Army Experiment



By ushersdick

I'd always wanted to be in the British army. Part of it was serving Queen and country, most of it however, was being stuck in hot climates with all the young, sweaty men. A perfect combination. I always wonder what they'd do ig they knew that I wanked off every night in the shower thinking about all of them. Recently though, things had been strange. Men were being taken away. We were being told it was for "medical research". The problem was they were taking away all the hotest men. The strongest, most muscular ones. The men left were still fit, but I love muscle. So wanking over those men, compared to big muscle heads wasn't quite the same. My bunk used to be right next t this guy called Tom's. He was the biggest guy, and we were quite good mates. His arms must've been about 20 inches, with barbed wire tatooed right around the bicep. Massive furry thighs, big hairy chest, solid abs and the deepest, hairy pits ever. Everything he wore seemd too small. The best thing, he used to flex for me as I wank. He'd sit on the edge of his bunk in just his boxers, his legs spread apart. He'd flex his arms, they were perfect. The hair in his pits would stick out and he looked like a God. I could always see him getting hard in his boxers as he did it, but he'd never let me touch. Tom always said he wasn't gay, it was just he knew it had been so long since he'd last made a girl cum, the thought that he could at least make another man cum turned him on. Anyway, one day I was called up, they wanted me for this "research". They were in rather a rush. They drove me off further into the desert, for hours. I was in the back of the jeep with a military doctor, I tried asking him what I was going to be used for, but he wouldn't say. All he told me was that it'd "soon become clear". After four hours drive, we arrived at a military compund. It was heavily guarded, nothing inside could be seen, except for the Union Flag flying high above the walls. They took me into a building, it was hotter inside than outside. The doctor took me into a small room, he sat me down. "Just wait here, someone else will be with you soon, to take you to your new home" He left ans shut the door behind him. The noise sounded as if he was locking it. I started to worry, but before I could get up to find out what was going on another door opened. The biggest, sexiest man ever walked in. In fact he was unbelievable.His trousers were stretched to the absoloute limit around his huge thighs, probably 40" big. His white t-shirt, soaked in sweat, was also streched to the limit. It was already fraying around the edges. Huge monstrous pecs streched the shirt, like two slabs of soild concrete. His arms were massive, probably 30 inches if he flexed them, and he had the same hot tatoo as Tom... I looked up at his face, it was Tom! He had the same excited expression on his face as me! He walked over to me and hugged me, his whole body engulfed mine, squeezing me tight, pressing my face deep into his sweaty pecs. It made me so hard, I thought I was going to cum right there and then. "Oh My God! What happened to you?" I asked "Don't ask me! they made me take this injection and then the next day I woke up like this! I don't really care, but I love it!" He said, raising up his massive arm, flexing his huge bicep. It was bigger than I'd imagined possible. "Just over 35 inches, so big I rip most clothes they gimme, I always told ya' I'd get huge, never thought I'd get this huge..." I'd stopped listening, my was dick was aching watching him flexing as he talked. "You listening?" "Yea, sorry, your just so big, it's unbelievable!" "These arms are so strong, I can crush beer cans on 'em, pecs too. It's so hot being so big. Dunno why, must be a side effect, I haven't stopped wanking since they did it to me. God these arms are huge..." Tom started to sound as if he was enjoying flexing for me... "...feel em, try an' squeeze 'em, lil' guy like you won't even be able to make a dent in monsters like these." He was right, they were like concrete, totally rock solid. Now I really felt like I was gonna cum in my shorts. "Fuckin huge man, fuckin massive. I love it, love being bigger, stronger than anyone else." Tom hit a most muscular poser, his entire body turned rock solid. And his entire upper body ripped clear of the tight top. When he relaxed again his big, sweaty, hairy chest was left witht a few remnants of the shirt hanging on it. His pecs were massive, massive and hairy. He looked as if two slabs of concrete were embedded underneath all the skin and hair. "Done that to so many shirts since they did this to me. Turns me on though, thinking im to fuckin' huge for these clothes..." It was obvious he was enjoying this. He'd gone into some trance-like state. All he could think about was his muscle and power. "...feel this fuckin' solid chest. Punch it. Can't even dent it weak boy." I did, and it hurt. It was like punchng a brick wall. "feel em. Feel these monster pecs. Feel a real man's chest. Feel these fucking massive hairy muscles." His chest was so solid. I squeezed it an ran my hands over it. I started to lick it, tracing the crater down the middle, tasting his hot, sweaty body. I sucked on his giant nipples: "mmm yea suck 'em boy, suck 'em. You know how to do that good kid" He squeezed my fingers between his pecs, I was losing my hands down there. "Deep fuckin crater, I could squeeze a lamp post in there" He wasn't exagerating, he probably could. "What about these arms? 35 fuckin' inches. Bigger than most guy's waists. Fucking massive." I squeezed and squeezed them. They too were solid, rock solid 100% muscle. I licked them and sucked them. He tasted so good, so strong, so hot, so sweaty. Tasted like a God, and that was just his sweaty bicep. "Wanna see the best thing?" "what?" He stood back and grabbed his dick though his trousers, it was huge! It snaked half way down his thigh, almost to his knee. He started tensing both his legs and his dick. The trousers began to look more and more stretched untill the couldn't take it any longer. His dick sprung out and with a loud thud his abs. He ripped away the rest of his trousers and stood there, every muscle hot, solid and glistening in sweat. He sat down and his his dick nestled comfortably between his pecs. He started to flex his pecs and it squeezed his dick. He loved this and as he did it I licked every piece of his body I could get my tongue onto. His massive balls were hanging low, hairy and covered in his sweat, there was a patch on his massive thigh sticky with pre-cum. Eventually Tom looked as if he couldn't hold it any longer. He got on his knees, put my legs over his shoulders and started pushing his huge dick in my hungry ass. It was so huge that at first it hurt, untill eventually the whole thing was in. All I could feel was pleasure. Looking at his hairy abs tighten with every thurst, seeing him getting sweatier and feeling his dick still growing inside of me. "Do you like this, feelin a huge monster muscle dick deep inside of you? Seeing all this muscle's power being used to fuck you hard?" He started groaning heavily, his breathing got deeper. Every muscle on his body tensed up. He pushed his monster cock once more and I felt his hot cum deep inside me. I slipped into a the strongest orgasm ever. Hot cum shot over both our bodies. He pulled his giant dick out of me and I sat up. Fucking hot. •

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