Ty's Power

Dustin Is The Man


By MuscleJock

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Dustin was in heaven; he stared at the reflection in the mirror, not totally believing what he was seeing. Just minutes ago it looked like he was going to be stuck as some freak with way too big genitals, but now everything about him was big, so while his manhood was still freakishly large, it looked much better with his newly grown height and muscles.

“Thanks Ty!” Dustin yelled in his new, much deeper, man voice. “This is fuckin’ awesome!” he shouted as he began to hit pose after pose in the mirror. His new muscles bulged insanely on his 6’4 frame.

Ty’s own obscene nine inch cock started to come to life in his too tight briefs, stretching the already stressed fabric further. “Damn little bro, it looks like you’re enjoying this as much as I am,” Dustin boomed as he nodded down at his own huge endowment, which was itself beginning to harden.

“Well at least now everything is in proportion, well sort of.” Ty said as he smiled up at his now hugely muscle-bound brother. “I’m pretty sure that you’ve got every guy beat in the dick department as well as the muscle department.” “Yeah, no kidding,” Dustin said and turned to Ty, who was eye level with his bulging pecs, and flexed them, causing them to bulge outward even further. Both Dustin and Ty were practically hypnotized by Dustin’s new bod.

Dustin then realizes that he is completely naked and that there’s a good chance his parents would be home soon, so he heads to his room to find something to wear, leaving Ty in the bathroom. •

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