My Son the Superstud

By Max Mann


When I heard the message on the answering machine, I almost didn't believe my ears, so I had to replay it to make sure. Sure enough, this was what it recorded:

"Mr. Jeffries, this is Craig McGuire at the Body Temple. I want to thank you for signing the form, and you'll be pleased to know that Russ not only came through his transformation perfectly, he's turned out to be the finest specimen of manhood to walk out our doors. He should be home shortly, if he's not spending too much time having everyone grabbing those giant muscles of his while walking the streets. And he has a videotape of the process, so you will see he wasn't hurt at all. Maybe after seeing him, you'll think again about undergoing the process. We hope to see you and Russ soon."

What the fuck was he talking about? My authorization? No way would I ever agree to turn my son into one of those musclebound freaks that took over the gym I once belonged to. I knew Craig was trouble from the minute I saw him in his tank top with his bizarrely massive muscles. What did he do to my son? If he hurt him...

I went to the bar and poured myself a double vodka. I just finished gulping it down when I heard the door open. I walked back into the living room and the glass fell out of my hand when I saw him. "Sweet Jesus", I said.

"Hi, dad, I'm home." My Rusty was no more. He still had the red hair, but it was now thicker and wavier, and there was a decent growth of beard around his face. He still had the intelligent blue eyes, but he wasn't wearing his eyeglasses. He least his smile was still wide and white. Yeah, he still looked somewhat like my son, but he wasn't my boy.

I wanted to cry, but I was too shocked by his size. I'd seen how muscular the guys at the gym had become before I'd quit, but none of them had grown taller. But my son had to be at least 7' tall, with even more mass on his frame than any of them. His top was covered... barely...with a muscle tee that was torn at the top of his pecs. He had a good amount of hair covering them, but you could see veins on his skin. Hell, he was vascular everywhere: his basketball shoulders, his football sized biceps, horseshoe triceps. His neck looked as thick as a regular bodybuilder's flexed arm.

"Dad, I know what you're going to say," Russ said, but the voice coming from him was as deep as Barry White's. I just stared at his bulk. His tree-trunk legs were barely contained by the spandex shorts he had on which had the logo of the Body Temple, a muscleman holding two pillars outward. And it looked like he'd stuffed a turkey into his crotch! The freaks would often announce their measurements to everyone, including their erections. Why would they brag about having penises so big they couldn't possibly have sex with anyone?

"What's to say, son? You disobeyed me. I told you to stay away from those people, and now look at you."

He flexed his arm. "I know, isn't it great!"

"Great? What's so great about being a freak?"

He stomped his right foot on the floor; the room shook enough to make the ceiling fan sway and drop a picture from the mantelpiece to the floor. A seven-foot child, just what I need.

"Don't you start giving me an attitude, young man. I don't get it. You know natural bodybuilding takes time, and with your thin frame it would be tougher. But you took the easy way out."

"Dad, you just don't get it."

"What's not to get? I know you were picked on, but that happens to all of us. Hell, I used to get beat up by the bullies I went to school with. That's why I got into bodybuilding, to get back at them. But I never took any steroids, even though I knew the guys who could get me them. And those jerks eventually stopped, just as those jerks you're going to school with now would stop once you gave it some time."

"Why should I wait?" He barely was able to fold his arms over his huge chest. "Craig told me I could be just like them, and none of them ever picked on me the way the guys at school do."

"You know why? Because they're pushers. They come on like they're your friends when all they want you to do is get you hooked onto their shit."

"But it's permanent, dad. And I can't grow anymore even if I took another injection. Craig told me he tried to, but it didn't work. But that's okay, I'm already bigger than every one of the guys at the gym. Craig thinks maybe it's because I was going through puberty, so my hormones were already overactive. I asked him so many questions before I said I wanted to grow, like side effects and stuff. He told me everything..."

"I know, Rust...Russ. You went over the whole story when you gave me that permission form to sign. I said no, and what did you do? Did you forge my signature again, like that time you forgot to give me the slip for your field trip?" He looked at the floor, so I knew the answer. "Well, there's only one thing to do. We have to go back to the gym, tell Craig what you did, and try to get you back to your old self. I don't care if you say it's permanent, I'll bet there's an antidote or something."

Russ sulked the whole way to the gym. "You're not being fair, dad," he kept saying. Just wait until you have kids, young man.

I asked to speak to Craig as soon as we walked in. Several men immediately walked over to Russ and began talking to him and rubbing, or should I say caressing, his muscles. Russ flexed for them, and they oohed and aahed like cheerleaders admiring the quarterback. The smile on his face looked more like a leer as he touched each of the men. What did that shit do to him?

Craig walked out and invited us to his big office. He looked like a blond Mike Mentzer, except bulked up to twice the former Mr. Universe's size. He came off very congenially, but I knew he was a business shark at heart. When he took over the gym, he weeded out the casual lifters and dedicated this to the hardcore builders. I stayed as long as I could before I got sick of the atmosphere. I thought it might hurt his business, having a former Mr. Pennsylvania quit, but he managed to thrive.

I told him what Russ had done, and he looked at me as if he didn't care. "What do you expect me to do about it now? What's done is done, and there's no turning back. Besides, your son is going to be great material for bringing teens in. When they see how big they can get, there's no telling how many will join us. You're missing out on a good thing, Thom. I offered you a partnership, but you turned it down without realizing the growth potential. Excuse the pun."

"You're planning to push your junk on more innocent teens?"

"I'm sure some of them aren't so innocent, buying steroids from friends. Hell, I'm as against steroids as you. This formula didn't hurt Russ; in fact, it helped him. He doesn't even need his glasses anymore, isn't that right?"

"Yeah," Russ said, "I can see perfectly fine now. And I feel really energized."

"Russ told me he had low blood sugar, so he felt sluggish at times. Did you bother to take a look at the tape so you can see how it helped your son? So happens I've got a second copy in the VCR now. Why don't you take a look at it and maybe you'll change your mind."

He hit a button, and there was Rusty in his old form. And he was wearing only his underwear! "What the pervert..."

Russ said, "Dad, he told me my clothes would rip off my body once I grew. That's why I'm almost naked."

"That's right. In fact, we still have them in a locker. I can get them for you later if you want."

I glared at Craig, who smiled smugly. I heard my boy's high voice on the tape answering the questions asked him by the off-screen voice, Craig.

"What's your full name?" "Russell Thomas Jeffries." "How old are you?" "I turn fifteen next January." "Do you understand why we are videotaping this?" "Yes, so you will have proof that nothing bad happened to me after you give me the formula." Then a piece of paper came on screen. "This document states that your father has given his approval for you to take the formula. Do you swear this is his actual signature?" I heard some hesitation in my son's voice before he said "Yes." I wanted to cry.

Craig's voice continued. "Fine. You do understand that we cannot guarantee how big you will grow, just that your musculature will increase dramatically. To aid you, we have supplies of protein and other nutrients for you to ingest as you grow, made by the same company that makes the hormone. Are you ready, Russ?"

"Yeah, I'm ready." With that, Craig came into the picture, rubbed some alcohol onto my son's arm, and injected the clear fluid into his vein. Nothing happened immediately, but after a minute he began to sweat. "Okay, you're starting to feel warm now, right?" "Yeah, you told me that was the first thing that'll happen." "Right, so start drinking a protein shake, and once you're done with that one keep drinking them."

Craig hit fast-forward, and soon my son was chain-drinking the shakes. He suddenly bolted, and Craig slowed down the tape. "How you doing there, Russ?" "I'm really feeling hot all over, and...ow, that hurt!" "That was just a cramp, you'll feel those now as the formula goes through the muscles." Craig hit the button again, and this time I could see his muscles jump and grow as the spasms overwhelmed him. He downed shake after shake, and soon the muscles swelled larger, the cuts became more defined, the striations became prominent. Hair began to appear on his face and chest, and the camera panned down to below his waist. His thighs and calves were broadening, and his underwear was being pulled down by the weight of his expanding genitals, showing thickening pubic hair. Then the underwear burst, and his penis and testicles flopped out; they were already as big as those the freaks possessed, and still growing.

The camera panned up, and now my son looked like the man who walked through the door of our house earlier. His mouth looked like a milk ad with dribbles of the shake running down his chin. Craig slowed the tape down, and my son shook his head. He said, "Wow, that was wild. Hey, my voice! It sounds so deep."

Craig said, on tape, "You're a new man, Russ. Why don't you take a look at yourself in the mirrors there?" Russ walked to the posing mirror, his underwear in tatters and his bowling-ball sized buttocks jutting from the back. Russ gasped and stuttered, "I...I..."

"Whaddya think?"

"It's a miracle." He began flexing, moaning as his muscles crunched together with mass. He ripped the underwear off and continued to pose. "I'm so big...everywhere! This feels incredible. I can't believe this is me. It's what I always wanted." And he started crying.

"What's the matter, big guy?"

For a moment, I saw my boy again in the eyes of that giant. "I'm so happy." Craig appeared on screen, and he hugged my son.

"That's it," I screamed. I turned off the tv, almost knocking it off the stand. "You took advantage of my son. You didn't have my consent to turn him into a freak, and I'm sure as hell going to make sure you pay for this. I'll see you in court. Come on, Russ."

"No, Mr. Jeffries, I'm afraid you're wrong. Your son is on tape lying about your approval, and I'm sure our lawyers would have a field day with that."

"Well I can go to the media and tell everyone how you're now pushing this shit to teenage boys who want quick results. I'm gonna shut you down once and for all."

"No you won't. Russ, grab him."

I had no time to think as my son suddenly threw both his arms around me in a bear hug. He held me tightly as I suddenly felt the jab of a needle into my arm. Holy shit, they were gonna turn me into one of them against my will! I struggled, and Craig said, "Calm down, it's just going to speed up the process." I felt heat coursing through my body and began sweating.

"Dad," Russ said, "once this is over you'll see we don't feel like freaks." He let go of me and grabbed a protein drink from Craig. "Come on, dad, drink up, I just know you're gonna look incredible once it's over." He placed the bottle next to my lips, and I thirstily drank. How many years ago was it that I was feeding him like this?

Sharp spasms began to overwhelm me, and Russ ripped my clothes off. "You're gonna tear out of them otherwise, dad." I could feel the muscles jolt, then plump with growth. Shit, it was beginning to feel good, like the pump when you've worked your muscles to the max. No, I'm starting to think like them! Don't fall into their trap, Howard, I told myself.

I could barely focus on what Russ and Craig were saying with the blood pounding through my head as I fed myself shake after shake. "Look how ripped he's getting. Not an ounce of fat on him at all." "Yeah, and look how those veins are popping up on his biceps and chest and, look how big his dick is getting! It's like watching a firehose fill up with water." "He's gonna be as sexy as you." I heard the unmistakable sound of kissing, and managed to stop paying attention to my body to see my son and Craig locking lips and caressing each other!

What the fuck was happening to me? I stared at them, and part of me want to grab Craig and cut off his balls. But then another part of me was drawn to it. I watched Craig reach down and heft my son's massive cock with both hands. Russ ran his fingers through Craig's hair as Craig worked that huge meat with both hands, raising the head to his lips and licking it all over. I watched him engulf the apple- sized knob and his cheeks bulged, then he slowly slid the huge cock further into his mouth. I felt something wet on my lips, but I'd stopped drinking the shakes. Fuck, I was drooling! No, this can't be happening! I didn't want to suck cock, but my brain was overwhelmed by images of ultramasculinity. Massive muscles, thick hair, towering hardons. God help me, I wanted it all!

Craig looked at me and took my son's dick out of his mouth. Erect, it reached over his head, at least a yard of cock jutting from my son's groin. It surpassed Craig huge dong by at least a foot, and I looked to see how big mine was. My hard cock was reaching up past the top of my pecs, reaching neck level. They walked over to me, their huge thighs rolling and giant cocks swaying, and stood at my sides. Craig grabbed my left nipple with his right hand and my dick with his left. Russ did the same on my right side with opposite hands. They squeezed, and I moaned loudly.

"That's right, Howard," Craig said, "now you know how good it feels to be ultramasculine. Don't be shy, you know you want to touch us. Go on, feel our muscles. So big, powerful. Look at our cocks, so long and thick. Your son has the biggest one of all the men here, which means he's got the biggest cock on the planet. Look at it."

Russ brought the head of his huge dong down for me to see the precum oozing from it. I could smell fragrant. Before I could stop myself, I was licking the head all over. I grabbed it with both hands, stroking every inch as I stuffed the head into my mouth. My jaw felt like it would dislocate, but I had to have it. I didn't know how to give head, but Craig instructed me. "Go slow, don't try to take it all at once. Breathe through your nose. Don't swallow, just ease it down. Watch me." I looked out the corner of my eye to see Craig take my dork into his mouth. So fucking sexy! He bobbed up and down on it, easing my python further into his throat. I tried to do the same with my son's cock, and soon I was developing a rhythm. Damn, I guess they could fuck and suck with dicks this big! And I wanted to learn.

Russ encouraged me, "Yeah, dad, don't stop. Aw, that's so good. I knew you could do it. Take as much as you can, dad. Fondle my nuts, please. Oh, yeah, oh keep it going!" Soon I was on the floor kneeling, with about half of that grand cock down my throat. I played with his heavy balls as I started feeling Craig's hands on my ass. I grabbed my son's ass and he began face fucking me. I felt a finger slip in, and the sensation stunned me enough to choke. I slipped Russ' dick out of my mouth, looked over my bulging shoulder, and said to Craig, "No. If anyone's gonna fuck my ass, it's gonna be Russ." I winked at my son.

He got into position and said, "Damn, dad, your ass is hot! So fucking big and muscled. Flex it for me, dad." I squeezed my buns tightly. "Aw, fuck, yeah!" He spread my cheeks and nuzzled his face between them. His tongue touched my anus, and I shuddered with lust. He ran his dick up and down my crack; I could feel the head of his cock in my hair as his balls nestled against mine. He drew it back, and with one quick thrust jammed what felt like one-third of his manhood deep inside me. "Oh, goddamn!" I yelled.

"Did I hurt you, dad?"

"No, son, it's just...ah, it's so fuckin' good. C'mon, Russ, fuck me. Fuck your daddy's manpussy with your king schlong." My son the superstud proceeded to give my asshole a workout, taking long strokes and then jamming more into me. Craig, meanwhile, had taken my son's spot, and was slapping my face with his own monstrosity. I grabbed it and began sucking his uncut meat. I couldn't believe this was happening to me, and I was loving every second of it. They talked throughout, urging me on, and I wanted their dicks to touch inside me. Just as Russ was finishing sliding the last inch of his colossus into my guts, he grabbed my dick from under me, brought it out past my slim waist, then shoved it in his mouth. I was already to the brink, and as soon as my dick entered his throat I let loose. Volley after volley of my cum shot down his gullet as I moaned loudly. The vibrations from my throat brought Craig to orgasm, and he announced he was cumming. I could feel his jism hitting my stomach, filling it with his thick cream. Craig pulled out and cum splashed all over my face and hair. This was the final straw for Russ, who let go of my softening cock and gave one last lunge, sending his juice deep inside me.

I must've passed out, because the next thing I knew I was in a shower, and Russ was washing my body delicately. "Welcome back, dad," he said, then kissed me gently. I was too spent to begin again, so I let him soap me up, then rinse me off. "So are we still freaks, dad?" The look on his face told me he didn't want to be disappointed.

"Rusty, we are freaks. The best fuckin' muscle freaks in the world!" His eyes lit up. "I'm sorry I ever doubted you. I feel so incredible, and I'm glad you did this to me."

"We." Craig appeared, back in his uniform. He handed me an extra-extra large tee shirt and a pair of the spandex shorts my son wore earlier. As I slipped into them, I couldn't help notice how much more intense my muscles felt, and I loved having my newly huge penis jutting downward. So big, so sexy. "So the offer still stands. Care to become partners in all this?"

"Where do I sign?" He said to come by Monday and his lawyers would draw up the papers. As we walked out, we were met with cheers from the studs still working out. When they fondled my body, I gave them as much room as possible, and did the same to them. As my son and I left, I realized there was a lot to do in the next couple of days, especially clotheswise.


"Yes, Russ?"

"Are we going to finish fucking each other tonight? My ass is itching to take on your big cock."

I smiled lasciviously. "Just wait till your dad gets home." •

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