My Roomate

By LenZelig

I arrived at college to start my freshman year. I checked in late, got my room assignment and hustled over to the dorm to move in. The place was a beehive of activity with students arriving or returning from summer break.

When I got to my room, I saw that my roommate had staked out one side, stowed his stuff and gone out again. After settling in on the other side, I took the time to look over my roomie's stuff. On registration, they gave me his name, Andrew Wang, undoubtedly Chinese-American, but his desk and bulletin board didn't say much about him, just a computer displaying a Flying Windows screen saver. Must be an Asian nerd, I thought. Just then the door opened and I found out how wrong I had been.

The man who entered our room was Asian all right, but huge. He was several inches taller than my six feet and, even in his loose fitting sweat suit, wet from a strenuous workout, you could tell he was massively muscular.

"Hi, you must be Bill Foster. I'm your roommate, Andy Wang," said the golden skinned Adonis offering his hand.

I was staring so intently that it took me a few seconds to reach out my hand and weakly reply, "Hi." His hand engulfed mine in a grip that conveyed all the strength held restrained behind it, while being firm, not painful. I gazed into his deep black eyes as he looked back at me.

I thought of myself as something of a stud. Blond, six foot, 180 pounds and a muscular build, I was a star athlete in swimming at high school and could bench press over twice my body weight. I was also gay. Now I was living with a guy I never even dreamed could exist, who could take me apart easily.

He released my hand and I stumbled back and sat on my bed, too stunned to continue the conversation. Andy just stripped off his top, revealing his tremendous development. His chest was close to 60 inches, with biceps at least 26 inches, plate-like pecs and flaring lats that tapered down to a 30 inch waist with six clearly separated ab muscles that maintained their definition even when relaxed. He hit a few quick poses, displaying each of his muscles which bulged under his glowing golden skin, glistening with his sweat, and containing not an ounce of fat. He was obviously enjoying giving me a show.

"You should be a competitive bodybuilder. Mr. Olympia has nothing on you," I offered, getting up my courage to speak.

"I could; but, there's a problem. I can't find posing trunks that fit me," he replied.

"Don't joke. You're fantastic. How much of a problem can it be?"

"It's no joke," he said, undoing the drawstring and starting to remove his sweat pants.

About to speak, I stopped. Between his huge thighs, each of which swelled with muscles thicker than his waist, was the flaccid shaft of his dick. It was as thick as my wrist and, as he slowly lowered his pants, it showed no sign of its head. Finally, near his knees the tip appeared, covered by its foreskin. He stepped out of the pants and stood upright in front of me, his 15 inch soft penis swinging slowly between the trunks of his legs.

With one hand he brought his shaft up to horizontal while the other gripped my wrist and guided my hand to hold it near the end. It responded to my touch, stiffening and lengthening, the pink head pushing out of the foreskin and stretching toward my mouth.

"Now do you understand?" he asked.

I nodded as he held my head in his hands, slowly but irresistibly moving me closer to his prick. I cleaned the head with my tongue, tasting the salty sweat from his workout. It was delicious. I opened my mouth and accepted the first few inches, cleaning each new inch with my lips and tongue. It stretches, impossibly long, over 20 inches, from my lips to his silky black pubic hair, the only fur on his body below his head. Beneath the shaft are a pair of orange sized balls that promise a massive load of cum.

There's no way I can handle all of this monster, I think, but I'm going to give my new roommate my most enthusiastic efforts. I go at his shaft stroking with both hands while attempting to suck as much as possible into my fully stretched mouth. There's still enough dick left for three normal men when, all too soon, the head presses against the back of my mouth.

Andy takes over. His hands move my head stroking my mouth along the end of his dick until the head pounds my throat.

"Try and relax your throat. Try to swallow," he urges.

I had my share of sex in high school, but never imagined taking a dick half as big as this. My own 91/2 inches was the biggest I had seen. As Andy continued stroking, I tried to obey. Finally, I got it right and swallowed the head like it was the world's biggest aspirin. Half a foot of the shaft followed it down my throat. After a moment of panic, I found I could still breathe around the pole of flesh filling my face. I gave Andy a big OK sign with my hand as a gleam of triumph showed in my eyes.

But, Andy wasn't satisfied with halfway, he continued stroking. He'd pull a little out, keeping the head firmly down my throat, then plunge in, getting a little deeper each time. I could feel him pushing past my throat into my chest as I watched more and more of the shaft disappear into my straining mouth.

I dropped my hands to free my own throbbing member, which sprang to attention against my abs as soon as I loosened my pants.

Finally, I reached the base and my nose pressed into his patch of fine fur. I inhaled the fragrance of my new roommate, my lover. He embraced my head against his groin for a long minute as the shaft of his dick impaled me down my throat, through my chest and into my abdomen.

Then he resumed his stroking. He picked up the pace, his strokes more urgent, building to a climax. I caressed his balls with one hand while I reached between his mighty thighs to explore his ass. I found his hole nestled inside glutes as firm as marble. I stroked it lightly and felt him shudder, his dick bucking once inside my body. I inserted a finger.

The reaction was instantaneous. His ass hole clamped down on my invading finger, gripping it almost painfully as his muscular ass squeezed my hand. He gripped me tightly to his body, plunging his sword in to the hilt. I felt his balls pull tight to the base of his shaft as it began to throb. I could feel his first spurt as it shot down his dick to be delivered directly to my stomach. It was followed by another and another as my whole body seemed to pound in sympathy with his eruption.

My own dick exploded, coating his balls and quadriceps with my biggest, most powerful load ever. It was a trickle compared to what he was unleashing.

After almost a minute, he starts to withdraw, pushing my head away from his body as, inch after inch, his dick retreats from my mouth. He is still cumming. When he leaves my throat, his next shots flood my mouth. I taste his essence. It is salty, like his sweat, but with a tangy taste too. I like it.

He pulls the head from my mouth and his dick snaps upright against his trunk, the head reaching up to just below his pecs. The next couple of shots arc high in the air and come down coating my hair. He then points his dick at me as his last streams coat my face and shirt. As his orgasm finally subsides, I lick the last drops off the head of his softening dick.

Andy sits down next to me on my bed, wraps his arms around my chest and hugs me to him for an after sex kiss. His tongue plunges into my mouth tasting the residue of the load he pumped into me as his face is smeared with the cum on my face.

When we break our kiss, I lick his face clean. "I like your taste," I say.

Andy wipes some of my cum from his thighs and takes a taste. "You taste pretty good yourself. I think I'm going to enjoy you as my roommate."

"You can enjoy me any time you want," I respond.

"I'll take you up on that for sure. You have a nice body. Let's have a look," he says as he turns me around strips off my already lowered pants and sets me on his thighs, my legs splayed widely over his huge tree trunks. His soft shaft extends between my ass, under my balls and well beyond the front of my body as my own soft member rests along a small portion of its length.

He removes my cum stained shirt and tosses it aside. He rubs my abs which I flex to allow him to feel their definition. They're nothing like his, but I'm in good shape with no fat. "Not bad," he mutters, moving on to my pecs. He rubs them, feeling their firmness and tweaks the tits which instantly harden into tight points. The attention awakens my dick which starts to lengthen along his still sleeping member.

"Flex your biceps," he requests. I throw a double biceps pose while sitting on his lap. He feels my lats and arms which bulge to shapely 17 inch peaks. He flexes his own mighty arms which dwarf my own. Then he grips my fists in his own hands and extends his arms. I am helpless to resist his movements. My strength is negligible compared to his.

He sweeps me up in his arms, cuddling me like a baby. I feel safe and secure in his embrace. He sucks my sensitive tits which send shudders of pleasure through my body and further rouses my dick which is soon pointing straight out from my body. It draws his attention as he curls me up to his face and inhales my dick to the root in one motion. His ministrations have me moaning in pleasure. When he snakes first one, then two strong fingers up my ass, I unleash my second load of the day.

When I soften, he pulls me from his mouth and says, "Tastes even better fresh," and kisses me deeply offering a sample. "I think we're ready for the main event," he states laying me on my back on the bed. When he stands, I see that his dick is again fully hard, standing perpendicular to his body, its flaring head unsheathed and bright red. A drop of precum, the scout for legions to follow, glistens in the hole.

"I'll try, but I don't think I could take all that. Please be careful, you could hurt me," I said, excited by the prospect of being fucked the hottest man I never dreamed of, but, still worried about what he could do to me.

"Don't worry, I'm an expert at working all my muscles," laughed Andy. "You'll love it. I guarantee."

With that he climbed on the bed and lifted my legs, bending my thighs back to my chest, raising and exposing my ass. He attacked my butt with his mouth, licking the crack with his tongue. The tip finds the target and massages and lubes the entrance. He pushes the tip inside, moving it around to loosen me up. Waves of pleasure wash over me and my penis hardens again, stretching out against my abs.

He pushes his tongue in further, and further, and further. How big is it? It expands and penetrates me like the biggest dick I ever had. But, it's much more active, darting in, out, up, down, swirling around, massaging and probing my guts. I'm in heaven, moaning in pleasure and squirming in his grasp, my butt contracting rhythmically around his invading tongue. When he massages my prostate, I emit a squeal of delight and unload my third massive load of cum which blasts in white streaks across my chest.

Exhausted, I rest limply on the bed as he withdraws. Andy props my legs on his shoulders and smiles down at me from between them, his perfect white teeth contrasting with the dark skin of his face. "I think you're ready," he observes as he wipes up my jizz, using it to lubricate his shaft.

Grasping my hips, he pulls me to him until the tip of his dick touches my hole. He lets it rest there with gentle pressure. My ass lips spasm against the intruder. At each one, a little more creeps inside, expanding the opening. I wanted that dick inside me. I needed it inside me. I tried to push down on it, but his grip held me still. "Please, Andy, shove it in," I begged. He gave me another smile, but ignored my plea. My own dick was again stiff. It throbbed in time with the contractions of my ass muscles.

After minutes of erotic agony, the head popped inside. A forceful shove of his hips slides another half foot in until the head rubs my prostate. Short, quick movements drive the head back and forth across my most sensitive spot. It makes me wild. I gasp in pleasure at each stroke. I arch my back as orgasm overtakes me again. The first blast of cum sails over my head. The second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth lay lines of white from my face to my abs. I collapse back to the bed exhausted by pleasure.

However, Andy is not done with me. He used my frenzy to slide in over half way until his shaft is stopped by a bend in my gut. The pressure inside me, where no man has gone before, brings me back to reality. He leans forward, bending me double, sucks each tit till it hardens to a point, then licks the cum from my chest, neck and face. He kisses me strongly, sharing my cum. While I'm distracted he pushes past the obstruction as his shaft flexes smoothly to conform with my anatomy.

Feeling him moving steadily inward, I stare, eyes wide, at his face just above me. He breaks our kiss and leans back again. From the look on his face I can tell he is starting to focus on the sensations radiating from his deeply embedded dick. With a last lunge his balls slap against my ass. He's in. I didn't think it possible. I can see a bulge under my abs along the path in my gut that must be filled by his tremendous sex tool.

After pausing a minute to let me adjust, Andy leans forward, again bending me double and places his hands beside my shoulders. I grab his mighty arms as he undulates his hips to force his shaft through my body. Each stroke is over a foot long. Incredible sensations pour through me as he massages my insides. Sweat pours off Andy from his exertions, dripping from his nose, the points of his pecs and the mounds of his abs.

Minutes pass of this incredible fuck. I'm delirious. With a final shove Andy buries himself to his balls and unloads. A pulsing begins deep within me. It spreads throughout my body, dominating my sensations. My dick takes up the rhythm. An eruption occurs in my guts as cum blasts from Andy's gun. Each shot strikes me like a physical blow. I shoot off in sympathy. It goes on and on, one minute, two, before the pounding slowly fades away.

Andy pushes my legs off the sides of his shoulders and I slide them down to wrap around his narrow waist. With his dick still buried, he rests his body over mine, his torso splashes in my cum as his weight presses me into the mattress. I hug him, gripping the backs of his widely flaring lats. We rest, our heads side by side. After many minutes, when my breathing returns to normal, I whisper into his ear, "Thank you."

"Don't thank me yet," he answers. With that he rears back onto his knees, holding me against his chest with one arm, my legs still around his waist. As I settle in his lap, a flex of his dick reminds me he is still inside me and still hard. Gripping my lats he slides me up and down along his shaft as my member, stimulated by the motion across the hills of his abdominal muscles, rapidly stiffens.

Again sensations wash over me, pleasure flows through my body. He picks up the pace. My brain is overwhelmed. When orgasm begins, it feels far away as I drift in ecstasy above my spasming body. The room spins.

I awaken on my back on the bed. I open my eyes to see Andy kneeling above my chest, smiling. The last few inches of his now soft dick are resting on my pecs glistening with his cum and my ass juice. The drying residue of my balls coats the fronts of both our bodies.

"How was that?" he asks.

In answer I grab his shaft and kiss the tip. Then I lovingly clean it, clear up to his balls, letting the tangy taste remind me of where it was, what it did, and the pleasure it brought. "Thank you, again," I say, staring up into his eyes.

"How did you develop such an incredible build? You must spend hours in the gym?" I asked in awe.

Andy gave me his beautiful smile and laughed. "Actually the only time I go to the gym is to find new hot guys to fuck. I'm really not sure how I got this bod; it's a bit of a story." He reclined on his side next to me with his chest propped up by one arm. His resting sex tool flopped across my hips and on top of my own, much smaller, member.

"It was summer, two years ago," he continued. "I had gone to the beach near home South of San Francisco just after dawn to get in a little surfing before I went to my summer job. The waves were the biggest I'd seen all year. The beach was deserted in the early morning. At that time I was 5'4", 110 pounds with a slim athletic build from my surfing and skate boarding."

"With a wetsuit to protect me from the cold California water, I paddled out, eager to try some new moves in the big waves. I grabbed a ride and was doing great. The wave curled over me as it started to break and I rode the tube surrounded by water. Suddenly it collapsed around me and I was tossed off my board and swirled by the pounding surf."

"I must have been knocked out, because when I opened my eyes again I was on a table with all sort of equipment around. The room was bathed in a bright white light. I could feel my wetsuit on my body and things pressing against me at various points, but I couldn't move or talk. There was no sound. Time passed but I couldn't tell how much. I must have gone to sleep or blacked out."

"When I opened my eyes again I was being given mouth to mouth resuscitation by a hunky blond lifeguard. When he saw me awaken, he backed off and smiled at me. I just reached up with my arm and pulled him down for a kiss. My body was as huge as it is today. My wetsuit had split along all its seams, only a small portion around my waist was intact. But, at the time I didn't wonder about the changes. I had one thing on my mind, sex. My dick sprang erect as I rolled my rescuer on to his back in the sand. I pushed right up the leg of his loose fitting swim trunks and fucked him senseless on the empty public beach. It was my first sexual experience."

"He called in sick and took me to his apartment. I made love to him all day and half the night until he fell into an exhausted sleep. Only then did I realize that I'd been changed. I knew, somehow, that it was part of an experiment, that I would never get sick, that nobody would resist my sexual desires and that I wouldn't get anyone pregnant unless I wanted. Besides the body, I now have a photographic memory which sure helps in school and gives me more time for sex."

"Weird as it sounds, it seems to be true. I haven't been sick a day in two years, not even a zit. My body weight stays the same day after day. The more I eat, the more cum I produce. But, no sperm unless I consciously will it. One day, I'll let you feel what it's like to have superman's sperm wiggling in your guts."

"And you never strike out?" I interjected. "Boys and girls?"

"Right, never," Andy replied. "I became very popular in school after I explained that I had taken part in a growth experiment and was sworn to secrecy. The equipment room off the gym became my lair. One of my friends would keep watch for teachers while I had my fun. But, once, when the coach walked in on us, the problem was easily solved and I got to use the physical therapy room thereafter. When someone's parents would go out of town, we would hold round the clock sex parties. Sometimes, I'd do twenty or thirty kids a night until they all lay exhausted on the sheets we would spread out over the rugs."

"And, yes, both boys and girls," he added. "But, I really prefer guys, because girls can't take all this in their vagina." As he spoke his dick hardened and lengthened. "And, if I want an ass, I'd rather have a tight muscular one like yours."

Andy slid between my thighs and lifted my legs. With one stroke he pushed his monster in. Our previous sex had prepared and lubricated the passage. I was instantly back in ecstasy. I came almost immediately but stayed hard. He used long strokes, withdrawing until only the head remained inside, then plunging in until his balls hit my upturned ass. I could see his golden brown shaft spear my pale ass. As it reached deeper, my abs would bulge out from the pressure inside. I came again, releasing just a trickle of cum from my empty balls. After fifteen minutes of passion that left me drenched in sweat and moaning in pleasure, he unloaded deep inside me. As his fire hose quenched my burning guts, I came for a third time, shooting, from some reserve, a spurt of juice onto my chest. Andy pulled out, still unleashing solid streams of jizz. He coats me from head to balls in a blanket of white.

He stepped off my bed and stood beside me. The juices dripping from his dick forming a small pool between his feet. "I need a shower," he announced. "Want to join me?"

"Go ahead. I'm not used to this. I need to rest a bit." I sprawled limply on the bed.

Andy nodded and padded off to the small bath connected to our room. In a couple of minutes I heard the sound of water. I closed my eyes to try to get some sleep. There was a knock on the door. I looked up. Before I could say anything, the door opened and a student entered. He saw me and quickly shut the door behind him.

"You must be Bill, I'm Doug Moore, captain of the swimming team. I see you've already met Andy."

"Uh, hi," I mumbled. "How do you know Andy?"

"Oh, I stopped by earlier looking for you and we had a chance to get acquainted. I came back to see if you, and Andy, were in. I needed to see if you would come out for the swim team and to see if Andy would...well I'm sure you understand."

"Well, I'd love to come out for the swim team, since I'm already out for you," I answered.

Doug walked over to my bed and placed his hand on my chest, soaking it in the pooled cum still covering me. He placed three fingers in his mouth sucking off the juice. "Don't you love his taste?" I sampled some for myself and bobbed my head yes.

"You know, I hadn't had any sex with guys before this morning," he admitted. "I didn't understand what the attraction was and I had all the girls I needed to satisfy me. But, when I saw Andy, I had to be with him. He took charge of me. I felt both helpless and secure in his arms and I never felt anything so pleasurable as him inside me."

As Doug remembered, I could see the good sized bulge down the leg of his jeans lengthen.

"Say, while I'm waiting for Andy, do you mind if I do you? I want to feel what it's like to give instead of receive."

Without waiting for my answer, he peeled off his shirt. I examined his body. He was a couple of years older than me, a couple of inches taller and, when he shucked his pants, I saw to my surprise, a couple of inches longer. He was in competitive shape and, like me, a natural blond. His skin, tanned after the summer, was almost as dark as Andy's.

He climbed on the bed and lay on top of me, swirling his stiff tool along my abs to cover it with cum. I rolled out from under him, turned onto my front and pushed to my knees with my head on the pillow and ass pointed up for him. He got behind me and placed the tip at my entrance. He pushed in accompanied by a squishing sound as Andy's cum was forced out to make room. I hardly felt him going in, he was so small compared to what had been there. But, after a few strokes, concentrating on squeezing my ass muscles, I adjusted.

"Ah, that's it," he purred. "You're much tighter than a girl. This is great."

Doug was getting into a good rhythm. I reached back and stroked my own dick to life. Then Andy returned with a damp towel draped around his thick neck.

"Hi, Andy. I wanted to see you. I thought I'd get to know your roommate a bit better while I was waiting. I hope you don't mind." Through this little speech Doug hadn't missed a beat.

"I don't mind if Bill doesn't," replied Andy. "And, from the look of him, he doesn't. I'll join you."

I felt the bed sag as Andy got on. Looking between my legs, I could see him take position behind Doug. When he was ready to make penetration, Andy pushed Doug against my ass, burying him in me to the hilt. Then he slid into Doug.

"Ah...Ahh...Ahhh.," cooed Doug. "I can't get enough of this."

When he was in deep, Andy took charge, stroking Doug's ass with his full strength. Each inward stroke would slam into his ass with a loud smack and force Doug into my own ass. I was pounded flat onto the sheets after a few impacts. When Andy would pull out, Doug would try to rise, sliding part way out of me, only to be slammed back.

"I'm...I'm...cumming...," Doug announced as he unloaded up my already flooded guts.

Andy didn't slack the pace and the continued stimulation, front and rear, kept Doug hard. He was moaning almost continuously. I don't know if he was even capable of coherent speech, so overcome with pleasure was he. At last, Andy gave a tremendous lunge, sandwiching Doug's body between us. I could feel him unloading, his prick bucking inside Doug's guts beat against my back. I shot my own load into the damp sheets as Doug added a new increment to my soggy intestines.

After a few minutes to let us recover, Andy stood up, holding Doug to his body and pulling his dick from my ass. I sat up on the bed, trying, not completely successfully, to hold all the love juice inside me. Andy slid out while still supporting a somewhat dazed Doug with one arm around his chest. Doug was also having some trouble closing his ass once Andy withdrew and soon his inner thighs were coated with the leakage.

"Everyone, shower, now," Andy ordered. He half carried Doug into the bath while I followed.

The stall shower was built for one and would have been tight for Andy alone, but, we all squeezed in. I faced Andy's back and Doug faced his front. We shared the delightful chore of washing him. I took the opportunity to slide up Andy's ass as he spread his legs slightly to improve my access. I wasn't able to move much in the tight stall but his muscle control was so fantastic that he milked my shaft. Moans from in front of Andy told me what his pole was doing. I reached between Andy's legs to rub his shaft as it pushed between Doug's legs and through his stretched ass hole.

Andy began an short undulating motion of his hips which was all the confined space would allow. The heat from his ass seemed to spread through my body. The air felt warm in spite of the cooling spray of the shower. I reached under Andy's flaring lats to hold the firm mounds of his bulging pecs. My palms rubbed the eraser-like points of his tits which poked out from his smooth skin.

Unbelievably, Andy's dick lifted Doug off the floor. He wrapped his arms around Andy's thick neck to steady himself while his feet slipped around behind muscular calves that were as big as our upper legs. When Andy climaxed, the contractions of his ass in time with those of his dick brought me off. Meanwhile, some of Doug's cum arched over Andy's shoulders to spray me in white rain.

After a few minutes more to cool down and clean up again, we left the shower. Back in the main room, we dried ourselves. Doug got dressed. Andy made no move to put on clothes. He just held me lightly in front of him, his semi-hard dick at a 45 degree angle between my thighs, one insanely bulging arm over my shoulder and across my chest while his head towered over my other shoulder. We just watched Doug as he finished dressing.

When Doug is dressed, he starts to leave, then turns back as if he remembers something. "Bill, the swim team is having a meeting tonight at eight in their training room by the pool in the athletic complex. I'd like you to come, and, bring Andy. I'm sure the guys will want to meet him."

I look up to Andy, who smiled. "Sure, we'll be there," I promise. With a final wave, Doug departs.

"Well, Bill, I'm hungry, how about you? We have some time to refuel before your team meeting. Let's get dressed."

"Sounds great," I agreed. As Andy stepped away from me I felt his shaft slide through my legs and was a little disappointed that I would have to wait a few hours to experience it again.

I watched him as he put on a white lycra muscle shirt that fit him like a second skin. The low cut neck dipped below his pecs and his lats flared out almost a foot from each arm opening. He chose some blue jeans that were almost as tight as his top. They must have been custom made to conform so well to the outrageous musculature of his legs without any slack in the hips and waist. The tube of his dick was clearly visible running down the inside of his left thigh almost to his knee. Both legs were intentionally torn just below the knees. It's a popular style that should lead to an interesting effect when Andy gets hard.

Meanwhile, I grabbed my own jeans and added a knit top. We were ready. Andy placed a hand on my shoulder and guided me across campus to the student cafeteria. It was amazing the effect he had on people. Most everyone would stare at him as we passed, but, few actually approached.

At the cafeteria, Andy piled his tray with enough food for three men his size. If he really turns all that into cum we're in for an interesting time this evening, I thought. We found a booth and, when we sat down, I pushed in on the same side as Andy so I could feel his body next to mine while we ate.

There was one thing that still worried me. "Andy, shouldn't we have used condoms today?"

"Of course, you're right. These days a guy can't be too careful. But, as I said, for some reason, I don't get sick, and, therefore, I can't make you sick. That's fortunate since they don't make condoms in my size. Another thing is the people I fuck don't seem to get sick either. But, the effect isn't permanent; if you don't see me for a couple months the effect wears off. My cum also won't cure disease; I tried. So, you don't want to get in any bad habits, use a condom unless you're with me."

"Another effect," he continued, "appears to be that my cum acts as a growth stimulant. Most of the guys I was with regularly added fifteen to twenty percent in size, speed and endurance. They also added a few inches to their dicks. The effect takes a few weeks and appears to increase with frequency of exposure."

"So, I should be set up to make some spectacular gains. Now tell me how your magnetic sexual personality works," I said, changing the subject.

"It's basically just a matter of look and touch. See that guy cleaning tables over there," indicating a well built student working about thirty feet away. "Watch."

The kid was stacking dishes on a large tray. As he looked up, he froze for a moment as he made eye contact with Andy. He put down his tray and walked toward our table. When he came closer, I could see that he was a serious bodybuilder. At 5'6" and about 180 pounds he looked in contest shape.

When he arrived, he stood next to Andy, looking a little confused. He asked, "Can I help you?"

"Yes, which way is the men's room?" asked Andy, touching his hand.

When their hands touched, you could see a change come over him. His eyes opened very wide as he scanned Andy's body, his face flushed and he licked his lips. "It's just over there. I'll show you," he replied at last.

Andy got up and said to me, "I'll be back in ten minutes." With that he followed his quarry, who looked over his shoulder every few seconds to assure himself that Andy was still coming.

I toyed with my food. Ten minutes later, Andy reappeared and sat beside me, looking calm and collected, like nothing happened. "Well," I started, but Andy held up his hand. A couple minutes later the busboy showed up. He looked like he'd spent a hour in a sauna. His face, hair and shirt were soaked in perspiration. He was trying to adjust his pants. He looked over this way, bit his lower lip and then hurried off. He was walking a bit funny. I supposed I would have walked funny after my first fuck with Andy if I hadn't had any time to recover.

"In high school, my friends could always tell when I broke in a new boy by the walk. They would rush over, congratulate him, ask him how it was and tell him about the weekend parties."

It was time for my meeting. We got up and left. On the way out the guy Andy fucked, looking more composed now, rushed up to him and handed him a note. He showed it to me. It said:

303 Freemont Hall Anytime

We arrived for the team meeting just a bit after eight. It was in a room just off the pool used for training. When we walked by, a few team members were swimming laps. The training room had a weight setup, a couple of massage tables and a large Jacuzzi along with the normal desks and chairs. About eight guys are lounging around waiting for the meeting to start. Doug spots Andy and I and scurries over to greet us.

Doug introduces us to the team members. Andy is naturally the center of attention. I can see he is having an effect, but, compared to his performance in the cafeteria, he's taking it slow. The guys from the pool wandered in, drying themselves. Two of them, identical twins, blond and handsome, are particularly striking. They looked familiar and, I later found out, they had done some modeling. When we were introduced, I could tell Andy was taken by them. I think he has a special fondness for blondes.

Doug went to the front of the group and started the meeting. He introduced me officially as a freshman team member and then proceeded to routine business and scheduling matters. While Doug talked, Andy moved between the twins and placed a hand on their shoulders, drawing them close to his torso. Each twin reached a hand behind his back and began exploring his muscles. Their explorations reached his butt simultaneously and their hands touched. They looked at each other across the expanse of Andy's chest and smiled. Andy gave them a squeeze.

"That ends our regular agenda," Doug continued. "You met Andy Wang, Bill's roommate. I know we've all been admiring his development. I asked Bill to bring him along so he could help us. I met Andy only this morning and I can tell you that he's already made a big difference for me. Why don't you give us a strength demonstration, Andy. I'm sure we're all eager to see what your body can do."

All eyes turn to Andy who raises an arm in acknowledgment. He walks with the twins over to the bench press rack and, releasing the twins with a final hug, loads the bar up with every large weight available, 600 pounds.

"Will you two sit on the bar for more resistance?" Andy asks the twins. They agree and Andy lifts them onto it, one on either side of the bench. He then strips off his top and hits a few poses for the assembled swimmers. He makes eye contact with each one, turning up the temperature. Andy lays down on the bench. He reaches up and grasps the bar right between each twin's legs, brushing their crotches with his fingers.

He strains. All his muscles pop into dramatic relief, swelling and bulging like never before. The bar rises slowly until his arms are fully extended. "One," he says. He lowers the bar and presses it up again and again, almost a thousand pounds. By the time he hits twenty reps, the whole team is counting them off and cheering him on. His pecs and triceps are pumped to inhuman size. Also being pumped is his dick. By rep thirty it has poked its head through the hole in the knee of his jeans and, by forty, another five inches have followed.

Andy stops at fifty. He stands up and helps the twins off the bar. Both their dicks are sticking up past their speedos, almost to their navels. The blond brothers crowd around him, feeling his pumped muscles. Then they combine to strip him out of his jeans. Freed from its denim cage, his dick leaps up, pointing straight out from his body, a pole of rigid flesh almost two feet long. The twins rub their hands along its length, admiring it.

Andy offers a feel to the other team members. Doug, the team captain, takes the lead by boldly getting to his knees and sucking the head into his mouth, massaging it with his tongue. When he stands up, he quickly undresses releasing his own erection. The others follow, some eagerly, some hesitantly. The touch seems to transform them so that, by the time Andy moves on, each one is hard and most are leaking precum in anticipation of sex with this muscle god.

Andy returns to the twins, who looked disappointed when he moved off to show the others. Andy turns one around, grabs him by the waist from the back and lifts him effortlessly off his feet. He positions him so he can slide his shaft between the speedos and the butt. As he draws the twin to him, his dick slides through the crack and pushes his swim briefs clear off. Without even removing the dangling piece of fabric, he repeats the process with the other twin, who gives a little squeal of delight while being so forcefully manipulated.

Andy leads them to one of the massage tables and bends them over it, side by side. They look at each other, smile, then look back at Andy.

"Bill, could you help me with a little lubrication?" Andy requests.

I hurry over, drop to my knees, remove the two skimpy trunks still hanging from the end and open my mouth. Andy pushes in as I lubricate the invading shaft with my tongue. I repeat this afternoon's performance, taking him until my nose presses into his soft pubic bush. Everyone stares in amazement, most stroking their own hard tools.

Andy was not after a quick lick, he wants to cum. He holds my head as he slides his shaft through my body. The pace becomes more rapid and in a minute he starts to unload. After depositing one load deep inside, he pulls almost all the way out, flooding my mouth with his second spurt. Then he pushes back in, coating himself with his own juice as I struggle to swallow him and his cum. He pulls out again, all the way this time, still spurting strongly. He directs a shot at my hand, wildly beating my own meat. I cum. The next shots are directed at the twins, soaking their exposed asses. Then he turns around in a quick circle laying lines of cum across the assembled team.

When he finally stops shooting, his dick stays hard, glistening with cum and saliva. He steps up to the twins. He positions himself at the entrance of one of them. The other caresses his brother and draws close for a kiss. Tongues dart from mouth to mouth. With a finger, then two and three, he works some of his cum inside and relaxes the opening. Slowly, Andy pushes in. Using short strokes, he gets about a foot inside. He then pulls out and repeats the process with the other brother.

He continues until he has embedded himself to the hilt in both. I'm always surprised that his dick, which is so hard and unyielding when you touch it, can feel so comfortable when it's inside. Then Andy alternates, taking a full stroke on one, pulling all the way out and plowing the other. This way he excites them equally. Soon their moans and cries of pleasure fill the room. Sweat beads on their backs and their hard dicks hanging over the edge of the table steadily drip precum into growing puddles on the floor.

Then Andy unloads. It triggers the twins' orgasm. The second brother starts unloading in sympathy even before Andy switches to give him the next load from his balls. The three way explosion continues for two minutes as Andy shifts between them, not wasting a drop. Finally, he lays a line of cum down the brothers' backs from their heads to their butts. Andy bends over and shares a three way kiss with them while he rubs his cum into their backs and hair.

A couple of sophomores, impatient for their turn, urge him toward the weight bench. The evening picks up steam as Andy fucks his way through the entire team. I laid on an exercise mat and watched his performance. Sex on the weight bench, the Jacuzzi, the desk, the floor, against the wall, anywhere. The only constant was that, when his partner collapsed in pleasure and exhaustion, Andy was still hard and ready with an inexhaustible supply of cum.

After a couple of hours, Andy walks over to me carrying one twin under each arm. He had just finished doing them for the third time. He sets them down, one on each side of me. They rest, utterly spent, eyes half shut, breathing deeply.

"Now for that special treat I promised you," he softly says to me. I wonder what he means. He kneels behind me and I know what that means. I lift my legs and rest them on his cannon ball shaped shoulders to give him easy access. Before he enters he says to the twins, "When I finish with Bill, he'll be delirious. I'd like you to stay with him and take care of him until I return." They weakly nod agreement.

Andy pushes his monster tool right up my gut and begins a steady stroke, building the pace, intensity and pleasure. I love it. Fucking with anyone else could never be truly satisfying. After too few minutes, we reach the peak. I feel him spray my guts with his juice. I shoot with him, my jizz coating my chest and abs.

As the flow stops momentarily while he builds for the next spurt, a new sensation begins radiating from the point deep inside where his dick ends. It feels like millions of tiny fingers massaging my gut from within. The sensation builds with each new spurt. By the tenth it's overwhelming, the feelings move up and down my intestines going far beyond where even Andy could reach. He withdraws and moves off to other encounters. I don't even notice, so focused am I on the pleasure spreading inside me. Is this what a superman's sperm feels like?

I don't remember much of the rest of the night. The twins took turns, one caressing my head while the other sucked my dick which continued to spurt cum. After a timeless interval of bliss, Andy returned, poured me into my clothes, hoisted me over his shoulder and carried me back to our dorm room. I must have been shooting, because, in the morning, a leg my pants was still damp clear down to the bottom. He stripped me for bed and laid me down. Sometime in the night I drifted from ecstasy to sleep.

When I awoke in the morning for my first day of college, I saw I was in Andy's bed. He was asleep behind me with his huge shaft up my ass and mighty arm draped over my chest. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck and hear his heart beating in his chest. As I squeezed my ass muscles to arouse him, I thanked my lucky stars that I had drawn Andy as my roommate. •

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