Ty's Power

Revenge of the Nerds (Poor Tony!)


By jumpingbassflash

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Tonys face was still wet from the tears of both shame, cofusion and now fear. He wasent going to stay at school looking like this he just couldnt, he ran to his locker to get his car keys, classes hadent let out yet so the halls were almost abandoned and Tony felt better about that, as he got to his locker and fumbled with the combination lock the bell rang, and soon the hall around the now skinny 110 pound boy started to fill with the schools students, and some where among all of the student that had filled the hall was Tonys girl freand, Tony got his locker opened and grabed out his car keys and his wallet and jamed the keys into his now roomyer front pocket and put the wallet in his back pocket pushing his jeans down farther over his narrow waist and ass, even with his belt tightened to the last hole his now to big jeans rode down his skinny thighs almost effortlessly, he was both emberissed and humileated at haveing to pull up jeans that just an hour ago were tight and form fitted to his once impressive legs, and tight bubble butted ass, he knew that he must look rediculus in the over sized jeans and he did, the guys who didnt know him or didnt reconize him for who he used to be were now openly laughing at him as they walked by.

Tony was mortified he knew that if he was as big as he used to be he'd be trying to kick their asses for the comments that they now felt comfortable makeing to such a pathetic looking guy. All this was just to much for Tony he began to cry again right in front of a hall filled with guys and even some girls that he had dated at diffrent times girls who's hearts he had broken when he was a super fox, now all they were doing was laughing at him, Tony had made a few enemys during his years at the school almost every one their had at leist a few enemys, most of Tonys enemys were the smaller type guys guys that he had inenvertantly pissed off or had openly pissed off due to something he had said or done to them presonaly, and now he feared that at his present size some of the more aggressive guys just might reconize him and now could envoke their revenge a lot easyer on his now skinny assed self. Tony just wanted to get the hell out of there before any one reconized him so he started walking down the hall with his head hung low so no one could see his face, he wasent watching where he was going and walked right into a guy and was knocked to the ground, knocked off his feet,by aguy that now out weighed him! "HEY YA LITTLE PUNK WATCH WHERE THE FUCK YOUR GOING WHIMP!!" the guy said in a very angry voice, a voice that Tony deffinetly reconized it was little Stanly Crumps, only now that Tony only weighed 110lbs he wasent little anymore as a matter of fact he now out weighed Tony by 35lbs and he knew it, he didnt reconize Tony until Tony was strugling to stand back up, then it seemed to just hit the guy and he knew who Tony was.

Tony had at one time not to long ago nearly killed this guy in a fight over something that he new was stupid, all he realy was doing was just showing off his bigger build and at the time stronger than this guys body!

Tony tryed to hide his face so he wouldnt know who he was but it was to late and a small group of students just wanting to see what was up had gathered around the now frailer Tony as he tryed to get away from this guy. "Tony TONY RIZZO! well well look at your puny ass what the fuck happened to you? why you look positivly girlish my old freand, what happened muscle boy you get sick or something you little fag! ya got aids dont ya butt fucker!!" Tony was mortified this punk had just called him a fag those were fighting words just this morning and now he couldnt even defend himself against this mother fucker, Tonys anger got the best of him and he laid a punch in to the guys stomache it was a waist of time though the guy barly flinched, and poor little Tonys hand hurt from the feable punch.

Before Tony could even rub his sore hand he was being lifted off the ground by his over sized tee shirt and was thrown to the ground rather effortlessly by the now bigger punk, who wasent done with the smaller Tony yet he dove down on Tony while he was still on the ground and began to punch Tony in the gut and quickly knocked the wind out him, Tony was stuggling just trying to get away from the guy and get the air back into his lungs, when he felt the guy grabing at the waist line of his jeans before Tony could even get his breath the guy pulled on the waist line and they slipped down his now narrow waist as he layed their on the ground the guy just pulled on the jeans till they were all the way past his now knobby knees and he turned them inside out as he hoisted Tonys legs into the air with only Tonys Nikeis keeping the jeans from being taken completly off of him, reached up and snaged Tonys bikni breifs and pulled them down around his knees leiveing Tonys now considerbly smaller penis showing to every one, for the first time scince he'd been reduced he saw what else Ty had taken from him his cock it was positivly child like no more than two and a half inches flacid, Tony was totaly hummileated as the guy left go of his jeans and left him lying there for every one to see, there he was with his uder wear around his knees and his still belted and buttoned jeans hanging out streached and his shoes covered by the inside out fabric that once covered his now bony ass, his legs looked like sticks compared to what they were all skinny and muscless and now to hairy with a pathetic little penis showing for the everyone to see and Tony was now crying openly as he saw that his now surly former girl freand had seen the whole thing! •

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