My Roommate's Underwear

By Anonymous

I have always had a fetish for underwear, especially white briefs. I don't know how or why I came to be aroused by them, but I just know that I am. This is a story about what happened to me when my curiosity about underwear allowed me to make a very interesting discovery.

I was 21 and a junior in college. I lived in an apartment with my best friend Josh. Josh and I had met our freshman, became friends, and have been roommates ever since. The funny thing is, Josh and I are total opposites. I am about 5'8'', 130 lbs., brown hair, green eyes, and very out of shape. Josh on the other hand is 6'3", blond hair, blue eyes, and at least 230 lbs. of solid muscle. I guess I've always been attracted to Josh, but nobody knows that I am gay. And I am very afraid that if he ever found out, he would not want to be around me anymore.

My incredible story takes place during a weekend in October. The new school year had recently begun and Josh and I were having a few small problems. He started to become very quite and never talked to me. He was always going to classes or out with other friends and never wanted to spend time with me. I didn't know what was wrong, but we never talked about it. I returned home from my classes on Friday afternoon and I found a note on the kitchen table. It said "Went home for the weekend to visit my family. Be back Sunday, Josh"

With the apartment to myself for the weekend, I tried to come up with something to do. Friday night I just sat on the couch and watched TV. When I awoke Saturday morning, I found myself still on the couch, where I had fallen asleep the night before. Saturday I did a little homework, but that didn't last long. As the afternoon wore on, I started to get horny. I stripped off my shirt and pants and was about to start jacking off. Then I got a great idea. I would feed my fetish for underwear by sneaking into Josh's room and trying on a pair of his. I didn't even know what type he wore. When I pulled open the drawer, imagine my delight when I saw white briefs. I took out a pair and put them on. They were a little big, given the size difference between Josh and I, but they felt great! I walked over to the mirror and checked myself out.

I looked silly. Then I got this tingle in my stomach. It slowly spread throughout my entire body. My body seemed to be growing in the mirror. My legs and torso were stretching to become taller. I could see my legs seem to blow up. My calves inflated and I could feel a new sense of strength in them. The feeling moved to my thighs, which were now much larger than the calves. I could see veins start to pop out along my legs. My stomach was the next area to fall victim to the tingle. My belly seemed to dissolve as my waist shrunk a little and my abdominal muscles began to emerge. Before I knew it, there was a six-pack of tight muscle where my belly once was. My pecs then felt like they were inflating, as my nipples seemed to enlarge. I could feel my shoulders widen. At the same time my arms seemed to fill with air, like a balloon. My biceps grew to be in perfect proportion with the rest of my body. Then the tingle left me.

As I stared in the mirror, I couldn't believe what had happened. My face remained the same, but I had a whole new body. I had Josh's body! I had seen Josh walking from the bathroom to his bedroom with only a towel around his waist a few times, and this was what I saw! My dick was already hard and pressing against the underwear that now fit perfect on my new body. I stuck my hand into the underwear and began to rub it. It didn't take long before I had blown a huge load all over my hand and all over the underwear. I was so caught up in the pleasure of my new body I had forgotten about Josh. I glanced at the clock to see that it read 5:38pm. I then walked over to the mirror once again and I began to pose my new body. God, I looked awesome!

Suddenly I heard a key in the door. Oh no! Josh must have come home early! •

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