Ty's Power

Ty Takes Tony


By jumpingbassflash

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Ty tells Dustin to go on to his next class and to meet him at lunch and theyed have some more fun then, so dustin told him ok and headed out to his next class Ty decided to stay for the weight training class that started next. now this would be fun he thought as he watched the guys come in there seemed to be alot of diffrent looks and sizes to the guys that were going to be working out that day, Ty would have alot of fun in here. He waited in the shadows as the guys began their streaches before theyed actualy started to do any real weight lifting, they soon finished and began to set their weights for there indivisaual workouts, Tys eyes were on a guy he always thought was a fox he wasent a hulk but he certainly wasent a wimp either at leist not yet TY thought, his name was Tony Rizzo he was naturaly tan complected, with dark brown almost black hair with a face to die for he was surprizingly mature looking for a 17 year old guy he had two days of dark facial hair that essentuated his face, that along with a strong and angulare chisled jaw line and a nicely shaped nose perfect white teeth and dimples to boot that gave him a look that set him apart from the other guys and when he came in wearing his tight fitting jeans and skin tight muscle tee that essentuated his body to perfection with all its well toned attirbutts on puplic display for everone to see, poor Ty was hooked.

And now poor Tony was doomed by his own good looks Ty had become a bit of a meglamaniac by now and was easy influinced by his jelousy, he couldnt stand to see this guy just breeze through life unhindered by at leist something so he waited for Tony to start hed go slow to begin with and decided on a graduale loss of muscle streanth followed by muscle loose and size changes here and there. Tony set up his weights with a simple lift for himself 120Lbs he'd do some dead lifts and then arm curles and go from there. Ty concetrated on his sreanth and choose a 25% reduction in his streanth and follow with a drop in weight of 25% as well Ty had watched Tony weigh in and have his height measured, something the coaches always did on growing young men and Tony was certainly growing up he weighed in at 165Lbs and was 5'9" in height of well toned muscles.

Tony had taken his tee shirt off and his braod shoulders and perfect pecs and v shaped back were all as tight as his 6 pack of abs as he started his work out, Ty almost felt bad about messing with such a nice body it seemed a terrible waist, and then it hit him he'd take Tonys muscle's for himself and began the process Tony was into his third lift when the loose of streanth started to show, poor Tony was straining to lift the weight that just moments before constituded an easy warm up weight for him.

he strugled to get it to his chest and then as everyone watched him, his strong brow pouring sweat and his arms and even his legs shaking, he knew that he had better make this last lift and stugled to no avail, he could no longer lift that much weight any more and let it drop to the matt and leaned over and put the palms of his hands on his streached out leg and panted in disbeleif over his sudden inablity to the weight, at the same time Ty felt the sudden influx of new found streanth enter his body, along with a modest weight gain that could only mean that Tony had to have lost some of his. •

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