Ty's Power

Ty's Transformation


By Revelator

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Ty and Dustin returned to the cafeteria to finish off lunch. "Well what now?" asked Dustin, "Who are you gonna help?" Ty looked across the room, and said "Maybe myself." He had been looking at Janet Wolfe, the prize of the senior class. Ty had been nurturing a crush on her ever since his first day of high school. He focused a thought upon himself. Ty felt his body become larger. "No" he thought and returned himself to normal. "If she's to love me, it will be for whom I am." First there was the problem of actually working up the courage to talk to her. Ty--who was painfully shy--decided he could cheat a little. "I wish I wasn't so inhibited" he thought. Lo and behold, he now felt slightly fearless and unrestrained. He walked over to her table... 15 minutes later later Dustin asked, "Well, how did it go?" Ty removed his hand from his face, revealing a black eye. "Her boyfriend was with her. We didn't get along. She told me to drop dead." Dustin whistled. "Well Ty, how are you gonna get your revenge? Why didn't you use your powers on the guy?" "I dunno. I still felt afraid of getting into a fight. My wish wasn't big enough." The bell rang. Dustin got up to go to Shop, while Ty walked toward American Government, the only class he shared with Janet. He felt slightly apprehensive over seeing her again. "That's it," he said inwardly, "I wish for all of my inhibitions to drastically weaken. If I'm angry, I'll BE angry." Ty was at the time of life when hormones flood the brain--this, along with his recent wish, would fatally undermine his judgement. 35 students settled into their desks as Mr. Conifer began his customarily dull lecture on John Locke. Half the class were asleep within 15 minutes. Ty watched with anger as Janet and her boyfriend, Christian, whispered and chatted at the back of the room, only 15 feet away from him. They once looked in his direction scornfully. Ty reached breaking point. "That's it," he thought, "I'll show them. She thinks her boyfriend's hot? Wait'll she gets a load of ME." Ty made a wish, and felt his cloths tighten. His hands grew longer and larger, while his arms slowly began to increase in muscle size. His biceps bulged outward. A dark sprinkling of hair grew on his arms. The sleeves of his T-shirt grew super tight, as the front began to strain. He felt his pecs pumping up and rebelling against the fabric of the shirt. Chest hair could be seen sprouting beneath his collar. Ty felt a jolt of ecstasy as the testosterone flowed through him, his build lengthening and thickening as every muscle transformed. Baggy jeans grew super tight as his legs lengthened. His nose and chin began growing forward as his face lost all its baby fat and reshaped toward maturity, becoming more rugged thanks to the peach fuzz blooming over his face. Hair began to get in his eyes, and whiskers now adorned his chin and upper lip. The eyes glinted under the thicker brows, and he grinned with wolfish pleasure as he felt his genitalia expand and ballon, the blood rushing through. His shirt became too short, and he could see a thick line of hair out from his shredding boxers and sprout up past his belly button, over his thick abs. All his clothing thankfully remained mostly intact, except for his shoes. He felt his socks break apart, and then his feet bulged through his shoes until the canvas fell apart. His feet grew to basketball-player proportions, and his legs hair grew all the way down to his toes. Ty looked around the classroom. He had made sure nobody would notice the changes, expecpt for one person... Janet looked at him and then did a frenzied double-take. She saw a tall, strong, unshaven 18 year-old boy--roguish, dark-haired and with eyes of the most hypnotic blue. His clothing amply showed off his considerable muscles. Ty grinned at her. She looked puzzled and turned to her boyfriend. She looked at Christian with a gaze that can only signify true love--something Ty hadn't counted on. She filed Ty under her cute-guys file and then returned her gaze to her true love. Ty was flabbergasted. His mind hadn't yet adjusted to the mindset of an 18 year old's. He had no understanding of love. What he felt for Janet had been purely carnal, and he was enraged at her inability to respond at the same level. Thanks to the recent transformation the hormones were still swilrling around in his brain. His rage increased. He banged his hand on the desk. "No!!" he shouted. The class turned around to look at him. Mr.Conifer snidely asked, "Is something wrong Tyler?" "Shut up!" snarled Ty, glorying in his loss of inhibitions. His fellow students laughed raucously and pandemonium broke out. Ty looked around to see Christian and Judy sneak in a french kiss amidst all the confusion. Christian put his hand up Janet's dress, as she mouthed what sounded like "I love you." Ty lost all control. "I'll show them!" he thought, "I rip them to shreds! I'll tear her little boyfriend from limb to limb, and then make her do it with me, I'll kill 'em all, let me at them, let me" his thoughts quickly lost all rationality, and in his hormone crazed bloodlust a wish from his unconscious came into his brain. Ty pitched forward onto the floor as his horified classmates watched. His hands, facing the ground, bulged lengthwise. Spasms rocked his body, as his feet splayed outward, the toes lengthening while tufts of hair grew on them. His arms ballooned with muscle and hair as the sleeves of his shirt tore apart. The hands and feet were twice normal size. Ty screamed with rage and pain as drool fell from his mouth, his teeth sharpening into fangs. His nose began pushing outward, the nostrils upturned while his facial hair spread over his forehead. Blue eyes stared out with fright and anger from the bushy unibrow that extended nearly to the pointy, fleshy ears. The 18 year old struggled to his super-long, furry feet, whose toes began curving into claws. He stood upright. His pecs and abs pushed through his black T-shirt. The clawed hands pulled it apart as his back tore through the back. His T-shirt exploded into a thousand pices while he roared. His magnificent chest quickly was being overrun by sprouting chest hair. Fur raced over his arms, feet and back. His still boyish face truned bestial: brow sloping downward, nostrils blackening, hairy chin and nose pushing out into a muzzle, forehead shrinking drastically. "Oh, the pain, the pain, bring on the pain," he moaned in a deep voice as his fangs sharpened, the face shaping into a canine profile. The jeans tore apart at the back as a tail shot out. His calves decimated the lower parts in a storm of muscle and fur. His thick, dark, and huge penis poked out. It tickened further and strined with blood until a fold of skin encased it. His balls swung haphazardly as a raw pink organ slipped out of his newly formed sheath. Ty's body grew enveloped with fur. His jeans fell to the floor in rags. His eyes lost all human recognition, and the creature fell onto all fours. The new werewolf streched and howled to the bright mid-day sun. The class stood petrified with fear and disbelief. The creature that had once been Ty gazed with red eyes at Christian, who fell to the ground screaming, his body changing shape. A deer got up in Christian's place. The class screamed and ran out, the werewolf pursuing the deer. Dustin, attracted by the noise, imediately grasped the situation and gaped with horror. "Oh no! Ty! Oh, what'll I do now ?!" He stood shocked, and pondered his next move. •

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