Are You Hot?


By Rob Costas

OK, This is my first entry in to erotic stories, truth be told it is my first story outside of school so be gentle with the comments but be honest. let me know what you think please. Iíll get part 2 along shortly

So there i was, sitting on my bed yanking my meat, studying the picture held in my hand. I could not understand it, how could they say he was too big? He was in fact, as i discovered after reading his info on ABCís website, about 40 pounds lighter than myself but his abs were way better. After finishing up i sat there and continued to study him. His eyes and face were his best part, they were right about that. I sat back and fell asleep while considering the rough remarks made by the judges.

The next day i decided to see if i could find him before he did something stupid but i had some work to do first. I went to the lab on 34th street were i had been doing my work to get my masters. The chimps i had been doing some testing on were actually looking cute, as in sexy cute, i still could not believed that it had worked. I did a little blood work on them and found that there was no sign of the nanos. Good, I knew it would be easy to make more but i was no sure what might happen if they were left in the system so i had set them to auto destruct after 36 hours.

I sat down at the workstation and starting entering a new set of instructions. After about 4 hours and several refinements i thought they would be ready for the first human trial. I hit the button and machines whirred to life creating the new nanobots. When they were compleated i grabbed the petri dish and dashed out the door.

Now might be a good time for me to tell you i am a student in Philadelphia at Drexel University working to get my masters in biomechanical engineering. I had been working on this project for quite some time and the main goal was to create a type of nanobot that would physically change the subject. I gave some thought to trying it on myself but ever since that Thursday night when i saw Sean on TV i knew it had to be him. That way if something went wrong i could try to fix it. Most would think me a horrible person for wanting to use another as my first human guinea pig, but i had no choice as i am the only one that knows all about this project. Wait a damn minute, why am i explaining my reasons to you?

Itís time. I thought about it and knew that with a body like that he had to spend a lot of time in the gym but i had never seen him at any of the commercial gyms in the city. He must just go to the one at his school, but what school? Well Iíll just try them one by one, starting with the University of Pennsylvania cause it was the closest to me. I walked in and talked to the clerk/guard and he let me take a look at the members list, shit!, there are like 10 Seans that use this gym. OK well Iíll just get my workout in now and see if anybody knows him. As i was pumping out my leg presses I got the feeling i had a watcher so i racked the weights and turned around to see a skinny blond haired kid turning away quickly.

"Hey kid, wanna give me a spot?", i asked.

"Sure", was his one word reply. It was a bit lacking in enthusiasm but i guess he knew damned well that leg presses donít really require a spotter.

As he came over i offered my hand telling him my name was Mike, his was Adam. "Well Adam, do you come here often?"

"Yeah as often as I can."

"So you trying to get big, or what?"

"Well, yeah i am trying to get big but it just so tough to concentrate on the weights when i am here."

"Ahh", i said, understanding exactly what he meant. "So you would like to get big but you are more in to muscles on other people rather than yourself?"

"Heh, you guessed right. I was just watching your massive legs as you pushed out that last one and wondering why i had never seen them before. To be honest I am a manís leg man for the most part and yours are some of the best i have seen in real life."

"What do you mean, ífor the most partí?" i asked him.

"There is this one guy who comes here about five times a week, he has got one of the best upper bodies i have seen in a long time and such a great face. I think he may be gay but i have never worked up the nerve to talk to him in spite of the fact that i followed him home more than a few times."

"Why do you think he might be gay?" I pushed.

"Well either that or his name is Sean cause heís got the name Sean tattooed all around his left bicep.

Actually now that i think about it i have not seen him around for at least a week now, I wonder if he is OK."

My mind started racing, I could not believe my luck. I had just found a person that knew where he lived. It had to be him. How many men out there could have the name Sean tattooed on their left arm. "Well with all this talk about him I am kind of interested, think you can show me where he lives? Iíd like to meet him."

"Yeah sure, so long as i can meet him with you."

"OK, i suppose you can come, lets go shower up first though."

"With pleasure" he said, with a big grin on his face.

I entered the shower first and was feeling full of myself as i soaped up my quads, feeling the veins that had finally decided to surface a few weeks ago after years of hard work. As i stood their in pleasure, my cock started to get hard and full, I was so excited about meeting Sean and trying out my nanotech that i felt harder than ever. I was getting so in to myself I did not hear Adam pad in to the shower and stand behind me. It started feeling like I had a fist stuck between my cheeks, i turned around to see Adam standing right behind me with a huge smile on his face.

I started to slide my gaze down and saw that he really had incredible definition but very little in the way of size but OH MY GOD! I know that skinny people tend to have large cocks and that their skinniness make them look larger, but this was the BIGEST cock i had ever seen. The thing had to be at least 14 inches long and as big around as my wrist and the head, the head actually was about the same size as Adamís fist. I dropped to my knees and started to devour his huge tool right then and there. Because of the sheer size of it i could only get about 8 inches or so in to my mouth and throat but i worked that 8 inches so hard that he soon shot his hot cream deep down in me.

He pulled his dick out of me with loud plop, looked down to me and said, "OK mister tree trunks, my turn to give you pleasure." I got up and we kissed deeply, our tongues and his cum mingling in our mouths. He broke first and slowly tongued his way down my big pecs to my nipples, he sucked and bit them till they were good and hard. Continuing his way down he massaged my abs with his tongue, he then shoved his tongue in my bellybutton while twisting my nipples so hard i thought i might passout right there.

Adam continued down to my balls and sucked the golfball sized nuggets in to his mouth one as a time getting them nice and wet. Grabbing the soap from me he lathered up my legs from crotch to ankle, he let the soap slip from his fingers as he started to inhale my beer can thick 8 incher. It did not take long for me to blow my load with him rubbing my big, cut legs and sucking like he had been born with a cock in his mouth.

After we finished showering and getting dressed we were back out on the street. "Well his place is not far, only a few blocks away so we may as well just walk," said Adam.

"OK, cool" I replied, "wanna stop by the Starbucks on the way?"

"yeah sure, we have to go up 35th any how, his place is on Race Street, between 34th and 35th"

I had to think about that one cause that was exactly the area i lived and there was only a few frat houses and two apartment buildings on that block. Thatís really strange that i had never seen him before.

We got to the area and Adam stopped in front of the apartment building across the street from the one i lived in. It just so happened that just i was about to ring the buzzer for 3a, the one with the name S. Donnivan beside it (none of the other first names started with an S), a person came out so we went right in and up to the third floor. I stopped in front of 3a and stopped to collect my thoughts before i went through with this. I knocked. Nothing. I knocked again, harder this time, more insistant. I thought i head some rustling then.

"Who is it!? What do you want?"

"My name is Mike, I saw the show and wanted to be sure you were OK. I thought the things the judges said were kinda harsh."

"Well yes Iím fine, now go away!"

"I just wanted to say i love your body and i hope you arenít feeling sorry for yourself."

"I said GO AWAY! Get out now before i call the cops"

"OK, OK, donít overreact Iím leaving."

I turned around and ushered Adam out of the building in front of me.

"What are you doing? arenít you gonna see him? and what is this about a show?" Adam asked of me.

"Show? Oh, nothing, donít worry about it and yes i am gonna go see him but i want him to start feeling bad about yelling at a stranger just trying to be nice to him."

"Oh. When are you gonna go back?"

"Damnit Adam you ask too many questions. Tell you what, give me your number and i will give you a call when i go over to see him again."

"You promise?"

"Iíll give you a call," i said, not wanting to actually promise when i would call just that i would when i had the bots ready for him. Not wanting to let him know just yet that i lived across the street from Sean i walked with him for a ways back toward U Penn. At the corner of 34th and Market i turned to say goodbye and was greeted with a nice long kiss. "Well Iíve got to go up this way, Iíll call you. By the way, thanks, the shower was great."

"Yeah it was, OK later Chris"

"Later Adam"

My god i was going insane, Iíve had these bots in my pocket for about four hours now and i just wanted to use them. I needed to see Sean, to see how the bots worked, to see him HOT. Iíve got it.

There I was again knocking on his door after the same person let me in on their way back. Again i had to knock twice till i heard moving inside.


"Sean itís Chris again, I just want to be sure youíre OK. I brought a peace offering too I thought you might like a beer."

"Damn man I can tell your not gonna go away," the door opened, "so common in."

The Apartment was almost identical to mine but it was in shambles, two mirrors, or what used to be mirrors hung crookedly on the wall.

The glass coffee table was broken, it looked like anything that could have givin a reflection was broken. "Sean, what the judges said.."

"They were right I am too big, I am ugly.

Look at me, I am hideous with my too big upper body and my too small legs."

"Sean they did not have any idea what they were talking about", I pulled off my shirt so he could see me. "Sean i am bigger than you are and lots of people think i am hot, mostly guys, but that is OK with me." I decided to take a chance, "like l think youíre hot, your face and eyes are gorgeous, your chest is gre..." Stopped dead in my tracks as he kissed me hard, our tongues wrestled with each other, our hands started rubbing each other and kneeding muscles. I needed to use the bots now before i lost it. Our lips at last parted we stood there, the door still wide open, panting. I had to break the mood before this went too far too soon. Looking down at his legs but noticing the large bulge in his crotch i said, "the judges were right about one thing though, your legs are a little skinny."

He punched me while laughing. "Thanks a lot asshole. So how about that beer you promised me?"

"Yeah sure, OK. Let me just grab a few glasses, theyíre Guinness." I walked to the kitchen and found two pint glasses, dropped my nanobots into the one with the Harpoon logo on it then poured two full glasses. I brought them back and handed the Harpoon one to him.

"Wanna watch a little TV?" I asked realizing i needed a source of infrared light to set off the action.

"Yeah sure why not, Iíve got the MR O. contest on tape lets watch that."

So we sat back on the couch and held our glasses in our hands cause he broke the damn table. When we were ready for another one i went to get them, oops i brought the remote with me, heh. Just as i was walking back in to the room i said his name, aimed the remote at his eyes and hit the power button. He got a laugh out of it and so did I but for a different reason.

I just stood there and he started to look at me weird. I heard him grunt once then again louder. It had begun. •

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