Ty's Power

Size Does Matter


By BigMe

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Still feeling a sense of pride for helping Matt and Betty, Ty and Dustin continued about the school to put right some of the injustices. They soon happened upon Jodi, a popular girl that had rejected Dustin for being too much of a geek. Jodi was a teenage beauty queen with a perfect figure and a too perfect smile. These features well hid the spoiled brat that she had become over the years from her feelings of perfection.

"I want her to feel like the geek and for me to feel like the stud," Dustin whispered into Ty's ear. With a twinkle in his eye, Ty put his mind to work on the perfect revenge for his brother's rejection.

Jodi felt her that her pants were a big tight seconds later. With a look of horror, she peered down at her perfect size 4 figure balloning into a size 8, then a size 12, and upward. Then, she felt a twinge in her mouth. Cupping her hand over her mouth, she darted into the girls' bathroom to watch her perfect smile being ruined by a heinous overbite and small patches of acne on her face. This transformation was only the first part of the revenge plan, however, and Ty decided to work on his brother.

Dustin's body twinged all over as he started to grow taller and bigger. Topping out now at 6'1" and pushing 210 pounds of muscle, he was now the type of boy that the superficial Jodi would have fallen for. Now, all he had to do was wait for the newly changed geek girl to emerge from the bathroom and feel what was like to be rejected because of looks. Jodi could one day regain her looks with some diet, excersize, and some braces, but she would have to work to rebuild her looks. The old beautiful Jodi had to be re-earned, Ty thought.

Twenty minutes later, Jodi finally sheepishly emerged with only a vague sense that her apperance had somehow been altered. The first thing that she laid her eyes upon was the hunky Dustin cooly lounging about. There he stood, perfect as she had once been, and a sense of humiliation draped over her. She turned and fled down the hallway in shame, the need for physical beauty still haunting her. Dustin then turned to Ty and gave him a big hug.

"Thanks, Ty," he said and his big arms enveloped his smaller brother.

"No problem," Ty said. "Think of your new body as your present. If you're this big now, think of how big you'll be once you finish growing up" Ty smilingly said. "Now, it is my turn to find Brad and put him in his place."

Brad was the school bully who had tortured the smaller students like Ty and like Matt. With his huge physique and his flaming temper, he regularly put down all the boys in his class and younger. There was one boy that Brad picked on the most, besides Ty, and his name was Mark. Mark was the youngest person in the class and, like Matt, was physically undeveloped. Mark still held onto a squeaky teenage voice and his baby fat, making him the perfect target for Brad. Ty wondered how it would feel if Mark were the bully and Brad were the helpless one. With his powers, he could make sure that Mark would only victimize Brad and the plan formed in his mind.

After searching for half an hour, Ty and Dustin finally encounted the pair near the library. As usual, Brad was pushing Mark around and making him more timid. Like before, he made them both freeze so that he could enjoy their transformation, but still be aware of their change. This time, however, he wouldn't just switch their bodies, but just their physical characteristics.

Both of their bodies felt the twinge of change and Mark started to grow taller while Brad started to shrink. Unlike before, Ty decided that he wanted to see their clothes rip knowing that he could just mend them with his power when done. He felt that that gave Mark a more 'Incredible-Hulkeseque' intimidation. Within seconds, Mark's shirt buttons began to pop off his expanding chest and a small ripping noise began to eminate from his shoes. Brad, in the meantime, was starting to get swallowed by his large clothing as his pants fell down around his ankles and his sleeves consumed his arms. Then, a loud rip occurred as Mark's toes popped from his shoes and started to inch their way out. A minute later, the transformation was complete. Mark was now a 6'4" hulk towering over a 5'3" Brad. The feelings of power and of smallness overtook Mark and Brad respectively as their perceptions of each other dramatically changed. Mark's fondest wish had been granted--he was now big and strong as he had always wanted to be. Brad turned to run, but he tripped over his own mammoth shoes and his pants that had trapped his legs. Stepping out of them both, he started to cry and he started to flee into the hallway. He ran smack into Ty on his exit and gasped in horror. His eyes now only met up with Ty's chin. Ty could now stare down at the boy who had made him so miserable.

Brad screamed and once again took off toward the door and ran into the newly hunky Dustin. "Nice tightie whities" Dustin said, further intensifying Brad's horor. Brad, now in a complete frenzy, started toward the door again. Before he made it, however, Ty altered his shirt size and his underwear so that he wouldn't be running around naked, but still would be half-dressed. This way, the humiliation would be sweeter. Mark, in the meantime, picked up Brad's discarded clothing and found them now to be a perfect fit. Again, Ty plied his powers to alter all the memories of the people surrounding the newly altered pair to make their new appearances seem normal, but make them subconsciously aware of their gain/loss. This way, he could insure that Mark wouldn't be the bully the Brad had been and Brad could more fully appreciate his new smallness.

Ty and Dustin left the library and stepped into the hallway. "What's next, chief," Dustin asked. Ty could only reply with a grin. •

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