Ari's Balls


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Ari Hartunian was a great kid. He was not happy however to be laying in a hospital bed in Emergency Receiving. He was thirteen years old and had been out riding his bike over to the mall when he had been hit by a blue Airport Shuttle Van when it's driver failed to stop for a sign.

When he had been thrown from his bike after the impact he had tumbled over grass which was fortunate, but had also mixed it up with the bent frame of the bicycle which was not. Other than a few scrapes and bruises the only casualty were Ari's testicles which had been damaged beyond what appeared to be repairable.

The MD in emergency receiving had a friend over at the University Hospital who had been working on replacement body parts, genetics and the like and he had made some startling discoveries. The Doctor in receiving probably should not have, but he told the parents of Dr. Carver over at the University and suggested that they contact him quickly, because surgical removal of Ari's damaged testicles had to be performed and done very soon. In the meanwhile while all of this was taking place, Ari was so high on painkillers and other drugs that he was orbiting on another planet.

Ari's parents contacted Dr. Carver who agreed that Ari's testicles needed amputation, but he said that he might be able to genetically re-generate them in his laboratory and then re-install them within 24 hours. But, the parents would have to sign Ari out of General Medical Center and bring him in to Dr. Carver's Office over at University Hospital for this to be done.

Ari's parents agreed and quickly over the objections of a couple of "Residents", who wanted to castrate Ari themselves, the good caring parents then quickly moved their son over to Dr. Carver's clinic.

Dr. Carver then sat the Hartunian's down and explained the entire procedure and the possible after effects to them.

Mr and Mrs. Hartunian, we are really lucky here in that the only damage seems to be to the testicular tissue itself. The scrotum and surrounding tissues are bruised, but will heal in a couple of weeks.

Now, I can perform a conventional castration, as they wanted to do over at General Medical. If I do it that way, Ari will heal, we will then implant some plastic cosmetic testicles which will have to be changed when Ari reaches sixteen years old so that they are correct in appearance for a post-pubertal patient. Right now, Ari is in the early stages of puberty by the development I have observed. Ari, will, if we do it that way never have a chance at being able to father a child and he will be forced to take regular injections of testosterone to even have a chance at normal development and sexual performance. The down side of doing it this way, is that synthetic testosterone never works quite as well as the hormones produced by your own body. Ari's sexual performance would not be anywhere near as good as if the hormone were manufactured in his own body.

Dr. Rabini, in referring you to me, has given Ari a chance at something much better.

I can take some tissue from Ari's damaged testicles and within 72 hours grow him a new pair. This is really, an "over-simplification", but what we can do is in essence give Ari back a working, compatible, set of testicles that will in every sense of the word outperform what he originally had. This is not a transplant so there will be no drugs after he heals. His body will see these new testicles as his own.

There are a few complications, relating to the small size of Ari's scrotum, but I think that if we get started immediately we can easily overcome them.

The other thing I am going to mention is that if you go with the working testicular replacement, Ari becomes part of the very few men who are part of a test study. I will also perform the surgery for nothing and all clinic fees will also be waived for his cooperation and participation in the study.

Ari will be the very first pre-pubertal male to receive the procedure. All others were well past puberty, and Ari will also receive the first of the newest generation in engineered tissues.

The Hartunian's agreed to the surgery thinking that this would give Ari the best chance at a normal and less complicated life.

Several hours later Dr. Carver walked in to Ari's room and started re-examining the boy. He telephoned one of his friends who was a "gas passer" (Anesthesiologist) and another to assist him with the first two parts of the procedure.

Ari had been prepared and given a spinal anesthetic so that the other anesthetic would wear off. It was not necessary to use a general anesthetic for this surgery and it was not necessary to use a general for the stretching treatment that Ari's scrotum was about to undergo.

When Ari was awake enough, Dr. Carver explained to Ari what was going to happen:

"Hi There Slugger!" What we are going to do first is to insert a special needle into a very small portion of each of your testicles. We will with this needle remove a small portion of the tissue and re-generate a replacement set for you. Then, I am going to insert a very fine needle into each side of your scrotum (that's the sack that your balls or testicles rest in) and I am going to introduce a combination of saline and some other drugs to both stretch your scrotum and prevent the damaged tissue from becoming infected. We will have to do this until your new testicles are ready. The new testicles are going to be quite a bit bigger than your old ones were. In addition, they will grow some more as you get older so that they can supply you with enough hormones and other things you'll need to make a baby. As soon as the rest of the operating room team gets here we are going to get started. I promise that it won't hurt, and that you'll get to watch television while we get going. The whole thing will happen so fast that you won't even make it all the way through "Terminator II". The only thing that may seem a little strange to you is that if you see your ball sack it will look like a balloon, this is a normal part of the procedure for you.

The rest of the procedure went very well and the saline solution stretched Ari's testicular envelope nicely. Every few hours the nurse added a few more c.c.'s of fluid until the scrotum was as stretched as was safe.

The surgery and testicular replacement went very well and the boy was discharged in a couple of days to go home.

Ari absolutely amazed everyone with the speed of his convalescence. From beginning to back in school Ari only lost two weeks.

To Ari, the only thing that made him feel a lilttle bit weird was that these replacement testicles were huge compared to the ones he had before. His testicles were nearly double the size of his fathers!

One month later Ari returned to Dr. Carver's office for his first examination.

Ari's regenerative capability was nothing short of astounding! Dr carver saw that there was little to no scarring from the surgical procedure, and with the exception of the giant "bull balls", Ari looked nearly normal.

Dr. Carver then came in with a vacuutainer and drew Ari's blood to send to the lab for analysis.

Ari left that night a happy kid and feeling very energetic. He felt as if he could take on the world. At about 7:15 P.M. Dr Carver was getting ready to leave his office and go home. The lab technician Mike Nichols walked in and brought the analysis sheets for Dr. Carver to see.

Ari's blood chemistry showed some marked abnormalities. His serum testosterone level was nearly 100 times normal. His free-floating testosterone level was also nearly 100 times normal. There were also abnormalities in his growth hormone patterns, and several other endocrine abnormalities that were very mild, but strange.

Dr. Carver questioned Mike in detail, and pointed out that these figures had to be wrong! He had seen the boy just that afternoon and taken the blood sample at that time. With a hormone profile like that the boy should be manifesting extreme hyper-masculine side effects, and yet he is not.

Dr. Carver immediately called Ari's parents and told them that there was a foul up in the lab and that he wanted to re-examine Ari again the next day.

At about two in the morning Ari awakened in a cold sweat. His nipples were hard, his cock was hard as a steel crowbar, and was leaking pre-cum out the end like a fire hydrant! Ari instinctively knew what to do and went into his bathroom and started jacking off! His dick was so rock hard that the veins were standing out like ropes across it's surface. When his orgasm started to grow from the bottom of his dick, it was like nothing he had ever experienced before! All of the muscles in his body tensed and stood in bold relief has the orgasm overtook him. He sprayed literally volley after volley of rich white cum without seeming end. The toilet in his bathroom was the strangest thing Ari had ever seen. The water no longer looked like water in the bowl, but instead it looked like a milky gallon of hand cream had been dumped in it. The smell of semen in the room was nearly overpowering it was so strong. Ari turned on the small exhaust fan and opened the bathroom window. He washed himself and looked at his dick, which now appeared swollen and hung, longer than he had remembered before.

When Ari awakened the next morning he was strangely sore all over. His muscles had an odd feeling to them, yet there was nothing wrong at all which he could actually complain about. Ari stepped on the bathroom scale in an afterthought. The dial spun over to 110 pounds. That was 5 more than before the surgery, but he did not notice anything unusual in any other way.

That day Ari's parents took him to the Doctor and Dr. Carver drew blood. This time there seemed to be a great many more vacuutainers than Ari had remembered the time before.

Dr. Carver started examining Ari far more closely for signs of other things, he took some measurements of Ari, height, weight, waist, chest, biceps, thighs, calves, neck size and the strangest ones of all were the measuring tape on Ari's penis and wrapped around his already large balls.

When all of this was over he told the family that he would need to see Ari again in one week.

The lab reports as the testing was completed told a rather strange story. The genetically engineered tissue of the new testicles had in some manner made major changes in at least the entire endocrine system of the patient. According to the testing, the secretions flowing through the blood of young Ari it seemed could be creating something, which could turn out to be in some ways almost super-human.

The weight and height were both up slightly from when Ari had been originally admitted and operated on. The size of Ari's prostate gland had increased a great deal. It was larger than a normal adult, but it was in no manner diseased. The PSA Antigen test showed it to be simply perfect, but just capable of manufacturing it's own contribution to world overpopulation at a remarkable rate. There had been a slight increase in the size of the testicles themselves and there had also been a very small but measurable increase in penis length. The penis had also started taking on a far more adult coloration and appearance.

Dr. Carver's next problem was to be his explanation to the Hartunian's and even more his explanation to Ari. He was going to very carefully have to think about how to do that one. The next week he would also need a semen sample.

Over the next week with Ari back in school, things did start to happen. The first thing that he noticed was that his clothing was starting to fit a bit differntly. There was now a sizeable bulge in a crotch that had been totally flat a month before. Two girls, older than Ari, were overheard to comment about the "bubble butt", and indeed Ari's butt was stretching his pants in a totally different way than it had in the past. Ari attributed the bulge to the new balls in his crotch, but there was something even more than that there now.

Ari noticed that there were things starting to happen in gym class that were kind of strange. Things that he used to find difficult, were getting a great deal easier. He had never had a great deal of upper body strength, so chin-ups, rope climbs, or things of that nature were times that caused him to wince. Over the last few days, it seemed like these things were easier than they used to be. He had not been the fitness king before, but now instead of being able to barely make twenty-five chin-up's, he was able to do fifty. There was also a very subtle change in his body. Where he had been soft, almost pudgy before with little muscle tone, his body was taking on a more masculine appearance. It wasn't really major, but just enough that Ari noticed.

At the visit to the doctor the following week, they weighed him and measured him just as had been done the week before.

Dr Carver next walked into the examination room and handed a small glass flask to Ari. He then ask Ari if he knew about masturbation yet. Ari stated that he did, and then Dr. Carver asked Ari to do something that totally shocked him. He asked him to go into the restroom and to please "jack off" into the container, so that they could retrieve a semen sample.

Ari after the initial shock wore off, told the doctor; Okay, but that there was one problem. The doctor looked at him expecting a request for a Playboy magazine or something like that. The request that came from Ari, shocked the doctor far more than the request for the semen had shocked Ari. Ari said that if he was going to jack off, he was going to need a much bigger container if they wanted all of it.

A trained medical observer would have seen two things. The red color of Ari's face indicating embarrassment, and the ashen white color of Dr. Carver's face indicating that he was going to faint. As the doctor regained his composure, he started to rationalize his thoughts thinking that this might just be the bravado or sense of humor of a teenager, but he was afraid to ask. He told Ari to button his pants temporarily and to follow him. He led Ari to a lab and a cabinet in that lab. He then asked Ari to point to the size of the container that he thought that he would need. It was the size of a standard measuring cup! Again, Dr. Carver felt his heart starting to race, a cold sweat breaking out, and fear gripping his body. With no other response he could think of, he handed Ari the container, and asked him if he needed anything else. Ari went into the bathroom, locked the door, and begin a task he had been doing several times daily over the past week. The quantity of semen after that first night had continued to increase.

Ari had come to literally love "jacking off". It had become sort of a favorite pass-time, and it seemed that no matter how often he did it, there was a fresh supply of cum for him to get rid of.

Ari went into the stall and started to sit down on the throne. He was surprisingly controlled and started to stroke his penis gently at first. As it began to harden, he became more and more aroused. Jacking off to Ari was a total body experience. When he did this it was like some other entity took over, and Ari simply went along for the ride. He would find himself going into these weird states where he would breathe in and inflate his chest to it's maximum. He would tense and flex his legs until his thigh muscles stood in high relief, his calves, his neck, his pecs at various times all reacted this way and it was like there was some sort of exercise program going on. By the time that Ari finished jacking off, it was like he would have gone through a full body workout!

Ari was getting near cumming at this point and he was gasping for breath trying to inflate his chest and rib cage even further. His dick was hard as a steel girder and with each passing day the veins criss-crossing the outside of his organ became more prominent. When he came, it was like a fire-hose and having enough control to get the cum into the container was a difficult task. There was some spilled, but the container when he finished was over of the way full. The act of ejaculation had taken him nearly five minutes.

Ari cleaned up the spillage on the floor of the restroom with a paper towel and then cleaned himself up. He covered the container with a towel and then found his clothing and dressed himself.

He walked out, and thinking nothing was unusual, took the container over to the laboratory where he had been with Dr. Carver.

When the tech saw the volume in the container his eyes enlarged to the size of frying pans, and he took the container and began to process it before any contamination or breakdown took place.

Ari then walked back into Dr. Carver's office and told the Dr. he had left the container with the fellow in the lab. The doctor told Ari that he wanted to see him again in another week.

A few minutes after Ari had left the office, Mike Nichols by coincidence walked into Dr. Carver's personal office and made one simple statement. "Dr, Carver, I am going to do a very complete analysis of this semen which may take me a couple of days. The volume is beyond anything I have ever seen, but there are other things that make me want to start analyzing right away."

Dr. Carver had been pacing the floor for two days before Mike would talk to him. Mike wanted to analyze this strange semen from every possible angle. There was something strange here, and he could not figure out what had happened that had made this transplant so outside of the routine, which had been the case with the others.

"I fucking do not believe it". Mike Exclaimed!

"This is so weird as to totally defy description."

"I have never analyzed semen such as this. It is more than capable of resulting in pregnancy, but there are some really strange properties with this stuff." "At first when I placed this under the microscope I was flooded with the sheer volume of active sperm, but the odor of this as you may notice is extremely pungent,". "I wondered if there was anything else going on which would cause the strong odor, so I did some rather complicated analysis to see if there was any kind of bacterium present." "I found a bacteria that I have never seen before." "The bacteria appears to be some sort of genetic mutation." The next thing I did was of course to look for this in the blood work we did. I found it to be present in large numbers, but it in every respect poses by analysis no threat of any kind to the host. It dies immediately on contact with the atmosphere, and in fact the other peculiar thing was that this bacterium seems to kill other bacterium and also appears to be fatal to a number of common viral agents as well.

If you think that this is strange now the real kicker came along when I found out something else. This bacteria is genetically producing a number of hormone compounds. Most of these I recognize, there are a few that I have yet to analyze and understand fully. The first thing is that this mutated bacteria is in and of itself producing a number of testosterone derivatives, it is producing follicle stimulating hormone, a weird version of human growth hormone, and several hormone like compounds I have yet to fully recognize. Now, in addition to the bacterium producing these things, his new testicles and the other endocrine glands in his body are producing up a storm, and doing so in such a manner that shows a level of efficiency far beyond what the normal body efficiency level is known to be.

Dr. Carver was in a way beside himself. How was he ever going to explain this to either Ari or his parents.

Carver then asked the lab technician: "Did you do a screening for Antibiotics?" Mike replied, "I knew that you would ask for this so yes I did do a screening." I am afraid to say that it was responsive to no antibiotics and resistant to the point that virtually all of them had zero effect.

Carver then said, "You know Mike this kid is a time bomb, sooner or later he is going to start manifesting the hypermasculine signs of the serum and free floating testosterone levels. The next problem is that we do not know if this kid is in some way contagious.

Well doctor, said Mike, I thought of that too and I went back and tested nearly every fluid sample we had from the kid. I would categorize the transmission ability to be roughly the same as that of the HIV virus. I am not even really certain of that. We would need to obtain some fresh bacteria samples from the kid and then go through the entire enchilada regarding tests. Tears, saliva, urine are not good at harboring anything above trace levels of bacteria. Seminal fluid and semen itself contain incredible concentrations.

"There is no way that common contact with this kid could for all intensive purposes do anything", said Mike. "The bacteria does so poorly when exposed to light, electrons, or anything outside the body that it dies far faster under that circumstance than even the HIV virus. In fact it was dying so quickly that it was difficult to run the tests before all of my samples croaked!".

"You don't see any way that this kid could become a public health hazard then."

"Look Doc, I tried that stuff and mixed it with foreign body fluids, even the slightest smidgen of vaginal fluid killed the bacteria deader than a mackerel on contact, saliva killed it, foreign urine killed it, and it was then that all of the bacterium started croaking on their own."

"What about anal sex?"

"Well, you'll have to get the kid to jack-off again next week for me so I can have some fresh samples to work with." "The other thing I noticed was that the bacteria probably under the most ideal circumstances would not be able to infect a female."

"What about another male?"

"I will need the samples!" "Get him back in here tomorrow, and I can test some more!"

"I can't do that, do you realize that my ass is already in a sling regarding that kid?" "Ari is the seventh regenerative procedure I have done and I have encountered no problems with any of the others."

"Doc, just to be certain, why don't you contact all of them and we can get them in for some blood draws and see if we missed anything." "Good Idea"

Doctor Carver was generally petrified, how was he going to explain this to the family and the kid when medically he could not explain this to anyone. What had happened here was supposed to be biologically impossible.

Over the next few days the other experimental transplant patients one by one came into the office and were tested.

All of these men tested negative for the strange new bacterium that was thriving so well inside Ari.

On the following examination Dr. Carver had to do something.

Ari had now gained a total of 14 pounds in body weight, nearly two inches in height and was starting to manifest the signs of accelerating puberty.

Dr Carver was nearly in a state of mental frenzy when he called Ari's parents into his office and started to try his best to explain what he could of the events taking place.

"Mr. and Mrs Hartunian and Ari, I owe all of you an explanation for what has been going on and why we have been doing so much testing." "What we have found is that some sort of genetic mutation has taken place to some probable common bacteria." "Ari, this bacteria has in some ways taken over complete control of certain aspects of your normal body functions,"

"What we want all of you to understand right now is that this strange process seems not to in any manner hinder or pose a danger to Ari, but quite to the contrary, it defends him almost as if it were somehow blessed with a protective intelligence." "The bacteria level creates no fever, it creates no infection in any manner that we would normally consider to be detrimental." "It searches out and kills most of the most common bacterium and viral agents including the HIV virus." "It is as if Ari's immune system has somehow been modified to be nearly 100% efficient." "I am going to beg you to keep all of the details of what we have discussed so far absolutely silent." "I have sworn ALL of my employees to secrecy because Ari's very life could be endangered by what his body is doing, and again I want to reiterate that the danger is NOT POSED BY THE BACTERIUM". There are foreign Governments and some not so nice people out there, which might find Ari to be very interesting as a tool for research. The other thing is that Ari it appears might be virtually immune to any and all biological weapons or weapons agents that we know of. There are agents we have not tested, and to be honest if I start making noises to test for them, questions could be asked and then our "cat" would also be "out of the bag".

"There are some things that may also happen here and I want all of you to be prepared and not frightened if they do."

"Ari, has over the course of our examinations and treatments gained a total of 14 pounds in body weight, and two inches in height." "Ari, because of the new hormone balances being created will have a very different growth curve than most children." "Ari, will also mature both physically and sexually at a far faster rate than other boys in his age group." "There are going to be some questions asked, by Ari's school, and the words we are going to explain Ari's physical changes with, is a diagnosis of "precocious puberty" which is a foul up of the endocrine system. If there are any problems, have the school contact me and I will explain that he is under treatment by me for this condition." "Mr. Hartunian, I want you to go to the Physical Education Teachers and explain this right away." "This will, in and of itself, remove a great number of questions for a long time."

"Now based on what we know so far, here is what we think may happen."

"First, Ari's genitals are going to enlarge and grow to maturity very quickly." "It is in fact very likely that his genitals will reach proportions which will be extremely large." "He will be very likely to manifest excessive beard and or body hair growth." "Given your genetic heritage, this will not be questioned a great deal." "The next thing is that Ari will also manifest extreme muscle hypertrophy." "This means that he will become extremely muscular, and may in fact become over a period of time the size of a competitive bodybuilder or even larger, and he will do it with very little exercise." "The only total unknown will be Ari's height. We really do not know what the combination of hormones will do to that." "The boy may grow to reach his normal height potential, or he may exceed that by a wide margin." "This is one of the things we do not know yet."

The other possibility of all of this may be that the hormone receptors within Ari's body will, after a very much accelerated growth period, shut down and regulate Ari so that all we have is a very fast physical and sexual maturing of his body, then, like a switch, this "super puberty" is all shut off. Only time is going to tell which way we will go on this one.

Now the final and most important part of this whole thing for all of you to remember is that this mutated bacterium is not contagious to anyone else coming in contact with Ari. There are still some things we need to check on that front, but, there is virtually NO danger to anyone around Ari.

Ari, is going to need to continue coming in here at regular intervals and he is going to need to try and "down play" many abilities that he may develop.

"Ari, as you grow larger, your physical strength may grow at a rate that is not proportionate to your size. This means that without meaning to, you could easily hurt some other person if you were to get into a fight or something like that." This University is of course a research facility, but I have to make arrangements to deal with the possible dangers of security and Ari's safety. What this means is that I cannot have some well meaning Alumnus trying to promote this bacteria thing as something to make 400 pound football players or as the new replacement for steroids. It will take me some time to set up things on a classified basis. The main thing is that everybody goes on living a normal life and not creating a problem.

Ari's 14th Birthday was only a few weeks away and he was happy when he received a new bike and a couple of computer programs that he had wanted.

Ari's bodyweight had continued to increase and he had gone from 105 before the accident to a new weight of 135 in the past four months. His body had started to take on a far more muscular and masculine shape. There was now a shadow of fine hair starting on his upper lip and there were signs of a little treasure trail on his belly by his naval heading down to a pubic bush that had increased radically. His pit hair was dark and thick looking like a much older boy and there were a few hairs, which had sprouted in the little area between his pecs in the center of his chest. The hair on his arms and legs also appeared courser and was starting to become evident. As time went on the one thing that was changing and becoming an annoyance to Ari at least, was his almost relentless sex drive. It was not as if he had no control, but he was horny almost all the time and was capable of shooting one mammoth load after another with very little recovery time between.

The growth of Ari's genitals continued. A penis which had measured four inches on that first measurement that Dr. Carver had done now measured just under six inches.

The growing thickness of the shaft also amazed Ari. When it was soft it looked only slightly larger than those of other boys in gym. When it grew hard, the thickness had grown now to where Ari could no longer touch fingers when gripping himself in a good old jack off session. At least he was at this point still a "grower" and not a "show-er". •

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