearms, grew at an amazing speed. Another guy had come over to the weight rack and was openly staring at both Ty’s ponderous pecs and his now hugely muscled arms. Whoops, better slow down, Ty thought. Finally, Ty was convinced that his arms were now a perfect match for his newly grown pecs. He realized that he only had one more thing to work on and then his upper body would be complete.

Standing in front of the mirror again, Ty lifted up his shirt and stared at the flat, yet undefined abs that he had below his giant chest. This just won’t do, he thought. So he dropped down and did a quick set of fifty crunches. This time when he lifted up his shirt, a perfectly defined six-pack was all that he saw. He looked like one of those fitness models with the abs you could see through their shirt.

Ty headed over and started doing some squats, with each rep, he added tons of muscle to his lower body, and also, Ty began to add height; each time he squatted down and then came back up, he stood up higher than before.

When Ty finished, he was still wearing the clothes of the scrawny young kid that he had been, but now they were skin tight. His massive upper body looked ready to break out of his wife-beater at any second and the way his shorts fit him now clearly displayed his hugely muscled legs and the bulge that he had in his shorts.

Ty laughed as he followed Scott and Jeff back towards the locker room, he was 6’4 and incredibly muscle-bound now; he was ready for his revenge. •

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